Galactic Lightship Dreamflights Invitation: 23JUN2012

Galaxy Blues by John Harris

You are invited to join the next Galactic Light Ship Dreamflight this Saturday night (23JUN2012) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships:

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Spiral“)
GLS Chimera
GLS Salycz
GLS Space Muffin
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Tardis, GLS Normandy, GLS Athabantian, GLS Pandora

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process.

Astral travel / Dreamflights may be posted to Astral Travels (June 2012).

68 comments on “Galactic Lightship Dreamflights Invitation: 23JUN2012

  1. Hello -thanks for ther information . I have 1 question:
    How about a real visit? Not astral, not dreams(sleep) – but to actually see all
    in the real physical world?

    • Great question Vlad, that would be pretty cool!

      My understanding is that we see them every day. Some ships are elemental, so they may in fact be hiding in “plain sight”. This might imply, for example, air, water, earth. The expectation that UFOs are made of metal is a construct of “our” reality, not necessarily “theirs”. I wonder if UFOs could be made of other things, like radio waves?

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “top secret” aircraft fly overhead, although I have seen one at an airshow, and at a museum. I suppose that makes them “real”!

      • Hi, Vlad! I’m so glad you joined us here! Well, I saw one overhead, very briefly, several months ago. Dreamwalker, do you remember? I will try to find the link to the description of what I saw, and DIDN’T hear…
        Also, Tauno was visited by Umbro (of Tulya) in her home just this week!

        • To make a contact you have to switch on both your physical and spiritual self
          because this is the common “matter” 🙂
          Yes, I saw Umbro in my room when I was awakened from a lightning, I was half slept and half awakened, but definitely awakened because I remember Umbro so well, He was not sure of my reaction and I could feel his excitement
          I hope next time to be able to communicate with Him, this time He was teleported for a second or two

    • Hello, Vlad !
      In our physical world there are energies that cannot be seen with our physical eyes and energies that cannot be touched with our bodies but they exist, it is all a question of evolution of our consciousness to the point that we realize their existence, the next step is the intent to be connected with them and communicate with them because each thing has consciousness, we will learn to communicate with nature, stones and animals because we all are part of the One
      Does this make sense for you ?
      From this point everything becomes possible
      Love and Light

  2. dreamwalker444 -Hello.
    I think there must be material ships from metal or other matter.
    Also, there must be space pilots from flesh and blood.(like humans).
    here you can see example – one of the species.

    in our galaxy 200 billion stars – extraterrestrials species should be very much,

    Hello Tauno and Leslee.
    Yes, I saw about 30 UFOs in the New Year night.
    But they were very high above the clouds (visible only as an oblong dots (reddish color). They were physical objects of matter (metal, etc.) Most likely there were extraterrestrials pilots.
    Tauno -difficult for me to imagine that every stone has a consciousness
    on the Earth trillions and quadrillions of stones – which can be divided by another quadrillions of parts. If they have a mind – could have been talking.
    For me, interesting to communicate with “Higher intelligence” and the Creator of all worlds and dimensions and Universes.

  3. GLS ALGIZ is preparing Herself to fly together with our great GLS Fleet and to meet Adrial, Umbro and all the crew members of these Light Ships and all of us – the ground crew, be assured your blank sheet of paper and your pen are nearby and switch on the Power of Light that is in your
    Heart= CENTER 🙂
    ( ( Center + Spiral + Wings = Unity ) )
    Commander Tauno 🙂
    Ready! Go!

  4. Hi, Everyone! A few quick notes about my recent dreams… I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some of these elements tonight, and Adrial agrees…

    Recurring elements:
    A large open platform, circular or octagonal or similar… like a huge landing of a set of stairs or escalators; May also look like a Sci-Fi transporter pad… This seems to be a sort of launch-spot from which we enter dreams…

    A woman or man in dark red or red-brownish clothing may be Adrial. I’ve seen Adrial in dreaming as a young woman looking like Marie Antionette, and as a gransmother-like figure;

