SaLuSa 25-July-2012

We have been with you for a long, long time and like you are looking forward to the end of duality. You have faced tremendous challenges but responded to the Light and Love that has been directed towards you from many different sources. The higher powers behind the Plan for your enlightenment have been proved to have made the right decisions, as you now stand on the threshold of Ascension. No two of you have had identical experiences, yet so many of you are now ready to take those final steps of upliftment and ascend. As your race slipped down into the Dark Ages what little Light that existed was suppressed, and individuals were kept quiet with the threat of death for speaking out.

Today you have much more freedom of speech, yet those who tell too much of the truth are still in fear of their lives. Naturally we will support and protect such Beings, as long as it does not interfere with their life plan. We and also the Angelic Kingdom can give complete protection if necessary, and some extremely important souls have had to be saved more times than you would possibly expect. Of course in your own way, you are all important and each one of you does have Angels that keep with you throughout your life. There are no coincidences where happenings are of major importance to you, yet you may not even be aware of what has taken place.

When you are calm and in a peaceful state your Higher Self can be contacted, but the problem is that very often people do not heed the advice they get. So if you stray from your life plan, it will not be for the lack of help from your Guides. Ultimately it is you who decides what you do, but with your decisions  comes responsibility for the outcome. Generally speaking it is your ego which you have programmed to act in your interests, that has control over your actions. When you are in the course of change and particularly when uplifting your vibrations, it can try to persuade you to continue in your old ways.

Is it not incredible that you are now so close to Ascension, and yet outwardly not a lot seems to have changed. However, nothing is achieved without a lot of planning, and even so as events unfold we are forever making adjustments as the timing is altered. There is so much happening behind the scenes and we must act when we see it is safe to do so. That calls for much patience on your part, as on many occasions we have thought our opportunity to act had arrived only to be thwarted at the last moment. We can take that in our stride as we are prepared for any scenario, and know regardless of what happens that you will reach Ascension, and that it will take place. As we often stress, that Dear Ones is really all that counts and it does not matter which path you take to reach it.

Stay calm and do not engage in fear laden messages, as there are sources that wish for a catastrophic end to this cycle. In spite of many predictions of that nature, you will find that the last few months will be much calmer than you have been led to believe. Of course Mother Earth is having a hand in the changes and eruptions will cause physical movements that will cause damage, and sometimes injury or death. Much earlier predictions spoke of land masses sinking into the sea, but that possibility has long passed. Simply be aware of your local frailties and if you live on the coastline ascertain how vulnerable you might be to flooding. That way you can judge for yourself what action might be necessary for your safety.

In some ways matters are little different now to what they have been with any life that you have had, as all came with a life plan and by and large you would have completed it accordingly. Since your transition was also part of the plan, believe it or not you also agreed the way you should exit each life and also when. In that respect this lifetime is also planned and unless you shorten it by taking your own life, which is very unadvisable you will either pass on before Ascension, go with Ascension, or move to another planet to continue your 3D experiences. Whatever you planned would have been with your best interests in mind, and if it is to be your future, you can ascend from the spiritual realms. So understand and accept that you will experience in accordance with your needs, and the key to it is progress where your evolution is concerned..

You have an amusing saying about being put through the wringer, but that is not what life is about or is it wished upon you. God gave you freewill and you are the one who creates the path that you follow. It is up to you whether it is easy or difficult, but humans have a habit of taking the hard route home. However, that does mean that you are learning quite a number of lessons, which must help you in the long run. If we may put it this way, it is no sin to have erred as the whole idea of experiencing duality is to rise to the challenge. There is not of course “sin” as such and you are certainly not born into it. It would be more correct to say that you come with karma and it gives you the opportunity to overcome mistakes you have made. It is why God does not step in and interfere with the freewill that God has given you.

After you have ascended you will have increased levels of consciousness, and as a Being of Light will have moved well beyond the temptations of the lower vibrations. In fact they will no longer interest you, and you will seek satisfaction and achievement at a much higher vibrational level. Your senses will be heightened, and the pleasures of the higher dimensions will more than compensate for any conceived loss. In fact your thoughts will have moved on to a higher plateau anyway, and your experiences of duality will fade into the background. So try not to cling to your present dimension unless of course you do not feel ready to ascend. It is your decision and you choose where and how your next lives will be experienced.

