SaLuSa ~ September 28, 2012

SaLuSa 28-September-2012

The time lines are beginning to merge into the ones that carry the most energy, and are naturally strongest where people have the intent to ascend and those who do not. What you will be looking at is the result of your mass consciousness that is creating according to your wishes. Ascension itself is going to bring changes that have been divinely decreed, and are of Universal proportions and controlled by the higher forces. You do therefore create your own experiences, and Ascension will be your final one as you leave the cycle of duality, to take your place in the New Age. Events can be changed according to your speed and level of advancement, and that allows for any delay caused by the dark Ones. So we say to you still keep focused on the actual Ascension, and prepare for an input of powerful energy that you will be aware of.

There is always going to be much discussion about how the future events will take place, as there are many different views about it. What you have been promised will certainly come about and you have much to gain from it. In fact the timing has often had to be adjusted, and you are of course now aware that some events have had to be put back. However, you will not miss out and you will pass on to a higher vibration, and benefit from the many changes that will lift you up further into the Light. The old paradigm will by then have no further influence in your lives, and you will enjoy the absolute peace and joy that comes with the new one.

We are still pushing for our allies to raise their actions, as we would like to see some major changes commence very shortly. That would ease your worries and assure you that the end of the cycle was going to end as predicted. However, that may depend on your expectations as only a minority have any idea of what lies ahead. We will address that in one way or another, so that all souls have a final choice as to whether they desire to leave the lower dimensions for the higher ones. What you can be certain of is that those of you that came into this life having already made their choice to ascend will do so. There will have been high points in their lives that have led them on to the right path, and brought enlightened souls to them. Each of you has had immense help, and you would have had to be quite defiant to go against your life plan that included Ascension.

Ascension is not a 5 minute wonder, but is a path you have been travelling for a very long time and will continue to do so. There have been many highlights, particularly at the end of the last century and your present one. Each one has brought the energies to a higher level than previously. They have gently helped you along, unlike the 21st. December 2012 when all will be noticeably affected. Already many have noticed what have become to be known as Ascension symptoms, that can easily mistaken for the onset of illness. Clearly if they persist it is wise to check your condition with a doctor, as normally they will disappear in a matter of a few days.

Whatever happens go along with it knowing that Ascension is ongoing, and you are not going to miss out because of any delays. It is all planned and soon you will be rid of the Dark Ones, because no matter how devious they are or whatever power they can exert, they have no place in your future. You tend to get depressed when events do not turn out as expected, but if you are of the Light the battle has already been won. There is lots to be done to move you quickly into the New Age but we are more than equal to the task. We are constantly amending our plans to suit whatever situation comes up, and that is no problem at all for us,

The pivotal point at present revolves around the Presidential Elections in the U.S. Our man is the one chosen to lead you out of duality, and that is because he has immense spiritual experience and understanding to meet the challenge. There are others around him also ready to join up in a new Government, that will be based on new principles and truly represent the people. There will be no failure or repeat of what you previously experienced, as the dark Ones have had their day and capitulated to the Light. So please do not be too concerned by the threats of those who still promote greed and self power. They will not figure in the new Government which is to be for the people.

Accept that what happens is part of the cleansing that must take place, before the changes can be introduced. Mother Earth will also need to take some actions, but they will not be as severe as some people forecast. We of the Galactic Federation are still overseeing all that happens on Earth, and take part in many things that you are not aware of. So please do not feel that we are non-active, when in fact we are probably more involved than ever before. You are certainly seeing more of us, and the best is yet to come when we can arrange our flyovers. We register that disclosure has is being powered by the people, and we applaud your initiative and persistence. Anything that awakens people to the truth is well worthwhile.

Obviously the next few weeks are going to be very important, and you should be able to see where matters are heading. You can expect to see more charges come out against corrupt bankers as their activities are investigated. It takes time to gather the appropriate evidence, and it needs to be thorough. Some flee rather than face the music, and for the time being they will get away with their crimes but will eventually answer for them. Our main thrust is to see them removed, so that we are left with trustworthy and reliable people to handle the new financial arrangements. It is all part of moving you on and bridging the gap between the old and the new systems.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so happy to see how far you have advanced in such a short time. Nothing was taken for granted as you were facing a very stiff test, and you are winning all the way down the line. Keep on looking ahead and do not relax your determination to see this cycle through to the very end. You are indeed Warriors of the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.



