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Liesbeth (Lisa) Swenne: Get a view inside the crystallarium of Abiquor

I had a Crystal clear vision of one of the crystal chambers of the Crystallarium of Abiquor in one of my meditations a few days ago. It was so vivid that I wanted to make a painting out of this vision.

The floor-plan of the Crystallarium of Abiquor, it is build on a hexagon (beehive pattern), guided by the Flower of Life pattern. One hexagon represents a chamber where there is a crystal (all different purposes in each chamber).

hexagon beehive flower of life pattern of the crystallarium

Floor plan of the Crystallarium

The Hexagon has six corners and represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. The spiritual meaning of number Six also deals with enlightenment; specifically “lighting” our path in areas we require spiritual and mental balance. Each of these shapes is created from perfectly equal parts. This mirrors the underlying meaning of six as a symbol of perfect union, and the energetic emblem of soulful integration.

I rather like the simplicity nature provides in our understanding of number six through the symbolic language of bees. Their labyrinth-like homes are neatly formed hexagons. Hexagon also represents community and efficiency.

In this particular hexagon crystal chamber the floor has a Mandala pattern. In the middle of the chamber stands a big Lemurian Crystal.
I created this Mandala floor pattern under the guidance of my guides.
Above the crystal is glass dome is stained with a Lotus Flower.The glass is frosted, but it is a sort of material that would reflect the vibrations and colors of the crystal. Also the walls around are from glass with the frosting on it. Their are doors in this chamber that has a equilateral shape, and the doors are decorated with some kind of plant material.
The crystal is embedded in a circle of earth , surrounded by a circle of grass, surrounded by a circle fountain. Spiral spheres hang above it and there is water coming from it, going into the circle fountain base. Between the doors are blossom trees and against the wall is also a circle waterway surrounded with green plants and grass.
One of the chamber is the Crystallarium. Another one is underway, the one Leslee was talking about in her conversation with Adrial: link
(please click on the pictures if you want a larger view)
I thought it was nice to add the creating process of this crystal chamber:

1) Is the first sketch I made directly I had this vivid vision of this chamber in my meditation.
2) Then I draw the crystal room and added the Mandala (the mandala here is different because I didn’t finished it yet)
3) I thought, I didn’t color the floor so I removed the Mandala and colored with water pencils and I added some pieces of paper of grass to add to the effect.
4) The last one, I finished the Mandala and did the rest of the coloring in. The frame I colored in with silver pen.

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Konstantinos-Interview with Commander Kenan of Lyra Part 2


(See Part 1 here: )

Would you like us now to move on to your description about the mother ship in which as you let me know in our first telepathic conversations, you have a place to stay? I’ve already received through your stable guidance, its image, its name and a synoptic, through thought impressions, description of its parts and the role of each one of them. I’ve also to mention that during the design of the ship from my part, I noticed out from my window, the ship’s cloud manifestation, mainly what seemed to be its front part.

You needed a confirmation.

Thank you for this. I instantly took a photo of this of course (-_-).

Mothership THORIA

Thoria cloud manifestation

That was the purpose. Now let us proceed with the description of the parts of the ship that goes by the name Thoria. The first time that you confronted it in the waves of your thoughts, its appearance gave you the impression of an oil lamp. Well, I am telling you that as with the oil lamp, so with Thoria’s role, Light is the offer that comes out from the front prominence, in order to enlighten the places were dark is thick and blinds the seekers and confuses even more those who are in need of guidance.

Furthermore, from where do you think the creators of the oil lamp inspired its form? I am not referring only to Thoria and never anyone said, neither should someone put into limits, the forms and shapes of the ships by thinking that their only form is that of one of your bells. There are so many purposes and plans that are served and through them, myriads of life forms are self-fulfilled and consequently, the situations themselves vary on such a decree, that it is no possible for the forms to remain uninfluenced. And with that, let us begin the description of the levels of Thoria.

Level 1

This ‘peak’ could be considered as a kind of antenna through which, while it

radiates the White Light, are received guidance or a series of orders from  Spirit

representators that exist in very high vibration octaves and sometimes what is

received, derives directly from the Source Itself.

 Level 2

There resides the Golden Energy, an astral light of extreme focus, a few vibrational impressions below the White Light. The Golden Energy functions as a kind of filter in order for the ship and those that reside in it, to be able to stand the highest vibrational impressions of beings like Elohim or Archangels or of the Source of Everything, though this separation in reality does not have any reason to exist but only in the limited potentiality of words. Of course we are also visited from the so-called Ascended Masters.

