Salusa-June 20th 2012

You are getting so near to some real action that will leave you in no doubt that you are about to witness the beginning of the end of the dark Ones. It is all arranged and cannot be held up much longer. Even so you will be surprised at what is about to occur, and astonished that an operation of such size has been mounted. The planning has been meticulous to ensure that the arrests are as far as possible carried out in the least possible time. Be assured that the evidence of criminal actions by each individual has been carefully documented, and is sufficient to uphold the charges that will be made.

The Illuminati are shocked at the speed with which their fortunes have changed, and never thought that they would have to answer for their crimes against Humanity. They are also at their wits end trying to avoid ultimate justice but find we have cut off their escape routes. We have each one tracked so that our allies can quickly round them up, and we are overseeing the whole operation. For the dark Ones this is the time of accountability that is inevitable, but in their case instead of reviewing their lives and actions after death, they face you the people who desire that justice is seen to be done. It is also important that you understand how you have been held back for centuries of time, and their roles behind almost every incident involving immense loss of life. Wars have been “arranged” to line their pockets and reduce the population which has always been their aim.

However, we wish you to concentrate on the future and seek first to maintain the Light upon Earth, without wasting your energy by directing your anger at the Illuminati and their minions. These will be hard times for anyone who has recently lost loved ones or friends as a result of their actions. It will however be a test of your ability to stay within the Light, and show your strength by forgiving those responsible. If you do not do so and seek any form of revenge you end up little better than what they are, and you form a link of energy with them. They may not deserve much sympathy, but see them as souls who have gone badly astray and almost lost their spark of Light. It will take a lot of Light to raise them up again but it can be done. We feel sure you will see that it is far better to lift the fallen up again, than compound their situation by linking them to more negative energy.

All of you have experienced stages where you have gone against the Light. However, with few exceptions you have understood the reasons that brought it about, and stand today as examples of those who have overcome the challenges of duality. You are all the stronger for it and that is indeed the reason you elected to spend many lives in the lower dimensions. We now see the most beautiful souls amongst you who have achieved a level of mastery and Light, that wherever they go are magnificent beacons of Light helping others awaken. As we see it the mass consciousness is rapidly growing and that is another guarantee that you have a definite path to Ascension.

Whatever happens around you or directly to you stay strong and any problems should be quickly resolved, as you are now clearly on the upward curve and leaving the lower energies behind. In fact so many of you are drawing a clear line between yourselves and the old energies that no longer satisfy your desire for the pure things in life. It can cause difficulties between family and friends but you have to follow your own needs. You are in a time of self realization and discovering who you really are, and no longer beholden to the opinions of others. If necessary make your own pathway to Ascension and allow others to do the same. Loved ones may also be involved but they too must follow their intuition, and we reiterate that the love link will always be there.

In the near future you will if so desired, travel by thought and that is instantaneous. So your loved ones will never be totally out of your reach. With each life you have spent on Earth your close relationships have been extremely limited, particularly as you tend to incarnate with the same group of souls. However, you do in fact have many great relationships formed over a very long period of time, and once you have ascended you will remember them again. Many await your upliftment so that friendships can be renewed and not least of all your real family, who you will instantly know. You can understand that there will be much to celebrate in grand style.

You can start feeling better about life because of what it promises to be, and feel it from the heart as once you have ascended it will become a pleasure to be alive. It will bear little contrast to what you experience now, because in some ways you have not really lived yet as you were intended to be. Joy and happiness should be yours to savor all of the time, and not just for fleeting moments. To be in the energy of the higher dimensions is blissful and you will feel love all around you. It is exhilarating and peaceful in such a way that you will not want to leave it, but remain in it forever.

Even on board our ships the energies are “adjusted” to lift you into Love and Light, and you will be able to feel the peace and harmony that exists everywhere. It is similar to experiences some of you have when out of the body and enter the astral regions of Light. Compared to the Earth’s vibration they are noticeably higher and it is no surprise that many souls try to remain rather than return to their bodies. However you have come to love Mother Earth in your own way, but she could do with more recognition and love for the way in which she has coped with your presence. All she now asks of you is that you do your part to clean up the mess you have left the Earth in and she will do the rest. As you know Dear Ones, we of the Galactic Federation of Light are going to use our technology to make short work of clearing pollution, including areas contaminated with radioactive waste and fallout. You can help by restoring the balance between you and nature, and all other life forms. They have suffered tremendously due to successive generations that have used them for their own profit and greed to make money.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust that we have uplifted your hearts and minds. As always we send you our love and best wishes.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey. link to original article

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  1. Good morning,
    Lisa the Tree of Life is beautiful! Thank you.
    I would like to see the videos but for some reason I am unable to view them here at work. Have a wonderful day!

