Astral Travels (June 2012)

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    • Hi, dear Lisa
      The feeling was not too comfortable if you are aware that you are observed by unknown Beings, I cannot say if they were of Light or not but I felt myself protected by my Light so I can say it was interesting to observe them too as they did the same thing, I wonder who is in “zoo” actually 😀
      But all Beings respond to the Light finally

  1. Troy, there is something wrong with the page Astral Travels for July and I posted my dream here

  2. Good morning, everyone !
    Here is my dream of last night
    I was at my working place but a colleague of mine/a woman of middle age, short hair/ was dealing with my books and documents and I simply has nothing to do there, it seemed that this working day I had a lot of free time, I went downstairs and saw the other colleagues working , I decided to go out for some fresh air.
    I was outside the building sitting on a bench and another of my colleagues/ another woman/ was with me, but I felt uncomfortable and felt an urge to go, I left my handbag on the ground there and left, there were two big snowballs in my pockets and I wanted to get rid of them without been noticed by anyone, I started to throw the snow out of my pockets while at the same time I saw many teenagers that were talking loudly. The teenagers noticed me and two “nasty” boys followed me as I started to walk along something that resembled a sport circle, there was snow on the ground and I was talking with these two boys feeling their low vibrations and their desire to trick me somehow…then I thought of my protection and they gradually disappeared
    Now I have made a round walk along the sport circle and I am again near the group of teenagers. This time they are taking pictures, the teens are dressed in summer clothes although the snow, I notice a big blue figures – toys – cartoon characters that were also there and the teens were taking photos next to these toys.

    I heard a word quite clearly then “HEALTHCARE”
    I woke up after I heard a noise in my room and the first thing I saw was a back space with many yellow /shining points on it – EYES, they were watching me, these eyes were not human eyes, they looked like the eyes of the cat in the video that Troy provided – Wide Awake /if I remember the title well/

    Love and Light

    • ~Good Day Tauno!…the part about the Eyes Watching: i had thought about that too,in my waking Life…It seems that we are Being Observed…Either “Watched Over/Guided & Protected” or Simply being Observed in order to strengthen Bonds & Communications…Just like on how We are trying to Reach/Communicate with Them,They are Learning on How We Live within the Constructs of 3D~

      • Yes, dear Babajij
        I was thinking about these eyes, I was observed while sleeping , the energy I felt /when realizing that some of them are watching/ was unfamiliar to me, I cannot say if this energy is low or high, it is just new to me but I know that whatever this energy is I Am That I AM – an Angelic Soul of Light, this way I feel myself and all of you here in STC, that is why we are connected because Our Light has a mission to be accomplished here NOW and I must say – ENOUGH separation , I think all of us here are equally worthy and important and I welcome all Angels that have come recently to join us
        Dear Souls, there is NO Elite here, no matter if someone can channel or not, understand that each Soul has the same potential as the others , it is simply a matter of individual pace for development, we are all GOD SPARKS and if someone makes you believe it is the contrary then this one is of the lower vibrations, all of us have skills and potential enough to make a difference and to turn the world into a better place for living!
        Let Our LIGHT/TRUTH be our guidance!

  3. Last night I don’t remember much, but I was in a dormitory or school, or possibly a ship (space ship?), and we were all trying to solve a puzzle or mystery. Like someone had hidden somebody’s socks, and we were trying to find them. All coming together to do something.

    The furniture all looked like it was from Ikea, I remember bunk beds and bookshelves filled with rare books, white walls, skylights, a comfortable living space. Wood stairs leading up somewhere else in the middle of the space. Wood floors, I think. Maybe the bookshelves and bunk beds were built into the walls.

    Before going to sleep I heard child’s laughter in my “inner” ear, it sounded a lot like Adrial. Happy and playful, child’s honesty.

    • Dear Troy, The looking for something is in synchronicity with my dreams when I look for something, the labyrinth of buildings , we are indeed looking for something and gradually the Truth emerges before us all
      Thank you for sharing, my friend!
      Love and Light

      • Ooh, ooh! I know I know what it is! Wait, gotta go write a post first! (mischievous child’s laughter – Adrial, you squirt!) 😀
        Y’all are gonna love this – we’re about to throw a surprise party!

