SaLuSa ~ 16-May-2012

As more of you are awakening to the truth about your reality, so the levels of consciousness are rising never to return to the lower levels that you existed in. Since you are One each of you affects each other on the conscious level, and as you lift up others they are lifted with you. Having reached your present level, it becomes easier to comprehend the greater truths about you and your existence. As you realise how powerful you are, that knowledge can be put to use to continue your journey to Ascension. You can for example use your power of thought to protect yourselves from the lower energies that are all around you. You can do it by visualising yourself wrapped in a Light body, that you know as your aura. It can be damaged by negative emotions particularly such as anger, and also sound if it is very loud and high pitched. Once your aura is damaged you will be prone to illness and disease. If you feel that you have been affected, use your power of thought to visualise it intact all around your physical body.

As you move on to the higher dimensions you will find that your power of thought will substantially increase, to the point where you will be able to create. In fact you have the potential power of a God, but by the time you reach that level you will also have complete and utter control over your thoughts. At your present level you can already learn how to self heal, and all it requires is absolute belief in your power to do so. Sometimes you have the desire to do it, but you belief harbours doubts and it does not happen. You can extend these ideas to acquiring what you want, and those with strong willpower are successful. Have faith and belief in your abilities and you can go far, and once ascended you will indeed realise your true potential.

What we and other sources are doing is to prepare you for a different type of life, one that is so much more fulfilling. One where you decide what you want to do and have the freedom of choice. We would say think big without limiting yourselves, and with your power of thought you will manifest what you want. It does not matter how long it takes, as long as you hold your focus on it, it will manifest. Currently you find it difficult to do because there are so many distractions.

You will learn so much once we can get together, as what you have been told so far is simply to open you up to other possibilities. We avoid giving you too much to absorb at once, otherwise you quickly lose interest. What has happened is that your horizons have opened up to life in other parts of the Universe. Also through contact with us you are beginning to understand, that the accepted form is humanoid, even if in some instances it should appear quite different to yours. Genetically speaking you are a hybrid that has been engineered from other species, that also includes ours. It is nothing to be concerned about as it has been carried out to improve your physical body, and also your ability to grow in consciousness. In the past you have been deliberately stripped of your abilities by those out to control you. However, that period has now passed and you are about to rise up again, much nearer to what you were originally. Indeed, with Ascension you will return to a level much aligned with ours.

What is approaching is a massive opportunity to leave duality as you understand it. It is worth every effort you can make to be fully prepared to ascend. No matter what problems you encounter, go forward with complete confidence and do not be pulled down by those who interpret proceedings in a negative way. Deep down you will know that you are ready, and have only to see out the remaining months without falling back. Once you know it is possible to reach the required level to ascend, you will not find it difficult to maintain it. You have after all come through so many lives and different experiences, to build up to this momentous time. Have no regrets for anything you leave behind, as you will not want for anything in the higher dimensions. Souls that you have known and loved, will never be far away and you will still be linked together wherever you are.

As we have previously informed you, you have links with members of the Galactic Federation but in general terms you have no waking memory of them. However, we know many of you, and after Ascension you will find the members of your Space Family. Such links mean that subconsciously you feel at home with us already, and we are not strangers at all. What we have to offer you will seem very familiar, because it is all known to you. It is not our time quite yet to openly meet you, but we hope that our information will have prepared you for such an occasion. There is nothing frightening about us, indeed in our presence you will feel our energy and find it is calming and peaceful. Without realising it you register other people’s energy, and it is why you are drawn to some of them, whilst others are repellent. Your personal emanations attract people of a like kind, and when you meet there is usually an instant rapport.

Overcome your earthly squabbles and differences, and work on bringing people together. If some people will not give up their prejudice against others let them go their way, as just like anybody else they are creating their own path onwards. Freewill is held to be very sacred and honoured by us. However, if you choose wrongly without allowing for the freewill of others, you will be expected to make good those errors by facing the same situations again. Karma is just that, an opportunity to evolve without any suggestion of punishment.

Dear Ones, we so wish you to lift yourselves up, and know that if it is your intent to do so the help will be given you to enable your success. It is how things work all through the Universe in the different dimensions. Service to others is what you follow automatically when you reach the higher levels. It is not forced upon anyone, because it is not needed as it is quite natural to seek opportunities to be of help to those in need. It is an inner urge that comes from within when you feel love for your fellow man. We love you and are full of admiration for your tenacity and determination, to overcome the negativity that exists on Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and proud to be associated with you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Morning Blessing: 05.16.12 ~ Rev. Angela Peregoff

    ————————-( ( ( Living Divinity ) ) )—————————


    True revelation and joy-filled celebration is the vibration of my life!

    I am growing in an ever-expanding consciousness of empowerment!

    Everyone I meet today is who I wish them to be!

    The radiant energy of pure Spirit playfully fulfills every opinion and thought!

    The power and majesty of God’s love transforms my causal thinking!

    Today I magnify and manifest Divine Destiny! Living from it, not towards it!

    I am grateful for the responsibility of it all!

    And so it is! Amen.