    Love and Light

  2. Hi, Everyone, I have a request… Jisela made a comment, I think over the weekend, and I cannot find it any more… I think it was on one of the new posts, and of course it was in Spanish… I haven’t translated it yet. If anyone sees it or remembers where it is, please let me know – Gracias! 😀

    • I have to tell ya Leslee that one video has just made my entire month. Possibly year, even! 😉 What a fantastic moment. Wow. (Thank you SO MUCH Babajij for posting it!)

    • Haha, thank, Troy! I noticed a spike and knew it had to be either you or KP! BTW, can We count you in? 😉 I’m adding your name to the list – let me know if not!

      • Yes, thank you Leslee, you can definitely count me in! The friends joining us should definitely not be intimidated by requirements. It is a leap of faith to trust soul guidance, I feel more will be revealed in due course. Follow the ♥ ! We are here to help and support, I am really honored to have more folks join us. Some good vibes there!

  3. (This comment is also posted on the Recruitment Bulletin 20120619 at STC and U25)

    Dear Light Beings,
    I’m delighted to report that we have welcomed just over a dozen ground crew members at this point! (As of 18:00, UT-5) everyone has been received warmly by Adrial and their colleagues, and at least two of you established connections well before I saw your emails!
    This is truly fantastic!
    I have a personal project that I need to finish tonight, so I may not be able to reply to additional messages until tomorrow. There is one person whom I still need to reply to (Flange) – I apologize for the delay, all is well. 🙂
    Also, it seems that today the pace has been just about right for me to handle (10-12 people). I apologize in advance if I’m not able to reply immediately in the next few days.
    At least one person mentioned that they had visited one of our related sites, and had felt intimidated – please feel MOST welcome! We really are a loving group. I don’t think the Spirit Train Chronicles has ever had trolls or negativity (at least I can’t recall any), and we do nor mean for our familiarity with one another to imply that we are a “private club”. We WANT you to join in!
    I will set up (Adrial & time allowing) a page for us to use as an interim forum, so we can get to know one another. I think it will be on Up 2 the 5th, and for now, let’s just use this comments section (U25), or the one at STC, for the time being. (I’m posting this exact comment in both STC & U25)
    Please stop by and say hello, and you may join in regardless of whether you have emailed me, and even if you are simply curious.
    So, I’ll start by saying HI!
    Welcome: Mimi, Lisa, Lisa, Tauno, Nando, Malik, Melissa, Gina, Babajij (John Paul), Michael, Kiril, Dreamwalker (Troy)… I feel like I’ve forgotten someone…
    I would like to put together a chart to show who is teamed up – PLEASE let me know what information about you I have your permission to share publicly!
    Thank you, all you radiant souls! Namaste.

    • Hi Leslee,
      I tried yesterday, but I was overcoming with so much fatigue and pain I had to break off the session. I did apologize to them for this. But I definitely will try again tonight Even tho I don’t really know how to do this. It is hard for me to distinguish a yes and a no. If you have any suggestions how to proceed , or I just keep on trying to read it?

      A question, I you want to now a members name, what is the best way to do it? I only got the the two first letters of the third crew and I don’t even know that is correct.

      Love you all, we embark again on a adventures mission. I think in the end, perseverance will prevail.

      And you are right Leslee, this is such a wonderful family group , without any trolls and harsh words. This is really a model of how things would be without the negativity in our lives. A blissful coming together in unconditional love.

      As always I had a very Lisa dream again 😀
      First I was sitting on a desk doing paper work , but instead of sitting in a dull boring office, I was sitting with others on the edge of a high hill and we had a beautiful overlook on the hills under us. The next dream was not so lovely, we had to do a contest with three people and I was the one chose to undergo the torture. I was bound tight on a device and they where putting a lot of stuff on my face, sometimes I just couldn’t breath and tried to shout to them to stop. Sometimes to no avail. Later on a nurse was putting a needle in my head and that made very dizzy.