    A balloon – hot-air balloon, dirigible, possibly even a toy balloon… This seems to represent Athabantian. It may have a basket-like gondola, and it may look like a weather balloon (silver cloth). Gunner, Lisa T and I have all seen this in dreams…

    You may see Abi-Qor – I saw it like a huge resort or convention center, looking as if it were built out of laboradorite crystal. It was built in a valley, in a desert, and surrounding a small lake or large pond – or it might have been a huge garden. On some side there were low buildings, and on the other side were mid-height buildings, and then in the midst of them was a part of the building like a wide tall tower with and angled top. The material seemed glass-like, sort of grayish green, very irridescent…

    Inside Abi-Qor, there are shopping centers, movie theater, common areas… for residential facilities, they range from large dormitories to hotel rooms, to apartments/condominiums. Adrial says there are neighborhoods with small houses with yards/gardens, but these are quit modest. In Abi-Qor there is little disparity between lifestyles, so most residences are similar in quality, and people may choose what type of residence they want. There are many common areas, indoors and out, which are beautiful and majestic, and shared equally by all.

    While there, you may see or be introduced to people whom you feel you know. They also may be quite tall. You may be meeting your loved ones and partners, and they may be from “the stars” or from Inner Earth. These meetings may arouse a variety of emotions.

    You also may experience a ride in a vehicle that seems to be mounted on tracks or a runway… This might be one of the Tulya scout or personal transport “ships”.

    Our loved ones from Inner Earth may look like Adama – fair with golden hair, wearing pale colors, or they may look Indian, Native American, South or Central American, with medium skin, dark hair, and richly-colored garments. If we meet beings with blue skin, they may be either from Tulya, which means they may be Pleiadian or Arcturan, or Andromedan… we may meet others, but these are the beings we have the closest connections with.

    That’s probably enough to spark your imagination, for now – sweet dreams, and I sure hope to see many of you tonight… and remember it, lol!

    Thank you all so much for coming together!
    In love & light, Leslee

    • Hi Leslee,
      I just reading your comment now and I got the chills. Check out my dream and Tauno’s dream. It seems we were in Abi-Qor and also the platform was in our dreams. I am going to faint…..just kidding…this is super awesome, because we are more coming together.

      Love Lisa

      • Hi, Lisa! Wow, did you dream before you read that comment? I assumed you had already read it! Yes, this is all just bordering on overwhelming! In fact, we are moving so quickly that Adrial was giving me some stern words about keeping a level head last night… I’ll share more about that with everyone once I receive the rest of the message… I guess that’s a good sign, but I still struggle a bit with being “sober” about it!
        I still have some catching up to do, have only had a chance to glance at your vacation photos!
        Please help me remember to post the photo of Blaze…from months ago… I’m sorry I keep forgetting!

        • HI sweet lady,
          Yes , I only read your comment after I had my dreamflight and got really chills going up to my spine. I will remember you about the photo of Blaze …..:D
          I took a night off yesterday, sometimes I feel, I need a break.

          Love Lisa

    • WOW, I was at a hotel room and then on the platform!Yes, the platform was grey or green as far as I can remember! It is really amazing!
      Thank you for this useful information, dear Les!

      • So I just realized something quite uncanny last night, Tauno!

        On Saturday evening, as I was making pendulums, I decided to watch a movie on Netflix; I let Adrial/pendulum and Ghost Radar guide me to choose a movie. The first one was called “Two-Headed Shark Attack” (with Carmen Electra)… The opening scene featured two hot chicks slalom waster-skiing, and you can guess how that scene ends! Yep. Big ol’ double shark head, jaws wide open, appears behind them and swallows them whole, in a second! (Amazing that the girls were exactly as far apart as the shark heads… how did they get that shark to do that???). I had the laugh of my life! It was so ridiculous, it wasn’t even frightening! So I thanked Adrial for the laugh, but there was no way I was going to watch that whole movie.

        In short, I ended up watching The Code (I had never seen it); and I really wonder if, as I was watching the scene of the cop meeting the Russian on the boardwalk at Coney Island at the same time that you were dreaming about Russians and platforms! Could that be possible, that kind of connection?