I am SaLuSa of Sirius, and the Galactic Federation of Light, and we see that many countries in the West are taking legal actions against the corruption within the financial sector. We also note that more of them are carrying out deeper investigations to see how far the cancer has spread. This can only do good, and hasten the time when others in authority such as within politics are called to answer for their deeds. Stay strong with your Light, and know that you are continuously being showered with Love from many sources.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Mother Mary has this to tell us today:

    Greetings, I am Mary.

    Beloved children, I feel your hearts. I hold your hearts in my hands for healing. You are very precious to me and to Prime Source. We feel your suffering and puzzlement with the horrific events that occurred on the Earth. The Earth is upset too.

    Please remember this is the end stage of the cancerous growth of violence and victimization. You are playing your parts in bringing such separation to a close. Sometimes these events need to be magnified to get your attention and they are doing just that.

    The bigger picture is that in the near future as consciousness shifts these negativities will have no place in your higher leanings. You will be living from your hearts. We will be within breathing distance of you. We will abide with you in love and healing.

    Let your hearts heal. Hold no grudges. Rise above the separation and fear. Know that love is the way. It is what my son Jeshua taught 2000 years ago. Don’t you think this is about time for the Earth’s evolution?

    My prayers love and blessings pour out to you.

    Mary, the Mother of Jesus

  2. My honor Tauno.
    Wow, I feel such great energy in the air today and i really did not sleep much last night.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the weekend. You write pretty good and reading that, it really felt like I was at the festival with you.
    Strange encounter you had. At first I was like, DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!! This woman is trying to pick you up big time.
    Then, all of a sudden, over a phone, she turned into Mrs. hyde. mean big deal, no cell phone, i dont have one either but I have never had that sort of reaction to it.
    Oh well, it will be interesting to see what happens the next time you run into her.
    God bless Rudy and so happy to hear he is healing.

  3. Tauno
    Was that a mesage from mary? I tried the link, but that site is also blocked out. It seems a lot of blog posts sites are blocked out in work. Can you print the message here.

    • Hi, Gunner, the site is not blocked, my brother, I posted the link with this message that you posted here, from Mother Mary

  4. The site is not blocked , only on my work computer. My office blocks ou some web sites like facebook, you tube and some blog post sites.

  5. How young was that girl John, sounds like the kind of thing people care about in high school, you know like the brand of jeans you’re wearing! Back in the day it was Levis…

    All that time she wasted on Mr. No-phone! 😆

    But you know, John, I think sometimes people tend to have a negative reaction to something silly, AFTER they’re challenged by something else that they can’t deal with. Later on she may have a positive reaction to whatever it was, but you’ll think she was pissed at you for not having a phone. Nope, hers was an “ego” reaction – pride – which is all about instinct. Fight or flight.

    So… think about what it was you may have challenged her on. Knowing you, buddy, it may have been the entire conversation! 😎

    • Thanks guys, in response to Gunner….
      Thanks for the thoughts for Rudy. He is healing very well and his abscess is almost totally gone today. I still need to keep hitting it with peroxide to keep the wound soft and draining, but there is no sign of infection anymore, he is his normal self… all running around and playing and stuff… Very happy that it didn’t get nasty for him.

      for Troy…
      She has been with the festival for 20 years, so I must assume she’s somewhere around 36 to 38, looks 20, acts 16 (at times). She brought her Mom and Daughter over to meet the puppies, and me I assume from what her mom said when they were leaving, so not really sure what the motives were. That’s not really the issue… It was the wording that struck me as odd. Prior to that brief conversation, our interaction over 2 years was close to totaling 15 or 20 minutes, how does that translate into “stuck”? It’s just that word that has me in a loop… It was said without thinking or really directed at anyone, so it is very likely that was her true thoughts.
      The first thing that popped into my head then was “Is this woman from the GFL and pissed that I am not responding in the way I am supposed to? Is she here to cause changes in my direction???? It was that sort of weirdness in the interaction.
      The challenge in the interaction… Hmmm… Well It may have been that I rarely press any advantage or take the lead at first when entering into these sorts of negotiations..
      and don’t think for a minute that they aren’t negotiations… I am patient and tend not to get all gooey and puppy-like. I am worth FAR more than that.

      Oh well. No need to obsess, but my inquisitive nature and past study of human foolishness opens the door for an interesting series of questions…

      And that basically WAS the entire conversation… LOL… After that she went to the other side of the tent and tried not to look at me. It was so high school that it is laughable. I don’t get to Mission very often, but another fellow, Al Ferrell from Bigfoot Joe has invited me to his studio to jam and other things… That was a very strange conversation too, but I’ll get into that when I know more details. Perhaps, if I AM supposed to pass on something or interact in some way with her, I’ll bump into her then.