  2. Hi everybody,

    Yesterday I asked the Universe (just before I went to sleep, and I am going to ask it now every evening) to show me through dreams or other, to show me who I am (I want to return to my full consciousness) . When I closed my eyes I saw a dark brown circle and like the sun-flares out of the circle erupted deep blue electric light, on both sides, following the form of a swan’s neck. But it was very short, like in a flash.(side note: some explanation I found on the internet about electric blue light: Very good news – the electric blue light is the energy of angels! They are obviously with you, surrounding you, protecting you and reinvigorating your energy while you sleep.You see, we are always surrounded by our guardian angels, but there are times when things get so bad in your life that your guardians say “We just need to let you know that we are here for you.?)

    Then I had a dream where I was initiated into something…nature? And I saw a fluorescent orange race bike. The funny thing is that is the third time since Saturday I am dreaming about race bikes. With all fluorescent colors, first yellow, then green and last night orange. I also saw numbers 555 in pictures. Then when I woke I saw a pentagon. Then on my way to work I saw the numbers 555 again. (Fluorescent colors, suggest a new awareness.)

    As there was a lot of traffic, I saw beautiful, delicate, big continues dark blue cloud wrapping the tall buildings and it had some ethereal feeling to it. I saw a cloud that had really fuzzy outlines, at the bottom side it was dark blue and on the top the sun made it beautiful creamy looking orange. I was so in awe, because the landscape looked so ethereal and I couldn’t see the buildings of the financial district. Then I saw nature acting up in not so pleasant way. A few cars in front of me there were a big rubble truck and I see a guy stepping out from the driver’s seat. He is standing very close to the door, he is relieving himself of his high pressure bladder.Eeeuwie. While the robot went on green he was still doing…his business. I was amazed no one hooted at him. Everyone was just waiting for him to get in his truck again and drive on.

    Love and light, Lisa

  3. Good morning everyone! It felt great to know that I’m not the only one feeling so so tired 😀 it feels like my energy just disappeared :-/
    Have a great day everyone! ♥

  4. Message from the Angels

    My dear friends, we love you so very much.

    Sing with celebration dear ones for you earth is growing and evolving and you are too. You are becoming clearer about what it is you want in your life. You are becoming more convinced that you too are deserving of God’s love. You are starting to realize that you are powerful creators and so many of you upon the earth are coming together in love and prayer, trying to create a more kind reality. You see otherwise on your news, but in the heavens we see inside human hearts. We see the kindness that is rising up within so many. We see both the frustrations and pains, but also the deep desire for greater cooperation and greater love.

    So when you look at the world, or even at your own lives and begin to feel weary, take a moment, and look for all that is good. It is all too easy to see what is not working. Humanity trains you to look for the flaws in life, in yourselves, and one another. But who has trained you dear ones to look for the good. Can you see the gentle clerk at the grocery store who gives the very impatient soul in front of you a bit of kindness and humor? Can you look for the most gorgeous tomato in the bins and give thanks for the miracle of having it in front of you? The entire eco-system of your planet worked to grow this one jewel and so many souls were involved in its care and transport. Can you fathom the miraculous love and cooperation involved just so you can eat one ripe tomato?

    Can you see the birds in the sky in their miracle of flight and song. There is so much good! Can you look in the mirror and see the miracle of your own skin, wrinkles and all. Can you fathom the complex interactions that occur in your body every day just to give your soul this magnificent vehicle. How could you ever criticize your wrinkles, or even your little emotional wrinkles, for they are simply signs of your growth, notches in your belt, as you would say, for every little smile, every little frown that occurred as you wished for more love, every tear cried in a desire for more compassion.

    Dear ones you are beautiful to us! You are miraculous! You are filled with goodness, and yes we know you get weary. You get sad. You get angry and sometimes even jealous or hateful, but in truth we look beneath these things and we find and see the love that is trying to surface in your hearts. Likewise we look at all the movements on earth, even those that are most ungraceful and heinous in human terms, and we nurture and support only the tiny spark of love beneath them all. We never condone unkindness in any form. We never condone violence, and yet we know all souls, all movements, all life indeed is seeking to know God’s love, however gracefully or not.

    Look for the good in your life, in your world, in your own eyes dear ones. Seek out what is there to be celebrated every day, no matter how small. You are breathing! You are alive! So many in the heavens wait with great anticipation for a life on earth. You are eating meals that nourish you. So many are starving. There are good souls all around you. Many are quiet. Many are working diligently in their own lives without even realizing how beautiful they are. Take the time to honor yourself, and to honor others around you. Take the time to appreciate all that is good. We are not asking you to ignore injustice and all that is wrong. If you feel called to speak up about these things, do so with love. However, dear ones, the more you nurture and support and look for all that is beautiful and good in your self, in others, and in your world, the more you will experience a loving reality in your daily lives.