        • It is simply AMAZING this , dear Les! Thank you for sharing! Yes, the ocean in my dream was similar to that of JAWS , in the plates there was some food that looked like grey limestone, yes quite definitely I remember Russians that were in the hotel room before I rent it, next there was the part with the platform on the beach and the ocean , the colours were greenish grey
          ( ( SUN ) )

    • Dear Vlad, we are working with the clues given, can you describe in details your dream exactly as it was , please, post it at Astral Travels page – June
      I am sure we can find synchronicity there

  5. Hi, Vlad, it’s okay if you don’t remember anything… Sometimes our Guides even block us from remembering. I had this happen Friday night as well as last night. I could almost remember something, and then, poof! It was gone…

    Adrial has a message for you about this: “Have you ever done research or made a video on “alien abductions”? Sometimes we do not let people remember for many years. Last night, your body stayed where it was sleeping, but we carried your mind to visit GLS Tulya and meet Umbro. You and Umbro have a very close connection, very much like being brothers. For now, we will simply tell you that you saw many things that were golden in color, and you saw a beautiful beach with white sand and crystal-clear blue water. You also asked to control Tulya, and you learned to dock Her inside of OcaTAwa, inside Hollow Earth. Please look at the page called ‘Beneath The Surface’ on Spirit Train Chronicles. It contains more information about Hollow Earth, and you may ask more questions.”

    “You may not remember this, but We are telling you about it, so that if you see or experience something that reminds you of this, you will understand that you are remembering. Please observe carefully this week, anything that feels like déjà vu.”

    “Thank you for joining your friends here. We aboard Athabantian are very happy to see you connecting in this way!”

    • I also was at the beach, on the platform and in the hotel room that before me in the same room stayed Russians 🙂 wow
      Definitely Umbro is “responsible” for that 😉 He is one of my best Friends!
      ( ( JOY ) )
      Welcome on board, dear Vlad!

  6. Laura’s Dreamtime Experience and Work with the Athabantian Team from Andromeada- 24June12
    Ok, I made contact during meditation before sleep at 2:30 am this morning.
    At the beginning of my last night’s meditation, as soon as I had decided I would join your team, I could feel a presence guiding me through the connection process. They said I was a powerful telepath, and I would naturally hear them, i just had to trust the process, and use the help of my pendulum or of my Sedona crystal.
    I was invited to think of my body as an anchor and a light pyramid of pure crystal. I was told this was one arm of the Merkaba. I was asked to place my body in the centre of the pyramid, and to go deep at the back of my body, and feel the connection to my spine. The spine is a huge receiver of information, receiving data in permanence, from all directions along its entire length.
    I guess this is how we communicated, with me opening up to them.
    I met Noxy, she showed herself to me as a gigantic human, she was wearing white and green, her hair was looking like a cabbage (no fun intended), or someone with white hair, and laurel leaves coming out of the short white hair.. at some point, she tried to connect our minds deeper, and as her mind connected 2 mine through her hair binding and connecting to my mind, there was a point when she gave up for some reason.
    Then someone else came, I assume it was Adrial, she is also tall, long brown hair, giant filiform like, she wears green clothes with wide sleeves, very calm and peaceful and loving. Her movements are very slow and connected; she is very balanced and loving.
    She came at me, during half sleep, and opened up her arms in such an affectionate embrace, it makes me cry as I am writing this. She welcomed me to join them and work with them. I went upstairs in my room, she asked me to hold on to the crystal in my hands during sleep, she said it would help remain connected. She said I would be welcome to work with her team, and that we had much to do.
    But first we would have to do some cleansing and clearing of my own body, as i was so tense and surrounded by unwanted beings. She asked me to imagine a crystal pyramid over my body, and that the pyramid was in fact inside the actual pyramid.
    Just as I read on Leslee’s article, the darker shadows left my surroundings.
    She also added that the work I would be doing with her and her team would be like fishing for the souls lost in the darkest, deepest ocean, the ones who rarey see the iight, and that our mission would be to help them emerge on the surface. She also said we would begin by working on a difficult situation for someone I am connected with, and who was in need of help also. I recall fallowing her in a water like dark substance, looking for the souls she had in mind. After that she said we would move on to others during the night.
    I woke up a few times during the procedure, it was absolutely magic!!
    I want to do it again!! when are we on again?? Next weekend? Perhaps I will ask to join them more often, as I am free some days during the week, and i don’t mind having an active night. All my fears and stress I had experienced the 2 days before have vanished as I woke up. I feel so regenerated and refreshed!
    I recalled this morning of Alex Collier mentioning Andromeandan appearance was long and slender.. Wow!!! All so real ❤
    Much love and gratitude to our beloved team ❤
    Reference links for the Dreamtime experiences:

