Dreamwalkerdiaries: Hunger and Energetic Harvest

Road to Farmfields by Walter Curlee

This was a not-meditating meditation, I had a conversation / observation, where I could feel parts of the old paradigm were being left behind. Things that used to entertain no longer entertain – I’m finding most movies to not only be boring but horrifying. Violence for the sake of violence, fear for the sake of fear, etc. I suppose this is the dog days of summer…

I started to pick up a conversation confirming this is part of the shift, for me… I have a hunger for all things 5D, that can’t be satisfied at this time. The seeds have been planted, seedlings have sprouted… One must wait for the harvest. Is this what is meant by the harvest? Yes, to satisfy one’s own hunger, when the harvest is ripe, we reap what we sow. This particular harvest has no season for it exists out of time, and so one may enjoy several harvests, as the “great harvest” exists out of time, simply seen as a collection of smaller harvests culminating in a great thanksgiving. Reflect on the pioneers and how they struggled for survival, how every day was an effort to put food on the table, and how there was much limitation… Where now in your time, in less than a lifetime, that struggle is far less, but still a concern for many. So too the energetic technology will improve to where the struggle for a satisfying dose of the higher dimensions will require much less energy expense, more gain, and an easier harvest. Many hands make light work.

How about dark energy, is that harvested as well? This is an abundance of the seeds you currently experience, planted via the media, in a mass-produced fashion. Yet those who benefit from this particular harvest are finding their own hunger. Microwave dinners of the same meal every day can only feed a soul for so long. They know in their hearts, there must be better, yet find it difficult to let go of what they know, the safety of what they know. Even when they are starving. It’s enough… Yet it isn’t. There is more… Yet what will they think of me. I can’t possibly… And of course, the work is HARD. Better to let someone else do the heavy lifting… And so it goes, while others might sometimes enjoy the harvest of the energetic seeds they have sown, tended, weeded if necessary. Sometimes it’s wise to pick the low-hanging fruit. And don’t forget to look around at the field once in awhile, and enjoy the view.

SaLuSa 20.8.2013

We are aware of your feelings and great expectations of the future that lies ahead. The time has come for you to step into self power and make it all happen. Focus on knowing that you became much more powerful with the immense Love and Light you have accepted into your beings and feel if you are ready for another great leap forward. Do ask yourself this question, as it might give you more information than you expect. Do it when you have enough quiet time and when not tired and you will know what you need to work on if the answer would be no. Those of you who are ready will feel such a bliss in knowing that they are prepared that it will move them even closer to the realm of constant peacefulness of mind and know that this is the entering gate into the long awaited higher consciousness level with all these wonderful desired possibilities that are coming into manifestation. Always trust your inner self and accept what your Higher Self is telling you and you will realize that your reality is changing, it might be very sudden realization or it might come in series of wonderful revelations that will show you who you truly are. Welcome it and embrace these own truths and join the Oneness of all and share those blissful feelings wherever you go.

Remember that you have been chosen for these experiences and the more you accept this truth, that you are able to do all you have planned for this current incarnation, the more easier for you will be to fulfill all the needed goals before reaching the ultimate goal for this period in your life and that is completing of ascension. This process is indescribable with words and when you fully immerse into Oneness of All you will be flowing with such ease, that it will surprise you and you will be amazed by the speed that all will start to move. This surprise will not be shocking for you, as it will not happen when you are not ready, because you can go forward only when you are completely sure of what you want and give it enough energy . There will be no confusion of how this will manifest as many of you already know that it will happen the best way for all involved. If you simply let the Universe fulfill your desire in the most beautiful way possible for All, one of your greatest worries will be gone and will not need to return again. Therefore focus on what you want and it shall come to you in the right moment with all the beauty that you are wishing for.