    God bless you! We love you so very much.
    –The Angels

  5. These messages from the angels always make me feel a bit emotional. “Dear ones you are beautiful to us! You are miraculous! You are filled with goodness, and yes we know you get weary. You get sad. You get angry and sometimes even jealous or hateful, but in truth we look beneath these things and we find and see the love that is trying to surface in your hearts.” ♥

  6. I always tear up reading these Angel messages and I feel their pure presence of love while reading them.
    They really see beyond the illusion of who we are and straight into our souls, NIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. DW The best part I liked about the elve story is the picture that comes up on the top, youza, youza, youza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You won’t be able to see this Gunner, it’s a viral clip for Prometheus. But I see a higher meaning to this clip… a woman who is asking for help from her corporation, is very close to us humans asking for help from our galactic allies. Same story, different names… One has to wonder if they’re truly listening… or if we’re just getting a sentient answering machine…

    My hope is that one of us will get lucky and contact the GFL version of the renegade plumber from “Brazil”…

    • I can’t wait for Prometheus… much respect to the great Ridley Scott.
      ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Gladiator’, ‘Alien’… nuff said. 😉

  9. i feel they hear us big time. We must be the number one reality show in the cosmos. Hopefully our ratinhgs stay high so we dont get cancelled out.

  10. *When you Awaken, your bodies will be “plugged into the mains” at all times*
    05/16/2012 by John Smallman

    The excitement is rising among lightworkers all across the planet because they can feel the spiritual energies intensifying as the moment for your awakening gets ever closer. It truly is a very exciting time as the sequence of events leading up to this great moment continues to bring about the vast changes that were planned long ago.

    Humanity is most definitely stirring in its sleep as its awakening approaches steadily and inevitably. Sleep is a time during which your bodies are re-energized while the real you attends to other matters of great importance outside of time. Matters that you cannot access in your human waking state, which is really a kind of dream state, unreal, non-existent, but into which you pour enormous amounts of energy that drain your bodies and that then need to be replaced while your bodies sleep.

    When you awaken, your bodies will effectively be “plugged into the mains” at all times so that sleep as you now experience it will no longer be necessary. Tiredness and fatigue will no longer affect you because “your batteries” will always be fully charged by the system which is impervious to breakdown or interruption – the divine energy field, God’s constant and unchanging Love for His creation.

    Constant connection to the field of divine Love is your natural state, and in it you are all-powerful beings, creating with God for the joy and benefit of all, who are of course One. To awaken is to return to that state, which you have never left but have temporarily forgotten. To forget it demanded an extraordinary and constant flow of energy which you have been providing collectively, to enable you to remain in this state of miserable amnesia where just staying alive has been extremely difficult and challenging for you. Your conflicts and incompatibilities are all a result of this environment of mass amnesia which you built and which seems to set you all against each other, often in mortal combat, because it seems to you that each one of you is a completely independent and separate entity who has to fight constantly for his rights and his life.

    Many now realize that this is not the case and are shedding the unhelpful but powerful beliefs that have for eons reinforced the illusion and all that it stands for. It is a realization of great importance for you because it enables you to change your perceptions which then show you how the illusion has influenced every thought, word, and action that you have experienced within it.

    It has shown you their inconsistency whereby you change your beliefs and opinions from moment to moment to deal with the ever-changing situations which the illusion presents you with: “You’re my friend, and I can trust you. . . No, you’re my enemy and I must attack you. . . I am confused and I don’t know what to do. . . Why am I so besieged by pain and suffering? . . There is no solution to my overwhelming problems. . . There is no God! . . Fighting and winning is the only way to ensure my survival in this inhospitable world, and I must trust no-one.”

    It is from this unreal and fearful environment that you are to awaken, and the sweetness of that awakening will be astounding and revitalizing as you find yourselves with infinite energy and infinite enthusiasm to explore and enjoy the wonder of being — of being yourselves and completely free from constraints, fears, or worries of any kind. And around you will be uncountable numbers of others also exhilarating in being, and in Reality. Limitless joy awaits your impending arrival.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  11. Hi you all,
    How is life right now for everybody, feeling tired, feeling happy, feeling excited…I am feeling happy and excited today. I feel more confidence each day and I am so looking forward too the sun eclipse even though I wouldn’t see it. (But I think I will definitely feel it) Anyway I can always watch it on the internet or on the tv news 😀

    Nothing special to report to today except of being happy.
    Love and light

  12. Hollywood star Dan Aykroyd, who is a believer in the existence and government cover-up of alien life-forms, hosts this look into the phenomenon of UFO sightings. Akroyd shares his personal experiences in this field and also discusses recent findings with author and UFOlogist David Sereda.

  13. OMG, The reason I just posted the above article is because mary used to live right across the street from me. I was great friends with her whole family but mainly hung out with her youngr brother.
    they were a type of sophisticated family, going to private schools. the Mom was an english teacher at my high schol and would always give me a ride to school.
    I actually got into trouble with the younger brother when I was 16. We stole some mail with checks in it and tried to cash them at a bar, then there were 2 off duty detectives at the bar that caught us.
    I actually covered my ground as i took the envelopes and the evidence and buried it all in the back of my friends garage. Had to cover my trail. Then when we got busted, I had to bring the detectives to the back of the garage to dig up the evidence.
    I still cant believe first of all that was married to a Kennedy and that she hung herself. You would never believe it from someone like her and especially with her upbringing but those Kennedies have been known to ruin many a persons life. I mean JFK, the president used to have so many mistresses and he would do them right in the White house. Back then the press knew about it but never reported any stories because that was just the way things were with the press and dc back then.
    It is still shocking looking at her picture here and remebering how she was at a young age. So nice, so polite. They would go to Vermont on family vacations every year and always brought my family a gallon of Vermont maple syrup, the best syrup I ev er had in my life.
    May God bless her and her family.