  1. Hey everybody! Just droppin in. 🙂

    I totally get what you mean Larry, it’s like everything is turning up in frequency and it is beginning to show in others. On my end, emotions are heightened and tenseness is buried under the surface of many who are unawakened where we Live. It’s all building toward a wonderful conclusion and I can’t wait to include our families in our glorious new future!!

    Much Love all,

    Wes 🙂

  2. ( ( ( One Love Evolution Spirit Train Riders!!! ) ) )

    **Your Beliefs Bind You To The Illusion**
    09/30/2012 by John Smallman

    The excitement mounts as your awakening draws ever closer. You have been waiting a long time for this and you will not be disappointed. Some of you have had so called “peak experiences,” when whatever you were doing flowed perfectly and at a level of competence or ability that was way beyond what you would describe as normal. It was uplifting for you, even galvanizing, because it seemed that you could do no wrong, could do nothing to interrupt or prevent this energetic flow from delivering the most remarkable outcome. The sheer wonder of moments like those are as nothing compared to what awaits you upon your awakening.

    The journey to reach this stage in your evolution has indeed been arduous — a long and exhausting endeavor — but the end is in sight, and even though you have doubts, deep within yourselves you have a certainty, a knowing that this is true. When you relax, meditate, or pray, seek out this certainty within yourselves; focus on it and intend that you awaken, because doing so reminds you that this is your destiny and that it is God’s Will for you. By doing this regularly you allow yourselves to confirm that deep inner knowing and your doubts fade. You are on your way Home, and nothing will divert you from that path because it is calling to you so irresistibly.

    You are all divine beings playing imaginary games, but because you are divine the power of your collective imagination is intensely powerful, and because of how you chose to play your games it has convinced you that the games are real. When you believe in something and succeed in convincing yourselves that it is the truth it becomes very tough for you to see through that belief and recognize it for what it is – an opinion with which you have identified – because your beliefs become your identity, and you think that if they are removed you will cease to exist. A terrifying thought, and so you tend to cling to them ferociously and inflexibly.

    Your beliefs bind you to the illusion because they are co-dependent and inseparable from one another. Nevertheless, your inner knowing is constantly attempting to bring this into your awareness by presenting you with new information so that you can look at these viewpoints dispassionately, without being subject to their demands for your allegiance or loyalty. Beliefs can be changed or discarded, as your knowledge and experience show you their inadequacy, leaving room for an expansion of your consciousness and enabling you to accept new ideas and information as they are presented to you. There is infinite knowledge available to you, and you can deepen your awareness and wisdom if you will make room for it by questioning your beliefs in response to new information.

    The illusion is a state of limitation and anything that you can do to dissolve those limitations is a step on the path to leaving it behind. Using your mind to uncover the nuggets of wisdom contained in every field of human endeavor can be most inspiring. Every day new knowledge and wisdom are being discovered in areas that had previously been thought to have been fully explored, and there is no end in sight. Temporary halts occur when inflexible beliefs prevent what has been newly brought to light from being properly examined.

    Beliefs are like addictions; you get hooked on them. Everyone has had the experience of forming a belief about someone they have never met but have heard of, and later, on meeting them and getting to know them, they have been nonplussed to discover that the imaginary perception that they had invented bears practically no resemblance to the person, and they have to change or adjust their belief accordingly.

    You all have beliefs that have become deeply ingrained over the course of your lives and which you never question – you had a thought, it made sense to you at the time, and it became a belief, or your parents or teachers led you to believe that something was a proven fact – and then one of your children or one of your younger friends or associates draws to your attention its invalidity. That can be very unsettling for you! Maybe you refuse to look at it from their perspective (admitting to yourselves that you have been wrong all these years can be very painful) and get angry with them as you try to defend it.

    However, when you can begin to question your beliefs without fear, and release those that no longer serve you, you will uncover within you a sense of freedom, a sense of space, and you will feel lighter. Most of you know people who have inflexible beliefs and attitudes and with whom it is difficult, if not impossible, to have a meaningful conversation. When someone like that comes to mind remind yourselves that everyone is a mirror in whom you see your own reflection. At first it is hard to admit that to yourselves, but you are all aware of having noticed others not seeing, or choosing not to see, their faults or inadequacies very clearly reflected back to them. Are you really so different?

    Having the courage to recognize and admit that you might be wrong is very empowering, and your fears and anxieties drop away as you discover that to do so is not life threatening. Not only that, but a new vista of possibilities opens up before you, inviting you to explore it, and your knowledge and wisdom expand as you allow yourselves the freedom to observe without rushing to judgment. Your need to instantly identify and slot information into what seems to be the appropriate space weakens, and you find that you can happily wait with uncertainty until enough information arrives to allow you to file it correctly.