Level 3

There exists my personal space. It has a wonderful view that can be expanded even beyond the room limits, without giving the impression that the walls have been transformed in any way. There is a small mechanism that externalizes holographic broadcasts and also, there is a space, simple and charming, for a little rest when it is necessary. Through level 2, I am the first that receives guidance or orders about the accomplishment of a plan and then, through telepathy transmission,   the rest of  the crew becomes aware of the information that was received. There are also some times  though that I have to keep initially what I receive as a secret, when I am being told to do so, till the right time comes for the others to know too.

Level 4

There exist in a circular arrangement the apartments of the members that belong to the crew of Thoria. The number of the members is 531,725 though there are times that this number can be altered. On this case, especially when it is about increase of the members’ number, more rooms can be manifested without a problem. And I also add, that each room can adjust and materialize in its interior the conditions of the planet of each member. Furthermore, there is an alternative option where a device connects the member’s astral body with the hologram transmitter, and thus, when the member focus his/her thought to his/her home, then he/she is able to visit his/her home planet. The space of each room is not narrow at all since the room’s walls can be adjusted in many kind of transformations and changes.

Level 5

On this level, there is the hall of theoretical and practical training simulation and also, updates are given about the missions, possible plans and the development of plans that are already in manifestation.

Level 6

This is the room where the councils take place between me and visitors from other starships or planes of higher vibrational octaves.

Level 7 and 7a

‘Level’ 7 is essentially a giant crystal in which the Emerald Energy is hosted. We use this energy mainly for therapeutic energy transformation, when we are given the order to do so. Level 7a is the space where the crew gets active and also, there exists all the mechanical-organic equipment of the ship. Almost at the center of the 7a you can detect a circle on the floor. This ‘circle’ is basically a teleportation system through which when it is considered necessary, crew members or me are able to go over instantly, with our physical bodies, where we wish by just ‘embodying’ our thought, that includes our destination, to the system that energizes the whole process after the reception of our ethereal  imprint from its part.

Level 8

Room of entertainment, relaxation, rejuvenation and therapy. Powerful holographic impressions, formed by condensed molecules of high vibrational astral light, give very tangible outcomes of elements such as the realistic manifestation of a forest, library with texts that reflect Spirit’s Wisdom, from different civilizations, as same goes for the art and music that we host, which comes directly from the center of the Source. You could say that we have a broad collection of things from different fields, of different civilizations, including yours as well. This collection carries the attributes of Divine Love and Harmonized Thought…Elements of Divine Inspiration of high vibrations and nothing less…And truth be told, anything less, regarding, its vibration, cannot exist in a ship or a place or among beings of the Light.

Level 9

Space of gathering of 235,000 ships that are able to host a crew in their interior. They are used in different missions.

Level 10

Space of gathering of 117,500 small scout ships, controlled by distance, the work of which is only the reception of data in the form of pictures. Then, these data are sent automatically and instantly to the central screens of the halls where the crew of each starship gets active. Consequently, these ships are smaller in size, half in number, from the number of the bigger ones in the level 9 in Thoria’s case, and they do not contain available space for a crew.

Level 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16

To the curved features 11 and 16 flow respectively the Violet and Cyan Rays the source of which, starts, again respectively, from the crystal ‘bubbles’ 13 and 14. These ‘bubbles’ are of a subtle, but very resistant, condensation. The very small features 12 and 15 are supplementary injectors through which the two rays flow in order to cover the back part of the ship, as well.

The Violet Ray is a form of therapy, a cure if you may, of transmuting enormity and the Cyan Ray functions as a kind of very effective protective shield. Both of them, combined, form an impenetrable protective and therapeutic field which gives to the ship attributes like make it invisible to other frequencies, to move between the dimensions or to be protected from different kinds of attacks . Through this way, we are protected completely even when we go through gates of very high energy, when of course we are given the permission for that.

