Up 2 the 5th!

(and sleepless…)

Hi, Everyone!

The new site for Adrial and Starship Athabantian are up and running!

It’s called Up 2 the 5th

Here’s the link to the home page,


Here’s the link to the latest post:

“Reaching Those Who Will Ascend”.

A brief excerpt:

Adrial and Adca, could you please explain the purpose of our work on this site?

[mouth crack slip]
We’re requesting you to be a mouthpiece for Adrial, to try and reach those who are slipping through the cracks.

These are the ones who are definitely going to Ascend, but still need some final teachings to make that last leap.

Please feel free to use wisecracks, humor, whatever means you see fit, to convey our message, because they have become bored and discouraged. Keep it light; they’ve been through a lot.

Please don’t mistake them for the ones who still lack loving wisdom and abide in sarcasm and anger. …

Adrial has asked that we only keep comments open for 1 day over there, so the discussion can stay focused here on STC…

Please check it out, and let me know what you think! Feel free to post it in the SLS comments if you like!

In love & light,


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  1. ~Great Title!…I Just Read the Entire new Site…Very Nice!…

    …As for the Above Section regarding “sarcasm & anger”…Oh woe is Me…Yikes!…hehe…In My Physical Contact with Family & Friends, I Think I Highly Use Humour Bordering on Sarcasm…Whip Please…Lol!…and then There’s that Anger…ooohhhh….ouch!…I was Just Asking Self where the Stem nof my Anger Began (This Life or Another)…No Answer Yet…Yet, I Owned the Emotion and Let It Allow to Be Present…Did some Letting Go and Transmutation Techniques and Feel Much More at a Resolution Stage,now…I was Getting Angry becuase i Had Anger!…Crazy,eh?!….Aum!!!… 😆 ~

    • I know, that’s a hard one to swallow, isn’t it, Babajij! I think many of us struggle with it, because sarcasm and anger seem to arise naturally out of pain and hurt… and pain is so hard to look at. One thing I’ve learned recently is that we *will* look at it when we’re ready, and oftentimes the wish to be rid of that anger comes first, then the examination…

      I’m glad the site feels good for you! So much more to come… 😀

  2. Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Rss feed isnt working today. I tried adding it to my Yahoo reader account and got absolutely nothing.

    • Hi, Click, I hope someone else will be able to help you… RSS feeds still befuddle me. .. maybe Dreamwalker can take a look at it… Are you able to follow by email? Thanks, Leslee

    • Click – usually the RSS takes time to synch. Give it a day or two. If you still don’t have any success with it, try running it through an aggregator and see if you have better results.

  3. NEWSFLASH! We’ve been invited aboard Athabantian!

    I went there last night, and had a wonderful time… What follows here is the invitation… Since the dream is quite long, I’ll post it here: (http://wp.me/p2saNx-26).

    Special Dreamflight Invitation

    The Crew of StarShip Athabantian happily extend a special invitation to our friends in the Dream Flights community. Please join us tonight aboard Athabantian as she approaches Earth. We’ve given Leslee a preview trip this morning, which you may read about at the link she provides, to learn more about our mission and environment.

    We suggest you meditate briefly before going to sleep, visualizing the Grid and Ring of Ships as described in Leslee’s dream trip. You may recite (internally or externally) the name “Athabantian”, as your intended destination… If you add one of your passwords, that will help us understand your wishes for your dream experience… However, we will be aware of your intent even if you forget.

    Please trust that you will visit us… Keep in mind that Leslee visited us this way for over a week before managing to recall one of her visits. As with all things, practice and perseverance will eventually pay off.

    We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

    • Wow. Just…. wow! 😎

      It never occurred to me to deal with my trash with a hand grenade. What a fantastic idea! Haha see your friends on the Athabantian are a bad influence! (I can’t wait to meet them!!!!!!)

      It is kind of sad to think that they are sacrificing what they have now to be with us though, I hope it’s only a temporary inconvenience for them. It reminded me of a David Bowie movie, “The man who fell to Earth”. He had no hope of getting home because the technology here wasn’t advanced enough, and also became somewhat involved in being human. He didn’t age, though, which I suppose could be a somewhat startling thing for those around him. He played the part really well, someone who is somewhat balanced male/female.

      • Yeah… It’s been a real paradigm shift for me… A friend of mine got totally psyched about the crystalline room… And the reason it’s needed!

        I think the part I’ve been grappling with the most is the Adca/Adrial/Leslee/shapehifting part… Thank goodness it’s been a rather quiet day!

        Happy trails tonight!

  4. ~Many Years ago in Montreal, One of my Friends used to Tell me that He Planted “Spirit Bombs” (Hand Grenades) in some Negative Areas in the City…I would Wonder what It was All About and Thought it was a Bit Odd…Now, with the Grenade Topic on the Table, I am Beginning to Realize the Extent of the “Exploding to Smithereens” UnWanted Energies that Have Served Its Purpose…Further Up the Rabbit Hole We Go!… 😉 ~

    • OMG, we’re all up to it again, Babajij! Over the last few days, I’ve been given instructions for making these things! It was sparked by my watching a video on “cell busters” while looking at UFO vids… I’ve got almost all the supplies, and hope to try the first ones today or tomorrow… Am just now getting home after being out for a while, but will try to do some diagrams to post soon… Basically, it seems the main ingredients are wire or metal shavings, at least one crystal (any kind or quality), some string, some charcoal or ash (any kind, even from cigarettes…), and some sand or fine gravel or bb’s/metal shot.

      I haven’t gotten a complete visual of it yet, but I think once I get the sketches, we’ll see sone ways to improvise…

      Also, I think we’ll need (ideally) some sort of glass container (anything from a shot glass to a small jar), or else to have some resin and a mold…

      Amazing that you brought this up!!! 😀

      • ~Oh MY!…My Friend in Montreal was Using Astral/Etheric Spirit Bombs…not the Physical Kind…It was Thru Thought that He Manifested these Things to Rid of Negative Energies…Now, Bring Back All those Things that Ya Bought and Get a Refund!…hehe!~

        • LOL! Now I understand why They were telling me I could put the flints back! (But I thought, but they’re so cool looking!) NO, we’re NOT going to be building bombs (Oh, geez, I”ve probably got the FBI on my tail now…)… These are energetic too, and related to the photos of the spiral & crystal that I shared with Tauno… The “cell busters” or whatever they are, are just a mixture of crystals and metal shavings, set in resin, to disperse electromagnetic stuff when people live near high-tension power lines or cell towers… They’re just little muffin-like things that this guys places in his yard…

          Too funny! Now that I re-read it, I understand your “alarmed” response, Baba! 😀

          • ~Orgonites!…Good to Disperse/Dissolve the EMF from Power Boxes,Televisions,Etc…I Am Quite Familar with Orgonites…In a ClamShell (Organic and Natural are the Best), One May Use even Hot Glue Gun Glue to Hold Together an Array of Spiralled Pieces of Copper Wiring, Himalayan Salt, Small Pieces of Quartz or Other Deflective/Protective Stones like Black Kyanite…As the Glue Hardens, All Is in Place to Produce an Orgonite…To Be Placed in Areas around a Residence to Minimize Effects of EMF’s~

  5. HI Leslee,
    I only read a few of your articles. These days I am so busy to balance everything…reading articles, writing comments, keeping up with the comments..writing articles. I feel in my bones again to write an article, so one of these days it will come out. Your site is amazing and I am amazed how you balance all this work.

    Good on you Leslee.

  6. Leslee, great Up 2 The Fifth site. Wow, you have been working overtime!

    Love to you my sister

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