SaLuSa ~ 25-May-2012

There are many signs that the old systems are collapsing, and it is inevitable as they have proven to be unsuitable to overcome your problems. They will need a new way of conducting business, that can be aligned with a complete appraisal of your needs. Even so, they could be looked upon as interim measures as they will bridge the gap that exists between where you now, and where you need to be. The evolutionary period you are commencing will be something of a quick fire situation, as no sooner will you take a great leap forward, than you will be moving on again to a higher level. We have for example informed you that one day you will live in crystal cities, but they are somewhat in your future, as are a number of new technologies.

We like you to become aware of your destiny, and in that way you can also help to manifest it. After Ascension your creative powers will have substantially increased, and you will therefore take a greater role in providing for your needs. You will find that all matter will have become refined, and carry a greater degree of consciousness that will respond to you. In fact in most instances you will have two way contact with animals, and other living matter. There will be no fear either way, and your ability to show love for all life will help create the most wonderful relationships, that will be completely happy and harmonious.

It is the future that should be occupying your minds, and that will carry you through any problems that directly affect you as a result of the changes. The outcome is going to be the fulfillment of our promises to you, as part of God’s the grand plan for your Ascension, and your subsequent experiences. Having plunged the depths of darkness, you are now to fully lift up into the Light. There you will find your real home, and the happiness and joy of being at One with all life. On Earth you could not be expected to reach such dizzy heights, because of the heavy vibrations that kept you down. That Dear Ones is changing with each day that passes, as you and all of the other Lightworkers are rapidly increasing the Light quotient upon Earth.

It hardly needs us to tell you that the divine date for commencing all activities, connected with the cleansing has been reached. We stand at the ready although in actuality we have already started, albeit in a relatively small way. We work as always behind the scenes, but look forward to being able to do our work more openly. From our point of view it is important that you know what we are doing and why, as we want you to be involved. The more you can do will please us, as in many respects the problems are yours to rectify. However, with the best will in the world, you cannot overcome the dark Ones without help. We have never seen our tasks as saving you, but rather ones that fully support you. Clearly, without our advanced technologies you could not be expected to complete the cleansing programs by yourselves,
in time for Ascension.

All over the world there are countries that are in the process of change, and each one will have to answer to the people and their demands for freedom. It is not possible any longer to impose authoritarian rule on them, by denying their rights. The people have smelt freedom and are coming to realize that it is theirs to claim back, and so be it. The momentum and drive towards peaceful change can be supported by us and as we have done so far, we will continue to back up those involved. It has not gone unnoticed that our craft are being seen in many more localities, and in circumstances that cannot be explained other than by the truth. We are here already and some advance groups have been active for many years, and contacts have been made with you. All of this is known to your leaders who are part of the cover-up, but to be fair some are under extreme pressures not to reveal the truth. That indeed has been the problem, as the Illuminati have had such control that it extended right up to the top. However, with our protection you will soon see some leaders speak out and support us.

We cannot force the issue of disclosure, but are working steadily towards an acceptable arrangement that suits all parties involved. It would really be in everyone’s interests if the governmental changes have first taken place, thus ensuring a meeting at which all would be receptive and support each other. However, it seems to us that the way in which the financial situation is heading a collapse is inevitable, and it is the right time to set it up in readiness for the prosperity programs. So much is on the verge of happening it will require a great deal of attention to detail, to ensure it all flows nicely without difficulties.

The media is aware of what is happening but hold back for fear of the consequences. That will change in short time, as we must have an informed public before we can consider open contact. We can see the broader picture as we view it from outside of Earth, and that enables us to act in everyone’s interest. The dark Ones are hoping to go out with a “Bang”, but we are going to ensure it does not happen. The arrests continue, and as our allies catch up with them they will be put away. or under house arrest. We will make sure that the main troublemakers are amongst the first to be dealt with. No news is not bad news as far as we are concerned, as much of our work will of necessity be kept secret for the time being.