When the Violet and Cyan Rays are combined with the Emerald Energy, is only for the energetic transformation of stars like the sun of your solar system. Sometimes the power of the 3 energies is such, that the formation of explosions, of a big diameter, on the surface of your sun, is inevitable. Sometimes we go through your sun to transform, with ‘small doses’, its core. The purpose of these energy transformations is the cure and the smooth adjustment of the energy level of your sun to the new vibrational octaves. These vibrations are more sensible to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

To the respected vibrational frequency, indeed, your sun functions as a kind of gate in order for us to move from the one point of the Space to another. But if we wish a ‘teleportation’ where we can have more the control of our destination, we combine all the energies of Thoria (Violet, Cyan, Emerald, Gold and White). The outcome from this process is the instant exact teleportation of the whole mother ship to another point of the space and we can use this process, in Thoria’s case, to even transport ourselves to a parallel universe too.

The care and inspection of stars like your sun is one of the many duties that the intergalactic fleets take over alternately, a situation similar to your ‘guards’. Thoria and all the beings that are in her, including myself too, are of this group of ships that are responsible for the vibrational transformation of the sun of your solar system. Only on specific occasions, when bigger, than it is expected, disruptions take place on the sun’s surface, is considered as appropriate the energetic contribution of the mother ships, otherwise even the smaller ships with crew are enough.

Continued in Part 3

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, you can go to the category ‘Channeled Messages’  of whichever of my two blogs you wish to view. Here are their links: and .

Copyright ©  2012-2013 by Konstantinos. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included and  .

SaLuSa 27.9.2013

This purification of All that is occurring now within you and Mother Earth is leading you straight into your higher reality of experiencing. Do feel the change that is happening to you at this moment, as it is the one that opens the door, which were previously not visible to you. At this point some of you might be “taken” to certain moments in your many lives only to see the reason for your clearing of an issue or more issues that you thought were already cleared. It is allowing you to see them as they are, without lower vibrations present, including judging yourselves, and you can now let them go and free yourselves completely. Do accept this deeper, or shall we say deepest clearing and understand that it is happening because all unconscious is becoming conscious and nothing can stay hidden, as in higher reality you are aware of all aspects of yourself, and it gives you that amazing Freedom to choose the perfect experience for you. Your dreams might change now, and it is a sign for you to know that your personal clearing is at the end. We cannot tell you how your dreams should change, as it is upon you to find out because all of you are experiencing different dream realities, but you will surely know.

We are with you all the time, those who wish to be with us surely feel it, and we are ready to welcome you in your true home. Those who are not sure yet or do not wish to be connected to us, will get enough time to decide, but because so many of you are awakening to the inevitable truth, that time is shortening, as your collective voice is getting much stronger and demanding to know the truth about all matters –most of all about your history, life outside of your own planet, spirituality. Usually their description was ridiculed and twisted and some of you still feel slight discomfort when hearing these words that describing your own experiences of such wonderful change that is happening to All. We want to inform you that we see very clear change also in nature of information you receive daily. For example most of your Leaders are speaking openly and without hidden agenda behind their words. They might use the usual words, but the difference can be felt when focusing on energy behind them.

We feel you are getting used to the constant flow of energy from higher realms and allowing your bodies to accept even more which allows you to finish the necessary changes. The more energy you accept, the more you can share with All and also ease the process of clearing of the negative energies that are present on Mother Earth. Focus again on those places and send them your healing energy of Love and Light, as this is the most valuable help. This energy transfer will also cause manifestation of physical help of those who are able to do so, and do not forget that people living in those areas will feel that immense Love being sent to them and it will also help them in their own transformation. All is perfectly planned and designed and we want you to see it on your world too.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I cannot express with words how beautiful I feel right now. In spite of all obstacles placed before you, you were able to rise yourselves and clear all that what is no longer serving you on your way. We are with you, and doing all that we can and are allowed to do, to help you fulfill your desires and dreams. They are becoming your reality and you are able to see more each moment that passes within your current reality. Know that the moment of your final transformation is very close. Truly feel it and accept it, as it will comfort you and you will be able to relax into the new.

Dreamwalkerdiaries: An Understanding of Planetary Physical Energy

We have an energy field around the planet that is created by us. The best way to explain this is that something that belongs to someone (for example their cell phone or their car) takes on a very noticeable energy of that person. So if you borrow that item, you may find that your mood will change to “align” with the person’s energy that “owns” that device (this applies to a lesser extent to gifts and things you buy at the store). You may find yourself saying things that you wouldn’t normally say (for example). The planetary grid works in the same way.

