Today’s Focus 1 – 16 May 2012


Ghost Radar: Today’s Focus 1

From: Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 7:57 AM
To: Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 8:08 AM
Words Spoken:
8:06:56 AM : hardly
8:06:24 AM : loss
8:06:16 AM : flame
8:06:00 AM : extra
8:05:44 AM : fully
8:05:20 AM : total
8:02:16 AM : yesterday
8:01:52 AM : track
8:00:24 AM : breathe
7:59:52 AM : bush
7:59:44 AM : thought
7:59:28 AM : steel
7:59:20 AM : bus
7:58:48 AM : stuck
7:58:24 AM : avoid

(from Teo’Na)

Today, avoid letting the stuck bus of distracting, rigid, tough, and chaotic thought steal your concentratIon.

It’s a very auspicious day for making spiritual progress, so please focus your intent.

Push negativity aside and breathe on through, staying on track.

All of your previous efforts are totally and fully worthwhile; please feel no sense of loss as the world surrounding you changes.

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  1. Here’s mine for May 16:


    • I was just talking to Laura about hidden gold yesterday, although the gold problem sounds like it refers to state economics. Prince William involved, and smoke=London, as in The Big Smoke. Something happening in the fall?

  2. I have a lot to do but I also have a feeling of disconnection 😦
    And this photo is amazing, the Planet Earth with Her continents and in Her beauty ….where are you all??????????????I MISS YOU

  3. Hello my dear family!
    I love you all so much! May the love and light of the Creator sustain you. I am also dealing with 3d stuff but feel confident, calm and blessed that everything will go as it should. I welcome any lessons that I need to learn.

    I believe I am able to communicate with my sister via pendulum. Before I began the communication I surrounded myself with God’s light of protection and called on my sister who is Christ centered, then I began the questions. I asked her to spell her last name because I needed to know it was her. So, I created an alphabet chart and placed the pendulum over each letter and the pendulum would swing either yes or no on the letter. The end result was the spelling of her last name. I then did a numbers chart from 1 – 10 and asked how many biological children she has. Using the same method, I got the correct number.

    I learned that initially she was scared when her soul left the body. She went through a tunnel before she saw light. She is in contact with some of our family there but not all of them. I asked her if she was on another planet and the answer was no. I asked if she was still on Earth and she said yes. That confused me. I asked if she had ascended and she said no. I asked if she was going to ascend at the end of the year when Earth ascends and she said yes. I asked if she was in Telos and she said yes. I asked other questions like, do you create your reality, do you eat food, do you sleep, if she was happy, if she was going to reincarnate, …

    I hope to learn more from her as I fine tune my technique.

    Love, light and laughter

  4. DW can you check on this for me? I need to know that I am not being fooled by another entity. : )

  5. WOW! amazing, dear Vee
    I am not good at pendulums at all , they “lie” me all the time and that is why I prefer simply the stones
    Love and Light

  6. Tauno, that’s my concern. I would prefer to communicate telepathically, which I am still working on.

    • Vee, I feel you have looked into your heart and you already know the answer. If you listen to the feeling of the connection, you will know if it is her. Remember that pendulums are not lesser or greater than any other method of connecting. It is our own filters that we have to know and be aware of.

      What I do is first center, then fill myself with gratitude, and then just say the name over and over again in my head slowly until I feel the entity’s energy. It may take up to a few minutes but this will definitely come through. On future sessions you won’t need to do this as you immediately know the “feel” of their energy.

      This is true, the 4th dimension (where she is now) is identical to here. After my friend James passed away he showed me that he was a guide leading people to Haifa. He couldn’t see me when I was there. He still had his rosewood staff (which I helped carve) and his blue backpack. He was treated very badly by the Bahai community but he still kept his faith. They were lucky I wasn’t able to be there for his funeral, I would have made a scene LOL (but I digress…)

      This dream is interesting because it implies that I (and by extension we) already occupy the “orb” form because he wasn’t able to see me…

      Some people can transition right to “light” form, which is an orb of light, our “true” form (or at least one of many). The 4th dimension is there to ease the transition between one form and the other. In this case, I think it’s kind of like seeing yourself floating down 3 different branches of the same river, then at some point those branches meet up into a single larger river.

