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Hi, Everyone, I’m posting this dream separately here, because it seems to possibly be a message for others with whom it may resonate, as well as myself. It seems to relate to our work with the Light Ships, and Troy and Steffie and Lisa and I have discussed it a little on SaLuSa messages… But I think it also goes beyond our dreaming experiment, giving us a hint of what we may further accomplish in our time together.

I find it kind of exciting… feels kind of like a graduation of sorts…

DREAM 2/27/12


Very deep dream; in a place with 3 others: Troy, Jisela & Tauno. It seem as if I am watching someone else’s dream. The dreamer is named Linda, but is also me. It’s very abstract and fuzzy and layered.

Our role is to help others, who are just beginning to awaken. It’s challenging, because we’ve only recently cleared many obstructions ourselves, so it’s sort of like re-experiencing recent memories that are very near and still painful.

There were issues with keeping things straight, sorted, and clean. It was confusing, because we were in the dreams of two people, trying to link the dreams together, and the people were resisting our doing this.

We were in rooms that were much like rooms in a house, but the floors were sloped, so it was difficult to move about. Also, the rooms keep shifting, as well as the objects within them.

The people we were trying to help kept hiding from us, and changing appearances. We were trying to find objects to help them, but they thought we were causing their difficulties.

The “objects” we were trying to help them find were like crystals.

Two of the people we were trying to help are “real-life” clients of mine, and the two of them are close friends with one another.

The crystals were shaped like natural aquamarine points: 6-sided, long slender pieces, slightly yellow but mostly white. (Teo’Na tells me they are aquamarine, more yellow than blue because they were tainted by “bile”, which comes from anger.)

The crystals also kept getting covered with feces, almost as if they were perverse “sweets” with “chocolate” coatings. It seems these people thought thus was the thing to do with their gifts: coat them with nastiness and inject them with sarcasm.

When these people finally understand that the “crystals” are gifts, the “crystals” will regain their “pure” appearance.

Our work is quite thankless, because our subjects of interest think we’re harassing them, so we see that we may need to follow them around for some time.

“This work is on-going”, Teo’Na says. “You (Leslee) do less than others to find people who are jumbled-up messes of love and light. Please think about this today and carry the Ghost Radar words with you.”

These are the Ghost Radar words the appeared as I was writing down the dream:

GR 6:07 am – 6:35 am:
universe look directly chamber effort aid entire apart power wheat gentle

“Look for images of recent crop circles to help you understand.”

Here is another Ghost Radar reading from later this morning:

What’s needed now

From: Monday, Feb 27, 2012, 10:03 AM
To: Monday, Feb 27, 2012, 11:44 AM

Words Spoken:
alone search twice trade else New York case due slope thrown chest Sally

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    • This is interesting, listening to a recent interview relating to 9/11 and mind control, it occurred to me that even though many of us have the idea that perhaps it was special-ops men dressed in swat team uniforms involved in setting the WTC demolitions, what all evidence is pointing to is that it was WOMEN who set the demolitions. Prostitutes who work on the streets of New York and have already been brought “part of the way” because of their profession. So it makes the mind control that much easier to implement…

      Supported by the movie “eyes wide shut”….

      • Aquamarine can heal emotions when staring into it and leaving your tention in its ocean of water πŸ™‚ then clean the crystal for further use, it can change its colour meaning that the owner`s health has changed or his/her mood …it is the stone of the Truth

    • Oh, I bet we are, Tauno! I began having dreams about that about 5-6 years ago, and they consistently involve a group about the size of the group here on STC, and spread all over the globe πŸ˜€
      (Jisela is one of our newly-found Spanish-speaking sisters) πŸ™‚

      • This is wonderful, dear Les! I am so happy to be with you and the Light team of ours! we are the Grid! Love and Light!

  1. The feeling of this dream is a lot like trying to help members of my family, people I am “invested” in getting the information. I present alternatives in Love and what they hear is criticism and condemnation. Like I am trying to make them wrong.

    It is the catch 22 of Love. You can’t really start receiving Love from others until you Love yourself enough to look past your filtered view, the tainted crystals. Until you do, the self judgement you are feeling is projected onto the ones offering new perspectives. It is hard to not take their reactions personally.

    Seems like the description of the problem more than a solution. It doesn’t go any faster when we push. Maybe pushing slows the expedition. I keep having to remind myself that demonstration is the only way to teach Love….

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I think you’re so right, Kelly, and I’ve had this experience plenty of times with my family… A year or two ago, when I began getting messages about emotions, I was kind of blown away at hearing that love accepts unconditionally… That’s a tall order!
    Related to what you describe, though, and seeming to go hand in hand, is that things got much better with my family (at least from MY perspective), when I began putting my foot down and setting some firm boundaries.
    That seemed to demonstrate or broadcast that we could all survive a change in “the rules”, and others seemed more willing to try it for themselves…
    Life is certainly a mystery.

  3. WOW! thanks Les πŸ™‚

    the message i get – loud and clear – is that i must STOP chasing and trying to find people, or reasons to help people… when the time is right, they come to me. If I pursue them, that is MY will, and the sloped floor and slippery surface just frustrates me and makes and “issue” out of the job at hand. I thought I had stopped doing that – I used to do it all the time, thinking that IF ONLY they would listen, they could solve their problems – now I realise how arrogant that was. It can only happen when they are ready, when THEY ask, and coming looking for a solution – not just because I think they should!!!

    the crystals… what a MAGNIFICENT pic of a sacred Aquamarine, Troy – such a powerful piece! Yes, again for me, the crystal, whichever one it may be, symbolises purity and truth – people cover it with all their sh*t, literally and figuratively, because THEY are not ready to face the truth

    I think it’s the old thing about us not “doing” but rather, just BEING… we will all shine like beacons for those who are searching. We are all so different, who I am may not resonate with someone, but who YOU are, may… we all have so much wisdom and love to share, but ALL we ever need to do is to hold that space, “go to the party”, and just BE…


    • That`s right , dear Steffie, all we have to do is just to Be present and everything will come when the time is right, people, ideas, fulfilled promises you just stay in your Light and walk your path, your heart is your guidance πŸ™‚ Trust your Spirit because all we are Multidimensional Highly evolved Beings of Light

    • I hear you, Steffie! We don’t *feel* arrogant when we try to “convince” others of our “certainty”, but their lack of response is a beautiful gift, leading us to acceptance and humility. Thank goodness for “others”… πŸ˜‰

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