    Within the illusion enormous quantities of information, which could be most helpful in resolving issues and bringing light to tricky situations, is misidentified in the heat of the moment, causing confusion and suffering for those involved. When you can allow yourselves some time to ponder on a problem or a situation, instead of needing to rush to find and embrace the answer (thus demonstrating your brilliance), many painful misunderstandings can be avoided, as can the stress and anxiety that they induce.

    Loving attitudes lead to loving words and actions gently and smoothly delivered. To rush is distracting and confusing, and it often leads to unnecessary and painful misperceptions that can result in inappropriate reactions leading to conflict. Take your time. You always have plenty, so do not rush — or allow yourselves to be rushed. Behave lovingly in every situation, and enjoy the enormous reduction in stress and anxiety that it brings you. It is a very big change in behavior and attitude for most of you, and demands your constant awareness, but your guides and angels are with you constantly to help and encourage you, and the rewards you will receive far outweigh the effort involved.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  3. Hello All!!!!
    1st off I would like to say happy birthday to my little sis and hope she really enjoys her 27th
    And I have been seeing change going on even people who don’t believe in all this are noticing the change also starting with reactions with in world as a whole and in people as well tempers are flying and the feeling of being on edge with the use of the term of ” caught between two worlds” I think this last bit of the year I think we will see the dark one trying to hold us back just like it says in the Bible “the closer you get to God or walk with God the more open you are to your demons”
    so any time you find your self feeling low and or in a dark place or angry and don’t know why that’s why it’s all part of the change AND IT IS GGGOOOOOODDD !!!

    Love you all and hope you have a great day and a easy and a enlightened Ascension with lots and lots of Peace Love unity and Respect


  4. Lady Portia ~~ You are swinging between 2 realities ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont, 26/09/2012
    Posted by Meindert Arends on September 27, 2012 at 10:05pm
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    Greetings, my beloved hearts. I like to dwell in your NOW energy to bring this enlightened message, full of Love, forward to all of you. Let me begin by stating that you are delivering quite astonishing performances ; I like to keep on saying this and I feel how your Love rises ever higher, far above the level of what is needed on the average!
    We are there, we have made it, we have reached the limit and even outstripped it. I express my gratitude for this ; your enlightenment has shaped your new world and I can honestly relay to you that this shape really is a beautiful form made out of purity itself. Just a little while longer before this new world will be presented to you.
    My dearest hearts, you only have the last sprint in front of you, leading up to the finishing line, the biggest one ever. Admittedly, this last sprint can require lots of energy and perseverance, that’s why it is of the utmost importance to give you and your physical vessel more rest than usual.
    Your physical vessel has undergone many transformations lately and it now contains more and more Light and Love. Adapting to those higher frequencies of Light and Love goes more smoothly now and becomes increasingly tolerable for you as you are really getting used to those adjustments.
    The difficulty you are experiencing now lies in the fact that your physical bodies have reached such a degree of enlightenment that the current vibrations in which you dwell are so low in comparison, that your enlightened vessel can no longer function properly at a certain point. It distances itself increasingly from these lower vibrations to reach the state of perfection, as a forming lightbody.
    All in all, you have to adapt constantly between the two different worlds in which you alternately dwell, namely the still existing, but crumbling 3 D vibration, also known as duality and illusion on the one hand and the innovative world of 5D vibration in which you just entered on the other hand.
    The ongoing duelling with each other and the travelling, back and forth in both of those worlds, makes it extremely difficult for you. You have arrived at the most active point where everything is activated simultaneously inside yourself as well as outside yourself.
    One moment you feel yourself adapting to the enlightened higher energy of the 5D vibration, a process that now goes much more smoothly after a long period of adjustments. The next moment you seem compelled to lower your energy arriving again in the old 3D vibration in which you have spent so many lifetimes.
    This is what is so difficult to experience for the Lightworker community. A feeling of struggle predominates in order to again adjust yourself to these lower energies, it is quite obvious that you can no longer cope with these lower vibrations, let alone tolerate them, as you increasingly distance yourself from them to reach the higher vibrations.
    This results in extreme fatigue, this gives way to a sense of depression and to moodswings between being lighthearted and being heavyhearted. Be aware, my lovely ones, that you are amidst this “swinging” phase between two worlds, to afterwards, definitely be dwelling in the world of your choosing, the world of your creation.
    Your astral travels and the active duties you perform during your sleeping hours have in themselves also reached a pinnacle which corroborates the fact that much is achieved by you as well as by the Higher and the Galactic Worlds. Let this be a confirmation that a lot is unfolding in and around your planet leading up to enormous transformations. You have now arrived at a specific Galactic level which induces a very close cooperation, a fact that has already started on the astral level.
    Dreams and memories appear to take on their forms and are turning to you. Progressively they are duly noticed and experienced in an increasingly conscious manner. These are the many changes that will appear in front of you, whose manifestations are taking on specific forms. For that you rejoice and with reason, for it is the first icing on the cake; many more will follow, up until the end of the ride!
    Let’s all take good care of ourselves and taking lots of naps whenever possible, as the hard work performed at this high level interdimensionally is a work of gigantic proportions. Since we are all increasingly becoming one with our Higher Selves, we also experience our other embodiments who find themselves simultaneously on other timelines, in other dimensions, spread throughout the whole Galaxy and far beyond. I greet you all, my beloved hearts, from the bottom of my heart for I love you all so deeply.
    I AM that I AM
    Lady Portia
    Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.
    Veröffentlicht am September 26, 2012