      • I’ll bet ya (is that not totally 3D or what?), that she has never encountered anyone like me, one that isn’t immediately trying to get into her pants, that she didn’t know how to react. Add to that a bit of an obsession on her part, evidenced by the posturing and body language, as well as the increased energies coming in that makes the unaware a bit on edge and it starts to make some sense… This is of course, conjecture on my part, as I only have my recollection of the events.

        Well… Its payday and I have some stuff to do… Back in a while.

        Peace Y’All… Hold the light, but not too tight… Let it fly for all…

        • I also quite enjoyed hearing about the festival adventures… & relieved that Rudy continues to heal. “Hold the light, but not too tight…” Absolutely! Let it resonate throughout the Omniverse!!! 😉

      • Thank you for this lovely message from mother Mary I also enjoyed the one I read /listened too yesterday.
        Sorry to hear this women’s comment, It struck me that she may have been angry because she had no way to make contact outside of the festival. Wonder what her motives were though after the comment.
        Pleased Rudy is back to normal.
        much love and light Suzanne

      • Wow, sounds like I missed something juicy, John! Is this a thread coming from previous SaL? Sounds like you’re well! Man, I have some catching up to do!

        • thanks Les, and yes it started when I got back from the fest. Not really a big deal, in the grand scheme of things, but I do make the effort to explore stuff that happens around me that is out of the norm. It is normal, at least for the last 30 years, to be basically ignored and invisible… When things like this occur, I take notice and make the effort to see what the potential is.

          • Ah, so which SaLuSa should I go back to, to find the true genesis of the saga? Now my curiosity is piqued to find out what’s up with Rudy’s wounds and fests and stuff like that…

            • I think the first ones are in Sunday’s last. Roo got into a fight with something with big teeth last week. We figure it was a small bear. I noticed it thursday morning with a big abscess on the side of his head. Then I found the hole in his jaw… It was weeping some goo, so I hit it with the peroxide and had to take him with me over the weekend to keep treating the infection. By sunday the abscess went from a tomato to a grape. He’s doing wonderfully and is back to his old self.

              • Wow! What an adventure for Roo! I’m so glad he’s better. Thank, John, I’ll see if I can catch up on current events! Love & Light, Leslee

  6. Hi everybody!
    I am off to France in a couple of hours till 2d Aug as far as I know.. could be longer though depending on how things are. I will keep thinking of you guys and sending love and light to our beloved online friends, who are very much present in all our hearts.
    I will see you during dreamflight on the 28! I posted a new youtube with brieffing on Indy 🙂
    In the meantime where I am in France (spiritual work week) I will have no internet access at all I am afraid and i believe it is a good thing for me right now!
    So I apologise to all of you guys who have sent emails, or facebook chat messages. I will not be able to reply.
    Once again, as a reminder I am only replying emails confirming Aurora membership or not. Anything else, given the volume of emails and messages is impossible for me to reply to.
    When I return from France I will be extremely busy for at least one month, so i will not be much online either 🙂
    As a reminder: I do not have time for private readings, dream analysis, or questions and answers between you and galactics at the moment I am afraid, as I am in full active life and must deal with work and studies deadlines for now at least. So please do not email me or send me private messages on those topics, as I will not be able to reply at all. I apologise for the inconveniance of course.
    I have asked a few people to keep an eye on comments and to post on Indy also while I am away, so I hope this will work out for everybody. I have also scheduled a few posts while I am away.
    Of course check out the blogroll and recommended links in the meantime.
    Hugs and much love to everybody. Laura Tyco

  7. Message from Hatonn…

    I am here today to make an announcement. I am Hatonn and I am welcoming you all to the news of the day. There is to come a need for laughter and joy, for with this will be the overriding of what may in some cases be considered a dark day on earth.

    What in reality it will be, is an overriding of the destruction of the planet and it will result in just a few minor occurrences that may seem to be serious in some ways, but that will be not only a wonderful thing for earth but for all who live on it, as well as within it’s beautiful body.

    As the circumstances come to fruition by those who wish to see a reoccurrence of what happened to Maldek, we are seeing to it that not only will their plans not be carried out, but instead they will be removed from the planet and from this solar system. They will be taken to a place that is out of the influence of anything on earth and they will be worked with for them to be able to return to their original sources of Light and Love.

    From that point on for them, they will be given the opportunity to express in that energy and to evolve their way back through the process of ascension in another timetable of existence.