We are just one source of information and feel sure that those of you who are well read, cannot help but acknowledge that the messages are in the main complimentary to each other. Take out of them what you can accept, and if in doubt trust your intuition. In some respects it does not matter too much who is right or wrong. Only time will bring out the complete truth, and by then you will be well on the way to ascending. That is all that really counts as there are many paths and time lines that lead in the same direction.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and prepared for the final thrust from our allies that will put an end to the delays, and see us all celebrating the end of the dark Ones. It will then become a joyful ride all the way to Ascension, and our love goes with you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Good morning everyone and TGIF! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’m feeling very ‘crunchy’ today, every bit going ‘crrrack, crrrack’… and even though I’m very sleepy I also feel energetic ๐Ÿ˜ Ah well! :mrgreen:
    Hope you all have a great day! ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Hi sunitra,
    I feel very tired and as if I can’t think in a straight line. ๐Ÿ˜€ I sent you much love and light and you will go through it with a flight. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Love Lisa

  3. Hey Lisa, thanks for caring! ♥ And yes, thinking in a straight line is also not very easy today… which would be fine, except for the fact that I’m at work! ๐Ÿ˜ Much love and light for you, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Good morning everyone and a happy TGIF to you all.
    Stick, I was freaking when I read your comment about the girl being an Angel, You are right, synchronosity at its best, now I know she was an Angel.
    The thing about the dream of me being so calm was because in my head it was like I had gone through this many times in other lives. Damn, I must have been a bad boy. When they hung one of Sadams henchmen, I heard the head popped off. That is what made me think of mine coming off.
    OK enough with the horror stories, wow, what a high energy day it is today. I mean doin my grounding with Gaia this morning was so wild. The energies were so intense. I was actually tired but after that it was like I had taken some speed. Natural high from God, Goddess, NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What does everyone think about Sheldan schedule of events. the arrests were supposed to happen mid spring. Maybe he meant mie spring in Australia. I am not really a big fan of these predictions, it causes too much chaos, we all remember poor old blossoms. I do give her credit for bouncing back like that and then again with the pillars of light. I dont think she will take down any more predictions but it is sure good to have her back.
    Well, gotta catch up on all my e-mails, I got the work angels , 3 of them, here with me today so I got a feeling the day will go vry smoothly.

  5. Well Lisa and Suntria, when you got some ASS, the best thing to do is to ground your energy with Lady Gaia. It will help tremenously. Then take that connection from her core and connect with the central sun, especially today as the energies are in high gear. OK the angels are telling me it is time to start my work.

  6. I’m with Suntria – Good morning and TGIF! just a quick hello for now – Lucas graduates from 8th grade in an hour and a half, and lately I’ve been scolded for “always being late”! Much love and light to you all!

  7. Gunner, thanks for the reminder! I keep forgetting that little thing called ‘grounding’… *rolleyes* ๐Ÿ˜€ But yes, I feel energetic, almost euphoric (as much as you can be while at work) and at the same time very calm and relaxed. Everything is going to be juuuust fine ๐Ÿ™‚
    Leslee, congrats on Lucas’ graduation! ๐Ÿ˜€ ♥
    Concerning ‘scheduled events’ and predictions… I prefer not to focus so much on dates, but on the outcome.

  8. I am so souped up. I just ordered my Arcturian sculpture. I will have it by tuesday. Cynthia Crawford is the one who makes them. Going to put it right on my desk and spread the word for all who will listen.
    Thank you for the link to ehr site.

  9. Good morning and TGIF!
    I feel great! Leslee, congratulations to Lucas! I know you are a proud mom. Lisa and Suntria hope the ASS aren’t too bad. Gunner, I’m with you, I ignore predictions with dates and just concentrate on what I can from the messages. I wish everyone a wonderful day!

