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SaLuSa 13.8.2013

Feel the energies that are surrounding each and every one of you and if they have loving and joyous feeling, than take them inside as much as you can and if for some reason you have a feeling of lower energy being within them, there is something you need to work on or release. These energies are pure Light and Love and they are guiding you on your chosen path. Listen to them and feel them as they are exactly showing you what the issue is. Focus your intention on clearing of the old, as only little remained from the heavy baggage you carried for many, many years. Feel proud of yourselves, that you have been able to do it in such harsh conditions and with that, you have enabled others to do the same much easier and quicker. This should give you satisfaction and feeling of Oneness that you all want to feel. Remember you all came in this life to do exactly what you are doing and many of you are already aware of the future purpose or “work” they will be doing.

Many life times you were not aware of your true purpose for living where you have lived and only after you have left your body it became obvious, that you were learning your lessons. Now you are keeping all the wisdom of your learning and take it with you to your higher existence. You are keeping also your body, which will be improved as you learn to use your new abilities, that some already found out as every such change starts with of how you think of yourself. If you wish some changes for your body, you need to think about it, as thoughts are creation, yet without any doubts that you are not able to do such thing and you will see them happening. Once you will be living fully in higher realm you will be able to change something instantly without “waiting time”. This is also another reason why you should keep your mind free of worries and doubts, as they are causing confusion of what you really want. You should ponder the reason for your doubts and surely you will get all the help to understand them and then to clear them out of the way, you might be surprised what the primal reasons are for them. Once you let them go, do not look back and enjoy the feeling of freedom and happiness that you will feel immediately after the doubts are gone.

This period in your lives is full of changes, literary every day changes are happening, some might be very big and requesting your full attention for more than a short period of time, some might be smaller, but all of them are completing the divine plan for your transformation to the Beings of Light with full consciousness. Many things needed to be changed in the inside and on the outside which means that you are very busy right now and even more changes are coming to you, so do not forget to take enough time to rest and align with your higher self and your chosen path. Once you are truly aligned, you will stop waiting for something to happen, you will simply do.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feeling joy that so many of you are getting ready for the next step in ascending to the most wonderful reality that you have experienced so far. There is so much more to experience and it is beyond of what the words can describe. It is worth to put all the worries away and join it. We are so very close to you, feel us.
Channeler: MADAD