      See below picture taken at Oribi Gorge on the suspension bridge and over 70 meters high, and looked a bit like the scenery in my dream.
      Oribi gorge

      Yes, that’s me, looking worried, because right then, I felt like my stomach was on the bottom of the gorge. I didn’t feel comfortable even though it was safe.
      Oribi gorge

      Love and Light

  4. Thank you, Mike and SaLuSa, by the way! This message really touches my heart, because it seems to directly reflect what we’re doing! 😀

  5. One Love Evolution Spirit Train Riders!!!….

    **Everything that is essential for your daily existence will be maintained**
    06/20/2012 by John Smallman

    At present, waiting is the name of the game. Yes, it is tiresome for you, but it is also unavoidable because the illusion is time-bound, just as you yourselves appear to be. Within the context of the illusion, where you are experiencing an unreal and threatening reality due to the fear of scarcity, disease, suffering, and finally death, it takes time for events that you anticipate to occur – the apparently irreversible arrow of time!

    Remember, you chose to manufacture the illusion to experience separation from God, from Reality, and as you have been frequently told, in the moment that you made that choice God instantly provided the escape from it — its resolution, your way Home. In Reality you are always at Home with your loving Father and all of His divine creation. The illusion was but a momentary aberration that you built to amuse yourself and into which you projected yourself in myriad forms, and with a time-line to follow; and that time-line is coming to an end. When it does, you will awaken from the illusion to discover that but a moment has passed since you fell asleep, and that while you were sleeping nothing occurred to disturb the eternal peace of God’s divine realm.

    Knowing this, as you most certainly do at the depths of your being, there is obviously no need for you to worry and get anxious as you await the moment of your grand awakening. All is flowing perfectly towards this divine event, and at the moment it happens you will all be absolutely overwhelmed with joy — a joy that is infinitely worth waiting for, although of course the wait will not be infinite!

    Watching what is happening all over the world at present cannot fail to demonstrate to you that something of great importance and significance is going on. Humanity has had more than enough bruising encounters over the eons with various organizations that have set themselves up as the ultimate authority before which everyone should bow in obeisance, and it is not prepared to submit to it anymore.

    Everyone has the God-given right to be themselves and live as they wish; the only restriction to that freedom is that no one is permitted to harm another. That restriction has been ignored, overridden, and disregarded far too many times, but because your understanding, your attitudes, and your behaviors alter as the divine field of Love envelops and embraces you, and you all accept It, no one will ever again even imagine harming another. Unending peace, joy, and harmony welling up from the depths of your true Self will guide you ecstatically and creatively forwards, forevermore.

    The old established order that has ruled life in the illusion for so long – under different names, different disguises, and with seemingly different agendas – is crumbling and cannot be restored, repaired, or rescued. Its time is past, and that is causing some alarm. All have become so accustomed to the heartless way in which the ruling orders have consistently maintained their authority that they are fearful that as it crumbles it will destroy all the services and organizations that are presently seen as essential to life on Earth. This will not happen. The corrupt ones themselves will indeed move on, but everything that is essential for your daily existence will be maintained, repaired, or replaced as necessary and appropriate with the absolute minimum of disturbance to all of you.

    Those who are destitute, in poverty, homeless, diseased, or suffering in any way will immediately have their circumstances improved in a fashion that is way beyond anything you can presently foresee, because there are advanced technologies prepared and available to clean and heal the planet and all who live on her that will be put into action as soon as the old order has crumbled. Every conceivable disruption that the could occur as a result of the old order collapsing has been taken into account; nothing is being left to chance, so that the New Age will arrive and thrive instantly for the benefit of all.

    Your remaining task is to release all negative and unloving thought forms, attitudes, and behaviors so that you can soar into the New Age on the wings of unconditional Love. Love is the divine field of life, of existence, and of creativity, and outside of it there is not even nothing. Nothing is unreal, totally insubstantial and illusory. Heaven, the divine realm, is all that exists. It is infinite, and contains all that exists within it, eternally. And that is where you have your eternal existence; you are just momentarily unaware of it. And as you awaken, your awareness will return — bringing you untold happiness.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  6. ( ( ( All shall be as it is promised ) ) )
    June 20,2012 ~ Michael channeled by Ron Head

    We will speak today on the flood of light and love that is arriving at this time of new moon and solstice. You have been given a short respite to integrate and assimilate the prior changes to your energy fields. There will be more such, but expect the overall arrival of rising frequencies to build swiftly from this point.

