Female Star being with message on the truth and purpose of our lives here on Earth

[Konstantinos’s note: Today (Sep 19th 2013) at 1:25 am or so, I was lying on my bed and I had a kind of contact with one of my recent starbeings connection..and then I sat next to my office and I was ‘hearing’ a female energy telling me things of the below post’s nature. And then, instantly this post came into my mail inbox. Thank you friend Greg for letting me/us know about this great post. This is a truly wonderful and resonating dialogue.]


Female Star being with message on the truth and purpose of our lives here on Earth:

Earth human: “What purpose does life have?”

Answer: “Life has the objective of overcoming the confusion. The struggle inside to create virtues, and correct defects. I told you before that life in itself as a principle, is an electromagnetic state of memory. When you were born into that memory, you come as a concentrated collection of knowledge, which you later discover by inertia. To create a balanced aspect in your life is your true struggle. You’ll have to raise one grade of intelligence to a grade such that that your memory will serve to prolong your survival, because in your world, your memories do survive. The struggle is against the feelings and qualities of those memories. Thus is initiated the true battle within one’s self.”

Earth human: “Well, is that called positism? (As in being positive)

Answer: “No. Rather, a calm, emotional state. Upon achieving this, you will realize interesting phenomena in yourself. A person who has acquired true tranquility, internal peacefulness, emits a different flow of energy to that person who is continually restless within himself. Some allow this to grow within them to dominate, some to succumb, some are destroyed, some are overcome, some confront and triumph. It is already programmed in your memory forever. Then you will pass to a level above many.

The energetic flow will accomplish changes in you, and in this manner will convert you into a kind of jewel to be redeemed. When your tendencies are of leadership, authentic director of deeds, then you will be redeemable. The communities of superior civilizations will appear to you, redeeming you according to your achievements. Because unto the natural laws of affinity, where like attracts like, a person not vibrating to the frequencies of the alien visitors, is not attractive and/or of interest to them. Thus, the selfish will attract the selfish, the power-hungry ones the power-hungry, the sadistic ones the sadistic, and the benevolent ones, benevolent.”

For the full two hour radio show, go to:http://youtu.be/5JVHMOuxPLk