  14. Lisa, I am happy that you are happy.
    Suntria, i was dead tired this morning but now I am totally energized, feeling great today, no ASS in sight.

  15. I’m noticing some odd chakra fluxuations: heart and kundalini (mid-spine) specifically.

    Also, sounds like things are happening across Europe. My thoughts are with Konstantinos today in Greece, may his path be easy and stress-free… things are the most calm at the heart of the storm, and that lad has a ton of heart… ♥

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  18. Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .
    Last week, I went to the dentist. My sister and I had a discussion about all the dental work we need~~aarrgg! This reminded me of the chapter I wrote for Sheldan’s book, Your Galactic Neighbors. entitled “Living With Sheldan”.
    A part of the chapter showcases my conversation with Supa. She is an Arcturian Light Body Specialist and a member of Sheldan’s and my Galactic Federation medical team. One day when I was living on Maui, Hawaii, Supa accompanied me to the dentist. Her response is in the excerpt posted below.
    In the past, I have emailed excerpts from this chapter to my Galactic Heart list, it was a long time ago (almost two years). My address list has grown 100 fold since then so it is worth posting again. The complete chapter on “Living With Sheldan” can be found on our website or in Sheldan’s book, Your Galactic Neighbors.
    Selamat Ja!

    Facts on 22 off-world civilizations that belong to the Galactic Federation of Light.My Time with Supa
    Excerpt from “Living With Sheldan” by Colleen
    Supa became a frequent visitor in our home. I was curious about her personal life, her culture and her Earth experience as a “Light Body Assistant”. In the beginning, my communication with her was through Sheldan. We would talk with her and he would tell me what she was saying. Soon, I realized I knew what was being said before Sheldan could translate for me. With Supa’s nurturing and Sheldan’s patience, I learned to trust what I was receiving: pictures complete with emotions, the whisper of a voice and the intuitive impressions that can only be interpreted through the heart. Telepathy is the language of the soul. Sheldan’s caring help escalated my ability to successfully communicate, first, with Supa and, later, with other galactic Beings of Light.
    The time I spend with Supa is filled with Love and laughter. She looks at the bright side of life. It is with great honor that I introduce Supa to you, through sharing a combination of questions and answers, and a few short stories.

    Q: Supa, what brought you to Earth?
    Supa: About two years ago when I came to observe your world, I was awed by Earth’s beauty, the diversity of humans living both on and in your planet, and with the variety of animals, insects, fish, birds, minerals, flora and fauna. Earth enjoys a unique representation of all Life found throughout our Milky Way Galaxy. Your planet abounds with nature’s splendor.

    After soaking in Mother Earth’s beauty and paying homage to her, I went to the more populated areas. The conditions of people living in squalor absolutely shocked me. I observed whole clans literally living on garbage dumps and surviving. My heart broke, and I vowed to help Mother Earth and all her inhabitants to transform and realize their potential. I consider it an honor to participate in the awakening of Earth’s humanity.
    As my research continued, I found the hearts of your people aching to be liberated and to live in peace. Your oppression has been great and you have been manipulated for over 13 millennia. And yet, with all the oppression that you have lived through, your hearts have survived and yearn to discover who you really are, and to return to our Creator. The human spirit is truly amazing. Know that you are celebrated throughout the Universe.
    We, the Arcturians, have been an integral part of Earth’s history for eons. Our timekeepers brought the original galactic calendar to your planet. Later, the Pleiadeans modified it. The galactic calendar is a consciousness tool used to put you in sync with the time clock of our galaxy. It helps you learn to experience time instead of just measuring it in a linear fashion. Our galaxy has a natural rhythm or pulse, providing a time to rest and a time for action. As you learn to ride the wave of energy, you will find that your life unfolds with more grace.
    As members of the Galactic Federation of Light, we bring our healing expertise to the medical teams and our profound understanding of Love’s grace to all Beings evolving in our galaxy. Our contributions are highly revered and honored by the Galactic Federation councils.
    Since the destruction of Atlantis and your ‘fall’ into limitation, we have taken an active role in assisting with Earth’s ascension process: your return to Universal Love.