  10. One more thing about grounding love unto the core of Gaia. The more of us that do it everyday, the quicker she will heal. She appreciates it so much and i feel her appreciation everyday.
    Vee, when you are in the know zone, well patience becomes you. This event has been happening for many years now. We have witnessed these changes and felt them first hand and for that I feel extrememly blessed.
    Hi Vee, hope you have a great memorial day weekend.
    Congratulations going out to Lucas NIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Buckle Up For June

    By James Gilliland

    It has been an interesting May with the Solar Eclipse and the alignment with the Pleiades, Alcyon. Several CMEs coronal mass ejections have also shifted the energies. We are seeing another major time compression where days seem like hours, weeks like days and months like weeks. Many are reporting contacts with Angelic realms, Ascended Masters, spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, our ancient ancestors, as well as some of what was thought to be mythical Gods of old. In meditations people are seeing visions of Poseidon, now Prometheus, Egyptian Gods in what seems to be a great reunion. Prometheus the God of fire might just be warning us about the upcoming Solar Flares just as Poseidon warned us about the tsunamis in the past.

    On a more scientific note Solar Cycle 24 has fully kicked in and according to NASA it is expected to be 50% stronger than 23; which unleashed monumental flares. I would not have any expectations for the electrical and communication grid to go unaffected or even go down now and then possibly for months. The GPS equipment and cell phones are already having problems along the equator due to massive energy bands forming which seem to reverse direction wreaking havoc on airlines and other modalities of travel depending on GPS for navigation. Earthquakes in areas never before seen in are unfolding and with these flares will come and increase in erratic weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, quakes and volcanic activity.

    There will also be major social and economic changes as well as personal relationship changes all having to do with this process. The Earth is ascending, raising her frequencies, people and institutions that do not align with the Earth’s evolution and are not frequency specific will not be able to maintain with these new energies. We are getting overwhelmed with emails from people going through their dark night of the soul, trying to hold on to the past and refusing to let go of their comfort zones and embrace the changes gracefully. We are doing our best to help those in transition yet we are also having our own challenges and will continue to send out personal healing practices empowering people to heal themselves as well as knowledge about these changes to help in the transition. It is good to know you are not alone in these challenges and the greatest healer you will ever encounter is within. We also acknowledge there is a time to assist as we are assisted thus we offer various modalities of healing at the Ranch.

    June we will have a full moon lunar eclipse on the 4th followed by a Venus transit. We do live in an electric universe, the Moon and Venus will bridge other cosmic and solar energies to Earth. It seems the whole timeless multiverse with all of its Gods and ultradimensional beings are coming to the party. The multidimensional light and energy ships are being seen around the world with major cities observing large motherships and in some cases fleets. Those who are spiritual advanced and sensitive are fully aware of this phenomena. Looks like SETI members, debunkers and disinformation folks are jumping ship and don’t want to be caught with egg on there faces. Local news stations are covering these events yet national news is still following the corporate agenda holding tight to the powers that were agenda. This will not last much longer.

    As Baba ji said, ” It is time to lovingly and joyously prepare, physically, mentally and emotionally.” Do not forget all aspects in preparation because those who prepare physically and do not release the past preparing mentally, emotionally and spiritually will not endure or be frequency specific to the Earth’s evolution. It is also good to remember Confucius, ” Man with head in clouds, stumble in ditch.” Get in touch with the Earth, put in your gardens, get access for fresh water, set aside some supplies for any disruptions and work together in the days to come. You cannot eat your paper money or your plastic especially if the gird goes down. Also remember gas and water pumps wont work not to mention sewage that needs to be pumped. Not a good note to end this message.

    It is imperative you do not get into fear, do not fall for the feel good prophets promoting a false sense of security that will tell you everything will continue uninterrupted due to saviors or those who tell you the Earth is finished along with all of its inhabitants. She will go on and on yet we have to be realistic. We all are involved in a major cycle, she is expanding, growing, shifting, shaking and cleansing. If you look at what has been done to the air, water, land, forests, oceans it is inevitable a major cleansing is necessary for her to continue to be the platform for life and support us in our own cleansing and healing process. What if on the other side of this process was a polluted, desolate planet? We all have to flow with these changes, release the past, let go of our comfort zones establishing and acting on our own inner guidance. Do not be a lemming of social consciousness or follow the herd of the cliff of social, economic and environmental collapse. Discontinue any action that is not in the highest and best good of Humanity and the Earth. Your TV is not going to tell you what you need to know in the days to come. Between now and November we are going to go through what would have taken a thousand years in months. Be well, be safe, tune in and act.

