Message from Agartha – Inner Earth- Pi – Time has come

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

MESSAGEFROMAGARTHAWe are Agarthians and we greet you this day and age our dearly beloved companions of the magnificent planet that we all call home. The mother star ship that is floating amongst the stars.

We come to you today to heed this message to those that have come into this world to undertake this task and to those that will listen. We the Agarthians are here to REMIND you of your mission at hand for which some of you have signed up before incarnating here on earth. Many of you have been hearing the call of the mother earth. Many of your own hearts have been opening wide to the new waves of eternal love coming form your mother Gaia, the healing processes have indeed been running deeply enrooted in the hearts of humanity.

We come to you today and ask that those of you who have come here with…

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