Life is about joy and happiness and with your requested clearing being done and complete, you will enter this realm with your own personal knowledge which you are now sharing and will gladly share with all others, because this is the point of your experiences, to share and learn all the possibilities that your soul wish to experience. Always trust that you are powerful Beings of Light and feel that you are connected to the Source of All That Is and you can ask for help if needed, you can find inspiration, you can get information if you require it for your further development and this way you are able to use the most powerful Love and Light that is surrounding you and making your inner voice more stronger and louder than ever before. Listen to it and let it be your beacon in your journey back home.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we love you all. We are helping your connection to the Source and we are so joyous that still more of you can feel it and enjoy your journey, that is leading you to your true home and happiness. Do let yourselves immerse in these wonderful feelings and pure bliss will flow endlessly into you and will open yourselves for more. You are all blessed.

Channeller: MADAD

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Pleiadedolphininfos: Bundles of Joy, by Azar

Greetings. Due to the plethora of inaccurate information, and intentional misinformation, having been disseminated amongst the population of Earth in ‘time’ past and present, causing titanic confusion, we have chosen to release the following information into the collective consciousness in this format with the goal of clearing up a most fundamental issue once and for All. What follows is an admittedly crude and oversimplified explanation, yes. However, it shall hopefully open many minds and hearts to the Higher Truth of what you call ‘your existence’ and ‘origins’ and ‘true identity’, etc. Higher Truth, like any Aspect of Truth, unfortunately cannot be communicated via the clumsy and hopelessly incomplete medium of human language (or any material-realm language of any virtual world for that matter). Higher Truth in its pure form can only be experienced. But on with today’s communication.