    Permission to pass this message far and wide, granted.

    James Gilliland

    • That Gilliland message really hits home for me right now, Gunner! I realized today that I am receiving so much stuff that I’m sometimes super-out-of-it when it comes to externals… But at least I made it to graduation 15 minutes early! ๐Ÿ˜€

      I also just want to send you all a big rainbow ring of love and light – I feel quite swamped at the moment. It’s all wonderful stuff, but I think it’s okay if I say that Adrial is a bit of a task-master! It’s exciting… I feel a timer is ticking, with certain materials that Adrial wants posted before I go back to work next Friday…

      Which reminds me! I have the new site started, which is dedicated to the Adrial/Athabantian material, so I’ll go make a post to share about it a tiny bit…

      Has anybody else noticed anything different about their dreams? I seem to start having them as soon as my consciousness begins to drift, but I cannot for the life of me remember enough that I can put it into words… Lots of “conversations”/communication, but I can’t find a way to describe it!

      I wonder if 5D will even really use language like we’re accustomed to?

      To quote the Angels, love you all so very much!

  12. I’m not sure if anyone else was experiencing this but for awhile I was having these tones in either ear, either right, left, or both. These have mostly stopped for me now, or they are at least much less frequent than they used to be. There was a video posted on Laura’s site which addresses these tones, basically they are a spiritual phenomenon which is a natural part of the process. He said that previously it happened for only the very young and very old, now it is happening to everyone else.

  13. **House of cards** ~ Michael channeled by Ron Head
    May 25,2012

    This morning we will speak of the progress being made, which you so eagerly await. Many envision a huge, almost cataclysmic occurrence. But the most powerful energy of manifestation on your planet right now has become that of you lightworkers as you unite your intentions.

    On the fifth and twentieth of this month, huge numbers of you united in envisioning a smooth and peaceful transition into your new world. We were more than overjoyed and joined you in this effort. Not only was the effort a success, dear friends, but the transition has begun. Each successive wave of the incoming energies is lifting your frequencies so much now that your effect upon the whole is increasing and unstoppable. It is overflowing and finding its own to unite with.

    If one of you is still isolated, we assure you it will not remain so. In fact, if you are reading this, consider yourself within the reach of our voice. You are needed where you are now to keep the new energy grid intact. Soon you will be able to move freely. We ask your patience a little longer.

    The โ€˜house of cardsโ€™ is weakening so much now that there is a deal of crumbling from within. The foundation is washing out, and soon the whole will collapse very quickly. Maintain your focus when that happens. Its replacement will emerge immediately.

    We ask that you keep your focus on that happy occurrence. We walk with you now. The intricate planning for this time is well in hand. If you can maintain your calm focus, the changes will seem to occur in the blink of an eye. Your complete freedom is about to be restored to you, something which has not been experienced here for many thousands of years.

    Be at peace, beloveds, and in patient, grateful anticipation. Keep yourselves centered and grounded and we will speak with you tomorrow.


  14. & some multidimensional food for thought…

    —————————- ( ( ( RED ICE RADIO ) ) ) —————————-

    **Richard Merrick ~ The Venus Blueprint**
    May 24, 2012

    Richard Merrick is an award-winning pioneer in the high-tech industry, developing sound- and language-recognition systems, graphics and animation engines, and AI game engines designed to mirror and mimic human behavior. He retired in 2006 to further develop his theory of music perception, called harmonic interference theory. In addition to writing several books on topics related to harmonic science, he has written for Nexus and Caduceus magazines and has spoken as a guest lecturer at Rosslyn chapel in Scotland. In this program Richard talks about his new book “The Venus Blueprint: Uncovering the Ancient Science of Sacred Spaces”. The book presents evidence that the orbital resonance pattern of Venus was used as a “temple template” to design psychoacoustical chambers capable of focusing and controlling entheogenic communion. The book has been released just in time for the Venus Transit of June 5-6th, 2012. This special event will not occur again until another 105 years.

