How to Manifest Your Own Galactic Light Ship

Throughout the universe there are millions of Galactic Light Ships, and many of them are here at this time around planet Earth to witness the Main Event. A question was asked, “how do I manifest my own ship?” This will be different for everyone, but here are some tips to manifest your own ship.

  • Think of something that gives you a LOT of joy or happiness. Some event, someone in your life, a pet maybe. Hold that in your mind for a few seconds, so that’s the only thing you’re thinking about.
  • Do not try to think of a ship, but let the ship tell you what it looks like. So you may start by thinking about a big ball of light (it could be any color), or a big empty space where a ship might be.
  • You might start by thinking about what it would be like to be inside the ship. Does it have a control panel, is it big, is it small. Does it have a crew, or it is it just you? What does being inside the ship feel like?
  • You may receive mental communication from the ship before you know what it looks like. If that’s the case, that’s great! This means you can ask it questions (yes you can have a conversation with a ship because it is sentient; “intelligent energy”).
  • You may not receive anything, but some days later you might see the ship in your dreams (and it may resemble something else; the Athabantian resembles a balloon in dreamtime)
  • Galactic Light Ships can be made of any material, they are not necessarily made of metal.

Here is my experience with the Tulya:

Here is my first experience with the Aeterna:

The Aeterna is named after a Galaxy:
(or maybe the ship and the galaxy is the same being?)

Do not be afraid to get creative, ultimately it is what resonates in your heart!


Dr. Steven Greer – UFO Homing Meditation

This is a 1-hour session that is used to “call” Galactic Light Ships to a group session on the earth’s surface. Dr. Greer states that if you use this meditation in a group with pure intent, you will get results as they have. I can confirm that I was able to witness a beamship demonstration in a dream following my own meditation.



  1. I tried the instructions and it seems to have been effective. I visualized the kind of environment that I would prefer, what things there would be and so on.

    I’ve seen some of you had dream experiences that actually respond to what I was thinking about. I was a bit afraid to talk about it before, because I wasn’t sure. But then when I woke up in the morning I saw the image of a white hot air balloon, just like described here. Seemed like an encouragement.

    • ~The “CameraPerson/VideoFilmer” managed to Video a rather Good View of the Craft in this Video…One almost see the CraftPortal windows…Very Nice… 🙂 ~

  2. Laura what can I say that the others have not. This was and is so Enlightening I am so glad I followed my instincts and came to accept my spirituality is mine to feel it to live it and be one with it.
    love suzanne

  3. Hi Troy, what a wonderful post. When I started the dream flights I was thinking of creating my own ship. I just came to me and when I was wondering what ships name was, i got an image of Blaze from Tinkerbell and that is how my ship came into being. It looked like a stingray.

    Love Lisa

  4. MAKE IT SO!
    Wonderful post! I think you hint at this, Dreamwalker, and I’ve seen soooo much in recent weeks to confirm this… We are simply REMEMBERING! We’ve already done all the work, we just need to wake up, remember where we “left off”, and jump aboard! 🙂

    • Laura, WOW. That just summed up everything I’ve been working on! Nice find! Okay, except for the sciops stuff, and I am very, very grateful I don’t have to deal with that!

      Everything else is SPOT ON. Thank you so much for the confirmation!

      This helps me understand why our Lightship connections are so important. And in fact extremely efficient, in many ways. For one thing, it is breaking down all that societal programming. A trial run for the real thing. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!

      He was talking about asadi consciousness / cosmic awareness. I think I’ve been doing that, but what is it?

      Also I’m glad he talked about racism of other ET races. It is the same thing as racism for other humans. There’s absolutely no point, and it’s completely unfounded. For ANY race.

      This is just what I needed, in fact. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

      • So glad u enjoyed it!! posted part2 on indy as a post also! he does a live meditation there!! amazing!! i am so with him! it also so connected d dots for me with Aurora!! i was stunned!! lol
        The ET racism thing has always bothered me also! him and another guy speak of it now also! 🙂 super!!
        I am not sure how he labels consciousness, i am sure u r doing it! no matter what label folks put on these things.. it matters not, it is pur consciousness.
        him mentioning ether was also interesting, as Adrial said they travel through the ether.
        He also spoke of ocean of consciousness which IS ALSO WHAT adrial and Aurora have shown me always!! hence we all remember being under water a lot!!! whether on earth or in d ether… ! i was shown the ether and it looks like a deep blue ocean!
        I also see us in spiritual group weekends as being part of this huge water like matter.. and Greer calling ocean makes sense!!! ❤ all in part 2! check it out ! 🙂

        • I’ll check it out, thinking about “space” as an ocean is a COMPLETELY different perspective but that actually makes a ton of sense. I’m looking forward to watching part 2. Thanks again Laura!

          • ocean is an ocean of consciousness, and since we are creators…. hummm ❤ let me know how u find it please 🙂 hugs ❤

  5. Or, your spaceship comes naturally to you as GLS ALGIZ did
    I have already established a connection with my S7 crystal, I have been meditating with Her, I have already programmed Her with ASCENSION and I had already received the Rune ALGIZ in a dream and so the crystal got Her name, in one of my next connections with Her I expressed an intent so that ALGIZ becomes a vehicle to move me and many people into the 5th dimension. Then it came the message of Neptune flight that has not happened, then Troy came up with His intention to organize an Astral Flight with His craft Aeterna. The Law of Attraction brought all of us together, then I created my craft ALGIZ and shared with Troy and he had a nice chat with Maureen concerning ALGIZ, then everything started and now we have so many connections 🙂
    Love and Light

    • Thank you Tauno, this is such an amazing story that just keeps getting better! What you describe for the Algiz was also for Laura and the Aurora. She knew that the ship existed but didn’t know the name. I had the honor of finding its name (which hit me like a ton of bricks).

      The ship already exists, we just have to remember that it’s there!

      In the case of the Neptune, Steve believed that it currently exists in “this” dimension, and that it was possible to have a physical ride on the ship. The existence of the Neptune was confirmed by many people, including Col. Billie Woodard. Unfortunately this physical manifestation didn’t happen in the way he expected, which caused a major rift in the community at the time. I expect he was standing outside with his suitcase waiting to be picked up by a large metal disc-shaped thing…

      I tend to be a strong believer in the existence of opportunity in chaos, and the Neptune event was a major inspiration. Just because Steve can’t have a ride on a spaceship, doesn’t mean it can’t happen for others. One simply needs to shift one’s perspective to where it CAN happen… and it does! :mrgreen:

      • Troy, when You said Aurora while Laura was wondering about the name, I closed my eyes an I saw Light , as if the Sun was rising! This was just amazing how Aurora presented Herself to us!
        Dear Laura, I have always felt an energy connection with you, since the time when I met you on-line, you faced a lot of difficulties and so I did in turn but I know that the larger picture is so glorious , the journey is Breathtaking ! In 3D we are only a bit of Our Selves
        Love You All

        • That’s exactly what I saw too, Tauno. I usually don’t act on these things unless I have a clear confirmation, and that was a pretty clear confirmation. It was kind of like watching the sun rise and all of a sudden being hit by the sun’s rays as it comes over the horizon. 🙂

          • Yes, exactly the same vision came to me/as if the Sun was showing to me the first rays in the morning/, then I have read the name that came to You – Aurora! Yes! So wonderful is that all
            Love and Light

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