    What I speak of in the manner of occurrences on earth is the evolutionary process of Gaia being able to not only sustain her well-being, but to also allow her family of earth beings to grow and evolve along with her. She will see to it that there are no destructive forces that can harm any form of life on earth. She will evolve with all of you, all of life in any form, in the beauty and love expression that you all will be realizing in your lives.

    It will be in the form of some changes to the surface and these changes will be in harmony with what is to come for the expression of life not only on the surface, but within as well.

    All those who have been residing within the earth will find that their evolutionary status will take a jump as well as those who reside on the surface. It will be a matter of being able to form the changes and the ability to create what it is that expresses the love, joy and peace that will be prevalent for all of you. As this evolutionary process takes place, it will be a matter of being able to see and feel within yourselves what it is that you desire, and then in the next instant to experience its manifestation.

    This is already beginning for many of you. You have been seeing how quickly you have been able to bring something to you that improves your lives. You have seen how instantly your concerns have been answered, and have brought a smile to your face, and warm gratitude to your hearts and souls. This is but the beginning for you. Be aware of what it takes to bring your lives into the perfection, and then follow it, build on it, for it is your natural state of being.

    As you are acclimating yourselves to this way of being, many of you are finding that your bodies are reacting in ways that may be a bit disconcerting. That is a temporary condition of the evolutionary process of changing your denseness to a crystalline state. It will be a short time in the whole picture of your evolution and as it comes to the state of perfection you will find less and less of the disturbances in your field, until at some point you will find no disturbances at all. All will be in perfect harmony.

    So, for now dear ones, we are doing what we can to assist you to this perfection. We take care of the things that are within our reach to work on. It is through our agreement that we have set these boundaries in the working business with those who have being working in the darker energies. It is because of those energies that the boundaries have had to be set, for that is the energy of the darkness.

    That too is changing. As the status of all of you lift and become more crystalline, so too do the boundaries melt away. It is a matter of what can survive in the energies of complete Love, and what naturally melts away in the purity of Love.
    I feel that I have said enough today in this message. This one, who is ready to go on with her mission in her new home, will be receiving information that she will relay to you in the times to come.

    In the meantime she and Bob will be carrying out a series of examples that will be conveyed through the Family Gathering Teleconferences that will resume in the next month. There is much to come in the next few months that will be examples of what I have told you in this message.

    Remember that there will be only that which is in favor for the evolutionary process of all of you and Gaia as the steps are taken for the harmonic convergence of all of existence in this grand universe. It is all in the harmony of total and complete Love and Light forevermore.

    Thank you dear Hatonn,
    Love, Nancy Tate

  8. John, I have to admit that’s pretty strange. I tend to chalk up weirdnesses as something like this.

    Archeon-controlled drones fighting back to protect their reality. But I dunno, that might be a somewhat bleak/dismissive viewpoint….

    I wonder if she knows about twin flames, that would also be an explanation for the “stuck” wording.

  9. Well now that brings up the question of is it a 3D obsession/attraction or a multidimensional imperative… Oh good grief… I though that ascending was supposed to make things simpler? I guess it’s simpler when you get there, but during the trip, oddness abounds… It’s all good. 🙂

    • Haha, I would say, a little bit from column “a”, a little bit from column “b”… it seems complicated because you’re paying attention. On the other hand I gave up trying to understand women many years ago… 😆 ♥

      • LMAO… me too… I did hear back from my friend and asked him to pass on my email… We’ll see… He was very grateful that I reached out to her.. I tend to find the ones that need some honesty and understanding… I am feeling more and more that I do have some information I need to pass on. Perhaps help her heal from past hurts. Time will tell, to coin a 3D silliness…

        Thanks Troy….

        • Yeah, but what about JOHN, John? 😉 I wish for you much more than healing others… Let’s send you someone who might need a little healing to hook you in, but also returns what you offer, abundantly! Shine on!

          • There is that Les, certainly…. In teaching or healing, I find that I gain as much as those I help, not only in the space of the interaction, but also within the space of personal growth and acceptance. Rarely do I ask for more than a smile.
            This brings up something that I felt when I was reading about Eui… It centers around feeling a bit cut off from my connections lately. Being a bit blocked from a clear mind and focus in meditations.. Though these things have been a challenge from the get go. So many things are happening around me/us and I am having difficulty finding anything clear that I can latch onto and run with. The only thing I consistently continue to hold is the feeling of service… The feeling that I may be able to help situations and the folks I meet progress just a little bit more. So far that has been sufficient, but lately I have been longing for a deeper comprehension, a deeper realization of where I/we fit into the plan. It was called conscious cooperative alignment when I was into the subliminal stuff years ago.
            I will continue as I am…. as I feel that I am on the right track although a bit more forward movement would be welcome.