  5. You got it Michael?

    Stick, I was cracking up this morning picturing you at your keyboard almost losing your tea in the keyboard, so glad you saved the keyboard.
    I remember when we were kids, we would always try to make each other laugh when they just took a big gulp of milk. Then they would burst out laughing and the milk would come through their nose. Didnt take much to amuse us. My little brother was like an expert burper. Now , we are only like 6 to 8 years old but he could talk burp.
    We would go out and anyone who came our way he would say something stupid in his burping langualge and we would be ROTFL at this. The reactions from the people was priceless.
    And no, we never got slapped upside the head.

  6. Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Channeled Messages September 17-23, 2012
    Sep 24
    Posted by Wes Annac
    Shelley Young
    Shelley’s Note: If you would like to receive Archangel Gabriel’s daily messages for free on the day they are posted, please “like” Trinity Esoterics on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @trinityesoteric or check our website

    September 17, 2012

    Have you re-examined your belief systems about love? What do you think love should be like in an enlightening society? What has worked for you, personally, in the past? How have your relationships fallen apart? You see, other than religion, love has had more constricting belief systems than any other aspect of your human existence. We ask you to think back to the flush of first love. That was when you first experience love with no expectations. In that innocence, you recognized that love was wonderful!

    New love is fresh and pure and feels so divine because it has you celebrating the divinity in each of you. You are in the moment, feeling exquisite heart expansion and are in wonder, embracing the miracle of the flow that brought you to that Now moment, and feeling complete acceptance, wonder and gratitude for that other person, and seeing that reflected back to you.
    Those are the aspects that allow love to bloom, to experience it as an extension of Source energy. It is the societal expectations and the human’s attachment to outcome that slowly start to drain the love experience. What if you made a commitment to celebrate the divinity in others as a way of celebrating yourself? What if you practiced unconditional love for yourself, and by doing so, saw it amplify and come back into your existence? Assuming responsibility for your own wholeness and moving beyond separation consciousness and fear of lack is what will take the human relationship to an entirely new level and will allow love to shine on your planet like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel

    September 18, 2012

    Many enlightening human beings have questions about what to do with their loved ones who aren’t on the same path as they are. Our answer? Simply love them and know that they are exactly where they need to be on their own path. Each and every person has their own unique soul agenda and their own team of helpers to assist them on their way. Do not make your loved ones wrong for having different viewpoints from yours. By taking that higher viewpoint and practicing acceptance and allowing, you take on the role of guide on earth and can love them unconditionally while honouring their free will. You will see them as being the divinely perfect beings they truly are and will support them in their own empowerment process. That is the way of the enlightening human being who is practicing mindfulness and celebrating the sacredness of every soul’s journey. ~Archangel Gabriel

    September 19, 2012

    Are you wishing away your life? Humans have a habit of always waiting for the next event, putting off living fully until the next weekend, holiday, event or accomplishment. Dear Ones, your life is happening, in all its glory, in this Now moment! Your life is not meant to be drudgery the majority of the time, marking time until the next tiny pocket of joy. Worse, when you are constantly wishing the time away you are not using the gift of the Now, and you begin to create unconsciously. Each Now moment is an incredible gift to be savoured and celebrated for its unique beauty. By doing so, you will start to feel joyful a much greater amount of the time, and will experience more and more of the blissful energy you had only been experiencing sporadically in your life. The Now comes with two gifts – the gift of the present moment and the gift of the future that has been energetically set by your cherishing of the Now. Living
    joyfully, wholly and completely is absolutely available to you. Doesn’t that sound like heaven on earth? ~Archangel Gabriel