    At this time, she took the opportunity to show me a picture of Earth’s horses running free with their manes and tails flowing in the wind. “There is a wild horse enjoying the freedom of the open range in every human heart,” she stated. I deeply resonated with this analogy. In the movies, when a horse is returned to the open range, my heart sings with joy and I become liberated with it.
    Supa on Work
    Supa expressed her delight in being assigned to assist Sheldan and me for the duration of this book and with the continuing integration of our Light Bodies. We enjoyed each other’s company and shared information about our respective cultures.
    At first, when Supa spent time with us, she found the everyday things we did fascinating. She followed me to the grocery store to buy groceries (she was aghast at the food’s lack of life force) and returned home with me to prepare meals, clean dishes, sweep the floor, vacuum carpets, dust furniture, wash and iron clothes, clean toilets, etc. It took only a couple of days’ observation for her to grow weary.
    Proudly, Supa told me that she has never cleaned a thing in her life. They use either replicator technology or “as they think it, so it is”.
    Q: Often, at Sheldan’s lectures, people have expressed their concern regarding the new technologies. Some say they enjoy cleaning and don’t want their lives to change. What advice can you give to them?
    Supa: For those of you who wish to keep ironing your clothes, you are welcome to do so. Once you learn to live in cooperation and harmonious community, you will have more time and opportunity to explore what brings you joy. Imagine doing what makes your heart dance and sharing your joy with others! As your individual originality is allowed to blossom, you will return to being enthusiastic co-creators with God in ways you cannot imagine today.
    Currently, in your society, you are kept quite busy just trying to make enough money to pay your rent, buy your food, and meet your car loan. It is by design from those who are in power to keep you “running in place” and too tired, when you do have time, to explore your creativity.
    In a galactic society, we care for each other first, while allowing ourselves to be cared for also. Our work is joyful and we consider it to be more like play.
    Q: If you were back on your home world, what would you be doing?
    Supa: I would be celebrating life and Oneness with the Universe. I belong to the Temple clan, or what you might call the priestess/priest council. Like most galactic societies, we live in the interior of our beloved planet, while maintaining sacred temple sites at specific node points on our planet’s surface.
    At these sacred temples, we sing, tone, and dance around a holographic fire. The fire is for purification. Through rituals, we use sacred geometric symbols to keep our biosphere and planet in balance. We lovingly commune with our forests, plants, rocks, animals and our home world. We value and respect our symbiotic relationship to all living things. If one element is out of balance, we are all affected. In fact, our entire galaxy and beyond are affected. With this knowledge, we consider it our joyous responsibility to teach others about the importance of maintaining balanced energies through the grace of Love. Ritual is exhilarating and satisfies my soul purpose.
    When I travel the galaxy as a member of the Galactic Federation of Light, I am, by vocation, a specialized Light Body Assistant. Arcturians are renowned healers throughout this galaxy and beyond. We are called to assist when a society is ready to make a dimensional shift. You and your planet are unique in that you are accomplishing your ascension in an unprecedentedly short period of time. Through the grace of our Creator, divine intervention has been decreed. We are in deep gratitude for the opportunity to assist Mother Earth and her people in their ascension celebration.
    Q: What do Arcturians eat?
    Supa: We eat mostly vegetables, fruits and grasses unique to our planet. My favorite food is a sweet, starchy fruit that is orange and purple in color. It grows by the oceans on trees.
    We do not need food to sustain life. We energize our bodies through Light. We eat to celebrate our planet, each other and the Oneness of everything. Sharing food with others is done in ritual, honoring the spiritual union we have with the plants and our planet. For us, food provides an opportunity to partake in the wonders of physicality: taste, color, feel, texture. We enjoy the sensation of ingesting different foods. Food is about joy and relaxation. We eat only very small quantities.

    Q: Supa, you went to the dentist with me. Please tell us how you keep your teeth healthy.
    Supa: We eat a thistle type of plant to clean our teeth. The plant contains enzymes for cleaning. As we chew it, our gums are stimulated, thereby remaining healthy. Again, we have an agreement with the plant and we always give thanks for the plant’s service to us. We never have to visit a dentist.
    I was horrified observing you in the dentist chair. I found your dental practices invasive and barbaric.
    Q: What is the average life expectancy on your planet?
    Supa: We live to be approximately 1,000 Earth years. In your years, I am in my late 200’s, which is still very young.
    Q: Please describe your living quarters on the ship.
    Supa: My living quarters aboard our ship are very simple. I guess you would describe my room as Zen-like. The décor is primarily exotic plants and crystals from my home world. Since I have a symbiotic relationship with the plants, they provide comfort and the energy of home. The crystals are used for rituals. I have one chair that molds to my body’s specifications. The chair is organic. If I entertain guests, my replicator creates additional organic seating arrangements as needed. However, most entertaining is enjoyed in the many common areas provided throughout the ship.
    Our ships are large, organic, sentient computers. The walls provide soft, natural luminescent light. You will not find doors. All we need to do is communicate telepathically with the wall for it to open and it accommodates our wishes. Since the walls and floors are organic, they are self-cleaning. The floors support us in a way that is difficult to describe. We tend to glide instead of physically walking the way you do.
    We clean ourselves with sonic showers. They clean by using a non-intrusive frequency that leaves us feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to go. The computer lets us know when the process is complete.
    When we are living on our ships, we have hydroponic gardens to supply us with our favorite plants. The “holodeck” environment emulates the frequencies of our sun and the energy fields of our planet. This symbiotic process replicates the atmosphere required for the plants to thrive.
    Thank you, Supa. You make my heart sing. Or as the Sirians say: ZaZuMa! Heartfelt gratitude.
    P.S. For more descriptions about life on a Mothership and the technologies you can expect to experience, check out Sheldan’s dvd: Tour of a Sirian Mothership

  19. ( ( ( Sananda: On Your Way Home ) ) )
    As channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ May 16, 2012

    Dear beloveds, Ascension is becoming a much more palpable reality. It is becoming clearer that you are in the throes of it whether you realize it fully or not. Whether you understand it or not, it is something that is becoming more and more real to you.