            There… the intent is grounded…

            Keep smiling.

  10. Message from Archangel Michael

    Channeled by Meredith Murphy

    Telepathic Transmission – 24 July 2012

    Blessed Beings of Light, I bring you this truth: You are NOT alone.

    Tidings of love and compassion, encouragement and resonance with your ultimate intention radiate from us to you, meeting you with understanding, timeless appreciation and devotion. We too are in this pressure-cooker of time and space as focus with you, awaiting the ripening of you true being, knowing this intensification serves your ultimate purpose and therefore encouraging you, cheering you on, reminding you of what is around the bend, and why you came here.

    Before you chose to incarnate from light into form as you now find yourself, you were quite decisive about doing so. None of you here came without your own free choice to be here. And many of you were rushing to get here–there would be no stopping you whatever. {Smile!} The reason we say this to you is to awaken that knowing within you that remains clear as to the amazing adventure and opportunities for evolution of soul, that precipitated your participation.

    That keen knowing exists within you and remains ignited as One with All-That-Is. Tune there now, in this present moment and feel yourself in all your glory knowing the amazing long-term aspiration of full conscious reunion with All-That-Is, that this Earthly epoch, this galactic up-shift is a part of, a major milestone of, a profound realization of. Breathe in the fullness of this knowing and use it to fuel your journey!

    You are at a part of this amazing year of alignments and prophecy that require a serious second-wind!

    We recognize this and we as Oneness with You, embodied by you, are here to mirror that deep knowing and love to you, that is within you, that is you, that is alive and perpetuating this participation of your vastness within this sphere here and now. Open yourself to this truth within and let it ignite your heart’s with resolution and confidence!

    You are vast, infinite, limitless beings of light and love made manifest in human form through the focus of your awareness and the desire of that which you feel as heart. It is this life-stream connection of the true fundamental we all are that creates you and sustains your acts of love in form from an energetic perspective. It will empower you greatly to marry this with your mental story, your concept of this situation so that you might elevate once more your view of the play here and marshall fully your resources for playing your part beautifully, authentically, believably and with great uninhibited love for the story unfolding in all it’s glory.

    It is this realization of true being in form that you sought in incarnating here and that immaculate concept is alive and well, fueling your journey–fueling all our journeys. Held by far more points of focus as light than you may be able to imagine. Held and amplified. Never ending. Alive. Evolving and sustained. Expanding, intensifying and accelerating in focus into form. THIS dear ones is the point here, and the Elohim continually remind us of the importance of rhythmic return to the ideal. So with this transmission we impulse you to do this. To begin your day revisiting the immaculate concept for your own divine participation and the ultimate vision of this play in form on Earth. To see this as a key to the vast RE-Union! And yet achieved already. An inevitable outcome of your perfect creative participation and your devotion to the inner reality of Unity as Harmony, Love as Light in a Oneness as so pervasive it is impossible to even actually see it at times.

    Living now, living here, you fulfill and gather energies that sustain the evolution of your own soul. You retrieve energies long ago buried on Earth, some of you, reclaiming and bolstering your journey with prior wisdoms and gleanings that make you shine even more brightly now. The mastery taking place amidst the chaos is breathtaking! Keep your eye on the ball! Don’t get distracted by the hecklers in the stands.

    It is enough for you to know this true meaning and remembering of your reasons for being here, thus keeping your eye upon the immaculate concept with faith and trust. With attention to your own joy. With recognition of the practical things in your life coming into an optimized state to further fuel your expansion and your light. In the knowing that by thriving you engender that awareness of the possibility of being in all life forms and you resonate in celebration with those who are also finding their own thriving. As each of you discovers your own Utopian Dream made manifest through the joyous creation of your experience, the New Earth is lit up, bit by bit. Your thriving giving birth! Creating a perfectly hospitably vessel for the fullness of spirit.

    Care for your lives, your bodies, you dreams and most of all your joy, well. Trust everyone else to do the same and move into a preoccupation with your own happiness, health and well-being. Do this please dear ones–this is the pathway home. And it is the utmost gift to us all. We thrive as you do.

    Wishing you rainbows, beautiful smiles and deep eye contact, sweet sounds of music and birds, delicious fresh food and the exhilaration of stretching, breathing, creating, imagining, hearing, feeling, being in the sunshine of your own wonderful life. Wishing you to be captivated by all kinds of beauty today to remind you of the truth of these inner planes of light and love reflected in your world–look there. See that. Notice what’s emerging and sustained in the ever chaotic Earth-scape in which much is in transition! Savor all that is making a swan song and will exit soon, trusting each to know their lines, their part, and focused on you own. A very exciting time to be there, alive.