    You will personally want to avail yourselves as much as possible of the opportunity to flood your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves with as much light as you can hold, letting it flow out from you to whomever and wherever it is needed. Your intent need only be that. Should a specific need enter your consciousness, of course you may direct the light and unconditional love of Creator to that person or situation. We are only saying that no light which flows through you into your world will be used for less than the highest good for all.

    If you can find a group visualization to join, your personal contribution will be magnified many times over. There are more and more of these being organized every day. It is quite possible that we have something to do with this. And yes, we are teasing you.

    You will find, from this time, increasing feelings of happiness, more reasons to smile, and greater feelings of love filling your moments. You will begin to see changes in the ways others react to your presence. Drink more light in each day and this will increase in proportion. Soon many of you will begin to see the light which is causing these changes. But even though others may not as yet be conscious of what they are seeing, their energy bodies will react to it.

    You have heard often, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Dear ones, this you are being now. And the changes you are allowing in yourselves are spreading throughout the consciousness around you. You do not yet realize the great turning point you have reached on this day, but very soon it will begin to be apparent that something has indeed changed.

    Those who stand outside and lament of a lack of forward movement will either allow themselves to begin to see or perhaps wait for further evidence. This is not something for you to concern yourselves with. Make your focus be the bathing of your world with the light and love of Creator and all shall be as it is promised. Reflect each day on yourselves and you will have all the evidence you will personally need to confirm the changes for you. Express your gratitude for that and our promise is that it will continue to increase for you.

    There are some among you who are having a sort of healing crisis as deeply buried experiences and beliefs are surfacing to be released at this time. If you are not one of these, you may wish to intend the sharing of healing love and light with the growing and magnificent community of light of which you are a part.

    If all of these suggestions should seem confusing to you, let us simplify. There is really no possible way for you to misuse love and light.

    We are complete for this day.

  7. We the people of EARTH move now for (this) cause in unanimous agreement and issue the following ORDER AND DECREE:
    The Sentient People of EARTH
    All Living Beings Comprising THE CRIMINAL CABAL
    June 20, 2012
    By Sentient Decree and under the divine order of law, We the living people, beneficiaries of EARTH hereby ORDER the immediate arrest of all those who have caused destruction on and to this planet EARTH and to billions of it’s beings. We have assembled as the republic of EARTH and come now for the purpose of issuing final and correct justice by this DIVINE ORDER.
    As common GRANTORs of the EARTH TRUST we hereby ORDER that immediate arrest warrants be issued for All Living Beings Comprising THE CRIMINAL CABAL and that these warrants be served and executed AT ONCE by the responsible fiduciary-trustees and co-trustees to bring an end to the controlling commercial tyranny perpetrated wrongfully and by deceit under the threat of deadly force against the sentient beings of EARTH!
    We the people ARE THE INHERITORS OF EARTH and today June 20, 2012 we stand together and present this universal claim of right to the EARTH and our lives and future forevermore!
    Take heed that the harmful corporate 3D Matrix stops today!
    On this glorious day it has been decided that the destruction of EARTH and its people is the highest priority in this galaxy and in the universe and today the harm stops! We have all come here to this planet together and by loving intention to ensure this!
    NOTICE: Any attempt to stop this lawful action will be dealt with accordingly and swiftly on all levels by beings of supreme technology and power and measured out under the order of divine justice!
    If you surrender wholly and completely and change your hearts today, June 20, 2012, the people of EARTH and it’s loving and powerful watchers will have mercy on you and allow you to be a part of NEW EARTH!
    If you do not stop today, by tomorrow you will be extracted from this plane returned to PRIME CREATOR, your being will be dismantled, distinguished from existence, and then reassembled into light!
    We are the Sovereign Sentient beings of planet EARTH with all natural rights intact and this VIBRATIONAL ORDER goes out to beings of light on Earth and to all galaxies surrounding it!
    Furthermore it is decreed that on June 21, 2012 the darkness both physical and non-physical that has controlled this planet and it’s people meets its final demise!
    Now true justice is executed!
    Glory, Glory to all those who live upon the EARTH! Peace and goodwill to all! Hallelujah for the Kingdoms of this world have come to an END!
    The end of the age is at hand even as summer is nigh! In the great year of 2012 and in the winter, time shall be no more!
    We now act in UNITY and by decree and begin preparing the way clearing out all negative entities from this realm.
    We the people of EARTH have learned that we ourselves are Gods we shall see the kingdom of Heaven!
    Decreed before the great witnesses, bound and sealed in all realms for surety, The PEOPLE OF EARTH have spoken and written FOR TIME ETERNAL!
    CHANNELED BY MICHAEL (MICAH) THE PLEADIAN, Guardian of the Divine Plan 6-20-2012
    Commissioned by PRIME CREATOR