    However, of course, you must still be aware that it is your choice, but once you have made that choice, there is no turning back and the changes will become more and more apparent as time goes on.

    You Lightworkers are more aware of all this, of course, and as you sift through the changes, you are better able to help others who haven’t a clue what is happening to them, regardless of the fact that they made the choice long ago to embark on this journey and now it is upon them to get on the train or not.

    It is the subject of those who are not aware of their mission that I would like to address today, and I speak to those who are aware enough to help them. This is what you have prepared for. As you encounter all the changes that you are undergoing, this puts you in a much better position to help others awaken. You can speak from experience and knowledge that is intrinsic and therefore believable to them. They trust you and so they can relate your experiences to their own and bring light to what they may not be aware of but is just below the surface.

    Please look at who around you may be struggling with the new energies and be of whatever service you can be. This may just entail being in your center and calmness and integrity and just shining your Light for all to see. It may entail being an example for others who are sensing something is different and looking to you for assurance that all is well. You will know how much and what to tell them, and you always have our guidance in the Spiritual Realm when you are unsure.

    By now, many of you are thoroughly committed to ascending and are managing the waves of change that the intense energies are bringing much better than before. It is time now to look around you for people and places that need doses of the Light you are assimilating as we speak.

    Please do not let anything sway you from this purpose. There will always be naysayers, but that only requires you to look inside and rediscover the truth, what you know is the Truth deep down in your heart. Get in touch with the joy that all this change is bringing you.

    You are indeed on your way home and with it brings newfound talents and gifts and perspectives that have only been buried up to now. Flaunt and distribute those gifts for all to see. You are now at the threshold of holding and maintaining and offering those gifts as an integral part of you.

    It is somewhat like a snake that has shed its skin and the new skin is exposed. There is no need to hold on to that old skin, but instead to get used to the new one. Likewise, whatever feels new and tentative in your life will soon feel normal and real and an innate part of you. It is like you have been reassembled and after a little getting used to, you feel more ready to embark on your journey equipped with abilities more suited to the New World you are creating.

    There is no right or wrong way of doing this. You must trust that by following your Higher Self, you will navigate the turns and hills of your journey. Staying in your Now Moment and feeling Heart Center will help this, as well as knowing that you always have access to your Higher Self if you just stop and check into it. You will soon see that it is more and more accessible and becoming more and more integrated with you. You will find that you are disabling the connection with your ego, or lesser self, and it will impede you less and less.

    By all means feel the joy that comes with this exalted remembering of your True Self, of your God-Self, of your Divinity. It is becoming more and more apparent to you that this is your True Essence and it will guide you home.

    I am Sananda and I am at your service always.

    Thank you to Sananda.

  20. ~Howdy!…I Ordered some Coca-Cola 2 nights ago & It wiped me out for 2 Days!…Oh well… 🙂 …It Kinda Gets gets almost Boring being Sober…Today,i Turn 5 years and One Month of Living a Non-Drug and Non-Alcohol Way of Life…A Very Good Path,yet at times a Solitary Existence…Mind Ya, my clear Mind is a Source of Peace…It Just seems I Am “On Hold” and that Gets a Bit Boring…Anyways,Forgive me for my Slight Rant…

    …I just Came Across this Message: Um,Leslee!…Where Art Thou?!… 😀 ~

    • Hey Babajij, argh I understand about being on hold… “soon” this and “soon” that grrrr… How on earth can you get bored with all that trippy stuff at your place! 😀

      All kidding aside, I also wanted to say, I really appreciate your strength. This shows us all how to “hold the line”. Just being there means more than you know. Thank you!

      From the few times I’ve been on a reservation it seemed a lot like life on a military base. Not a lot to do. The housing was pretty much the same too. This was deepest darkest BC though, sounds like where you are there’s a bit more going on. For some reason you reminded me of that great series “northern exposure” in one episode the radio DJ built a piano catapult. It was pretty cool! In another episode the village doctor found his way to Agartha…

      Recently I’ve just started marvelling at how we humans can even figure out how to build a city, with roads and buildings, bridges, hospitals, etc. Structures to support continued use for several years. Amazing!

      Hey did you ever take advantage of the free university? They’re offering some pretty interesting courses these days…

      • ~It’s True that All My Stuff & Wall Hangings do Keep Me Creative & Busy…I’ve Been on a Cleaning & ReArranging Ride InSide Here…Feng Shuing the Flow,again!…hehe…We Used to Get Northern Exposures,up here on the Tele, I Haven’t Seen the Show since Last Year…And Yes,I Did My “Bit” in Universities & College,when i was Younger (Keep in Mind I Turn 49 in November)…But I was Rather In a Party Mind Mode those Younger Days(I Basically Got High for 20 Years Straight)…So These Clearer 5 Years are Still Rather Formative…And I Finally Accepted the Fact that I Am More Attuned to a 9 p.m. – 5 a.m. Waking Time…Forward March!… 😆 ~

        • Ah that would explain the “night owl” references hehehe well Lisa will be happy to know you’re keeping her company on the “night train”…

          You know it’s interesting how the mass media portrays university as “party central”. Maybe another control mechanism so we can throw our lives away at the one place that really matters to future career growth. Mind you, univ. is itself a massive control structure… so the benefits are somewhat questionable… A money-making one-armed bandit if ever I saw one…

  21. The Great Falling Away and the Consummation of New Life! By Lisa Gawlas
    Boy, my poor little “field” antenna is getting a work out these days. We are raising our vibration so fast and so high, orientating myself in readings is really taking some work. And yet, what is now coming thru… feels so sacred, so utterly exciting I am not even sure how to share it without drooling all over myself from the combined experiences!!