    I AM resplendent in your beaming light. Thank you for the many acts of love that make up your life and your being.

    I AM empowered by your beauty.

    Lastly dear ones, I tell you in earnest–my expressions of awesome appreciation are real! Do you feel them dear one? If you smirk or any part of you finds them even slightly sentimental, if you respond with irritation about what you’re not yet in resonance with, feeling angry and tired, then the doorway to self-love and innocence is always available. This healing path awaits you. Climb into the comfort of joy. Let go of the skeptical garments of the last act of this grand play. Suit up for the new game which is already underway. It’s filled with amazing insights and radiant glory.

    I am the one cheering VERY enthusiastically and loudly at everything.

    I AM Archangel Michael

    * In baseball in the United States and Canada the seventh-inning stretch is a tradition that takes place between the halves of the seventh inning of a game – in the middle of the seventh inning. Fans generally stand up and stretch out their arms and legs and sometimes walk around. It is a popular time to get a late-game snack as well. The stretch also serves as a short break for the players. For anyone who has been to a baseball game, one knows they can feel VERY long and like they’re never going to end even if you love the game 🙂

    • I can imagine being the one rushing to get here as I have always wanted to help everyone in need and do even to the point of giving things that I need to someone with less than myself or my family.
      I also inherited Maori land from my mother which I vowed would always stay in the family and remain untouched by those who would wish to build roads and such like on it. My reason is that this is untouched native land which should remain as pure as it is allowed as this is the land of my Ancestors here on Earth. I do not agree with the division of our peoples either. I have always believed we are one which had me as a leading hand being unable to answer a question posed by a Boss. The ones under me were of 7 different cultures all with there own ways a breath of fresh air and we worked well as a team. I did not agree with the way my Boss and other leading hand wanted things done so resigned that post. It was then I realised just how asleep these people were and finally left the work force for good. These lovely souls all went onto other jobs and I hope better circumstances. I felt their love and I know they felt mine. My journey is now in full swing and I am so happy to be on it as I know soon I will embrace my family again.:)

  11. ~Neglected Personal Issues Are Arising, Sometimes Very Forcefully Indeed~
    by John Smallman – July 25, 2012

    *You can listen to John tonight at 6pm Pacific time on the Light Agenda Radio by Stephen Cook. Remember: If you can’t tune in at this time you can listen at ANY time that’s convenient to you, once the show has gone to air. Just click on this same link.

    Awakening — the fabulous event to which so many are looking forward with great expectancy — is on course and on schedule to arrive precisely as intended by humanity’s collective will, which is now sufficiently in alignment with God’s to ensure that there will be no reversals or turning back.

    The end, the destination, is clearly defined and cannot be avoided. Therefore release all your worries and anxieties. What you are hoping for, praying for, longing for is not an insane and imaginary concept, dreamt up by a few wishful thinkers. It is Reality, your eternal Home, which the illusion has kept shrouded in fog and hidden from you for far too long.

    It is, and always has been, your intent to awaken (you had just lost your way temporarily in dreamland), and the moment for that to occur is fast approaching. Your will is to awaken, and God’s Will is for you to awaken; you just allowed yourselves to be distracted from Reality by the enticements of the illusion for a moment or two, and now they no longer hold any interest for you. You intensely desire to awaken, and as the intensity of that desire spreads throughout humanity it will no longer be denied.

    Every human is engaged in the unavoidable process of addressing the personal issues that he has neglected or denied, whatever the reason maybe, as they break into his conscious mind, sometimes very forcefully indeed.

    For those who have been unaware of their spiritual side — or who have been avoiding considering the possibility that they may have one! — these issues, arising in their awareness unbidden, can be very alarming. Some may think they are going mad, others may feel that they are about to have a nervous breakdown.

    For those who have lived with their emotions, as they imagine, completely under control, and who have tended to judge those who show their emotions as weak, ineffective, hysterical, etc., this is a grave shock. To become overwhelmed with emotions is unacceptable! They may seek medical advice and prescriptive drugs, or they may increase their alcohol intake or that of other drugs. But, when the effects wear off, they will be unable to ignore the presence of these issues. They have to be addressed and released, and for that forgiveness is essential, of self as well as others.

    Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness – this is the key to sanity and inner peace – and still more forgiveness. It dissolves guilt and leads to freedom. Without forgiving yourselves, and anyone or any group who have offended you in any manner, you remain trapped in a state of judging and blaming which causes you constant unhappiness, as you endlessly mull over the words and actions committed against you while wondering how people could be so unkind and hurtful to you.

    If you are living like this, then you are aware of others who seem to be happy, and that often seems very unfair to you! And that thought cycle just keeps on repeating, offers you no respite or solutions, and prevents you from living, experiencing, and enjoying each now moment as it arrives

    To be happy, you have to stop endlessly playing those old mental tapes that remind you of how unfair life is and how badly you have been treated. Everyone experiencing life in the illusion has suffered frequently and intolerably over the eons, and dwelling on it only distracts you from living and being aware.

    When you live in the moment, you perceive all the delights – children happily laughing, birdsong, a beautiful sunset, music, a smile from a stranger – that are forever all around you. However difficult your present life may be, there are always moments in which to rejoice. So focus on those and not on your traumas, however constant and painful they may appear to be.

    You are going to awaken! And it is on that approaching event that you need to focus your attention. All suffering, disharmony, and misery will cease, and that is indeed a most joyful prospect! Yes, it often seems that you have been waiting interminably for this wonderful event, and as you wait, doubts and anxieties arise. So just remind yourselves daily that God always delivers on His promises, and continue to hold your Light on high.

    You are way-showers, and the field of divine Love, which you have opened your hearts to accept and share, and that flows through each one of you to assist all of humanity in its awakening, is flowing more and more powerfully as the moment for your awakening gets ever closer.

    You are all essential parts of this enormously powerful field, so remind yourselves frequently that you are eternally and infinitely loved by God, and allow yourselves to feel the warmth, the peace, the confidence, and above all the Love of His divine embrace as you await your inevitable entrance into your natural and most holy state.

    By allowing yourselves to feel all of this, you intensify the loving up-beat vibes that flow through you and from you, and then they have a truly wondrous effect on all with whom you interact, and that is why you are experiencing life on Earth at this moment in her spiritual evolution.

    With so very much love, Saul.

    • This looks like an Eclipse all planets in alignment with the central sun and earth’s ascension. just a thought.

  12. Crystal, I love the fact that you would keep that land and not sell out to the PTB. I dedicate this song to you. It is from Jethro Tull.Farm On The Freeway”

    Nine miles of two-strand topped with barbed wire
    laid by the father for the son.
    Good shelter down there on the valley floor,
    down by where the sweet stream run.
    Now they might give me compensation…
    That’s not what I’m chasing. I was a rich man before yesterday.
    Now all I have got is a cheque and a pickup truck.
    I left my farm on the freeway.

    They’re busy building airports on the south side…
    Silicon chip factory on the east.
    And the big road’s pushing through along the valley floor.
    Hot machine pouring six lanes at the very least.
    Now, they say they gave me compensation…
    That’s not what I’m chasing. I was a rich man before yesterday.
    Now all I have left is a broken-down pickup truck.
    Looks like my farm is a freeway.

    They forgot they told us what this old land was for.
    Grow two tons the acre, boy, between the stones.
    This was no Southfork, it was no Ponderosa.
    But it was the place that I called home.
    They say they gave me compensation…
    That’s not what I’m chasing. I was a rich man before yesterday.
    And what do I want with a million dollars and a pickup truck?
    When I left my farm under the freeway.

    • I see the land choked by highways and streets full of concrete which saddens me as the earth needs to breath and the tree a safe place to lay down roots. Thank you Gunner much love and light.

  13. “And many of you were rushing to get here, there would be no stopping you whatever”
    Now, that line fits me to T . i could also feel the smile and laugh from AA Michael. I was cracking up on the train ride home yesterday.

  14. THE CRYSTAL DOLPHIN POD. Heed The Call Of Our Creators-Beloved Mother/Father God. By, AuroRa Le. July 25, 2012.
    Posted on July 25, 2012 by theangeldiaries
    ☼ The time has come to attend to your personal healing, Dearest Cousins, and we implore that there is not a moment to be spared in this, your quest for wholeness. Do we sound a tad impassioned this morning (laughter)? But then, are we not always? Yes indeed, impassioned we are in the address of this urgent topic. Know this and know it well; you are needed now, more than ever before. Ever. Since the planet drew her first breath, there has never been such a call for Lightworkers and for planet-wide healing as there is today. It is required of you to be at your optimum efficiency, and to be energetically clean and physically purified. For, truly, how brightly can sunshine pass through a dirty window?

