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Recruitment Ground Crew for GLS Blaze

As also announced by Leslee that it was time to do some recruitment for GLS Blaze.

Information from Leslee:

“Both ships, OcaTAwa and Athabantian are Motherships. The ships Algiz, Tulya, Blaze and Athena are four closely related ships that work between them. The sun is actually a stargate AND a lens of sorts, Athabantian operates much like a lens, and the “lens artefact orbs” that some of us find in our pics are refractions from Athabantian.

Atha is directly in line between us & the sun, which is why we cannot see her. There is a straight line between OcaTAwa, the sun, Athabantian, Gaia, and the Inner location of OcaTAwa. The 4 smaller ships move around more. There are other clusters of smaller ships that work together, and with Atha & Oca. These will emerge later, or perhaps through other people… “

The mission…

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  1. This is so exciting, Lisa!
    I hope you don’t mind that I edited the recruitment post a little – and then I realized it was one you made for Blaze… so you may want to take a look and see if anything needs to be revised again (sorry!)…
    The main thing I changed was the email contact… My sense, (and my Guides confirm, so please let us know if this resonates with you) is that those who are called to Blaze will KNOW this is their mission, and little confirmation will be needed! So I asked that I be emailed for Athabantian only, at least for now… Would you like for people to email you, if they have questions?
    I’ve been amazed – every single person who has enquired about Blaze, Adrial has confirmed. We all know where we belong! It’s so beautiful… So I’m confident that “recruiting”, from here on out, is more a matter of “gathering”, than of people needing confirmation or approval… Do you agree? Certainly open to discussion, I’m just sharing my feelings…
    Much love and light… And once again I am reminding myself to send you that Blaze-Cloud-Photo!!!

  2. Hi Leslee,
    I had some time to ponder on your respond in my heart, and I have to admit that it is the right way to proceed. Indeed we know where we belong. I will adjust my recruitment accordingly. I do like if they have some questions that they email me, as I think I know what is going on , on Blaze…. (you can disagree with me if it feels not right 😀 )

    Reminder sent Blaze photo 😀 😀 ;D

    Love Lisa

    • Lisa, I think this is perfect! And I also think it applies to many of us… We are all at the very brink of seeing how powerful we are and what we have to offer… All we need is that little nudge, just one more person to say, “Yes, I see that too!”, and we are launched like lightning-bolts! The only reason I see, for you to feel you should ask me about anything, is if you need a REMINDER of something. That’s what we are all doing right now… Simply remembering what we already know!

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