The Sirian Connection by Tazjima

24 July 2012
About five years ago, I had a short reading from a psychic who is a representative of Nibiru. Since I was a customer, I was startled when I heard the hostility and impatience in her voice on the phone. I don’t remember what questions I specifically asked, but she started giving me a vision that she was seeing of a tall, blue-skinned man. He was standing and looking impatient (as she described it); he was wondering when I would get a job. As I was in the process of getting one – I had been taking a course of study for two years – I just replied, “Soon.” Never mind that I was suffering from anxiety attacks from the stress related to getting said job. And I was studying for a very difficult certification test, as well. I thought his stance reflected through the words of the psychic to be odd for one who was an Ascended Master.
Then the psychic went on to tell me a bit of my history. I had been a Sirian Ascended Master, a record-keeper who was watching over the planets of Sirius. It was in the time when Sirius was invaded by the reptilian invaders and one of the planets ended up being destroyed. A good portion of the population was killed by the attack and the rest ended up fleeing for their lives to other star systems. I was distraught by the destruction. Somehow my grief and anger at the outcome of the attack overcame my emotions and I made a vow to give up my Masterhood. I vowed, “Never, again!” and took embodiment into the human population as they fled to their next planetary home. On that fateful day, I became a Galactic volunteer dedicated to helping humanity survive what I could see coming to the Galaxy.
When I read Laura’s story about the 200 being the ground crew of SaLuSa, I suddenly understood who that tall, blue-skinned gentleman was and is, SaLuSa, himself, in the flesh. He was concerned that I get into place, so that we all get into place, to be able to be awake and operational during the transitional period rapidly approaching as timelines converged on this planet in the year 2012.
I got a job shortly after that reading took place and I passed my certification test, as well. I have been five years now in a difficult, but oddly satisfying job that has given me unprecedented access into understanding human psychology. I have developed self-confidence, have been able to survive on my own and have proved my worth, both to myself and other people. And now, SaLuSa and his friends, the Pleiadians, are in the process of assisting me to open up to a much greater outlook, to welcome me back to the Fifth Dimension and multi-dimensionality, again.
The final pieces of this puzzle fell into place last night has I chatted with SaLuSa and others. I finally understood why I felt that I had a Sirian connection, as well as being a Pleiadian starseed. You see, it is possible to be all those things on multiple timelines. Time does not work in a linear fashion outside our dense third-dimensional world. And my story is connected to the people of Sanat Kumara, Venus and other worlds. I am still in the process of self-discovery and it is an amazing journey.

Namaste, Elizabeth



  1. Elizabeth thank you for sharing your story. I recently learned I had a lifetime in Sirius; I was a teacher. As I read your story I felt sadness but I also received insight. The video is beautiful it touched me so deeply. So much in it is a mirror of what I have experienced in this life as a walk-in.

    Tauno, yes we are Warriors of Light! You are so strong my sister. Sometimes I can’t find the words to express what I am feeling.

    I feel so much love for each and everyone of you

    • Thank You, dear Vee, focusing is strength, sharing is strength , uniting is also strength and WE ARE ONE POWER of LIGHT
      This time is important as we all know and we are all the chosen ones, the trustworthy ones that CAN Make Miracles happen! Let`s show what the Power of LIGHT Can do for this Planet
      WE LOve You, dear Mother Earth! WE ARE here to help You and to Ascend with You!

  2. Dear Elizabeth, I am in awe of your determination and courage, my brave sister of Light! It is amazing how I also feel the same because WE ARE the Warriors of LIGHT seeded on this Planet of Beauty to liberate Her and to bring Her back into Light
    I woke up this morning after a very meaningful dream and I thought “I cannot fight other way but through My LIGHT, My Light is my weapon and protection and the Power of my intent will bring what is needed for the victory of Light”
    Here is my dream
    My dream of last night showed transformation of the physical body into a new one that can provide everything that we need by thought
    I was invited for the next time to visit my friends up there on a space craft – I remember white colours and there was a kind of garden and I could see the clouds too, I was concerning about not having any money to allow myself being there because I needed some provisions for my stay and while I was concerned amazing thing happened ….I transformed myself into Light, I became Light and I could provide everything I need and no longer suffered lack
    My prayer from last night is heard! Thank You ALL Beings of Light that heard my prayer! WE ARE ALL doing amazing job together my friends
    This miracle has already happened in the Astral planes , we only have to persist till we can bring it fully to our physical world, a connection is already made

    Love and Light

  3. Hey there, I’m a fellow Sirian soul walkin who is experiencing these memories of the same Sirian history. I found your post very synchronistic because I experiencing my memories in Sirius. In my soul, I was a King of this planet who have alliances among the other planets, and it was my duty and honor to protect my people against these reptillian invaders. We (my people) united and fought these invaders with our very Being. We won some victories, but the loss is heavy. One can say that I am the law keeper of the Divine Laws, and upheld the Creator’s plan for Earth and her inhabitants.

    My soul path maybe different than yours, but I choose to volunteer in human embodiment as a guardian and protector against Negative ETs who wishes to breed with humans and make their own hybrids. To my soul family, my human incarnation here is an assurance and a safeguard plan that humans can progress and evolve safely without negative interference from these ETS.

    I just feel like sharing because your entry invokes a memory of my Sirian self. My healer side came from my Pleadian self, where I served a priestess in this temple, and I’m here to heal the people too, as a King of my people should learn a lesson in humility and service to others.

    How strange how multidimensionality works, eh?

  4. It just occurred to me why I have been experiencing some hesitation in fully engaging in this group. Like Dreamwalker and Laura, many of you were caught up in the reptilian invasion of Sirius. And as an Ascended Master, looking on, I was unable, helpless to stop the invasion. I was disembodied, a spiritual being. As a result of the trauma, which I felt through many or all of you, I took on the shame of not being able to help. I left the world of Ascended Masters and became one of the humans, again, to assist my people back into the Light. And I’m still here and now we are together, again. Oh, my… this will take some digesting!

    Much love my brothers and sisters!

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