    ☼ You are much accustomed to our teasing, playful air. Yet, on this matter we must be serious and choose not to wax poetic. Yes, yes, you are hearing it from every corner. From the pages of books, across your internet and in the voices of your mentors. All of them are telling you the same thing-that these weeks you are in are a time of clearing. The wounds of the past are to be tended. Dredge up you must, the secrets which lay hidden in the shadows, and casting each one off into the light. Refrain from the consumption of processed “foods” and, praytell, partake only of Gaia’s bounty. Release, release, release… Make peace with your current and past lifetimes. Remove from your energetic sphere everything which is toxic to you. Dispel the illusion that your are trapped here on Earth against your will, forced to suffer behind prison walls of flesh and bone. Rethink the notion that you have no control over the outcome of the Great Event. Nay, not a tiny shred of this is true and it is well past time that you believe it.

    ☼ A clarion call has gone out from the very heart of All That Is. Our Creators, may they be so blessed-Our Mother and Our Father, are marshalling their troops. That would be you, of course, and also Us. We are the Incarnates. We are the ones charged with manifesting the fine miracle of Gaia’s, and our own, ascension. So, listen and hear us now. Whatever job you keep in your 3rd dimensional lives is temporary, and must now be rendered secondary in it’s nature. We do not say in any way to neglect the needs of your loved ones or to imperil your ability to survive. Oh, never, never that. But what we do advise is that your spiritual advancement must be, within your core, priority number one. A day must not go past without your doing some sort of work to strengthen your divine connection, to upgrade your developing crystalline lightbodies, and to clear and refine your connection to the Higher Realms. Time/space is compressing quickly now, we know very well that you can feel it. You may say that the world seems far too still and there is nothing truly going on; but search inside yourself, look closely and you shall agree this also is not so.

    ☼ We, the Incarnates of the Sacred Cetacean Brotherhood, are having to perform these functions just as routinely as you are. The ocean world that we inhabit is oft a poisonous domain, as is your surface environment. And like you, we navigate amidst a proverbial minefield of predators and unhealthy food choices, every day. We too must purify religiously and work to ever strengthen our connection to Reality. We all must heed the call we hear reverberating in our ears. Step up to the plate, as you are wont to say, Sweet Cousins. Accept that resistance is futile, so do not even try to ignore your Sacred Duty. The time to be complacent is long over. Summon us, please, and we shall come. For are you even aware that each of you are a part of Us, and we of you? We are family. We are here to help. Take some time and get to know the wise and much esteemed Great Dolphin Masters of Sirius. They need but a loving word from you and they shall come. They stand at the ready to enfold you in a healing cocoon of glistening aquamarine, and to gently soothe your battle-weary inner child.

    Be blessed, oh beloved Cousins. Swim free in absolute certainty and grace. Play. Be in joy.

    Copyright © Bella Capozzi. all rights reserved. You may copy

  15. Last night as I meditated I asked my name and a Male voice said summer, summer, not sure what this means. Then a women’s voice very clear but could not make out any thing else. I guess I need to tell them to slow down so I understand. Ringing in my ears and pressure inside each the night before not sure of this either.
    I also thought I would ask my Pendulum if they were my spirit guides I received a yes. Then I asked to spell out names I received Hsrimidrtr have no idea so put this into the computer and got back Srimad Bhagavadgito asked the pendulum if this was right it said yes. Ok now I am more confused and could do with some help if anyone is able
    Using the Pendulum 3 days ago I went through the crew list to find the names of who I am working with the first two I know as I received in dream/voice I also remember in the same dream being in a circle with five others.
    Moraine and Bren-Ton
    Pendulum used to go through a list of star systems and was told I am from the Pleiades system.
    Thank you anyone that can help. In need of some pointers.
    much love and light Suzanne

    • Hi, Suzanne! Do you have Skype? My contact is leslee.hare. I need to be offline for an hour or two, but I’d be happy to connect with you and see if I can help sort it out… First thought is, please check and use your non-dominant hand, ask the pendulum to show you a “yes”, and then a “no”. This may be different than how you have used a pendulum before. The verify which hand is best for holding the pendulum… If you feel you are receiving messages telepathically, the letters may merely be the FIRST letters of words… Tune into your heart and listen… If you think you understand the word, move the chart away from the pendulum and simply ask if you are understanding correctly. Also, you might try drawing your own chart on a piece of paper. My hunch is that there is some confusion generated from methods being used…? Hope this helps – I’ll be happy to chat with you! love & light, Leslee

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