  8. sunset
    Above picture taken on the way home.

    I did the meditation from Cobra yesterday and I got a very strong and positive feeling about it. Everyone combined as one. I hope everyone is alright. I hope things getting out know.. 😀

    • ~Oh My,what a Big Sun!…I almost have to put on SunGlasses to look at Picture…hehe…It is Good to See Ya Back,Lisa~

      • 😀 thanks babajij, good to be back. I have a lot of catching up to do. I have 70 messages in my google reader to read, so ….


  9. **RobinHout Replies with Flying Star**

    ~So I was Prompted to Go Outside on my BackPorch, just within the Last Half Hour…Not one Cloud, and NightSky is Filled with Stars (3:30ish a.m.)…I’ve had a Rather Energetic Soltice Time,thus far, so Some Fresh Air and a Bit of StarGazing was in Order…I Found Myself Asking for a Sign from RobinHout and from the Energy of Athabatian SkySource…I Remember to Use my HeartChakra to Send off with Message to RobinHout…I’m Looking around and think to Clean the RainGutter when i get a Chance,this week…Then I turn Back to the NightSky and See a Falling/Flying Star!…Within 90 seconds, I Beleive I Have Recieved a Celestial Sign that My Heart & Thoughts have Been Heard & Acknowleged!!…Very Cool and I Feel Better and Thankful…It was like a “Refesh Button” for me… 🙂 …Hello 2012!~

    • This reminds me of a huge one that appeared on Atlanta a month or so ago! The lighting and density were not as dramatic as this, and it was lower, butbit took me about 6 shots to capture the entire arc with my phone camera!

  10. The Technique that Silicon Valley Geeks are Using to Hack the Voices Inside Their Heads
    Self-help schemes come and go, but a new framework has attracted the attention of a number of Silicon Valley techies — especially computer scientists and programmers. Called Internal Family Systems (IFS), it’s an integrated approach to individual psychotherapy that breaks conscious thoughts into individual, manageable parts that can be reprogrammed. And given its systematic methodology, it’s no surprise that geeks have quickly latched on. But is there anything to this notion, or is it just another self-help fad?

  11. I must say, I love reading all of your posts here, I have seen a few ships through out my life, but no contact that I can remember. I can not ever remember my dreams, nothing, when I wake in the mornings I feel like I layed down, closed my eyes, and woke up. What so you make of this? Is this bad? Am I not connected enough? Any thoughts on the matter would be great, thank you all for spreading so much love, we are making an impact on this planet and I hope we can all meet very very soon! I love you all
    ~Michael Hall

    • ~Hi Micheal!…Good to See Ya made it over to SpiritTrain… 🙂 …Welcome…

      …as for “To Remember” Dreams, the Intent to Remember/Recall Dreams prior to Sleep,may Help…Keeping an Open Blank sheet of paper (DreamJournal) and a Pen,beside Ur Bed may also Encourage a Remembrance…Be sure to Date the Entries and Jot them down if Ya happen to awaken during Sleep…

      …what comes to my Mind is how Dorothy in Oz tapped 3 times with her heels to get back home (Awaken from her Dream)…the same kinda Technique may be used to Recall Dreams…Requesting to Remember… 🙂 ~

  12. John A. If you would, I would like for you to help me learn some meditation and relaxation tips that were shown to you. Thank you so very much! And, Lisa E. Would you be willing to help teach me meditaion positions and the various kinds of meditation that will free the soul? Thank you both, Love and light be with us all, for we are ONE
    ~Michael Hall

    • Certainly Michael, I’ll pass on what I recall. Nice to see you here… Welcome.