    • Laura, what a wonderful experience you had! Yes, when I first connected with the Crew back in 2010, They described how They work with the pendulum and energy: that their energy enters through the crown chakra, flows all the way down the central channel (near the spine), and then back up to the heart chakra (Merkaba), and then through the left arm and hand, into the pendulum. While passing through your body, the energy seals a pathway, cleansing and purifying and purging any interference. Then, after the energy moves the pendulum, it passes through the earth to Gaia’s heart, where She then disperses it! It’s such an amazing process! If you’re left-handed, the pendulum may ask you to use the right arm and hand; in any case, we want to use the hand which receives energy… Ask Adrial to show you, since it may differ in ways from how you’re accustomed to using the pendulum. Lisa Eden and Melissa have had similar experiences!

      Another synchronicity is that when we all first started connecting with Tulya, Umbro told Tauno and I to meditate with crystals, and I haven’t mentioned this much on the site, but Umbro asked me to sleep holding a crystal, too! In fact, some nights I hold one in each hand…

      I think it’s so wonderful that all our experiences share common elements, but seem custom-designed for our particular needs! Amazing, Amazing!:D

  7. I did not get anything either, so I’m with you Vlad. I was out camping and sleeping on the hard ground made it hard to stay in any kind of a deep sleep. The only dream I had was a guy trying to get me to change my tattoo into an egyptian picture of him self on a throne. ( my tatto is latin for “thy will be done”)
    This is my third time trying to connect with the dream flight. Any suggestions anyone? I do not drink or eat before I go to bed and I set the intent.

    • Egypt is the clue in your dream, dear Melisa
      RA has a strong connection with us!
      It is important to know that the synchronicity in our dreams may appear anytime, this particular dream has a common clue with one of my previous dreams when I was planting flowers in the sand
      Love and Light

      • Thank you Tauno, after reading your comment I realized that at first he wanted to put the eye of RA on me but I told him that my husband already has that tattoo. So that was when he gave me the visual of him on a throne with offerings being given to him. He felt so arrogant to me I wanted to leave and that was when I woke up.

    • Hi, Melissa!
      I wonder if his pointing out “Thy Will Be Done” relates to the sacredness of each of us having free will? I think there is more to this, and I’ll be sure to share if anything else comes to me about it… I have a hunch, but I want to confirm with Adrial first… 🙂

      • Thanks Leslee (and Tuano) I also remembered after the last post that he wanted to change it to “There will be done” and I was no. Then he wanted the eye of RA, then he sent me the visual. I like how you both re-triggered more about the dream so thank you both for that. Love and Light.

        • Hi, Melissa! I’m not sure exactly either, but I think the pieces are about to come together a bit more… Bear with me for a few minutes… I need to get a message to Laura first, and then I think it may make sense! 😉

  8. Why need block my memory ?. I not remember nothing,
    My dream: Or leave this planet, or that community in which I now.
    If other (human or like human) communities do not accept me – need in a humanely way kill me, and necessary that my soul was never born in these communities. If
    once again will be born on such planets (communities) –> it’s better to destroy the my soul.
    2) i dream make so that all people have lived on the earth -so well, and all the evil must been punished. All who have committed serious crimes, must answer (every single one).
    3) All people should be beautiful, beautiful faces, slender bodies, does not get old, does not hurt.
    My dreams once and forever change this world. Destroy the evil on Earth(Greed, deception, theft, lust for power, and other) and in human minds and in their souls.