        • Adrial feels like “daughter” to me, I just want to give her a big hug! And of course in any parent / child relationship she’s a hell of a lot smarter than me… LOL

    • Wow, that sounds like the dorm I visited a few nights ago! I wonder where I posted it… Were the beds stacked really high, like for really TALL people?

  4. Well we went back to the lake today, no mattresses! BUT as I was leaving, someone had let go a bunch of balloons from a birthday party! How many I’m not sure, it was 15 or so, the usual bunch, the usual colors (what that is I’m not quite sure!) 😀

    Okay Adrial, we read you loud and clear… LOL

  5. My dog Dexter visited Tulya again (he calls it Tuli). He said it was special because he brought his stuffed Tigger with him and got to show him to Brucie. He lied in his lap like last time and they flew past the moon. We showed him a picture of Konstantinos’ of the Zeta and he said, “Brucie!”

    Dexter also said spaceship makes him poop a lot.

    Also, today my husband saw a white balloon and a yellow balloon tied to the railing of a house near us.

  6. I don’t remember my dreams from last night, but my husband had a dream where he was in a hall with balloons for a birthday party or something and he was mad because his family convinced me to make them the beneficuaries of my life insurance instead of him. It’s funny because the family name is Hall

  7. What a great night! My soul feels so happy today 🙂 Thank you all for all of this! Today we are gonna do our sunday 12:00 meditation and go out for a bit. You all have a fantastic day! Love you all so very much!

  8. Thank you for the response, Tauno. Tell me, have you ever visited Athabantian?? Also, what do you think about what Mike and I saw last night?

    • Yes, I was sitting next to one of Athabantian crew members last night, looking at the seagulls 🙂 on the long narrow platform/cafe
      Not kidding 🙂
      Love You!

  9. Hello friends, Well I guess my night was not like what I had expected. On normal circumstances, I can remember my dreams; vividly, and in color. Last night, I only remember maybe two to three fragments.
    So, the main part I remember is I’m in a huge ballroom, like I couldn’t see the edges of the room but it had a ceiling. I was standing there with a female and she was telling me all about the goings on in the room, like the whole reason we are having this “get together”. In the background where there seemed to be hundreds of people talking, everyone was mingling, but all I can hear is the hum of peoples voices overlapping one another. I couldn’t focus on what the lady was saying to me because in “real time” my 50 pound dog was sleeping on me which caused me to unexpected awaken. One thing I remember the lady saying, was a name. It sounded like ‘Deen’, or ‘gleen’…something with the double e sound. So that’s pretty much all I can remember. can anyone who has traveled before give me any insight as to where I was? Also Mike and I were laying outside gazing at the stars like usual, and we saw something that was indescribable! It was the most breath taking object. It appeared in front of us, it had a dim fluttering red glow and it flew across the sky for at least 5 seconds. I feel we were meant to see it! Don’t quite know what it was but it was awesome!

  10. Tauno, thank you so much for the reply :). I was reding your post adn as soon as I read GLS ALGIZ I got the chills, all over my body, WOOO!! MAN I FEEL GOOD!

  11. Saturday June 23rd,
    I went to sleep last night thinking of the flight. I do not remember anything while sleeping, but when I got up I started to remember. I see crystals, everywhere, big craggy crystals, on the ground, in the sky, everywhere. Like where ever I am is entirely built from crystal. I also see a tall very fair skinned being, very slim, looking down at me. Last ight Cheri’ and I made Penudlums and I wore mine to bed. He was looking at it! And finaly I saw something in the sky, a balloon maybe? Its hard to tell, hard to remember. Thats all I can recall for now! I will say, I had loads of fun! I woke up in a great mood this morning 😀 Thanks all!!!
    Love, Light and peace to you all, have a wonderful Sunday

    • Wow, it seems you have visited ALGIZ, my friend! One of my first dreams on GLS ALGIZ was connected with seeing many flying crystals, especially rose quartz, GLS ALGIZ is with crystalline structure that allows traveling through dimensions
      As far as the balloon is concerned it is definitely a synchronicity with our platforms from my dream and that of Lisa, my platform was long and narrow and there was a cafe on it 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your dream with us!

