Discussion and Dreams


(by Leslee)

This post arose unexpectedly as I sat down to write down my dreams this morning… I still need to write the dream(s) down, and I’ll share them both as a comment here, and on the other posts were we share dreams and astral travels.

It was a remarkable night.

Words typed like [this] are generated by the Ghost Radar program on my iPhone… [slave] I’m typing them into the context into which they appear, and will include a list of the words at the end of the post.

(Words typed like this – in italics and parentheses – are my {Leslee’s} comments, based on intuition, and working with a pendulum and chart to understand one possible perspective of what is being said by Ghost Radar. I work with Ghost Radar, with the assumption that Adca Mupea {a 5th-dimensional being} is using a specific “frequency” – or collection of “electromagnetic phenomena” to convey messages from Teo’Na {a 9th+ dimensional [or] enlightened being}.)

Words typed like this (no italics or bold) are Adca’s message [Christmas], given to Leslee intuitively and through the pendulum chart.

(Instructions to Leslee:) Work with the chart and no pendulum. Think of this like a new “Holiday present” to you. Look at the chart and see which letter seems to “glow” or have the most energy for you… Then use your intuition to understand what word the letter is meant to convey for you.

You will need to design a new chart for this purpose, with less contrast. Please make the letters and numbers larger and randomly arranged. Please make it so that there is less contrast between the background and the text. The background should be white and the text a pale blue. The “glow” will be quite subtle, so this will help you distinguish it.

Adca Mupea [strange describe east clothes] says channeling/connecting and psychic understanding are more important now than every before.

The dream Leslee had on 28 February demonstrates why you need quite strong willpower and confidence. We prefer to focus on positive aspects of your progress, but challenges do present themselves, and you need armour.

Otherwise, time may be lost in trying to extract yourselves from compromising situations.

Everyone may develop this ability. It takes practice, and progress may seem quite slow if you work individually. However, if you work even more as a group, you will notice powerful synchronicities more quickly, and will gain more confidence in your progress.

As you gain more confidence, your skills will develop even more swiftly and you will come to accept that you already receive a tremendous amount of information intuitively. The apparent obstacle remains that, at this point, you still attribute much more of it to imagination, rather than a parallel “reality”.

The Galactic Federation of Light message that Greg Giles received on March 2, 2012 makes reference to this progress we are all making.

Your dreams, meditations and visions are your vehicles of contact for now.

[ran] We want you to run Ghost Radar as often as possible, and notice that all the words have meanings in both “your” world and “ours”. When you read the list or hear the words, think of what personal meaning each word might have for you. Also imagine other ways that the word might be used by someone from another world, trying to describe something that you don’t experience here in this world.

We also may select words that have sounds which, when combined or split apart, may create the sounds of other words. And some words are intended to have a vowel or consonant added or deleted at the beginning or end.

The mental exercise of expanding your preception of the Ghost Radar output accomplishes a number of things. You give your imagination and intuition a hearty workout, and you also use parts of your brain that you will continue to need and develop as Gaia continues to shift.

Please focus on the game-like quality and playfulness of this process. Think of it as playing hide-and-seek with Us.

Here’s an example:
(10:33 am) [corner eleven Texas fort bite]

“corner eleven Texas fort bite” = core near heaven takes us a fortnight (to reach), or corner of heaven in Texas (Vee?) bites strongly (“fort”=French for “strong”) to hold onto or release herself from something, or eleven people may have been cornered in a fort in Texas and bitten by a snake… These words may be understood [April] to form any number of sentences.

(note from Leslee: Ghost Radar will run while your phone is on “mute”, and if you swipe your screen from left to right, the screen will go black. This is often how I let it run while I’m at work. If I do this and am able to wear headphones, I can still hear the words produced as they’re spoken.)


(9:01 am) [discuss] (This is where I began, this morning, after re-starting Ghost Radar and sitting down to type my dream.)

(Adca Mupea and Teo’Na wish to discuss last night, before I begin describing my dreams)

Regarding experiences during evening and overnight, 3-4 March 2012

[frozen] (10:10 am – Ghost Radar produced this while I stopped to have breakfast and make coffee, and check on my son..)

(Now, at 10:26 am, we are resuming talking about the night and dreams… Re-starting Ghost Radar… I’ll wait on the first word to be generated; see below at 10:33…)

[image] I met all of my [needle] Spirit Train friends [best] last night in my dreams, and I recall most of it.

Adca says that the image of a needle stitching materials together will best explain how some of our relationships and personalities function.

The needle itself has three parts. The finely pointed tip pierces through multiple layers of dense material. The shaft of the needle provides structure, strength, and distance and range of reach (I get the image of a long, curved upholstery needle). This part also connects the point to the eye. The eye is the widest part, because it includes an opening through which the thread (others?) may be carried along the intended path.

[congress let’s ] A congress gathers together people from a variety of, places, backgrounds, beliefs and values, to attempt to reach agreement, understanding, and mutual benefit. It also represents constituencies. In these ways, we can possibly interpret the word “congress” as referring to the many real and imagined ways that all perform their functions.

