The Council of Eui

Gaia Ship Eui

(Note from Leslee: There’s a committee here with me, now. When I sat down to meditate, they appeared to my third eye, gathered around the appearance of the huge table in a room of windows. Many beings, I see mostly their colorful auras or energetic clothing, and they show themselves with variety and deep, calm love. Two days ago, I decided to move to Pagosa Springs, Colorado (I’ll say more about this elsewhere). The committee began to speak, as one voice… Approximate time: 12:30 pm, UTC-5 hours, 24 July 2012)

(Ghost Radar words appear like [this])

The Council of Eui

The decision to [hit] go to Pagosa Springs is firm and stable. [deer] Now We can have conversations [opportunity] which were not possible before. [about]

We extend many thanks to you, [glad] Leslee, your many dear and supportive friends on the Internet, Mark Kimmel [breath], and Heruka Saint Germain (Predrag).

You can feel the energetic celebration, the deeply abiding joy that so many of US are experiencing now…

[careful growth] Now begins the phase of growth. [drink] We raise a toast to the Ground Crew of Athabantian, [Italian] who have so successfully forged the Essential Grid.

Yes, FORGED is Our choice of words… [copy] You, the Crew, have forged this Grid just as a blacksmith forges an iron fence. The “steel” has been “tempered”.

[tool] It is now time to expand the Reunion (recruiting). [coffee] Please continue the powerful work that all of you are doing. [needs] Tulya and Blaze already have considerable Crew.

Lisa knows what to do regarding Blaze. [cotton] Lisa, please follow [task] your heart, trust your connections, and feel free to ask for assistance from Troy and Leslee whenever you like. Others may also assist.

Troy, you understand the next steps for Tulya. We are requesting that you follow the vision which you receive clearly. You command Tulya. Leslee, please send Troy copies of any notes you have on the Tulya Crew. A Skype session between the two of you may benefit.

Tauno, you command ALGIZ. Please follow your heart, Dear One. You are providing the example, for those who feel cautious and need “proof” or reassurance. Please show them how to ask questions, examine, and protect in ways that lead everyone into the light. Please show them how Trust leads to Manifestation. You know the proper timing and implementation of ALGIZ’s role. Please proceed according to your vision.

There are a few additional ships which approach readiness. We welcome their “captains” to step forward whenever they are ready. You will know, when it is your “time”. [block]

Additionally to these light ships, there is a ship named Eui.

[fill Ohio prove aboard] This ship is the large silver cube seen in early visualizations when you were all beginning to connect with Tulya and OcaTAwa.

Eui is the residential/environmental ship which will accommodate everyone from Gaia during the time of Stasis. Eui has a Ground Crew whose role is to manifest, envision, create the new ornamentation of Gaia. This ornamentation (or environment) will first appear on Eui, then She will invite aboard anyone from Gaia who wishes to Ascend to the Fifth Dimension with Her and Gaia. Once Eui has been boarded with all wishing to join Us, Stasis may begin upon Gaia. Then, once Stasis winds down, Eui’s environmental template will transfer to Gaia.

This process will test you.

We are designing the steps to be as smooth and joyous as possible. One result of this design is that We will use your dream states to make these transfers to and from Gaia and Eui. Your challenge will be to trust and feel that this is happening, because the changes you will notice will be pleasant and fairly gradual. Drama and theatrics have no place in the Fifth Dimension. So, for those of you who are anticipating dramatic unfolding of events as Gaia transforms, We suggest that you prepare yourself deeply, especially regarding understanding “Emptiness”.

If you one day realize that you are living in a 5D world, but there were no dramatic battles, will you be happy to have arrived in this way? This is important. Please examine your priorities, focusing on peace and harmony, always.

Eui is a ship of magic, and the experience of boarding Eui is full of gentle yet wondrous surprises.

When We speak of “ornamentation”, we choose this word to convey the blissful nature of these new expressions of Gaia’s energies. “Ornamentation” includes Gaia’s guests themselves (all beings with life-force), and their created environments.

So We begin to call the Crew of Eui. They will come partly from the Athabantian Crew, partly from new “recruits”, and partly from aether… Their essence is creative expression. This gathering will be conducted differently from the Athabantian, Aurora, and Blaze Crews. In this organic process, individuals will simply know they are called, and will begin to see how they may act to fulfill their roles.

Eui hosts the Council, rather than having a Captain and ranking officers. The Council may speak through many different individuals, and may offer different information at different times. Part of the purpose of this process is to awaken the Mind and Being to Emptiness, and the vast ocean of potential that cushions and embraces all living beings. All are equal on Eui, even though you slip into a variety of roles.

The first exercises for Eui’s Crew will be to send creative energy to the manifestation of Abi-Qor, because Abi-Qor is the portal to Eui.

So please, first manifest beauty in Abi-Qor, so that this may be transferred to Eui and provide a welcoming environment for the many beings who will arrive in the midst of confusion and wishing for rest.