  12. Hi everyone, Tauno

    Here is my dream from last night:

    After the intention to go on the ships Tulya, Ahtbantian and Blaze and saying all the passwords for the other ships I got following dream: It looks like in a kinda of room/building that has the shape of an oval. It is pretty dark in it, and it looks like it was in lots of colours of blue. There are people and they are saying that Disclosure is going to begin and that we have to look for the signs and for the ships. Looking outside and looking for clues. I see out of the window a cigarette suspended in mid-air. I can’t say if it is blue sky outside or if I am in space. The feeling is that I am in space.

    I am again in another space and it looks like we are in kind of cinema, watching on a big screen a movie of myself. Next to me sit my nanny that changes later and Leslee sitting next to me. We are sitting close to the screen.

    I jump dream and now I am in a field, it is dark and at night but there is still a lot of people outside. There is a competition going on, throwing blue ballpoints as far as we can. But mine doesn’t go that far so I move to a more a empty space of field together with my friend. I throw but the ballpoint hits the electricity pole and a fire starts. Afraid that the pole would fall over we start to run over the train/tram tracks. As we run over them, from both sides, trams and trains coming at us. We can barely escape them. The train and trams are wijnrood. The trains and trams coming faster and faster and we end up standing between two passing trains from different direction. We run now to the grey brick wall and hope behind it, safe and sound. A fireman comes towards us asking if we are allright.

    The dream shifts and I am standing like it looks like a police station. There are a lot of people walking around. I can see a man looking for a woman, after looking and looking he finally finds her. They sit together at a bar and she opens a map that looks of Switzerland. The dream shifts again and I am standing now in a strangers apartment. Someone is opening the door and I quickly ran outside to hide. There are two wooden platforms, balconies outside. I hide behind on the second one, which is suspended in mid-air. The apartment is on the highest top of a building. I see the woman from the police station coming outside and look in my direction. I ran and thinking she is coming after me, only to see they were after someone else. The shift happens again and I am now standing in front of the entrée in our apartment block in Hasselt , Belgium. The woman (later when I woke up I learned that the woman is Adrial and that she for quite some time appeared in my dreams) , me and my husband having a BBQ and we have to take the meat inside because it seems it is going to rain. My husband looks at the sky and sun and senses that there is something wrong and that something is coming our way.

    I am now in my working place and sitting in front of my laptop, working. I have a cool typing board because I can accustom it to my needs, it shifts in a different shape and some features are more visible then others. I go to another room so I can work more quietly but I fall asleep there. So I get back to my working place, finding it very busy now. So busy that I have trouble to find my working place again.

    I wake up from the dream, half awake and I get a very visual image of a million crawling ants all over me. I try to shake that image, very scary. Then I feel I have a download again.

    I dream now that I am standing outside staring at a grey brick wall with a hole in it. I see feet and legs coming in front of the hole and a voice of a girl calling for help. I fireman is coming to her rescue and when he makes the hole bigger she slides out and runs away. The fireman didn’t see that and he goes in trying to find her. I said to him that he missed her already because she ran out as soon he made the hole bigger.

    I am now sitting in a market place and I have a special kind of A4 paper plate in my hands and a tool that looks like a potato peeler. There is also sand on the paper and when I go forth and back with the tool, text starts to appear in the sand. Very magical. It was so much fun I was doing it again and again. Then it became more like advertising text or cartoons. I see two women coming towards us and they sit with their backs against our legs without saying something. Me and my friend were going, WTF are they doing. We get up and walk away.

    I am now sitting in a mall on a bench still doing the text in the sand thing. My husband stands behind my back talking to a guy. When I have enough of my toy I turn around and I see this guy working on his computer, making digital art. I am surprised and start talking to him, that I also doing digital artwork and using Photoshop. He uses another art program. I see he is busy with a big building with lots and lots of green around and on the building. (Abi-Qor?) End dream.

    I will also post this dream and my other dream on my subpage. And a nota from Leslee that will support both dreams, especially the dream flight about the platforms. Rememeber Tauno?