    Listen to Hour One:

  15. Ragnar: Like I said, in our mythology, it’s going to make sense. Has anybody read any Robert Jordan books? The Wheel of Time? Not going to say anything more than that.

    ZAM: The biggest question that I had as I was watching the slides was, “why is the Earth hollow? And where did the lava go?” Were we wrong about the lava?

    Martin: Why is the Earth hollow, why is the Sun hot! Of course the Earth is hollow! Everybody knows that! You know, the Nazis, they believed that as well. And the Nazis were right about that! Part of our mythology explains exactly why the Earth is hollow, so it will all tie together. It’s all going to make sense. We’ve written a history that goes back, I’m not exaggerating, it goes back 65 million years; even longer than that, actually. That’s where our story starts. It’s all written down, and it’s going to be something that’s released as the game progresses; there will be expansion packs that go more into that, and it all ties together. It’s all a great conspiracy man!

    From an interview about Agartha-the secret world MMO (2009)

    • More coolness, right when I need to go to bed!
      So, here’s what the Crew says about the lava, as well as the heat: Gaia actually has two shells: an outer crust (that we live on) and an inner crust. There’s a layer of magma & lava between the two. It’s kept molten and hot because the two crusts move against one another – in opposite directions – and that creates a hella lotta friction.
      Now, what I’m still trying to understand is whether there are beings who can actually travel THROUGH that molten layer… I understand that the answer is “yes”, but my brain cannot process (yet) what They are trying to tell me about “how”…
      I think I need to go watch a good sci-fi movie and go to bed… Livin’ the dream! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I’ve been watching Stargate Universe. A group of humans are teleported across the galaxy to a “dead” ship that is flying through space, and their task is to figure everything out about that ship. So in one episode (I watched last night) the ship is heading straight for a sun. Everyone is freaking out because they think this is the end! So they wait for death, say their prayers… and find themselves INSIDE the sun, as it refuels… and they are FINE.

        I just checked over my shoulder to make sure you weren’t there… ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  16. Hi, Everyone!
    The new site for Adrial and Starship Athabantian are up and running!
    Itโ€™s called Up 2 the 5th
    Hereโ€™s the link to the home page,
    The latest post is:

    โ€œReaching Those Who Will Ascendโ€.
    Here’s a brief excerpt:
    “Adrial and Adca, could you please explain the purpose of our work on this site?
    [mouth crack slip]
    Weโ€™re requesting you to be a mouthpiece for Adrial, to try and reach those who are slipping through the cracks.
    These are the ones who are definitely going to Ascend, but still need some final teachings to make that last leap.”

    See you all on the Saturday side! 3xL, Leslee

    • Wonderful site, dear Les! Thank you so much for your hard work for the Light! I Love You!
      Love and Light

    • I did the meditation today…because I had the emotional drive to do this, very powerful feeling….I felt warmth while the blue ray was activated and made a connection with Mother Earth, I visualized all negative entities leaving my sphere and the Earth….you need to do this with a strong emotional drive…this is a powerful energy…use a crystal as a booster…I used Labradorite and this is my last mass visualization I join in via Cobra`s suggestions..I will join it tomorrow but no more!
      This is a question of intuition concerning my personal life plan and my free will!
      So…we MUST succeed this time !
      I SAID
      Love and Light

      • ~Indeed,Tauno…I was Actually Reflecting on this Cobra Meditation this Morning…I was Thinking on How “There is Always Something!”…I Feel the Same Way that Ya Do…I Realize that we are Creating a New Clearing in the Light Grids…and Achieving a Mass Unity of Thought, when we All Meditate at the Same Time…I Hope that this Ankle Biter Energy is a Done Deal…Or,is this the Actual Period of Armageddan,where the “Battle and Dismantling of the Dark” is Done with Our Thoughts?…Once Again, i Have one Foot in 3D and the Other in Multi-D… ๐Ÿ™‚ ~

