Konstantinos: Some significant signs-A parable from my Arcturian Family ‘The Experiment’

Hello dear friends. Yesterday I was outside. While I was walking I was thinking about the future when suddenly I saw in front of me a paper stuck on the front side of a clothe store…’TELOS EPOCHIS’ which means ‘END OF SEASON’ regarding the discounts. But in Greek ‘epochi’ (epoch) means also ‘age’…’END OF (old) AGE’! That was the first sign. 

Later, I got the bus to return at home. After some hour, I looked at the bus clock and the time was 20:12 (year 2012) and right at that moment, the electronic voice said ‘Next Stop: Analipsi’…’Analipsi’ in Greek means ‘Ascension’…get it ? (-_-). After these two signs, I heard the six beings from my Arcturian family telling me that these signs was an ensurance, so I didn’t have to feel frustrated and then they told me briefly a parable, which they repeated extensively this morning. The parable’s title is ‘The Experiment’.

Warm greetings, Dear Ones! We wish with this message to transfer to you a significant teaching through a story…a parable. It has been proven that a parable is an excellent tool for the comprehension of complicated concepts and meanings by the souls who live in the 3rd Dimension. Furthermore, a story is something entertaining and exciting, especially for the little children.

Our parable is starting with a human, a young man, Hank, who recently inherited a big amount of money and a successful enterprise from his uncle. Hank was not like the other people of his age. He  got himself busy with Spirituality and he had confirmed to himself  a lot of Spiritual Truths through his personal experiences.

But it came a time that Hank wished to make an experiment, in a period that he was facing inner upheavals, in order for him to assist his faith and remove pessimism and doubts. He had observed a specific area of his city, where a homeless man was coming often and he was looking carefully in the only trash can that was there, in order for him to find something that he could use. Some inches away, there was a bench, where frequently, a wealthy middle age industrialist was sitting and reading his newspaper for 60 or 90 minutes. The industrialist had never eagerly chosen to give something to the homeless man. This situation had been observed by Hank for a week. Hank considered this case appropriate for his experiment.

So Hank by pretending that he was randomly passing from that area twice a week, he was dropping, before the homeless man appears,  some papers with 400 dollars in the specific trash can. Then, he was hiding behind the nearest building that was across from the trash can and he was waiting to watch what would follow.

The homeless man appeared, as previously, at the usual time and searched the trash can where for the first time found money..and he started to jump full of happiness. Jumping and dancing, the homeless man thanked God for the unexpected gift. Next to him, as previously, was the industrialist who was surprised with the incident. ‘It was just luck‘ he thought.

But this ‘luck‘ was repeated 2 more times. The industrialist started to lose his patience and cursed the Heavens for the happiness of the ‘unworthy vagabond‘, although his bussiness was continuously successful. From that time and on, the industrialist decided to keep an eye on the trash can, waiting for the money’s sender.

Hank continued his usual move, but this time the industrialist was already there. So, he went discreetly and took the money, laughed sneeringly and  left. A little later, the homeless man appeared and when he did not find any money, he continued searching for something else to use. Then, he looked up to the sky and said ‘I may haven’t found money today, but at least I keep finding things that are useful to me. Thank You my God  for this, as I also thank You for giving me the chance to help with the money I found, other homeless fellow men too. I am grateful ‘.

Hank was surprised by the Love that was coming from this homeless and weathered man, in contrast with the wealthy and ‘thief’ industrialist.  All was going according to Hank’s plan, who was feeling that he (himself), the homeless man and the industrialist could benefit deeply from this experiment.

The industrialist continued his strategy two more times. And a little later as before, the homeless man, though he did not find any money, he continued to be grateful. But Hank was aware about Karma and the Heavenly Justice (it has nothing to do with punishment) it represented and he was waiting patiently.

Indeed, the next time, the industrialist appeared again, but this time he was displeased. ‘I hope for the police to catch this robber who stole the money I had found in this damn trash can! ‘ he shouted and then, after not finding any money in the trash, he left. Yes, Hank had been confirmed. A little later, the homeless man appeared and though he did not find any money he expressed his gratitude for finding useful objects.  Then, Hank appeared to him and said ‘What we give, it comes back to us. I admire theLove you give to the Creator and to the people around you. Additionally, you assisted my faith with your example. Would you like to work for me? ‘.

Are you the sender of the money? ‘ the homeless man asked. Hank confirmed that. ‘It would be my honor if you accepted my suggestion‘. The homeless man accepted. Hank and the ex-homeless man created a beautiful friendship and partnership and created a care home for the city’s homeless people. As for the industrialist, never got back to the area with the trash can, but by feeling that he learned a lesson, he started giving monthly and generous donations to the care home of Hank and his ex-homeless friend.

The teaching of this parable is this: It does not matter how many ‘obstacles’ you will meet, because Love will override them as the Invincible Force it is. With Faith to the God inside you and with Love to the ones around you, you create and pull your desirable reality…for you and the ‘others’. Next time, we will come with another parable.

We are leaving you for now, although we are constantly with you (laughs). We Love you a lot.

RAnlAn, AnrAl, MonEn, TherAl, SilEsio, AnOn from Arcturus.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:




  1. Thank you KP! I just reblogged your work on Here and Now 🙂 Much love and many thanks to you dear Konstantinos! and thank you from a pack of us!! 🙂 xoxo

    • Thank you dear Laura. And thank you for your significant channeling work as well. Continue the great work (-_-). Much Love and Light to you.

  2. I love it! I could see the whole story playing out as I read it. That you so much for sharing this KP. We can all learn and benefit from this, truly a great lesson for all. I love you all! Namaste’

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