The planet is something that is aligned to the energy of humanity, and so it takes on that collective energy. This is another reason that we have not had much in the way of “physical” contact from other galactic civilizations. If they were to come here, as a galactic civilization, they (individually) would be subject to the energies of our planet. I think it’s safe to assume that this kind of energy may not be in alignment with theirs.  They are more sensitive to energy because they are a galactic civilization. To be brought out of alignment to them is a more “bad” thing to them than it would be to us… since what they can do with their minds can be “more deadly”. For short periods of time they can endure the exposure through mental blocking but this is difficult to maintain for long periods because their focus would be on this process. It would be like driving and talking on your cell phone.

A few obvious workarounds to this problem are telepathic communication and the use of “drones”. Astral projection is also possible. Also this kind of physical energetic attachment is only valid in a single dimension – it does not affect other dimensional representations of the same object or entity. For example the Agarthans are not subject to this energy field connection. There are other kinds of energetic attachments which do occur cross-dimensionally but those are not physical energetic connections.

This is where it becomes difficult to convey meaning because I don’t have the words to explain the “flavor” of different energies.





Short Planetary History


About 8 million years ago there was a group of powerfully conscious Archangels. One of them had an idea. He wondered what it would be like to cut himself off from the Source. He wondered what matter would feel like. With His enormously sophisticated Intelligence and using technology of the dimensional chamber along with strong electromagnetic fields, He cut himself away from The Source. Immediately He regretted what He had done. He could not find a way to go back. This was the first moment of darkness.

This Being wanted help so he trapped other Angels and Beings, so as not to be alone, and to try to find a way back. Then they all realised what they had done to themselves and they could not find a way out. They decided to conquer the Universe and so started invading planets and spreading darkness…

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Leslee Hare: Conversation with Adrial – 20 September 2013

(from Leslee: Last week, after a long silence, I sensed that Adrial had made an appearance in my space and wanted me to relay some information. It was so nice to hear from her! I had been wondering about the tremendous quit about Abiquor and Athabantian. Hoping you are all well!)


20 September 2013 – shared by Leslee Hare

Adrial: Please ask questions.

Leslee: Are you still aboard Athabantian?

A: No.

L: Who is still there?

A: Mostly Andromedans, a few Arcturians and Pleiadians and some ??? (From Leslee: I pick up on gentle frog-like energy, but can’t distinguish a name of a race or species…)

L: The celestials have left?

A: For the most part. We are quite accessible to all, though.

L: Why this change?

A: A study of the history of Atlantis might be useful fuel for contemplation. (from Leslee: I hear something like Guy Court? Gicort? Gye… Geyecourt…?) There are friends online who can help you with this. We’d like for you to focus here for now and leave the internet research and distraction for later – or others.

May we speak?

L: Certainly, please!

A: We’d like to say we’re very pleased you connected with Guy Needler (not related to the sound you heard above – at least not directly so) and gathered some new information to spark your expansion. We just wanted you to know how pleased we are with that.

L: Yes, I am too, I’m very grateful.

A: Now. You ask again about “We”. It’s no different than the We from previous conversations. We are all keenly interested in your explorations into other realms and these “Cities of Light” as you so aptly call them. You realize they are occurring and existing alongside you all with every breath you take…

(By the way, we would like for you to use Guy’s description of structure, if he will consent.)(from Leslee – I hope to add info about this later)

Now there’s so much concern about things moving around. Some people want things to just stay put. Yet the higher frequencies are so fluid, you know. It’s really quite fascinating.

We would like for those who feel it appeals to them to play with the suggestion that things can move and remain in place.

Abiquor may be – meaning it’s a possibility, more than meaning it’s a riddle – in Pagosa Springs Colorado, or east of there a bit, or in Santa Fe… or on Olga’s lovely Mongolian steppes.

Please think deeply about how many friends around the world have visited Abiquor in the blink of an eye. And then they return with details and descriptions to fill volumes. It’s quite incredible really, from a physical perspective. It’s enough to make me consider incarnating an additional aspect. But I’ll leave that to you lot for a bit longer. That might confuse some people.

So Leslee, could you please take another look at the Resonance Chamber, the Harmonics Center… And look at placing a huge ball of light in the upper cupola. The ball of ferns goes down in the lower chamber. It’s like a fairy globe… Lisa has seen it already.

Please show a structure like a fir tree down in the labyrinth… You will see. Its tip penetrates the landing portal.

Lisa’s entry atrium is located in the Crystallarium. You might need to make the globe larger.