    Love and light

    ( I will post it tomorrow on my sub page)

  13. My dream of Saturday – 23 June 2012 was another part of the repeating plots from previous dreams, clearly there is a message here and know this is to be discovered soon

    I was wandering with my sister in my town with blocks of flats – the same labyrinth that I was dreaming before, we were looking for something.
    Next – we continue wandering in this town but in a different area – Southward- we are crossing a street wondering if we have to look into the graveyard or to speak with the greengrocer first, we decided to speak with the greengrocer – on the right area…but did not get what we had to know
    Next part – I was at a hotel for a trip of mine, the room was at the first floor I think and the lock of the door was out of order, I tried to turn the key but the door was not locked, also there were Russians at the same room last night and it seemed the sheets were not changed when I went to bed, also, I was concerned about my luggage, my crystal and my jeans bag were with me. In the morning I was walking with my sister and my dad on the beach, the weather was a bit cloudy and it has been raining so we decided to step up on a platform with tables so that to have something for breakfast and to drink coffee. We were on this platform and sat by a table, there was a stranger by the same table. He was a man of middle age with his hair starting to turn white. The table cloth was not quite clean and there were empty plates on it as if some people have been eating and the plates were still there. We looked at the cloudy sky and saw two big seagulls flying; the stranger informed us that the seagulls have the ability to “steal” food from peoples` plates. I remember how a table cloth has been removed from the table …maybe due to the wind
    Next part – I was assisting Leslee with a reader who asked a question online, this reader had sent a question and had added his address and personal data asking AA Michael a question. Les has sent me the answer with a confirmation of this info and the sentence from AA Michael addressed to the reader whose address is – V.L.98 – the sentence is “I think of you very often”

    End of the dream

    Love and Light

  14. For my nap today I dream if many hit air baloons. It’s like I was reading a manual and each page was a baloon and I would fly in it for a while until I went to the next one.

    • Thank you, Arianna, this is incredible! Had you read the comment where Adrial mentioned we might see hot air balloons? You and Lisa Eden are both blowing my mind with how quickly you’re moving!
      I’m working on setting up some pages and categories, so everyone can share their experiences… for now, doing what you’ve done is good, or you can create a new post.
      We are definitely on a fast-movcing train/ship here! 😀

  15. I dreamed I was in a small gymnasium, watching some kind of team sport that my younger son was playing, it was his Kindergarten class (next year, 2012-2013). His teacher, running the game, was my older son’s Kindergarten teacher.

    Barack Obama was sitting next to me, laid back, shooting the breeze, we were good friends (this is the way he treats everyone, and how he prefers to be treated). He was wearing a white long-sleeve button shirt, gray suit pants, black shoes, no tie.

    We were reminiscing about our childhood, what we remember from Elementary school. He remembered a French song that he learned as a young boy, the title of the song sounded like “La Tramer ils de complot”, they weave the plot (or the weave of the plot). He sung the song for me, at the end of it he was pretty happy with himself and this helped him remember his childhood. I was pretty impressed that he could remember this song.

    (“Tramer” means both “weave” and “hatch”. I felt the song had a double meaning. For example it could mean conspiracy but it could also mean enlightenment and rebirth – hatching a new self or new ideas.)

  16. Hi, Everyone, I’m sorry I’m so far behind on reading the dreams here… I was wondering where Lisa had gone! I have been in a tremendous flurry of writing this weekend. But since all of the posts are connected, I can’t seem to finish any because it seems like jsut as I get going, Adrial lures me off into another direction!

    However, I think it’s all starting to tie together.

    Tauno & Lisa, I can see similarities to parts of your dreams with mine, even over the past two weeks. Maybe my short description of my dream below will help explain…

    The earlier part of the dream had me at some sort of conference or meeting. Somehow I cannot remember this part very well, as if I’m not supposed to. I get a sense that the time for remembering will come soon…

    As I’m leaving the meeting, I meet some family members, and we and everyone around us are getting into vehicles and leaving, as if going on vacation or ending a trip and returning home.

    There’s quite a bustle about, with people scrambling to find a ride, but everyone is reasonably calm – it’s just crowded! A few people are irritable about some inconvenience, but no one seems afraid or angry.

    Well, I’ve gotten a little side-tracked into other posts that seem more important right now, so I’ll come back and fill in some more of the minor details to my dreaming later… Please look for the post I’m working on titled “Relocation”.

