Following the bread crumbs

I have been asking and receiving permission to nightly to join the Athabantian for past few weeks. My dreams and memories are not as clear as others so I journey relying on my senses. This has been a way of life for me for the past few years and I feel it as a piece of bread being placed on my path by my guides to guide me to my remembering. I have always known that I had a grander purpose and as these times approach the bread crumbs have led me to the Athabantian where I sensed I would be helping in a great project to help humanity. As my time as a crew member increased I learned of my galactic team leader and what I have been doing on board the ship. I relied on my pendulum to help clarify my thoughts. During the night-time when things are quiet thoughts and ideas come to my conciseness and I find myself co-creating and mentally working at my job. The excitement of this sometimes distracts my thoughts for hours. I sense these thoughts and this co-created effort are but more bread crumbs along the trail. I feel I now have a much stronger connection to my crew lead who is called “Yamya” for short and one of the roles I will be involved in I sense will be with a team that will be involved with galactic visitations to Earth. Although others may have vivid dreams to help them find their crumbs I have had to rely on other senses. I am grateful for the challenge placed before the crew members as I feel there is much value in finding your own way home or at least to the next pit stop. I love my time aboard the ship and look forward to my sleep time.

Jon Bliven

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    • Thank you Lisa. It’s nice to have fellow crew member who knows where they want to go. I noticed your web site and am jealous of your skills to become a voice for goodness. Blessings, Jon

      • Hi Jon,
        Like you said, all roads lead to Ascension , and everyone is good in what they do, no need for comparison. You are a beautiful soul, with beautiful qualities, and this post proves it. We all here for the same mission, to bring light into Gaia by all means. And we are ONE, because we complement each other. I used to be jealous of people who could channel and then I found out that I also have beautiful qualities to share, so now I am leaving channeling for now to the professionals 😀 and I go with my intuition.

        Love Lisa

  1. Jon, this is so inspiring! I feel that we are all moving forward, using different methods, and I would love to see you talk/write more about how you do this, as well as (maybe even MORE so) what you see and learn… Do you have suggestions or instructions for others who might like to try connecting in the way you do? Because I know, based on personal emails I receive, that plenty of us do not remember dreams!
    (BTW, I’m making a “Jon B” category, like I mentioned in email to you, and will assign it to this post, so you and others can find it easily by category…)

    Also, as a note to other “newer” Crew members and friends here on STC, please feel free to create posts, and ask questions about WordPress if you feel confused…

    With love and light,

    • Jon, If you open the post in WordPress as if to edit it, you can see where I added categories, and also a few tags. This will help people find what you write… 🙂 Namaste!

  2. Yes, I would like to know more Jon. For a while now I am not remembering my dreams. I have feelings about things and sometimes I have visions. I am learning and practicing how to use the pendulum to make connections. I received some communications but it’s not clear. I hope to get a clear connection in due time.
    Love and light

    • Vee – One of the things I hold dearest is my strength to “sense” the world around me. It’s like giving a person a compliment and expecting nothing in return and knowing after walking away this time it had an impact. Do not struggle or have expectations but believe that the flow of guidance will be given. I often ask for the angels to be with me and support my growth. Led with your heart and follow it’s path and what you thought was nothing was really all you desired in terms of answers. You must trust the whispers that enter your thoughts as well as other tools like dreams, numbers, symbols or other things that come to you. You can bring your desires to you by setting your intentions aloud daily and seeing them carried away in a bubble of love. You are living an enchanted life and are much stronger than you might believe. Stay strong as all will be given to you.
      Peace and love, Jon

  3. Thank you Jon for your words of support and encouragement. I do find myself struggling because I want so badly to make a connection. I need to be more relaxed. I get excited and thus, have great expectations about making the connection. I will keep practicing and let things flow.
    Love, light and blessings : )

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