    The only thing that I want to say I was always drawn to the beauty of symmetry,
    symmetrical beautiful women’s faces. Also I was always been attracted to science fantastic: giant space stations , spaceships , and etc.

    • Vlad, the forgetting is part of the “veil” as I understand it. This is a huge topic, my understanding is that the moon is somehow part of the mechanism that keeps the forgetting in place. But something that may seem “bad” may actually be “good”; it is hard to know unless we have a complete understanding of it.

      I tend to look at it as a jigsaw puzzle where you only have a few of the pieces to the puzzle. You can’t solve the puzzle until you have all the pieces, but very slowly we can see “more” of the picture as we discover more of the pieces, and then fit them together.

    • Another way to look at it, is that forgetting is a symptom of the focus of our society on the body+mind complex. This is a “limited” structure that can only contain so much information. Your body+mind complex retrieves information based on your experiences, but you will find you can only retrieve limited portions of this experience.

      As you start to focus on the body+mind+spirit complex, more information can be retrieved from spirit, which includes a great deal more of your “soul experience”. This includes dreams / memories of past, present, and future, both this and other lives, and cross-dimensionally, because these are all within your experience. Initially this will only be in small pieces because the human brain is limited in its capacity to retrieve this information, given daily “exercise” I feel this can be improved. 🙂

      But please do not try to do push-ups with your head, that might hurt…

      • Excellent point, Troy! That works with an experience I’ve been having – I can remember my “dreams”, but I cannot describe them, as if they are so foreign to my physical experience, there are not proper words. Or, because they have many layers, and we normally only perceive one at a time, it would be like trying to describe 3 or 4 dreams instead of one…

  9. It’s a process Vladimir, it can sometimes take a while for things to fall into place. Be patent and trust the process to bring to you precisely what you require at this time. I think this is the biggest thing for all of us to implement.
    Your thoughts create your reality, so thoughts of “can not” create can not… You will get there, as we all will. Keep in mind that it is not instant, at least not yet. That is for us when we have sufficient control of our thoughts and desires so as to not create every stray, passing imagining.

    Last night my dreams don’t seem to be that relevant to Athabantian or crew… as the first I recall dealt with living in the far north and getting ready to start a garden under an inflatable geodesic dome… (sort of a balloon I suppose) and the second was all about trying to get away from Antonio Bandaras, who was jealous that I was living with Angelina Jolie (no not like that… just sharing an apartment)… He kept following me around and trying to show how good a cook he was, to impress Angelina to go live with him.

    Sometimes I really wonder about my psyche… LOL

      • What a great connection! haha, I do not like limestone in dishes, too 😀
        What about the seagulls
        ( ( STAR ) )

        • Seagulls in the movie, for sure – and camera shots of black shoes and dark gray overcoats… How about you, John? Was Banderas wearing a black leather jacket and jeans?

      • I dont recall what he was wearing… it’s been too much of a day here. I do recall though how upset the Chinese chef got when he cleared the grill of the fish and plopped down his chicken… The Chef went nuts… That’s when I woke up.

        • You’re kidding, right? The chef was Chinese? Or it was Chinese food? I’m totally blown away!
          Now help me out here, John: is this the sort of thing you consider subtle? 😉
          BTW, to Kelly, I would add that a pattern I notice is that everything we learn seems to require the contribution of 2-3 people in the group… And I can see how that can be subtle.
          Maybe the trick is just to post anything that seems odd and incomplete, and we see how many connections pop up…

          • No, not kidding… But ok, it may not be Chinese….I recall that it was that sort of restaurant that has the grill right at the table and the Chef comes out and does a display… You know… tossing the knife, flipping the salt shaker… Kinda like a dance… I have no idea what it is called… We were there for dinner and Antonio just bowls himself in and clears the grill… Tosses on some chicken and starts his display… It would have been interesting to finish that aspect as I have a feeling the Chef was about to make Bandaras Sushi… LOL.

            Well, I suppose subtle isn’t the right term for this, specifically… But some of the little nudges and messages so far were almost unnoticeable. I have let the Galactics and Etherics know that I’m okay with it if they feel it necessary to hit me with a stick, so to speak… I just would like some clue as to where it is supposed to lead. I guess that’s something I am supposed to figure out myself.