  17. Dear Friends
    Here is my dream of last night
    I was in a foreign country, in Czech Republic, with some friends and with my dad. I was crossing a street, there were many cars passing by.
    Next part – I was in my town and there were many blocks of flats there, I was with my mum and I was crossing streets and going between the big buildings, I was crossing one street after another like in a big labyrinth
    Next part – I was in the yard of my home, under a vine and there I saw my grandfather – a soul that left 3D world many years ago. I was making something from glass and beads, its colours were dark violet/amethyst/, dark red and black, at its center was a big violet heart, on each side of this heart the beads formed something like wings and I was holding it in my hands.
    Next part – I was in a corridor of a building and there were many children there, it was loud and crowded, one of the children gave me a cup but I do not remember this cup well, I saw a woman in the crowd that had a present from her boyfriend – a necklace with red Svarovski heart at the center and amethysts beads on the left and right sides of the heart, it looked like that thing with the heart that I mentioned above but the it was smaller
    Next part – I was on a holiday and I was leaving a hotel apartment, I was looking at my sisters things that were there and apparently they were there for a long time because there was dust on them, they were – a mirror /small mirror that covered the small window in the room/, an old radio set/ model from 1980-s/and some other things
    End of the dream
    Look forward to reading all of your dreams, dear Hearts
    Love and Light

  18. Hi all hope you are well. This would be my last entry before I leave.

    On Friday I was reading my spiritual articles on my phone, in bed, when suddenly I felt so tired, like my guides were saying enough. So I closed off and I saw on my phone saying exactly 21:12 PM. I stated my intent to release my trauma’s in this live and previous ones. As soon as I closed my eyes I felt vibrations going through my body, just like the night before. And I felt a peaceful, loving energy coming over me. And I was dreaming (but at the same time I was aware that I was dreaming) that I was getting downloads or they were transforming me. I felt so a peace and it felt like it was a really deep sleep, including my body. And there I got a knowing that everything is going to happen what they were saying including the mass arrests, it is really going to happen.

    Last night I stated my intent for the dream flight and got following dream:
    The first one was just an image of a huge wooden desk. Then the second one I was in a classroom painting and the teacher was saying something. I can’t remember what, but his tone was serious and you had to listen to him. Then I was making paintings on different panels. One of them is a city that looks from a fantasy novel, trees hanging in the clouds and a beautiful landscape. And I put all the panels together.

    Then the following dream I am first in my own room, setting in a girl’s dorm. But then I had to go out and sleep in one room with 4 girls (two in a double bed). Then I got out, and so girls grooming themselves in the bathroom, some were taking a shower. I was looking for a toilet, but couldn’t find it. Then I ended up in a court with a King that looked straight out of Alice in Wonderland. The King looked a bit like Humpty dumpty, in shape and he was wearing a blue pant. His body, face looked like it was made of wool. They looked scared when they saw me. A human lady. Then the scene changed in men with suits. Now I am outside at a restaurant and people looked like they were figures from Alice in Wonderland, were proposing me to marry them. I wasn’t interested. Then I saw a huge copper wheel with a round circle on it that is was going round and round. And I shouted at the people who were wheeling them, in a language I didn’t know, too wheel it. It turns and turns, because I wanted to reach to the people in the other dimension, so that they could come back to the reality I was in. Then I am sitting on top of the wheel, actually just next to it and I am scared of heights. But I got over it and take the cord next to me and whooshing down. Then I see myself in the restaurant with this man. It was her/my boyfriend and they were looking for a hotel. I could see above them what they were doing, but there was so much information that I couldn’t see what they were referring too. After that I ended up in hospital.

    I had to type this story very fast because I have to make my suitcase and food for the other day. So I won’t reply on other comments until I am back.
    Love you guys, but will follow your comments on my phone. Love Lisa.