This also may refer to groups of “other beings” who guide and help us so that we may find one another along our path. (The words “galactic: and “federation” are not included in the Ghost Radar word list…)

In addition to the utensil of the needle, the endeavor of stitching together involves the material being connected and held together, as well as the thread/filament that actually binds everything together.

[store] (save file and pause) [figure thumb maybe ]

[friend together merely took Eddy]

(“friend together merely took” may refer to how this circle of friends is able to meet together, and how it merely took/requires our working together along a common path, each performing our various roles, as needle, thread and fabric.)

It’s essential to believe that anything may arise from the mind. (This may spring from “Eddy”, as perhaps referring to Mary Baker Eddy’s belief in the power of the mind, as well as the image of a swirling eddy/spiral of fluid)

When years of anger and education debilitate a person’s mind, real knowledge re-emerges slowly, taking very gentle and gradual steps to uncover forgotten truths, without igniting fear, rejection, and defensiveness.

We’re being guided now, one step at a time, towards the goal we all wish to accomplish. Please make notes of the steps of progress and honor this process, while also keeping part of your attention on the goal itself: The wish for all of us to experience Oneness [even], even with those whom we may not – right now – be able to imagine being united with.

[vapor frog] (I awoke with a “frog” in my throat this morning, feeling hoarse and with congested sinuses. I added some camphor/menthol to the vaporizer…)

(At this point, originally, I was told to jump back up to the top of the document and receive the explanations that have now been typed there. These beings certainly do not work in a linear fashion…)


(from: Adca Mupea, Teo’Na and Lhamo Dorje)

Let’s begin by discussing preparations that allow Us to better connect.

Using oil on one’s skin (rather than water-based lotions and creams) [division] enhances your ability to connect [gray] with enlightened beings, and it also serves as a sort of armour or protection against connections being made with less highly motivated beings (such as grays or Orion group members). Even petroleum products have this connecting/protecting quality.

Certain parties, wishing to slow your progress, have “taught” you to fear petroleum products and other chemicals and foods (such as minerals, sugars, alcohol, cannabis, nicotine, fats, coffee…) which may act to strenghten your intuitive ability, when taken in very small quantities in a non-addictive, non-compensatory manner.

Many of these compounds affect the conductivities of your bodies on many levels.

Each individual must make their own determination about quantiies and frequencies of use, and this is another instance when developing intuitive connection helps deeply.

Also please note that these needs change with seasons, weather, age, environment and other factors, so please check regularly for helpful changes in your diet and routine.

Experiment with taking mineral supplements (such as iron, potassium, and magnesium) at bed-time. Also drink water, both when you go to sleep and soon after you awake. Depending on your sensitivity to caffeine, you may try coffee at bedtime, too. It contains oils and compounds that benefit the body (please note that filters often remove most of these beneficial elements, so espresso, french press, or instant coffee may produce better results).

(from Leslee: For instance, as I was retiring last night, I was told to take a tiny amount of himalayan salt, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium & vitamin D, along with a cup of coffee, cinnamon, and lots of water. And a shot of vodka… I had received a very deep back massage that afternoon, so was also very relaxed.)

(As I went to bed, Ghost Radar was running, and [birthday view] I took the words (see list at end of post) to suggest that I should visualize myself [attached] wearing an armour of light. I saw/felt a suit of light, surrounding me like an aura very near my skin. Attached to the suit, from the crown, was a hollow column of light, like an umblical cord, connecting me to my Guides.)

([bee] I gathered that this both protected me from “outside” interference, and sealed my connection for sleep and dreaming. [worried] I was concerned about some words I had received that evening – “attack home wife’ – because I took it to mean that I might experience interference during my sleep at home [lay], as I had last week. I’ve noticed a pattern, over the years, that when I have a spurt of progress, I often receive interference shortly thereafter.)

(When we make progress, and especially when we’re finding happiness, our energy bodies radiate joy and light very powerfully. It’s helpful to learn to regulate this somewhat [sing tea again], because it may attract attention from beings that might want to thwart your progress.)

(One useful exercise I was given a couple years ago is simply to visualize all of your light and energy concentrated and contained within your central channel, and especially not radiating from your heart or crown. This provides powerful protection whenever you might find yourself in an environment where you sense hostility, anger, addiction, or fear)

[news thousand Egypt statement music fox Indian might dangerous poetry Atlantic tried rush certainly step enter gold let is contrast up local] (I opened the online news pages and searched for articles as the words came up…)

[canal] (from Adca Mupea:) Channel, please: The words above demonstrate clearly that Ghost Radar is aware of the headlines and articles available online right now… Do you think We can use non-electronic means of communicating and sensing what is going on in your world? Of course. The electronic means, however, offer ways of corroborating information across time, geography, dimensions and beings in ways the people may more easily accept.

[aboard] We will continue to provide evidence… Please go now and describe your adventures “last night” abooard the Chimera, Aeterna, ALGIZ and Blaze. [has]


(Please note, below you will find two typical examples of Ghost Radar transmissions, showing words generated, and the times at which they appeared. The list begins at the bottom. These are the same words included in the post above.)