You may do this during meditation, through focused intent and activity (such as dance, visual arts, film, construction/sculpture/crafting, cooking, healing, etc.), or while you sleep. There is no schedule, no goal, no report to fill out. Simply send the energy, and watch for the results. Some of you are already doing this intuitively; please honor your bursts of creativity and inspiration.

In all of your movements, shifting, and expansion, please remember this: Staying centered in your heart, and emerging from your natural state of unconditional love and total acceptance are the key, essential activities. From these, all others arise naturally, effortlessly and blissfully.

We are requesting Leslee to continue focusing on preparing Abi-Qor’s imagery (visual and audio), and providing implements for others. It is Our wish that these images and implements act as germinating seeds, opening minds across the globe. In this way, mankind will be gently and steadily preparing for the changes to come.

If you like, We may give you and Leslee some exercises to use to maintain your connections; We wish and hope that you can see how powerfully the energies that you are sending fortify these activities, and they especially fuel Leslee’s sense of connectedness to you all. YOU are all doing a wonderful job of holding the space for your love of one another. Her consciousnesses of gratitude, love, and creativity flourish in the womb of the love you send to these shared activities. The energies you send now are creating a magnificent new HOME for you all.

We will ask Leslee to share her observations of this meeting with US today.

We thank you for all you are doing. This is very powerful work. Please recognize your own efforts, and thank yourselves, deep within and joyously. For that is the nature of the Light you are all radiating so brilliantly now.

The Council of Eui.


44 comments on “The Council of Eui

  1. Thank You so much, The Council of Eui and Leslee! This message is very close to my heart and vibrations and I feel the name Eui as Elves/Elven and so many clues have come to me now connected with the Elvish facet of my Being,
    yes, I can be sure now where I was in my dream when I transformed myself into Light and provided everything I needed for my stay, I was with You, The Council of Eui/yes, like Leslee I could see you all as Lights/! Yes, GLS ALGIZ is connected with You and resonates with You. She always advises – Center in Your Heart
    “In all of your movements, shifting, and expansion, please remember this: Staying centered in your heart, and emerging from your natural state of unconditional love and total acceptance are the key, essential activities. From these, all others arise naturally, effortlessly and blissfully.”
    ( ( SUN ) )

  2. Here is the dream, I re-posted my previous comment here
    Dear Elizabeth, I am in awe of your determination and courage, my brave sister of Light! It is amazing how I also feel the same because WE ARE the Warriors of LIGHT seeded on this Planet of Beauty to liberate Her and to bring Her back into Light
    I woke up this morning after a very meaningful dream and I thought “I cannot fight other way but through My LIGHT, My Light is my weapon and protection and the Power of my intent will bring what is needed for the victory of Light”
    Here is my dream
    My dream of last night showed transformation of the physical body into a new one that can provide everything that we need by thought
    I was invited for the next time to visit my friends up there on a space craft – I remember white colours and there was a kind of garden and I could see the clouds too, I was concerning about not having any money to allow myself being there because I needed some provisions for my stay and while I was concerned amazing thing happened ….I transformed myself into Light, I became Light and I could provide everything I need and no longer suffered lack

    My prayer from last night is heard! Thank You ALL Beings of Light that heard my prayer! WE ARE ALL doing amazing job together my friends
    This miracle has already happened in the Astral planes , we only have to persist till we can bring it fully to our physical world, a connection is already made

    Love and Light

  3. Here is the new found slogan for my blog 🙂 Elven Inspired
    “Earth may become on an instant all faery . . . and earth and air resound with the music of its invisible people… You may see the palace chambers of nature where the wise ones dwell in secret . . . and know an eternal love is within and around you, pressing upon you and sustaining with infinite tenderness your body, soul and spirit.” – A.E.

  4. I’m well Leslee, thank you for asking! I am so excited for you and appreciate all that you do. You’re amazing.
    I took the TAUK class to learn about working with pendulums. I have my chart and rose quartz pendulum. It is slow going. It is my desire to make connections with our crew members. I hope to enlist your help in this regard when I am ready (I read the guidelines for contact). My connections aren’t clear at the moment. But I will keep practicing and learning! Love and Light

    • Hi, Vee! That sounds great! I would be happy to help however I can… I think the method I use is similar to TAUK… I might be able to show you some shortcuts… Maybe we can do a Skype session sometime?

      • Thank you Leslee, I would like that very much. At this point in my studies and practice of using the pendulum, I believe I am having contact with imposters. Your guidance is most appreciated. Yes, a Skype session works for me. I know your plate is full and you will be moving soon. I will coordinate with you the best time to do this. It’s no rush. Love, light and blessings : )

        • Yes, Vee, the imposters can be really annoying… just ignore them for now, and we’ll take care of that… 😉
          Please send me a Skype contact request (leslee.hare), and we will find a time… love you!

