~ Ascension Calls ~

Have Ya Got the Ringing in the Ears?

Has it Been Going On for a Couple of Years?

Some Moments are Full of Peace.

Like an Elaborate Puzzle Piece.

Intuition Voice Getting Stronger.

To Assist as We Strive a Bit Longer.

A Helping Hand…

In a New Land.

An Expanding Global Brain…

On Board the Spirit Train.



9 comments on “~ Ascension Calls ~

    • Hiya, Sun! (waves & smiles!)
      How’s your week going? And you too, Babajij?
      Baba, the little orb-cloud in ur photo reminds me of what I was looking at last night in some pics… I’ve been alerted that sometimes “ships” appear in the Voids in the sky as well! It’s easier for them to cloak with clear blue sky that clouds! More to come, on that… 😉

      • ~Thank Ya,Suntria & Leslee!…I Never Noticed the OrbCloud,til Ya Mentioned “It”,Leslee!…Something about the Whole Arrangement of the Setting Sun,the Trails, Mountains,The Tree and Clouds Got My Attention First…Little Did I Know that there was “More than Meets the Eye!”… 😉 ~

  1. Hi Babajij, beautiful picture…are those two lines..chemtrails?
    Very inspiring, yes I have those ringing in the ears …..:D
    Love en morning light 😀

    • ~Yup,Lisa,On Occasion I Happen to Look Up and See Them Those Planes Leaving a Trail…Then I Send a Telepathic Thought of Love to the Pilot & to the Trails…The Trails begin to Break Apart… 🙂 …

      …And it’s True Dreamwalker!…Them There are Slyphs to the Rescue!… 😉 ~

      • Hi Babajij, I also saw a lot of chemtrails in Belgium, but here in South-Africa, Johannesburg, I can’t say in those 7 years I lived here, I saw one chemtrail…maybe I wasn’t looking for it….who knows

        Love Lisa

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