      I began my journey in this by seeking out information on the net. I frequent sites such as,,, to name a few. One of the first introductions I had was listening to the audio books by Neil-Donald Walsh called “Conversations With God”. Some of these don’t really have specific instructions but I was able to glean some valuable information from the presentations and discussions.
      Early on it was revealed that there are no right or wrong ways to meditate. There are methods that are more effective for each of our specific individuations of the whole, but just as there are a myriad of expressions of stars, faces and thoughts, there are a myriad of expressions of meditation. In fact, we all do some form of meditation naturally and normally as part of our daily experiences. Some, when starting their day, simply sit quiet with their coffee and ponder… This is meditation. Some find solace in watching a fire, this too is meditation. There is nothing mystic or obscure about it. It is simply allowing the inner quiet to permeate your experience. What ever works for you and your individuation of the experience of living is just fine. There are really no specifics other than setting intent and putting that intent into action. This is sometimes not a simple thing at first. We all have some indoctrination and expectations to overcome. But by being true to your intent, acting upon that intent and persevering, you will find the quiet place where all the magic happens.

      Some find a creation of a space specific to your intent helpful. Symbols, candles, crystals and such used to focus the intent for them make all the difference. Some find being in nature necessary to quiet the voices in their awareness. Some can even do this on the train or bus surrounded by noise and distraction. In my individuation of the whole, often referred to as “irreverent”, I simply seek to become the expression of silence and non-thought, while expanding my awareness to encompass all creation. I suppose that is a lofty goal, but I have not really been known for doing things the easy way or starting small… LOL

      Within the concept of group meditation, there are specifics that when followed, focus the intent within that group. Having all participating holding the same or very similar thought forms and desire of outcome focuses that desire and magnifies it many times over. I would say that this is really the only time when specifics come into play. It may very well be that the technique of another fits you well. I cannot say. In general though, you already do this to some extent and have the path to the quiet places already trodden in your experience. It would, therefore only be a matter of recognizing that path and walking it again.

      Steve Rother, in his exploration of the art of channeling mentions his process ( and also mentions that he simply cannot meditate in the conventional sense. He simply falls asleep.

      Sudevi, an Arcturian Starseed is another that I find very helpful. She has several guided meditations that may resonate with you.

      Mooji is another source I find quite wonderful.

      It really comes down to simply letting go of expectations and distractions and to just be. Quiet the stream of thoughts and need to “do”, within, and allow the quiet, peaceful space to fill your awareness. For some intents, focusing your awareness on specific things, such as the Heart Chakra, The Pineal Gland, a specific star or individuation of the whole (entity you wish to connect with) but not with “thought words”, is the process that most find effective. It depends on your intents and goals. I make the distinction between meditation and visualization in that meditation is seeking the silence, where visualization fills that silence with a specific intent.

      If a specific technique works for you, wonderful. If not, wonderful… LOL.

      I would suggest that you start with a few guided meditations from a few sources, trusting that the Universe and your Guides will bring to you exactly what you require in your specific experience. You will eventually find a technique that fits you well.

  13. Baltic Update… Hmmm, this is really cool! When I’ve asked my Guides/the Crew about the threat of nuclear war, etc., They told me that if that risk ever really got close, a nice neat EMP would take care of everything… The benefits of telepathy! ;D

  14. The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~6~21~12

    Bringing Humanity Home~ Energy and Event Update~ The surrender~removal of the Powers that were is Imminent~

    Photo By Pals 9 During this Months Lunar Eclipse

    Greetings Love Beings, Welcome to the 3 days of the Wobble. As a Result You may be feeling very off centered and in a daze. This Solstice has Initiated the Higherselves connections. This Occurred through the Balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies Event. During this Wobble, The Planet and Humanity will be Adjusting to these Higher Energies of Pure Balanced Harmonics which are flowing in. This will be Greatly Effecting the Consciousness On the Planet and will be pushing all which is not real to the surface quickly for release.

    Solstice Energy Report:

    Daily Sun: 21 Jun 12

    Sunspot 1504 is about to disappear over the sun’s SW limb, ending the threat of Earth-directed eruptions. Credit: SDO/HMI

    “AR1054 is waving goodbye after putting on a great show,” says Gradwell. Thank You to

    Our Sun is now pretty quiet with a few B class Flares today, not earth directed. We do have a growing Coronal Hole coming. We have had several Earthquakes today but none were damaging. Our Largest One was in Japan with a 5.4. We could see an increase in these Slightly through this wobble as more density is released for the Planetary Activation.