  5. Elves! I’ve been seeing elves in my inner vision. Been wanting to draw them, too. Perhaps some beings from this new ship reaching out to me? This Eui appeals deeply… I have always cherished the beauty of this planet. Once when I was receiving an initiation for Reiki, I experienced a vision of a higher earth, with huge, stately trees and breathtaking field of flowers. It felt like “Home” to me. I would love to really assist in creating such a place for our people.

  6. Eui is a place of dreams and magic that bring creation to life in beauty, music floats on the gentle breeze as Beings of love and light Dance along as Autumn leaves on a cushion of air painting the colours from creations rainbow upon the flowers and fields,oceans and streams. Majestic mountain ranges to water falls that weave and flow through the land of dreams. Waiting in anticipation …

    • WOW! Suzanne, more, more, please! I’m seeing that these descriptions will embellish the presentation of Abi-Qor, that we will make in a few weeks! (Assuming we have permission to use these beautiful words?) 🙂

      • The great forests reach for the sun while creating shadows upon the forest floor which is home to many mystical butterflies. A kaleidoscope of birds are building nests to raise their young. In the distance a spiral of pure white light moves within a clearing while the beings of love and light raise their hands while in a circle creating crystal clear bubbles with elements of the earth ( water,fire,earth,wind) which are loving placed within the spiral to create a library of our universal History where all are welcome. A path leads from the clearing into gardens that hold plants trees and flowers from every culture. Leslee this is how I paint my pictures as I cannot draw I use words to paint. 🙂 I am happy you like them and yes you may with love and light.

  7. I too shall support the co-creative efforts with visions of white sand pristine beaches and clear blue skies and a palpable feel of peace and harmony breathing with each gentle wave hitting the shore.

    • Romanian Eui and our connection with Inner Earth 🙂

      Hope you guys like it.
      Leslee can´t wait to speak to you on saturday 🙂

      PS : Just wanted to drop by and say hello to the crew,i fell like i will be seeing you more often from now 🙂 Hope you like the video,also read the description if you like to see some awesome info about our connection with the inner earth and stars.

  8. Dear Leslee :

    How powerful and energetic these messages are…that soon rinses away that sufficiently all my frustrations which have obsessed me for almost a month. Like Laura, Konstaninos, I seemed to be intensely attacked and interfered by dark energy in the past month. My translation works for STC messages got hence suspended. Thanks to Troy who keeps helping me in many aspects and has brought me so many miracles. Yesterday, I just got a long email by a lady at 60 who just shared her stories on this spiritual path and her experience of astral flights after reading my translation of STC messages ; and today, after waking up, I got these overwhelming messages that you left…I hence cannot hold my tears any more.

    Regarding my dreamflights, yes, just like what you described few weeks ago, I saw some similar scenes and experienced something similar to yours. They generally have something to do with “school(s)” or huge stations of some very developed transportation. The activities that I have involved seem similar with some kind of seasonal institutions, or if there is a better term for the courses given during the trips, since we keep being moving ? As you, in this kind of activities, I’m sometimes charged with cooking for the the students / trainees.

    Last night, I finally quit staying up late and saw some scene about the interior of a ship or an architecture during the meditation/before sleep. It’s rather in the light of blue intertwined with violet tone. Pity that except the key boards of some devices, I cannot recall any other exact scene.

    Anyhow, I want to thank you all, my dearest Leslee, Troy, Konstantinos, Laura and Tauno… I’m so happy to be one of/with you. This time, I’m really rejoining after that wound. I want to tell Troy, too that you didn’t waste your time on holding me up. I happy I’m to be here together with you and how much I love you all !!!

    yours Frila

    • Frila, we were in the same place I think – it has blue / violet walls and gold paths through the city – the windows of the apartments are like large stained glass windows – the Athabantian, I think… I met Adrial there

      Follow the yellow brick road 🙂

      • Yes, it’s Athabantian. It’s incredible that we were there together, though I cannot recall as much details as you. This encourages me again in a very very solid way. Thank you so so so much for being my great way shower. This time, it’s you who brought me back. Much love and light to you:)

          • The first or second time when I expressed my willing to be aboard on Athabantian, what appeared first in my vision during the meditation is the marvelous windows of Gothic Cathedral. Without your reminding, I wouldn’t be that excited for getting that I had ever reached it. Thank you again, dear Troy !

    • Thank You for your words and Love, dear Frila, I Love You so much too
      Yes, I am also attacked by the darkies, and their attacks are getting stronger
      My meditation a few minutes ago showed me where I am now, at the verge of the New Day/Earth, we are still making some preparations and I also got a vision how the Light captures the darkies and they are exposed to the Light and the Light works on them
      Soon we will be free

      • Thank you Tauno, I do feel your bright energy…that keeps comforting, healing me, even showing me the bright way. I’m so happy for that you are here with me, with us. many many hugs to you, my dearest angel !!!

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