    • Have a nice journey, dear Lisa! I can see a connection with your dream and mine of last night..the city from the fantasy novel that you have painted…wow
      look at my dream

      I was going to my sister`s place, I was on a path that was along a forest…this was the area where my sister was living with her husband in this particular dream. My sister`s husband has built an Elves` village into this forest, I could see many trees that looked like houses, stones that looked like houses, the size of these elvish houses was much smaller than the size of the human houses…but the trees were too tall, they were like pillars , tall, thin and with sharp tops..a weird world was there but there weren`t any elves, the village was empty and was waiting for its inhabitants to come ….the wood was so fantastic

      This is all that I remember from this dream

      Love and Light

  19. I was watching this row of houses, small ranchers with white picket fences around them, all painted the same. My viewpoint was above / hovering in front, as in astral travel. Out of the house next to me came a creature similar to a Dalek from Dr. Who. Except the top of the head was this large brown brain with eyes and a mouth, with sharp pointy teeth. Instead of a laser, it had a chainsaw in his right arm.

    It was coming after me, I flew back to my body, but was paralyzed / I couldn’t get up. As the creature was coming towards me (in bed) I woke up.

    The feeling of this creature was similar to the brown alien in the nasajim video.

    I notice in this dream, that the ranchers represent conformity.


    Alien Video by Nasajim

    • WOW, Troy! Amazing, I had a dream last night of a similar creature…the colour and the shape is quite similar to this picture
      Here is the dream

      I was in a kitchen and I was putting out of a bag some sea gifts – some clams and a shell and a rapana. The rapana seemed alive, there was the being inside the shell. I looked closely, the rapana started to get out of the shell, it was getting bigger and bigger and it came out and started crawling across the room and turned into a being that was orange, like this in the picture…it looked like poodle or a duster /sorry, poodles:) but you look like dusters :D/, I tried to stop this being but it was constantly trying to continue moving and crossing the kitchen….end of the dream

      Love and Light

  20. Goodmorning or should I say good afternoon everybody
    Very interesting dream Tauno, may be you should leave your luggage because we can’t take anything in 5D is it? 😀
    I had as usual a very interesting dream and I also remember only bits a pieces.
    First I was in a restaurant and there were people around. In the middle of a dining table there was a bomb. So I and my mom ran through the long hallway and we heard it explode. As I look back I see the waves of displacement coming at us. So I pushed my mom in through an open door in an empty room, to the corner that was far away from the open door. As I was shielding of my mom I got some glass raining over me. Got a big glass in my right shoulder.
    Now I am on the street and there is a protest going on, police is there. I the police is searching for a man in a blue coat who started all this. I and other see him walk by and yell at him that he has to run. So police get after him but he disappears. Then cops see a lot of people wearing blue coats but none of them where the man they were looking for. Above us was a big long banner with pictures of people looking down at us holding their hands in a particular way. They were standing together and if you oversaw the whole picture, the hands made a heart shape. And then I am around a lot of people and as we walk, we started to sing. And it felt very powerful and it made me happy and feeling like we were ONE.
    Now I am standing on a yacht and I am making pictures. I look for the best possible locations to shoot and one I have to wade through the shallow water and keep my camera out of the water. Now I am standing back on the yacht making pictures of celebrities. End of dream.

    I hope you all had a nice weekend. This week coming, show is starting to begin.

    • Hi, dear Lisa! I see that the common link between my and your dream are the many people and the crowds and of course the dynamic…yes, you are right , my luggage is perhaps the old believes and the old ways that cannot be taken home 🙂
      Love and Light, my dear sister

  21. Good morning, everyone 🙂
    I remember some pieces of my dream last night
    Here they are

    There were many people in my dream, children, adults and I was there too, we were looking for some photos, really important photos and we could not find them…

    Next piece – I was at a stadium, there were many people, a group of children were performing a dance on the huge arena but the music was too quiet and it was hardly noticeable, it seemed as the dancers were dancing without music, I went to the man, performing the music to tell him to do something…..

    Next piece – I was somewhere on a vacation and I was preparing my luggage so that to go home, my luggage was in a mess and I was in a hurry….

    Next piece – my sister was going on a vacation and was carrying her luggage out of the house….she was at the ground floor and the luggage was being carried up stairs to the front door

    Next piece – I was on a vacation with my sister , the room we were in was quite unusual, the furniture was old and the bathroom was in a big old wardrobe….

    All the time the feeling of a trip, movement and baggage was there in my dream and I was in a hurry

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