            • …or with us, Mr. Hermit, sir! 😉
              (I’m just jealous… I used to build
              Myself huts in the backyard so I could get away from everyon else… 😉
              Ok, I gotta get something to KP and get offline!

  10. Yes!! Friends on deck !! ❤ 🙂 🙂 !! I will read this with care and depth after dinner time here, will reply in a short while!! I AM SO EXCITED!! It is like all our friends unite!!

    I was just thinking in replying in your previous comment Leslee asking you to write one or 2 articles explaining all the process or post the relevant posts to the trip and ships plans on Indy!! 🙂 Also feel free to reply here on questions or to give your email for questions 🙂

    I see we are really connected!! and Leslee, your previous comment was astounding!! thank u!! what a beautiful confirmation, specially you sleeping with the crystals.. which was suggested by Arial to me, as i popped into bed.. I HAVE NEVER EVER DONE OR THOUGHT OF doing so before!! wow!! how amazing and what a confirmation for all of us!!

    Gotta go! ❤ back soon 🙂

    • Whew! Laura, I am so glad you’re happy about this! Although I couldn’t imagine it being otherwise!
      Yes, and I’ll share some more pics of crystals, especially OcaTAwa (quite a few that Tauno and I have are connected with their respective ships… And, um, not to get to personal, but I find the smooth spheres are a lot more comfy than the rough stones, lol! 😉

  11. I’ve finally accepted that we really DO go to those ships at night. And we can even get Netflix on WiFi there!
    OMG! It’s the replicators! We need to try a donut experiment this weekend! I’ll eat Krispy Kreme while those of you East of the Pond sleep, and we’ll see what you dream about! 😉
    Sanja needs to reappear… right … about…. now….

  12. Lol !! so much love in your message dear Leslee!! THANK YOU BOTH OF YOU!! OR.. 3 of you, counting (???) ! lol

    I have a friend already who felt attracted reading your article today, he is a very gentle and kind soul, may I give him your email address for further questions..

    I would love to speak with you, but my microphone is not working for a few months… so we would have to wait till i ask someone to have a look at it perhaps.. i hope soon.. he is going through a crisis right now.. so i will not be demanding for a while on him.. 🙂

    However we can chat on gmail 🙂 I added u as family in there! ❤

    Hugs and love to all, things are going so fast.. 🙂
    hugs. Laura

    Ok, I am off writing a short note on Indy 🙂 and will be back then i hope!

    • Certainly, Laura, anyone at all is welcome to email me! It will be helpful if he reads the guidelines first, if he has those…
      I’m so thrilled for you!
      I may be offline most if the evening… If anyone remembers those pendulums I was supposed to finish last Wednesday for my Aunt, I’m still working on them! Shhhh! 😉
      Must get them done tonight!
      Much love to you and have a wonderful time! I’m sure we’ll connect soon… Adrial just couldn’t resist… Of course she knew about your microphone but had me ask anyway… You’ll find she’s full of mischief and intent on teaching!
      Talk to you soon, love & light, Les

  13. Well it’s not a dream, but just now I had a little green guy hummingbird come visit and he got confused as to how to get out. He was beating himself on my front window… poor guy.. After I assured him I wasn’t going to hurt him, he cheeped and let me gently catch him, sat on my finger and went for a ride to the door…

  14. 🙂 it is better to see once their ships, their inhabitants, their pilots live with my own eyes in the real physical world -than a billion or trillion times to hear about it.

    • I agree, hummingbirds are much better in person! They must have teeny tiny little pilots! 😉

      Just kidding Vlad, I know what you mean, maybe we can figure out how to make that happen for you! It would be pretty cool to see a mothership over DC. But then, traffic would be even worse than it is already…

    • I think that’s it Vlad! I think you found it! That better describes how my dream experiences go… Poof! and we are in another world… the gravity and physical laws are different, the people are different, and it feels VERY different! I hope you have a StarGate experience tonight, and I hope we meet. 😀

      By the way I have been told I may be wearing pale blue and gray/silver, with long brown hair… I hope to see you!