    Captains Log:The Planetary Activation

    Messages from The Earth Allies:

    Awakening Sessions:

    We are well aware of many dates and timelines which have been given to You. Just because we go past the timeline of events which have been given does not mean these events will not manifest. All Divine Decree’s Must Manifest as Love’s Law is the Only Real Law on this Planet. These are from the Creator Himself. These Divine Decrees were Placed Specifically on the Higher Grid which is connected to the Planet and Will Now Bear Fruit.

    Quote by Greg Giles who Summed up Drakes Interview from Last Night ” Drake stated that the extraterrestrial presence is indeed real and they are indeed here in our world at this time and are taking an active role in the arrests of the members of the criminal cabal. One of the more interesting statements by Drake was that the extraterrestrials have issued a deadline for the arrests of the members of the criminal cabal and that deadline is June 21, 2012. Beyond that date, Drake claims the extraterrestrials have stated that they will begin to make these arrests themselves…

    Drake went on to say that the extraterrestrials have stated to the Earth allies (members of the Pentagon, CIA, Militaries & militias in favor of our new system) that time is running very short and much work is needed to be accomplished to allow the extraterrestrials to assist us in many projects that will allow for as smooth a transition as is possible for our planet and humanity, corroborating many recent Galactic Federation of Light communications. ..

    Drake also states that the extraterrestrials stated that the obstacle of the cabal needs to be removed to allow the galactic commands to assist humanity through this transitional period ahead. ” End of Quote

    According to Cobra the cabal is still trying to hang onto their illusionary control. This is not surprising for us, as we have been dealing with them for years and we know how stubborn they are even when they know, TIME IS UP! We knew from Our Meetings On the Ships Last Night of a delay, as they had asked for Papers. These are Being Given to them. We did say to them all Light Events will Manifest by Divine Decree and there is nothing which can stop this.

    Cobra had this to share Today :

    “It is obvious at this point that the Cabal as a whole does not want to surrender. The plan of the mass arrests continues. This time of negotiations has not been spent in vain. The Cabal has been given its chance. The generous offer has been refused. This protocol has finally allowed the positive ET forces to start taking some action. According to the Galactic Codex, section IV/2, The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the implementation of the Galactic Codex and of conquering the areas of Galactic Codex violation with military force if necessary.

    This subsection gives a legal basis for the liberation of the occupied planets with military force. The military forces of the Confederation remove or give assistance to the local Positive Military in removal of the representatives of the Dark Forces and set the hostages free…

    If high-ranking members of the Cabal need to have proof that Operation Stardust 2 is real, this proof can be arranged.

    I would still suggest them to surrender before the Event takes place or even during the Event itself. Those that surrender and cooperate with the Light forces will be treated with much more forgiveness.

    I would also like to stress that most of the members of the Cabal families are not guilty and need healing, not condemnation…

    As I have said many times, I do not know when the Event will happen. No human being knows, only our Source does.

    Yes it can happen in a few days. But no guarantees. I have been given intel years ago that the deadline is April 2012. Now it is June. The only thing I know 100% is that it WILL happen. I will report the events as they unfold.” End of Quote

    No Matter what, the surrender~removal of the Powers that Were are Imminent. This is Love’s Planet. The Upcoming Planetary Activations will Really Assist us. We will be given 24 Hour Notice Prior to their complete surrender~ removal and then a Series of Events and Announcements will Begin.

    Currently,We are Preparing the Entire Planet for a Huge Energetic Lift Up, which will occur during The Planetary Activations on June 23rd beginning in the United States, and spreading to Power Points across the Planet. This Part of the Divine Plan will Be Backed by the Agarthans and Humanity’s Star Families Personally.
    Gaia’s Portal: Massive Transformation is at Hand…

    “The energetics of this time is now optimized for massive transformation. Those enabled in all dimensional domains will ride smoothly through this period. Be prepared to fly when you step out the door of your house into thin air. Enjoy this ride, Pegasus…”

    Decreed by Heaven, All Divine Decree’s of Love are to Manifest. Planetary Activation initiated. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

    ~Thank You for Spreading These Message’s to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~

    ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

    If You missed our Last 2 Updates here are the Links:

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