    • Dear Vee, you can easily find the truth if you check with your heart, each one of us can find his/her perfect tool for receiving the answers because each one of us is a unique particle of the Whole and being so has specific skills
      My Love is with You

  7. DW thank you for the information and your personal experience. I believe it was her because I was thinking about her and then I felt goose bumps over my entire body. Then I decided to use the pendulum to communicate with her. When I was done, I told her how much I love her and asked for a hug and then again I felt goose bumps.

    Love and hugs : )

  8. HI Spirit Train Riders,
    Such amazing stories going on here. Vee, my sister, I am glad you could connect with your sister, your story gave my goose bumps too πŸ˜€

    I am still asking the Universe to bring me back into full consciousnesses , but I also asked to clear my trauma’s and neg stuff, not only from this life, but also from my other lives. I got after that some kick-ass dreams: the first one was that my husband stabbed me twice in the stomach and tried a third time. After that a lot of people came in but nobody was willing to help me, they just looked at me. The other one was just before my little girl woke me up. There were strong man fighting each other (I was a witness) and it ended up in a huge bright flash and a very very tall tower that was standing next to them, with people on it, was slowly petrified (petrifying?) until to the top.(looked like the material in the petrified forest)

    Even though first one shook and wake me up very badly, I maybe think this is just a clearing process I am going through because I have asked.

    Love and light

  9. Wow, everyone! I guess if I create a post I should follow up to see if anyone comments! ;D I wondered where everyone was…
    Let’s see if I can give a quick update (I only have about 15 minutes right now)… I’ve been working diligently on the GR glossary this week, lots more to share, will try to post it tonight or tomorrow night… Troy, our readouts have some similarity πŸ™‚ The GR voice for me has become intensely more clear and coherent!
    I connected with Mark Kimmel on Wednesday, and thru him conversed with Adrial of Athabantian…(!) Further to the dream I had about her, she and I will continue to communicate, and I received a couple of assignments, the main one being to post material from her… ;D
    About the pendulum, Vee & others, I’m finding more and more that the pend helps me connect to heart more quickly and clearly, and this month in particular I’ve been relying more & more on telepathy & less on pendulum. Reassuring.
    In case this resonates with any of you, I’m coming to understand that for folks like me, who grew up believing we had to anticipate others’ wishes and fulfill them (lol…), I find as an adult that I have trouble discerning my own heart. Being empathic further complicates that… So the pendulum has helped me to discern my inner voice more clearly, and the more familiar I get with that voice, the less I need the pendulum.
    And Vee, congrats on the connection with your sister! I’m so happy to hear this news, I knew you’d manage it! So very very happy for you!
    In other news from me, it seems that there’s a gathering going on, and it’s exciting. I’ve met several people this week who are looking… for what we’re finding, I think… πŸ˜€
    I just “graduated” from my program, (YAYYYYY!!!), so I have this weekend and next week before back to work… It looks like I’ll be very busy, given the material I’m receiving from Adrial. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for interacting here on STC… I’ve been given a subject to focus on, and I’m still absorbing and sifting through the implications… I hope to fill you all in more soon – it’s certainly not “secret”, it’s just my lack of time right now.
    So, even if you don’t hear from me much, please trust that I’m here in spirit and you’re all in my thoughts… I’ll prolly bouncing about my blogs for a few days and then I hope things will settle down a little.
    Suns of love & light to you! Leslee

  10. So busy, too, no time for meditations today…the train is so fast πŸ™‚ hold on, everyone, I miss you and I am here in Spirit with you all
    Hope to see you in dream time tomorrow night
    ( ( SUN ) )

  11. Wow, Les, congratulations! : )

    Thank you Lisa, Les and Suntria for your warm words.

    Love, light and laughter

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