          • Yes, why do we have to visualize dark entities….they do not exist….any more…as soon as we realize that there is only LIGHT all opposite will dissolve
            Love and Light

        • I will do this visualization concentrating on the Light forces that come to inhabit the etheric and asrlal planes of our Mother Earth without giving energy/thought to the opposite ones that are in fact an illusion of dark
          Love and Light, my friend Babajij

  17. I’m glad you like it Tauno! More to come, soon… I just got an amazing dream/invitation I need to share with everyone for tonight…! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Just gotta share this with you guys… Lou records the sky in over Melbourne AU on clear nights, with his night-vision cameras… He posts very short videos quite often. No fanfare, just take a look… I highly recommend his channel. This video is particularly detailed…

  19. I took the boys to the pool today, and as I was sitting poolside in the shade, I did my “mountain” mudra, and all of a sudden everything around me felt like it came into focus. It felt like an incredible clarity of thought, but not just with me but with everything around me. Like everything was a very clear thought. How strange!

      • Well, a technical issue I hadn’t considered… This mudra requires 2 hands, so I’d need another hand to hold the camera. Maybe I can poke the shutter release with my nose, or something….

          • I have always had an affinity for water which is funny considering I’m a fire sign. My affinity even crept into the naming of my sons, Dylan means “of the sea”, Brandan means prince/raven.

            I hadn’t thought about the significance of being by water, but I’d say you’re spot on! I’ll have to play with that idea some more…

  20. Hi everybody,

    Last night when I did my intent for the dream invitation and was thinking about team Dark and how they lost their way big time ๐Ÿ˜€

    You know to win from the Dark is all you need is LOVE. You now like the lighttower or somebody puts a candle in front of the window to guide the lost home, would it be nice too 1) physical light on a candle or a light torch to try to guide them home to the light or 2) visualzing a light source for them as a guide to follow the light home. Would that be exciting if everybode would do this or maybe doing it like a meditation.
    So last night I visuilised a light of love for them , a guide to guide them home.

    Love is all we need.
    See you on Monday, I am going to log off now and relax a bit because yesterday I didn’t sleep much and I still feel it today.

    Love lisa

    • Lisa, what a MAGNIFECENT IDEA! I think we should truly launch a campaign! And I’m going to go move my Himalayan salt nightlight to my window tonight! Sweet dreams and I hope you get some wonderful rest!

        • ~Hi my Little Bambi (B*mb) Squad!…hehe…the 20 second video is of a Multi-Colored Cloud that someone videotaped on May 20th… ๐Ÿ™‚ ~

          • Hi, Babajij & Troy! ๐Ÿ˜€
            That sounds wonderful, I’ll check it out in the morning! I’m on a roll at the moment… I went to the TAUK website tonight for the first time (was tired of wondering what it was), and have watched a couple of the introductory videos, and Adrial and I are firing up the verbal jets… I’m almost tempted to spend the $40 and take the course just to see if it’s different than what I do. I think it’s every similar, and We have a few things to say about it… And I have a few words to have with my dear Guides, because I have been prepping for months to put together a series of videos to post on YouTube for FREE.
            I’m not quite sure whether to be offended that SS charges people money to learn what everyone has the RIGHT to know, or to start my own $$$ course… or to simply be glad that she’s taken care of it and now I don’t need to make the videos, lol.
            What do you guys think… should I add a PayPal button to AAE and start offering courses?
            Until I get some clarity, I think I’ll make sure I’ve posted the intro info that I typed up recently…
            Oh, love and light, btw! ;D (LOL)

            • ~Well, I View Money as an Energetic Exchange for Services Rendered…Helps in Placing a Balance of the Give & Recieve…

              …Some People are Creatively Employing a Bartering of Services,tho…For Instance, Amy Intuitive on Her WordPressBlog has Recently Asked for Barter Type Exchange for Her “Free Readings” that She Weekly Offers…She Gets Something Back for the Energy That is Required for Her Reading…A Balance…

              …When I Could Afford to I Donate to Wes’ Site, Lucas2012 and Indian in the Machine Site…They have Offered/Given to me Some Valuable Knowledge and Return the Favor via Donations…

              …To Me, Money Has Elemental Energy…A Form of Energy Exchange…Just like the How some Ancestors used Shells and Copper to Designate Wealth…

              …Ur Spirit will Guide You,Leslee… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~

  21. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday… Carpe Diem STC Massive!!!