And yes, please include some Galactics and Star Beings.

Please build a peak for the Kogi and a Mayan pyramid. I hope you will find that someone has modeled a crystal skull you can use.

And don’t forget the horses.

That’s enough about Abiquor for now.

Let’s talk a bit about Vésu. Think coral reef, a bit like the ice rings you saw in your dream this morning. A whirling vortex lays the foundation… But Portadeo should be the one who informs you from there.

I will just add that the coral ring in Vésu connects directly to the ring around the landing platform at Abiquor, and the ring at Abiquor descends and rings the Reliquarium.

There. That should give you and your friends more than enough to play with.

Please do regard it as play. All of these nexi are filled with and radiate lighthearted joy.

(from Leslee: Adrial then told me that I’m in Florida to connect with Mikos, and that I should call my son.)

L: Thank you, Adrial. It’s so nice to hear from you.

A: Ciao! (laughter)

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The Chair of Saint Peter:’There Isn’t a Bankruptcy’ in Detroit Because All Global Debts Have Been Erased

Spartan of Truth

From I






The Chair of Saint Peter – Creditor to Bankruptcy of THE CITY OF DETROIT



Uploaded on Sep 23, 2013

United States Bankruptcy Court
Eastern District of Michigan
Case 13-53846 – City of Detroit
19 September A.D. 2013
Matter: [#493] Notice of Eligibility Objection
Filed by Creditor The Chair of Saint Peter
Presenting the people of the City of Detroit

By Brent Snavely, Detroit Free Press Business  Published on

Chair of St Peter leader talks about Detroit bankruptcy: Robert Marques, leader of the Chair of St. Peter speaks to the media after leaving U.S. District Court in Detroit on Sept. 19, 2013. Kathleen Galligan/Detroit Free Press


There was a mixture of retirees, Detroit residents and community activists objecting to the city’s bankruptcy filing Thursday.

Then there was Robert Marques.

In the most unusual argument presented during the U.S. Bankruptcy Court…

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Dreamwalkerdiaries: Telepathic Message from the Galactic Federation 26SEP2013

The primary reason for our minimal contact, or at least our apparent holding back of this “mass landings” event, is primarily because humanity tends to shudder in fear at pretty much the drop of a hat. Not everyone, of course… but consider the event 9/11. Even though this happened to a relatively small percentage of the population, many were concerned (had the real thought) that it would happen to them next. Others went to the conclusion that an invasion would take place. Terrorists would take over the country… even though there are few other humans on the planet with as many resources as those in the US. So the negative intent… jumping to conclusions… is what we are concerned about. This has less consequences for an abstract event such as 9/11 as it does for a collection of Galactic souls. There are those at this very moment who would take up arms against us, simply on the idea that those who are “other” are here to “take over”. The possibility of voluntary assistance, for these people, would be fairly low on their list of considerations. Understand that this is not a judgment on our part based on assumptions, but rather based on empirical evidence gathered over many years.

With each new challenge we see there are more individuals who are taking responsibility for their own thoughts and actions. This, in a nutshell, is what we are waiting for.

We are telepathically gauging the outcomes and monitoring the collective consciousness of humanity. This is not to say that we are snooping on your thoughts – but rather, you as a collective broadcast your intent throughout the solar system. You are not a “quiet” population by any means. And we can sense both the collective and the individual thoughts, particularly of those who you might consider “loose cannons” – because there is minimal conscious connection between ego/self and spirit/self. For those of you who  have succeeded in “quieting your mind”, that is noted as well, and you begin to notice that you can hear what we hear. And, for that matter, you may be able to hear us.

There are others on your planet in the animal kingdom who are also very telepathic and we understand that their treatment is to some degree out of your control due to unconscious living. There is indeed a connection between unconscious living and the prison system – it is just easier not to think about it, and you are conditioned to think in this way. Again this is not a judgment – it is something that we very much wish to help with when the time is right, and when conditions are right that our assistance will be welcomed.

To address concerns that the Galactic Federation might be a primarily “military” operation… each member volunteers their assistance as an opportunity to be a part of a collective of beings with similar goals and interests. Individuals within humanity will have the opportunity to join us in our tasks if they wish to do so. Within that collective your individuality and diversity is celebrated, because diversity is a key part of the “divine plan” and a key to evolution. Hierarchy only exists in so much as it facilitates communication and it makes sense in a particular situation to do so. But this again is part of your collective process in accepting who you are, and your own process of growth. Does our every action conceal a hidden agenda, or are we your brothers and sisters, wanting to help our loved ones in whatever way we can? Only you can decide. Look within your heart, and you will know the truth.