    I suppose I am so programmed with linear time, one day following the next and an event on scheduled day is going to happen only on that scheduled day. We can be sooooo human!

    When I connected to my first reading yesterday, the field itself was far from defined. It looked to me like loose spider webs of energy without form. Very much in contrast to what I have been seeing all year. No dome, no circular energy, no directional points. Since these days and readings are changing with every connection and the lead up to the solar eclipse changing the forward movement, for a moment I assumed we were not going to see or understand anything. I almost stopped the attempt at reading to reschedule when my eyes were pulled way up to the top of the Mesa Cliff.

    I actually seen a full-blown solar eclipse hanging about 5 feet above the mesa cliff, I kept blinking… feeling like I could not possibly be seeing this imagery, not on the 16th of May!! The more I blinked the clearer it became! I suddenly realized that not only am I seeing the eclipse energy in this connection there was a movement to it.

    At first it was a full solar eclipse, moon in front of the sun with a beautiful halo of fiery light all around the darkened disk. When I looked again, the moon had moved about 2 inches forward.

    The understanding came crashing down all over my excited presence! The energy of this eclipse, this amazing alignment is already here on earth. The moon has already started moving forward, coming out of alignment with the sun and releasing the full on “movement” on earth.

    It really wasn’t until I read for my next two ladies did the fullness of this initial reading make sense to me. So, I will come back to this very very important understanding in a few moments.

    My second reading about blew my socks off!! Every single detail, crisp, clear and unmistakable in presentation and feeling.

    The first thing I had seen with her was the field itself. I was first thrown off guard by what I did see. Her South (life in full bloom) and West (Time of Harvest) fields were vivid in my field of vision and yet, there was this knowing the same thing was happening in the North (rejuvenation) as well as her East (New Beginnings) fields.

    I could see vortexes coming up out of her south and west fields, something I had never seen before. But not only were there vortex energies she also had these helpers at each station. The helpers looked like a cross between an elf and a leprechaun! They were each working as fast as they can to make sure her vortexes were completely ready. I also understood that, at least for her, every direction is fully and completely activated… working simultaneously. The moment I asked “ready for what” holy cow batman…

    I once again seen the eclipse energy just above the Mesa in the same position as the prior reading. The eclipse itself started to share an understanding with us. By the time we arrive on our dateline of May 20th, it will be a completely opened portal of energy. And I could see it… like the brightest, deepest portal of pure white energy like I have never seen before.

    Suddenly, in the present of the full portal opening in this lady’s reading, something astounding happened:

    From the entirety of the portal sun came 5 vortexes, 4 for each direction on the field and one really big one for the magnetic dome of energy in the center of the field. I watched, and more importantly FELT their link up! I am not sure I will ever have the words to describe what I felt or even the estoteric understanding that came with all the intense feelings, but maybe… I pray, the rest of her reading will help you to understand our greatest potential right now on earth. Personal vibrational field allowing!

    AS we talked and shared about this amazing visual the information came thru that we are presently, right now in this moment, already being prepared, activated, opened as fully as our inner work has allowed for the great alignment on the 20th. It will take us 3 full earth days to integrate the enormity of release within this galactic event within our physical bodies and then another 3 days to integrate the energies within our bodies into full application within our lives.

    I have really got to pay attention to the date May 23rd. We already know the 23rd of each month embeds a “power node” and even as I write this I am feeling this will be the last power node of its kind. I see it as a massive amount of energy, spinning so rapidly from the ground below your feet, upwards into your field of creation. The rate of spin is so fast all the colors blur together, but I have a feeling it is a combination of white and gold energy. Unequivocally <— spirits word, not mine) creating the next expression of your (our) life’s experiences.

    So, I understood that the complete integration of the portal release from this eclipse alignment should complete itself by the 26th of May. Of course, our next question is… then what? Holy flipping cow batman!!

    Crossing the Threshold of Life

    Instantly I had seen an image of a man dressed in a black suit and he was carrying my lady forward. I suddenly realized this is a bridegroom carrying his bride across the threshold, into their new life together!

    Let me tell you, we were both beside ourselves with these details. As she spoke (the lady having the reading) I could hear the crackling in her voice holding back the tears of both joy and relief.

    I also understood this man was symbolic, which is why I only ever seen him from the backside. The divine masculine (creation itself) carrying his beloved divine feminine (every human who has prepared their vessel) across the threshold of life!

