Konstantinos: The Crew of the spaceship ‘Angelon’-Clarifications and Update

Hello dear friends. On September 26th 2012, before I was going to sleep, I wished to connect in the dream state with the rest of the crew of the spaceship ‘Angelon’. Somehow, as it seemed, this happened. On September 27th 2012 in the morning, before I wake up, I found myself (in the dream) in a bay with some storages around.

Then, a woman, whose appearance I can’t recall, appeared and told me that she was aware of my work regarding New Age and channeling. ‘So, I must show you this man who has a lot of experiences’ she said. Then, a middle-aged man appeared. We sat next to each other. Because of his general look, I asked him if he is an American Indian or a Gypsy.

The man in my Sept 27th 2012 dream

He told me ‘No, no. And I have visited a lot of times physically the big ships’ and the picture of a mothership came to my mind. After that, I found myself in a space which looked like a ‘void’ with a cloudy general color of black and little  cloudy colors in it. Then, I received the words ‘Apparelio’, ‘Selicia’ which were felt like names and the word ‘Family’. I remember that these thoughts were repeated from their ‘source’ and from me a lot of times, in order for me to not forget them. Instantly, I woke up and wrote them down.

Later, by using the pendulum, I ensured that the two names belong to two members of the  crew of ‘Angelon’. Through the same method, I received the names of the rest of the crew and I also learned their current star origin. Then, I connected with them and I received their pictures.

The Pleiadian crew of the Spaceship ‘Angelon’

Apparelio is from Taygeta, Selicia is from Merope, Piannah as you know is from Alcyone, Nonel is from Atlas, Toral is from Maia, Volen is from Electra and Quaril(e) is from Sterope.

Today, I received from them the following message.

Our warm greetings and our Infinite Love to you. You are addressed by the crew of the spaceship ‘Angelon’. You have already met with one of our members, Piannah. All of us together are in this ship for a ‘long time’ on a mission which is about the assistance of Earth, in order for her to accomplish her energetic transmigration.

There is no way for this to be avoided, although, there are souls who do not choose to accept that and they continue their attempts to cancellate it. Needless to say, that their plans are reprieved the one after the other. ‘How does this happen? ‘ we hear some of you wondering and we can feel the doubt and frustration that overwhelm you, while you experience and observe different kinds of ‘maladies’ around you.

Lots of Entities that serve the Light, have informed you of the reasons for your ‘unpleasant’ experiences. Atomic and Collective Karma, Co-creation, Life Plan before Incarnation, delays from the so-called ‘Cabal’ are some of them. You move to the dimension of the vibration of 5, but this will not happen at one night. Otherwise, you would lose chances of ‘lessons’ and also, the feeling of the singularity of this experience which you chose to experience by coming to 3D Gaia.

Indeed, it is about a unique event and among the reasons, is the fact, not the rumor or the faithful wish, but the real/true fact, that you accept for a ‘long time’ a lot of help from many ascended civilizations.But in order for you to realize, biologically and spiritually, the value of this Transmigration, it has formed as a necessity, to experience gradually your development to something different, unprecedented and beneficial.

For some, it is ‘unbelievable ‘. And imagine that these souls used to be, in the long past of your history, part of civilizations which were representing and vibrating to the higher frequencies of Existence. But there is no regret here, neither judgement, because we know that the Veil is not able and has not ‘programmed’ to stay in the same position forever.

We are your family and by that, we do not only mean the Pleiadians, but also every Enlightened Galactic Entity, because all of us, less or more, have left memories of our family bonds in your genetic material. This, does not need to be a problem for your religious communities of your world, because indirectly and essentially the one and only responsible for the existence of anything/one, is the Prime Creator. This does not/cannot change.

We do not define as ‘family‘  only our biological relatives but also, the Infinite Holon and whatever is contained in it. Consequently, by having chosen to exist  in the fifth dimension and beyond, we bind ourselves knowingly to the service of the Light, through the observance of the Universal Laws. When we do not ‘save’  from the physical death, souls who experience their departure from floods or other kinds of ‘Nature’s upheavals’ or wars (personal or not), there is a reason for it and these Laws have a main role in it. This does not mean that we Love you less.

It does not mean that we are indifferent or that we do not have feelings. Because ,by the same logic, you should say that for those who watch cinematic or theatrical depictions of violence and death, hunger and corruption and then, they continue ‘normally’ the rest of the day. ‘But in reality, all this is a movie, nobody gets really hurt ‘ they will tell you. Similarly, the same happens here, in the case of the implementing of your Life Contracts. This does not mean that we do not feel Compassion for your difficult times, because believe us, we have experienced times of Darkness too in the so-called ‘Galactic Wars’.

But these belong to the ‘past’, though a time traveller can see the infinite ‘past events’ happening in the Now. Respectively, same goes for the ‘future’. At this time,  the reality that is formed, regarding your future,  it is about events that include revelations and free distribution of technologies that will benefit you and Mother Gaia. Regarding the issue of our physical presence, this is discussed in the Councils that are conducted. For now, we think to let you experience the mindset ‘I am aware of the Duality, but now I know that the Light is the power that heals ‘.

We are referring to the frequency of the fourth dimension, where you know what the third dimension is, and you move consciously to the choice of experiencing and representing every time the Love for you, all and everything. The assistance to this ‘future’ phase of yours, will become more intense from 2013 and as we will see your improved progress, we will begin to come physically in even bigger numbers. That time, is not far dear ones. As in everything, so in this case, you do your part and we do ours. The Co-creation of our attempts continues to exist and it is multilevel. The forming of realities is ‘fluid’ and variable. The forming is caused from Co-creation.

There is no way our physical Reunion to be, this time, a unfullfiled promise or postponed. Not this time. You/We will not need to wait a lot for our physical interaction. Continue to create on this path. Everything is and will be fine. Do not worry. You have stated and continue to do so, loudly ‘No more Old Energy‘, as the same thing was stated by Mother Earth many of your years ago. We Love you a lot and we are/feel proud of you.

The Crew of the spaceship ‘Angelon’

Apparelio, Selicia, Piannah, Nonel, Toral, Volen, Quaril(e)


As received by Konstantinos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:




  1. Hi dear Suzanne. Glad you liked the message. I receive a ‘yes’ from Apparelio. He sais you two have met before on Astral Plane. You can try to connect with him and if you wish, with the rest of the crew (-_-). Much Love to you dear Suzanne.

  2. I too love meeting our families and your art brings them to life much love to you also KP. Thank you Angelon, I have one question I hope you could answer Apparelio for give me but have we meet before in dream time as your name seems to vibrate as one I had repeated several times but could not pronounce.

  3. Yes, dear Tauno, they tell me that you have met with them in Angelon (-_-)! Great. Glad you like it. Indeed, we are a wonderful crew (-_0).
    Much Love to you dear Tauno.

  4. Konstantinos, this Mother Ship from your picture is very similar to what i have been flying along in my meditation together with Leslee and Lisa
    I may have met Angelon! Great!
    Thank You, my brother of Light
    Love and Light! What a great crew we all are here
    ( ( SUN ) )

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