What you perceive of as a ‘human soul’ is in Reality an amalgam, a blend, of ‘fragments’ or holographic ‘fractal aspects’ of various cosmically unique High-Energy ‘Oversouls’ (OS). We enjoy the term and image of ‘Bundles of Joy’ for this characterization, not in any small way due to its uplifting veracity, as Joy is one of the most magnificent qualities of Divinity. Regardless of the specific term utilized, each unique Oversoul is of a much, much too high of a vibration and sheer mass of pure Spirit Energy to ‘incarnate’ into a lower-dimensional vessel. If any entirety of an Oversoul attempted such, the material vessel – biological or non-biological, no matter – would simply be destroyed. Like running too many volts of electricity through a wire that is too thin for that volume of raw power, it would instantaneously ‘burn out’ the material conduit/container. Therefore, the idea of ‘stepping down’ the voltage of Creator Light was born (very long ago in ‘time’ of course) in order to manufacture and structure perceived worlds and realms where All That IS could create freely and joyfully, and then ‘descend’ directly into the perceived virtual realm in order to experience what It had created in a substantive, engaging, and enthralling manner.
Looking at the simple diagram above, it may now be easier to perceive how perplexing the concepts of ‘soul mates’ and ‘twin flames’ can be to an awakening human. For example, as you can clearly observe, one can ‘have’ multiple ‘twin flames’ (to one degree or another). Some incarnations may well represent a ‘less blended’ or ‘purer’ mix of fewer Aspects of an Oversoul, with one human possibly even being ‘made up of’ a single Oversoul frequency greater than 90%, with a relatively minor ‘amount’ of other Oversoul frequency(ies) – but never could any single human incarnation represent even 50% of the total Oversoul Energy, as that would still be too much for the physical vehicle to handle. This is why when the masters of the past ascended to merge back in full consciousness with their Higher Aspects, they left their physical vehicles behind in the virtual realities they were ‘leaving’ (albeit usually in a pristine, incorruptible state). One can also see how the other ‘fragments’ of one’s Oversoul can be spread out among many, many individual incarnations, both in time (past and future lives) and in space (concurrent multiple incarnations). Also, those who represent a very similar ‘blend’ of Oversoul fragments may resonate so closely as to feel like ‘soul mates’ and/or ‘soul family’ – which they most certainly are. Also, these ‘bundles’ or ‘blends’ that represent human souls can be ‘split’ into multiple identical and/or complementary ‘souls’. As you can see, things are much more complex (at these dimensional levels) than can be easily explained, much less assimilated coherently by the incarnated ego-mind.
The Divine reason for this manner of structuring lower-dimensional experience is as follows: In order to create an even more interesting and exciting experience, Fractal Essences of various Oversouls of different energetic frequencies could be mixed or blended together – again, in the worlds of perception – and interact with each other in magnificently entertaining and stimulating ways. These blends of various Oversoul ‘fragments’ would carry enough ‘amperage’ or Spiritual Energy to maintain a sufficient degree of consciousness to be perpetually ‘aware’ of Itself as Consciousness while playing within these virtual worlds – but not too much as to dissolve the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ as many term it, or ‘break through’ too easily back into Full Consciousness. That would abruptly ‘end the game’, so to speak, destroy the Illusion of Separation, you see. A large measure of Unity Consciousness could be and is maintained in most realms and created worlds to make the Grand Theater more enjoyable for All, and to guarantee that no soul got too ‘lost in the Illusion’. However, an alternate playground was also created and explored where a small group of intrepid Oversouls chose to ‘break off’ from the Greater Totality of Oneness (in the distorted perceptions of the lower realms), and take the game a bit further than ever before (in the illusion of time, of course). You as a collective are, of course, part of that blessed group. But we digress. Regarding the other aspects of your current realm, some ‘fragments’ were also created of a lower overall energy in order to populate ‘lesser’ kingdoms such as the animal, plant and mineral. Note that these ‘lesser’ Elements of your worlds are not ‘lesser’ in Nature, no, but only in perceived ‘quantity’ of Spirit Energy Consciousness – and even then, this too is complete illusion, for The Illusion (the material realms), and not an actual ‘reality’.
What must be kept in mind, however, is that this arrangement is ONLY a ‘reality’ insofar as the Illusion of the virtual material realms is concerned. In Divine Reality, We Are All ONE, of course, and this differentiation between souls and Oversouls and Collective Souls etc. is simply a convenient conceptual (mis)representation of the ‘lower dimensions’, utilized to help the ego-minds of self-conscious incarnate beings ‘navigate’ the Illusion with more confidence, grace and ease. For, as you can see in the above diagram, ALL Oversouls (along with their ‘incarnated fragments’ of course) are ‘contained within’ the Collective Soul – and that Collective Soul is ‘contained within’ the larger Creator Soul Body of the ONE that we all Are at even ‘higher’ levels of Reality. You see, there is only ONE of Us ‘here’. And THAT is the only ‘True Reality’. Again, any concept or idea or theory that posits less than Oneness can only be ‘true’ in relation to the local virtual reality – hence the term ‘relative truth’ — and, as you can now hopefully ‘see’ (perceive), even trying to explain this in written language presents major difficulties. Again, please do not take this material as even remotely ‘complete’ or ‘absolute’, no! Do not even consider it anything more than a compassionate attempt at explaining the inexplicable, a woefully inadequate, over-simplistic representation with which we are attempting to help clarify and diminish the rampant confusion, and ameliorate its resulting unpleasant emotions, surrounding this fundamental issue. By far the most important ‘take-away’ from this presentation, and all that really ‘matters’ in the end, is the most fundamental truth in all the Multiverse: ALL IS ONE. Reality is, as we hope you can see, actually quite simple!
We have only a single loving request: That you open your beautiful hearts and magnificent minds to this information, meditate on it in whatever peaceful manner you are most comfortable with, and submit it to your own ‘tests’ or methods of verification to your heart’s desire. The information you receive from Within is immensely more valuable than any that we or any ‘other’ entity can provide from ‘without’, of course, hence our strong encouragement in this direction. Our greatest and fondest hope is that you use the information we have provided as a tool, a stepping stone, that guides you to your own personal experience of Higher Truth — and all that entails. And when you do have that experience – and you will — you shall not only see, but feel and know, how anything less than That Truth is . . . well, just a tale after All.

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