    ( ( ( Ignorance is the greatest source of fear on Planet Earth ) ) )
    05/27/2012 by John Smallman

    The divine plan for awakening is being achieved โ€“ right now โ€“ as you all continue to release unloving attitudes and behaviors. Enough of you are doing this to swing humanity forwards into the new age because you are also getting enormous help from many other loving entities who have had their own struggles, understand what you are going through, and wish only to help you to reach your divine destination as they did. And so you will, as many of us in the spiritual realms keep reminding you, because it is unavoidable and inevitable.

    You are, as you well know deep within yourselves, highly evolved beings of Light, just as God created you, and nothing can ever change that because what God creates is eternal and perfect. Your awakening will bring this knowledge experientially into your conscious awareness, and you will never again lose it โ€” for you will have discarded everything that was blocking that knowledge.

    As divine beings your place is with God; there is nowhere else. The places that you seem to have been experiencing for so long, and with such suffering and confusion, are unreal, regardless of the fact that to you they frequently appear to be the only reality that there is. This is due to your ongoing choice to be unaware of anything that cannot be perceived by your bodily senses. Now your science is belatedly admitting that just because you remain unaware of something does not mean that it does not exist. This admission is allowing many new areas of research to be undertaken that require you to expand your consciousness and follow your intuition which then becomes an ever more powerful tool the more you use it.

    Many of you have experienced altered states of consciousness that were more real to you than your โ€œnormalโ€ less-than-fully conscious state, but you have been persuaded they were unreal, imaginary, would lead to psychosis, and have therefore stopped seeking to reenter them. And of course the war on drugs has further frightened people into believing that altered states are damaging and psychotic. Yes, some have indeed done severe damage to themselves by the use of various intoxicating substances โ€“ mainly in desperate attempts to relieve the suffering and pain of their โ€œnormalโ€ state.

    But what you accept as your โ€œnormalโ€ state of consciousness is far from normal. It is the state in which you live in fear and anxiety, constantly feeling the need to take all kinds of precautions to ensure your safety. It encourages distrust, disagreement, and conflict, thus ensuring that what you fear comes to pass. However, sensible and intelligent research into altered states of consciousness is discovering that those altered states can provide healing for many of the ailments that plague humanity. The more your state of consciousness expands the more your knowledge grows, and the more your fear subsides โ€” because ignorance is the greatest source of fear on Planet Earth.

    Godโ€™s plan is for you to become fully conscious. In that state nothing is hidden from you and so there is nothing to fear. And that is what it means to awaken. When your physical body is sleeping, it is unaware, unknowing, it knows nothing, and sometimes it becomes drawn into the most horrific nightmares that are convincingly real and which often lead to the body awaking in terror. It can take some seconds for the sleeper to realize that he has awakened and is in fact quite safe. But the memory often lingers on, and he is reluctant to go back to sleep. Fear strikes at the heart of ignorance, and knowledge is the only remedy.

    When you awaken you will have infinite knowledge, bringing you infinite peace and infinite joy because you will then be aware of the infinite possibilities available to you that will encourage you to exercise your unique individual creative talents for your constant enjoyment. And because all are one, each of you will delight in and fully enjoy the creations of everyone else. Fabulous and endless creative opportunities await you all in the harmonious environment into which you are about to awaken.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  22. You are die hard slaves of an uncreated master By CM, channel NOT given May 28, 2012 – 11:49:40 PM

    We have long known what the problem is and we have long known who the problem is. You are die hard slaves of an uncreated master and now the weight of it is fully and squarely upon your own shoulders.
    We also have been apprised for quite some time of your plan to โ€˜bring it all togetherโ€™ and it is for this that we have brought into play the โ€˜three days of darknessโ€™. Either you cease and desist and let us do what must and will be done without your arrogant and psychopathic need to render the destruction of this world, WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, or you continue with your plan of a false flag assassination attempt of your Obama that you will then officially blame on Iran while spreading rumors on the street that it was the work of White Supremacists in order to create your long awaited and planned for, racial holy war.