    She and I were like two giddy children.

    I kept poking my eye into her future to see what all of this… any of this could mean. I could not go far, could not get a sense of time at all, but what I had seen left me in a state of pure bliss about what is to come!!

    The visual of the bridegroom carrying her across a threshold I could not see was very present as the next visual opened up. It was raining… sort of. Not watery kind of rain, but something that looked oddly familiar. As I got my visual antenna up close to the imagery falling down from the sky I had to laugh so hard: It was raining sperm!!!

    The sperm had really really long tails that stretched from the sky to near earth and their little heads each held a pinpoint of light within.

    It took me a bit to regain my composure after this unexpected visual!

    Altho I could see nothing more, I did understand the significance of this humorous visual from the field of life!

    Once the wedding takes place, vows are exchanged, party is over the honeymoon begins. From previous sharings I now really understand the 2 month honeymoon period of June and July… there is also the “consummation” of marriage. I never seen the “how” but I find the timing of the Venus transit in June so timely!! The universe left no detail forgotten or left out!! Like I they said yesterday “They got this covered!!!”

    The way I understood this visual of raining sperm is like this: We, each human on earth are the ovum. The feminine expression of life itself… the dreamer, the potential of life itself. God, Creator (pick a word) is the Masculine, that which fertilizes the egg and brings potential into created matter.

    Like Biology itself, anything left unresolved within the DNA expression will produce a life that involves that! We think of it as genetic malfunctions in the growth process, but the soul planned it all. So know, anything less than Heaven in experience in the year(s) ahead, is not a curse, a bad luck deal… not at all. It is karma. Your own energy field expressing itself to you. Period.

    For those who cleaned their egg… (smile) holy flipping cow batman!! I don’t know how it unfolds… but man oh man, let the consummation begin!!

    There is something to, that I want to make perfectly clear. So many people have just emerged from a total and intense cleansing process. The memories of the crap it took to get to “here” is still vivid in the mind. That does not mean you are going to create more of that… not at all. A soldier coming home from war is not still on the front lines, yet the psyche may still feel like it is.

    The only thing that matters is the true, pure energy in your heart and the actions you put into motion thru that energy!

    Which brings me back to my first reading. Her field was unclear in our reading because she was unclear in her life. She is actually in a life that does not match her frequency, actually quite the opposite really. She lives with a relative who is emotionally unstable, and know what this eclipse brings energetically… I was/am actually worried about her safety! Yet, there was no concrete action/energy in her field to remove her from that environment.

    I had to pay attention to the movement of the eclipse energy… something had to be opening for her to get her to a productive, life enhancing place she heart and soul not only desires… but deserves as well.

    Instantly I thought of my man in Texas and his rainbow wagon wheel. Perhaps, the beginning of a whole new life and way of life to many (smile, wink.)

    Last, but so far from least was my third reading of the day. The energy and texture was very similar to the lady just before her, with some added interesting details!! I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate the alignment of souls in a reading. Each adding to the other..

    I had seen her at the top of the Mesa Cliff directly under the portal of energy of the full eclipse. She asked a question that brought us more understanding (gotta love those questions!!!)

    She asked how this eclipse affects her husband and teenage daughter. The daughter is more than fine… the husband…. this was an interesting visual. One you may want to take deep inside you as we all move towards this energetic.

    The first thing I had seen was a half circle coming down from just above the Mesa Cliff. As the two open points of the half circle came in contact with the surface of the cliff I could see massive cracks and fissures taking place. The more this half circle penetration the rock… the rock itself started to crumble. It was as if the back half of the Mesa Cliff started to completely crumble… fall away from the lady in the reading. Her husband was in the falling rock. The color scheme was black and amber. When I see amber in any reading it is representative of the petrified tree sap amber… old, solidified and often times has bugs or something trapped in it… very old energy. This was all starting to crumble… fall away, taking with it anyone aligned with outdated trapped energy/approaches to life.

    Later in the day I read a text that really hit home with this visual: the verse in Thessalonians where it talks about the ‘great falling away’. One of those deep ah-ha moments! I don’t know the bible, but I know what falling away looks like in a reading!!

    He did have a window of time to change the black of fear to the lifeline of the black of unforeseen potential…. and he had to drastically change his mind about life.

    I had to wonder, how what created this half circle… which is actually an annoying point I want to make. If we don’t ask more questions… we don’t get any further details!!

    I suddenly seen a full circle at the point of the eclipse itself. This reading is all about my lady on the phone… so it shows she has come to the very end of a cycle of completion (ummmm we ALL have) and her energy field takes her into a sperm filled future… her husbands… not so much. So in asking about him, her circle sliced itself in half and now looked very much like an S , reversed and verticle on the ground. The elcipse is going to take her deep into herself (hence those 6 days afterwards) and she emerges into the field of raining sperm. Her husband is on a landscape crumbling under his feet.

    How this plays out in our reality… no clue. At least… not yet.

    Your choice points today are more crucial than they ever have been before. Choose only from the heart, the mind does not know the way!!

    I am officially in pre-party celebration… any one wanna dance????

    ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the most radiant seeds of New Life to All!!!

    Lisa Gawlas

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