  15. GLS ALGIZ is getting ready for the next flight
    She is going to join the Galactic Light Fleet for our common mission of Light
    Our Friends from the Stars are now giving me signs for their presence, We are not alone, they are here to join us and help us find the TRUTH LOVE and LIGHT that is our essence
    Password (intent) for GLS ALGIZ – CENTER, when sending this intent from your Heart you will be teleported on board
    GLS ALGIZ has a crystalline structure that is both physical and spiritual and helps traveling through time, space and dimensions, the number of the passengers can be unlimited because the craft can stretch and work with the space so that everyone feels comfortable and free to heal , discover, create, experience,remember , learn, enjoy him/herself
    ALGIZ is programmed to help with the process of Ascension and thus GLS ALGIZ has consciousness of Her own and an Elvish crew on board
    An indication for visiting GLS ALGIZ is finding yourselves in a forest, nature, among plants, flowers, soil, stones, crystals, you can also see and connect with Elfs
    GLS ALGIZ has a strong connection with the Mother Ship OcaTAwa as they are strongly connected with the Planet Earth while connected with other craft thus forming a circle of energy connections for ONE mission of Light

    Welcome on board and let the TRUTH/LIGHT be Our ( ( POWER ) )
    Commander Tauno

    • Take a look at Tazjima/ Elizabeth’s most recent post (8july2012). I think she explains some of it in a very clear way.

      Chemtrails are done by Cabal, who serve the arch-aeons, who serve the aeons. The aeons feed on 3-d energies, so the role of the cabal is to keep us here in 3D as long as possible. The more we move our awareness into 5D the more we can fight the aeons and arch-aeons.

      Remember that humanity is a “master race” because we are multidimensional in nature. This was mentioned by Bashar. Other entities do not necessarily have this quality.

      Yes there is a 5D negative, but you have to BE negative to connect with 5D negative. For example, the cabal. 3D positive (that’s us) cannot connect with negative 5D entities, but we can still be influenced to a minor degree by them. We are able to minimize this influence by moving into an increasingly positive mindset or “resonation”. This is mentioned in the “hidden hand” material, I am presenting my “current” understanding of how this all works.

      • I think that it is sufficient to solve the problem with all those who doeth evil, with all those who spray chemicals and who controls them(in any way).
        I mean if they destroy or otherwise eliminate them – and then here in the three-dimensional world can live in peace without sorrow, troubles, and problems.
        Enough not to let here the evil souls . I always wondered where Creator of this Universe (the creator of this Metagalaxy) is really he does not know about the evil that is happening here (in past and now), and what prevents him once and forever solve this problem with evil?
        Once and for all times put an end to all crimes here. I can not understand, when in the silence is seen as bad souls create here an infinite evil – they can help and do not help. What prevents the Creator ? (or He does not see, or can not hear) – what’s going on here?
        Is the people are slaves in this three-dimensional Matrix ? And this whole three-dimensional world is only an illusion?
        But other civilizations live well in this world without pain and trouble, and do not need to die to get into another dimension(in Parallel world) and live well.
        Here Living without pain and trouble – here and now in this Universe, in this Metagalaxy, in this Galaxy.

        • Vlad, my belief is that the Creator is basically a lazy programmer. S/He didn’t create the actual things in the universe, s/he created the templates that make up the universe, and let the law of variation take care of the process of creation. I feel we are here because we were bored of floating around in a basically blissed-out state all the time. Meh, been there, done that, time to try duality! The trouble with duality is that, by definition, you get the good with the bad.

          • The lazy programmer – it is a nightmare.
            Need him to put here and let him the suffer, smell gunpowder in full
            program, let him work and suffer (as ordinary people suffer). May be then when he get a feel on his skin what is evil and suffering – he finally will understand what is the evil that happens here, and destroy all evil, once and forever.

            • Yes, that’s why we’re here (as an answer to both points). 🙂

              But also Law of One applies – there is just as much freewill to be “evil” as there is to be “good”, and necessary for “balance”.

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