    Such a move to declare martial law will have no meaning. At the first intent of manifestation of such an evil and destructive chain of events, we shall pull the plug and all of your efforts will be for naught, nothing, nada, zip! The three days will commence sooner, rather than later, you will all be rounded up, no matter where you hide, and taken straight to the courts of Orvonton and that will be that.

    OUR ground people all agree that you, and those that have sold their souls to you, are the ones that must be dealt with first and foremost and so we shall. We are chomping at the bit to get this done and are quite happy to have you give us a valid reason to accelerate our schedule. Either way, the result will be the same, so have at it, if you are willing to pay the full price for it. Your hurry to โ€˜beat us to the punchโ€™ holds no meaning. Your means are futile as is your hope for your desired ends. You believe that might makes right. You have not yet seen the might of the Heavenly Hosts of Legions of Armies of God!
    You showed no mercy but persecuted the poor and needy. You have slain the innocent and the broken in heart. You have loved cursing and eschew blessing. As you have clothed yourself, so shall it be in you and with you. The memory of you shall be cut off from this beautiful Earth Shan Gaia and all upon her will receive their just due!
    We are preparing our ones for what must be done. We suggest you do the same and surrender willingly. You may surrender unwillingly, if you insist. Either way, you will surrender.
    You have been told and now, all requirements have been fulfilled. Let us all be at our stations and get to it.


    This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thankyou, Candace.

    All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by ยฉ2005-2012 AbundantHope – All rights reserved

  23. Goodmorning everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am in such a good mood after hearing this song: I hope it will make your day to.And it is also a dedication to all of you here on STC, because I really have the time of my life thanks to you all ๐Ÿ˜€

    Bill Medley + Jennifer Warnes
    (I’ve Had) the Time of My Life
    Now I’ve had the time of my life
    No I never felt like this before
    Yes I swear it’s the truth
    And I owe it all to you
    ‘Cause I’ve had the time of my life
    And I owe it all to you

    I’ve been waiting for so long
    Now I’ve finally found someone
    To stand by me
    We saw the writing on the wall
    As we felt this magical

    Now with passion in our eyes
    There’s no way we could disguise it
    So we take each other’s hand
    ‘Cause we seem to understand
    The urgency
    Just remember

    You’re the one thing
    I can’t get enough of
    So I’ll tell you something
    This could be love because

    I’ve had the time of my life
    No I never felt this way before
    Yes I swear it’s the truth
    And I owe it all to you

    Hey, baby

    With my body and soul
    I want you more than you’ll ever know
    So we’ll just let it go
    Don’t be afraid to lose control, no
    Yes I know what’s on your mind
    When you say, “Stay with me tonight”
    Just remember

    You’re the one thing
    I can’t get enough of
    So I’ll tell you something
    This could be love because

    I’ve had the time of my life
    No I never felt this way before
    Yes I swear it’s the truth
    And I owe it all to you

    But I’ve had the time of my life
    And I’ve searched though every open door
    Till I found the truth
    And I owe it all to you


    Now I’ve had the time of my life
    No I never felt this way before
    Yes I swear it’s the truth
    And I owe it all to you

    I’ve had the time of my life
    No I never felt this way before
    Yes I swear it’s the truth
    And I owe it all to you

    ‘Couse I’ve had the time of my life
    And I’ve searched though every open door
    Till I found the truth
    And I owe it all to you…

    • Beautiful and good morning Lisa! I’m smiling both at these lyrics, and the contrast they give to John’s post just previous to yours! Cheers, love, light and laughter, darling! (My I need to go to bed…) ๐Ÿ˜€

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