You are fine… and know that we love you.


Autism is not a handicap or a disability

Jesus through John

Autism is not a handicap or a disability; it is a sign of the awakening of very powerful intellectual abilities, and it is a gift that needs intense stimuli and encouragement. When that awakening starts, the physical abilities the child has already developed get sidelined as the brain moves into extreme overdrive, and intense fascination with what is going on inside itself captures the child’s attention.  The basic skills that the child was building are no longer interesting; they are boring and they get ditched as the infinitely creative inner world expands exponentially for the child.  The child is not shutting down but growing intellectually at an incredible pace that allows no time for basic motor and social skills to continue normal development.  If this is realized and the child is enthusiastically allowed to freely develop this inner world, then s/he will pick up the basics later, and possibly rather…

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Konstantinos-Interview with Commander Kenan of Lyra Part 1

[Hello dear friends. The following interview was done at least a week ago as far as I can recall. I found the chance and the energy to start translating into English these days. In my last connection, one of the beings, Rakozz, mentioned among other things the name of a Lyran Commander, Kenan, here:

The next days I started receiving images from which, as well, as from the interview itself, I have to say that I received huge waves of energy that I could feel on my Heart and Third Eye Chakra. The images depict his appearance, his mother ship and also, some members of his crew or other crews but who seem to get connected with him from ‘previous’ lives.

These ‘old’ close friends of his, are 25 in number. And in the last part of this interview, you’re going to see their portraits. The interview will be separated in 3 parts. It took me 9 or so pages while I was writing it down . What I got is that Kenan decided to speak also for himself because  some people, especially the ‘newcomers’ on this or similar fields, tend to deify extraterrestrial beings, especially those who are known that they originate from an advanced spiritual and technological society.

He wanted to show that also they, or at least most of them, have gone through the process of reincarnation and that they have crossed pretty much all the ‘necessary’ paths in order for their consciousness to grow and thus, to benefit ultimately their evolution, on a personal and a collective level. Here is Part 1 of this interview.]

   KENAN  Are you a commander?

I am responsible for the specific fleet which is consisted from 1300 mother ships the smaller ships of which, if we add up their number, are altogether 305,500,000, with 235,000 to each mother ship. These smaller ships are of those types that have the potential to host crew in their interior and their role expands beyond the duties of the so-called ‘scout-ships’, so they can be used for more than just observation.

Do you wish to share some things about yourself? Know, though you may already are aware of it, that what is going to be recorded will be posted. Also later, if you wish, would you like to share some things about that mother ship in which you reside?

Indeed I do and this is going to be one of the many things that I will mention when we reach that point of our conversation. All in due time my dear friend. As dear Rakozz said in your last connection of channeled transmission, I originate from Lyra and my name is Kenan. My age, according to the understandable by you measurement of time, is 52 generations.

This contact is a chance for me to inform not only about myself and the ship in which I reside but also about some things regarding the present activity around your sun for which many volunteers of the intergalactic fleets have been called for its commission and its transformation. Furthermore, the information is going to include things about our ship formations and also, about the systems that some of your governments use in order to monitor and detect us.

You do not need to be stressed. Calm down and trust. As always, so in this case, you asked, before our connection, protection from Spirit and the Archangelic entity of MichaEL. The vibrations of your Heart show Honesty and Prudence and so, the result will be equivalent. So calm down and trust.

Alright. Thank you for this.

You are welcome though ‘thank you’ is not necessary.

[At this point I asked for a small interruption and all of a sudden I saw on my pc’s screen an incoming mail that was about a boy mathematical genius, that from some is considered as a starseed, Jacob Barnett.]

I don’t think that this was ‘random’.

Certainly not. Many of my soldiers and generally, servants of the Lord are among you in different ways and they will continue to be. Do you feel ready and eager to continue?

Yes. Let’s move on.

Very well. I am sensing that the matter of my age continues to be a riddle for you. Truly, it does not really matter so let us not stay on this. In a ‘synopsis’, the specific role of my present form was not achieved in one night.

Once I was a star.

Later, a keeper of Gates.