    September 20, 2012

    Dear Ones, it’s beautifully simple. Surrender. Go with the flow. Spend time doing what brings you joy. Focus on what you want more of. Love. Practice gratitude. Humans love to make things more complicated than they need to be. If you simply focus on those basic aspects, you will be living the life of your dreams in record time. ~Archangel Gabriel

    September 21, 2012

    Dear Ones, it is time to get serious about joyful spirituality. What do we mean by this? It is time to embrace living in the light. These miraculous times are what your soul has been so excited to experience. Give your spiritual practices the time they deserve and give yourself permission to live your spirituality blissfully in the way that best honours you and who you really are. Remember, you are the wayshowers, the pathpavers, the beacons, the teachers by example. If you are walking around complaining about how hard the process is and how horrible your ascension symptoms are, why would anyone want to follow your lead? You get to choose how your enlightenment feels! If you commit to shifting with grace and ease, excitedly, open-heartedly, gratefully accepting all the gifts that are available to you at this time, you will be creating heaven on earth and become a shining example of the joys of living a spiritual existence. ~Archangel Gabriel

    September 22, 2012

    Many enlightening human beings get drawn into the world of conspiracy theories or watching out for the dark cabal. They feel like it is their job to be hyper vigilant, to be informed, so they can’t be fooled. Dear Ones, we are not for a second saying that there are no groups with dark agendas. But you cannot change this reality with an ‘us versus them’ mentality. By falling into that kind of thinking, you would be energetically supporting separation consciousness and the 3D world, the very world you are here to assist in evolving beyond! Trust in the Shift. The old, ego based systems are no longer being supported. Focusing on them will only result in you spinning your wheels in energies that do not reflect who you really are. Embrace your creator self. Know that to affect change is to focus on what you want more of. Anchor the higher energies by staying calm and focused, embodying the very aspects you wish to see in the New Earth. That is the way of authentic power and that is what will create the changes you wish to see in your world. ~Archangel Gabriel

    September 23, 2012

    Holding your balance is so vital for the remainder of your linear year. We highly encourage you to prioritize the activities that assist you in keeping that state of balance. Imagining being in a beam of light that stretches up into Source and down into Gaia can help tremendously. Practicing acceptance and allowing is also key, for when you know each soul is exactly where they need to be, you can rest assured they are being assisted by their own team of helpers and focus on the only thing you really have control over, which is your own beingness. Holding your highest light not only feels wonderful but it is being of service and helps more than you could ever imagine. You are all contributing to the whole, each and every one of you, so why not make sure your contribution is the brightest and purest expression of your unique energy? ~Archangel Gabriel

    Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young Facebook: Trinity Esoterics Twitter: @trinityesoteric YouTube:

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  7. Good morning everyone and a happy TGIF to all.
    Ah, nice quiet night last night. Dana came down around 8 but only to use my oven.
    Update on Paranoid Bob. some guy took him in in staten Island, was going to do his basement so bob could stay there but now bob is locked out. Apparently bob stole money from this guy and also some of his stash.
    There was A Bob sighting during the week and he was sitting on my steps during the day.
    Some people just dont want to work and I told bob a thousand time to get a truck driving job as he does have a license to drive a big rig. Of course he tells me they only hire owner operators but that is not true.
    This area is one of the biggest trucking areas in the US and most trucking companies have their own trucks and pay their truckers by the hour.
    Well, we all know the saying about leading a horse to water.
    BTW, you can see where Americas priorities lie. The whole country is talking about the NFL referee strike. I mean front page news. This america cares about and not the wars, the homeless the third world countries but a strike with some of the richest players and owners in the world.
    If Americans would put their energies into healing our world, wow , things would have changed by now.
    I mean I like football but I dont get so personally involved.
    The lady on CNN this morning had this big smile and kept saying this is big because the regular referees came back last night.
    Just show you where the majority of the collective consciousness in America lies.
    BTW I want to re-post the AA Gabriel messages over here. I was reading them on the train and they are really special.
    Two parts really stood out.
    One was where he mentioned we should not really think of us against the cabal too often and that is seperation consciousness and not unity.
    Then in another he mentions that we should not focus on certain future events like we cant wait for them to happen because then we fail to live for the day.
    Anohter mentions us always complaing about ASS. well , let me post and you will see what I mean. It really helped my perspective of certain things in life.

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