Konstantinos’s Art

Self portrait of KP40-Konstantinos

One of the Light beings Eugenio Siragusa had contacts with in 1960’s

Pleiadian woman

Lemurians of Telos thank the Creator for the paradise they live in

Two members of the Galactic Federation give guidelines to a new member from Earth

Communication between Salusa from Sirius and Laura Tyco

The Divine moment of First Contact

JGunner’s dream-JGunner discusses with a benevolent reptilian being and answers its questions

Another Lightbeing

Commander Ashtar

Ashtar gives guidelines to some members of the Ashtar Command

A resident of Atlantis

A member of the Galactic Federation

An imaginery depiction of Atlantis

An imaginery landscape of an ET world

In the days of Lemuria

Scenes of my dream on December 3rd 2011

This is a dream with UFOs I had  on December 3 2011. Let me describe it to you. I was on my house’s balcony with some friends and the sky had dark clouds with some twilight colours. Then through the clouds appeared some bright spots and when they came closer, it seemed they were bright spaceships and some of more clear shape. They were coming from all the directions and some of them passed above from our heads. Me and my friends greeted them warmly and they made a display with a variety of colours. The last part of the dream was when some energy motives of red, green ,yellow, orange and blue colours came near to my eyes and united, they formed a huge amount of white- yellow light. That was my dream.

Another depiction of Atlantis

Adama of  Telos

A variety of benevolent ET races

Two members of the Ashtar Galactic Command

Members of the Nibiruan Council

Iltheos, my Arcturian parallel self

Iltheos and me

Galactic Light Ship ‘Space Wave’

Kp-Iltheos-GLS Space Wave-Mother Earth


Zorra-Inner Earth resident and Bill Woodard’s/Zaraia’s father

Ashtar Sheran

A Pleiadian

Archangel Michael

‘Hello’ from a benevolent Galactic being

‘Anybody home? ‘


Interacting with our Star Families

Moraine, member of the spaceship Athabantian’s Crew

Agnes, Moraine’s daughter

Mikos-Lemurian, Guardian of the Porthologos Library in the city of Catharia (under Aegean Sea) and Agnes’s partner

Iltheos poses

Umbro, senior member of the spaceship Tulya’s crew

A landscape from my dream connection with Inner Earth (on my birthday,7/7/2012)

RAnlAn, AnrAl, MonEn, TherAl, SilEsio, AnOn: Members of my Arcturian Family

A scene from my Arcturian Family’s 1st parable ‘the experiment’


A scene from my Arcturian Family’s 2nd parable ‘Light  and Dark’


Energetic Crystal Patterns sent to me telepathically from Mikos on Sunday, Sept 9th 2012

Jesus Sananda and Mikos

Arrival of some members of the Pleiadian Family

Arcturian plays with baby

Commander Ashtar and his Cosmic Fleet of Light

Help for reaching the Gate

My dream-astral meeting with pleiadian Piannah on Sep 18 2012

Pleiadian Piannah from Alcyone

Apparelio, Selicia, Piannah, Nonel, Toral, Volen, Quaril(e): Crew of the spaceship ‘Angelon’

Galactic Light Ship ‘Angelon’

Aliandrei, mermaid of the 7D


Equasax from Bellatrix, 4D-5D benevolent human of the Reptilian Race

Lozet from Vega in the Constellation of Lyra, 6D Being, works with the Ashtar Command

The ‘belt of Love’

I am One with the Universe


Divine Help: We are not alone and we are Loved

Starseed Astral Journey

Athos from Inner Earth, 5D-6D being

Analla, 7D-8D being, member of the High Council of Venus

Scene of my dream on Oct 26th 2012

My Spirit Guide Nadral

My Spirit Guide Azucar

My Guardian Angel Handriel

My Higher Self OALL

Dragon Fanung

ET encounter

A physical meeting between brothers

The Divine alchemy of the Twin Flames

Energetic expansion of the Love Force

Third eye contact

Count of  Saint Germain (Comte de Saint Germain)

‘Shall I free myself from the limitations of the linear mind ?’

Leaving the old dualistic world of the 3D physical level

Doreal, 5D-6D being, one of my ‘future’ selves

Martian Commander Zunko

Commander Zunko of the 3D Mars interior

Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha/Siddharta Gautama

The teacher is aways on his student's side

The teacher/guide is always on his/her student’s side (see the face on the clouds)

contact during meditation

Contact with members of our Galactic Family during meditation


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  2. This is so incredible. I am currently starting on my own journey as an artistic conduit for such information and love to be shared. This is truly inspiring. Thank you!!

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