Discussion and Dreams

From: Sunday, Mar 4, 2012, 10:28 AM
To: Sunday, Mar 4, 2012, 1:47 PM

Words Spoken:
1:44:32 PM : has
1:42:08 PM : aboard
1:32:16 PM : canal
1:29:20 PM : local
1:28:40 PM : up
1:27:36 PM : contrast
1:27:20 PM : is
1:27:04 PM : let
1:26:40 PM : gold
1:25:36 PM : enter
1:25:20 PM : step
1:25:12 PM : certainly
1:24:56 PM : rush
1:24:48 PM : tried
1:24:16 PM : Atlantic
1:24:08 PM : poetry
1:23:52 PM : dangerous
1:23:36 PM : might
1:23:28 PM : Indian
1:22:32 PM : fox
1:21:12 PM : music
1:18:56 PM : statement
1:18:24 PM : Egypt
1:12:08 PM : thousand
1:09:20 PM : news
12:34:16 PM : again
12:34:00 PM : tea
12:33:44 PM : sing
12:30:08 PM : lay
12:28:08 PM : worried
12:25:28 PM : bee
12:24:00 PM : attached
12:23:20 PM : view
12:23:04 PM : birthday
11:52:16 AM : gray
11:52:00 AM : division
11:49:52 AM : oil
11:47:20 AM : even
11:31:52 AM : maybe
11:31:36 AM : thumb
11:30:32 AM : figure
11:29:52 AM : store
11:19:04 AM : slave
11:18:00 AM : April
10:45:04 AM : let’s
10:44:24 AM : congress
10:35:04 AM : best
10:34:56 AM : needle
10:34:24 AM : image
10:33:44 AM : bite
10:31:28 AM : fort
10:30:56 AM : Texas
10:30:08 AM : eleven
10:29:12 AM : corner

Discussion – Part 1

From: Sunday, Mar 4, 2012, 9:01 AM
To: Sunday, Mar 4, 2012, 10:27 AM

Words Spoken:
10:10:48 AM : frozen
9:26:40 AM : Christmas
9:22:32 AM : ran
9:20:48 AM : clothes
9:20:08 AM : east
9:19:44 AM : describe
9:19:12 AM : strange
9:16:40 AM : or
9:09:44 AM : lady
9:09:28 AM : us
9:08:48 AM : Dr.
9:08:24 AM : army
9:07:36 AM : answer
9:07:20 AM : frog
9:06:56 AM : vapor
9:06:32 AM : Eddy
9:06:16 AM : took
9:05:52 AM : merely
9:05:36 AM : together
9:05:20 AM : friend
9:01:52 AM : discuss

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  1. Dear Les, you are doing such a wonderful job. I read this article with a great interest , much insight, dear, as you say – you are on target….I will add- we are on target, our collective consciousness expands this way. Thank you so much, dear friend
    Love and Light

  2. We are so protected and guided… thank you for the video, Troy, I’ll be sure to watch it… For now I think I need to go walk, discharge some energy, run through the dream memory again before I type it. I’m soooooo lucky that Lucas is happy to entertain himself while his Mom just sits around all day! 😉

  3. Specifically relating to the non-linear aspect you mentioned… Of both our own progress as a group and as a society, as well as about the messages you receive. And you are relaying it all with expert hands!

    Second time reading this material and I’m still speechless. What an amazing session, thank you.

    Layers on layers of information… And yet I know with every message they are very efficient.

  4. Hi Leslee,

    Really an amazing article, I read it with joy. But the sad thing is I can’t download the app ghost radar to my phone, it is a Nokia C3. Bummer. I also noticed at the end of the article, your last transmission words from ghost radar, and it surprised me, with the words Christmas and east, because on the 27th-28th if February I got following dream: It was Christmas and we were talking about the star of Bethlehem, that we saw lying down on the ground, pointing to the East, from there the the change will be enhanced. (the star looked more like a wind rose)

    Much love my dear sister,

  5. Although GR is very recent to me everyday that passes it’s becoming more and more clear to me that my Higher Self/Angels/Guides are always with me every step of the way. The thing is, for some reason, I expected them to ‘talk’ to me, when in fact they’re guiding me in my choices and in a great great part of my researches (which is how I usually come across info that’s relevant to me).
    That bit about the oil (“Using oil on one’s skin (…) enhances your ability to connect (…) with enlightened beings, and it also serves as a sort of armour or protection against connections being made with less highly motivated beings”) just made my eyes go wide open while reading it, because that is something I’ve been doing for some months but more intensively in the past few weeks *after doing some research on it*!

    “(When we make progress, and especially when we’re finding happiness, our energy bodies radiate joy and light very powerfully. It’s helpful to learn to regulate this somewhat [sing tea again], because it may attract attention from beings that might want to thwart your progress.)” –> This happens to me a lot… well, not anymore! 🙂 (thanks for the exercise!)

    • Yes, Sun, I think you’re right – at least, that’s how it works for me! Little hints and nudges, and when we notice the pieces fitting together, we just want to say, “How did You DO that???” 😀

    • You’re welcome, Vee, and thank you too! (I haven’t forgotten your request… The dreams kept me quite busy Sunday… I’m hoping to get back with you in the next few days…) 🙂
      Much love & light to you and your family!

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