After that, as I was asking for challenges of a personalized unit in a body, I went through the stage of inspiration and so, I got manifested as one of the first humans in the Lyra Constellation of the 7thenergetic frequency. The vastness of the Universal Sea followed me and consequently, it stood as inevitable to get busy with the exploration and wandering of space.

I experienced Happiness and Solidarity but also, fear and disappointment…and everything that derives from it. Along with many others I did a lot in order to dissolve the defense of the intruders. I experienced the heartbroken feeling of loss of my home and of many of my beloved ones. I have to admit that composure was not my first choice back on that period after the destruction.

I went to Arcturus after my companions’ encouragement to go there, in order to get help about harmonizing my energetic field with the respected one of my Reminder, the one that is known to you, as Higher Self. When I was judged as appropriate in order to participate in the first attempts of resetting order through the new formed, back then, Federation of the Galaxy, I saw instant eagerness to place myself on the ‘first line’.

In order to not make this a longer story, the life that was active through that body of mine was disintegrated violently, after the explosion that took place in the ship that I and 25 more Federation members were residing. It was an attack from the fleet of Carutt. Carutt was one of the leading members of the intruders and his origin was from the Constellation of Boötes. It is of no matter where he is at the moment and what role he unfolds in the book of Life.

I and the others tried, after our mutual agreement, to rescue the ships that were behind ours and were hosting a bigger number of crew members but for a mere moment, the disintegrating ray touched us…

..Treatment was needed, in order for us to recover our inner harmony, when we went over to the reality of the frequency 5.3, one of the places of the transition process where souls of the appropriate vibrational field can reside. There, I met Ashtar who honored us all by decreasing his vibration in order to visit us. He congratulated us and he suggested us when we would feel ready to become members of an intergalactic corps that has been made known to you as ‘Ashtar Command’.

I’m sorry to interrupt you but in the context of joking, I’m asking you; what’s your exact definition of a ‘synopsis’?(-_-) I’ve written down lots of words so far, not that I’m complaining of course.

If I would put more details, neither 50 of your earth years would stand as enough for you to complete entirely my life story dear friend [smile]. Do you wish me to continue though?

Of course. Please.

Thank you. The meetings with Ashtar, after the positive answer that he got from me and the other 25 beings, got increased and most of the times I would say that they were of a ‘training’ nature. And a specific time came that I got ‘manifested’ in the womb of a beautiful woman in Pleiades. There, when I confronted again the stars through the eyes of an incarnated entity, I felt hesitance and fear, though I was not able to recall the reason for such a reaction. But later with the passing of time, my access to my ‘past’ became a natural part of my life, as the same was happening with the rest of the community. My 25 colleagues had been ‘scattered ‘, through the process of incarnation, to other locations of the Galaxy, three of them though, exist, each one of them, to a different Galaxy. Our reunion to the ‘New Jerusalem’, the ship where Ashtar resides, is of those moments that I consider memorable.

Under the guidance of the Commander and of other kind entities, we began to carry out lots of duties, to be witnesses of many forgotten by you events and to offer help every time we had the order and permission for that. As the time was passing, the worthiness of each one of our group of the 26, was transpiring even more to the eyes of our supervisors and guides. There were what you would call ‘promotions’ though the meaning of it for us has nothing to do with your interpretation of it in your workplaces. Basically, what we do is not ‘work’ and there is no financial reward of any kind. There is no reason for it. You already know that things are different in the spaces and realms from which we act.

I was one of the witnesses of the Crucifixion of the incarnated Christ. Lots of time later, I chose to leave my body as a way of ‘rejuvenation’. At my ‘return’, this time to Lyra, when I got to the adult stage and remembered my ‘previous’ training, Commander Ashtar and Jesus Sananda made me with the axiom of the Commander, giving me the responsibility of many lives, each one of which, has the shine of healthy curiosity, discipline to the Purpose and Love. All of them, along with many other souls, help you on a daily basis. The fleet that is under my command, this team that is consisted from whole series of so promising and spiritually elevated souls, is part of the Ashtar Command. I include myself here too. We feel that is a great honor for us to serve the representators of Spirit and through these choices of ours, to serve the Spirit Itself.

As you say this, I feel it as something extremely genuine that outflows from your Heart

like the running clean water of the fountains that flows from the rocks of the mountains.

Yes. Very well put (-_-).

Continued in Part 2

As received by Konstantinos.

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Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 28SEP2013

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All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
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Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

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