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SaLuSa 13.9.2013

Another powerful clearing took place among those who are ready to move forward. We see your Light shining so brightly and inspiring others to do the same. Feel how the new reality is slipping into your old one and bringing all the necessary changes with, making you feel very comfortable and at peace and most of all, it gives you the power to trust yourself completely and without any doubts. This trust comes from your connection to your Higher Self as now, for many of you nothing stands between, and you are so freely attaching yourself to the wisdom your Higher Self is sharing with you. Do listen carefully to it because it is your closest Guide on your path. Feel how the information you receive resonates so deeply within you and gives you the recognition feeling so good known to each of you and when you do not feel such resonance, it might be due to some issue that you need to work on, and your Higher Self is showing you what it is. Accept it and clear it with love out of your way, and even if you are not aware of some issues being within you, please know that they either might be hidden deep within a part of your still unconscious mind and are being cleared throughout the dreamstate process, or you are asked to help someone else because your energy carries the knowing how to do it. With such connections you are able to create very powerful unity with each other, which will enable others to do so, when they are ready.

So many of you are visiting us in their dream state of mind connecting with their Family and receiving guidance that they are asking for, receiving healing and pure form of Love flowing without any blocks that are sometimes felt when in awakened state of mind. Due to these visits these blocks are being cleared and many of you are feeling this pure Love entering your physical body, lifting you and keeping you in the higher state of mind all the time. Share this feeling with others you are with or just walking by, and know that you are also helping them in finding their power within. You would be surprised how many people you have helped this way. We feel you are getting very comfortable being around us and we know that this is the right time to come closer to those who wish to be with us. We are very delighted at this connection between us all and feel all your loving thoughts. We want to let you know that we share your excitement and pleasure in feeling that the right moment is finally coming into our lives, and we are going to experience the most wonderful moments in the Now.

This time is also a turning point for all that did not have any previous intention of change and we are also speaking about your old Leaders, they know now with certainty that the time has come to step down and let the new way and new Leaders take all countries and all their people on the path of Unity and Peace, creating one powerful Nation of Mother Earth which will be accepted and recognized throughout the Universe. This is what we are working on together with you and very shortly this work will be clearly seen and visible for all that wish to see this change happen, allowing more others to be open to the knowing of what it can bring to their lives and join the powerful Oneness of all those that are already aware of it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feel such pleasure of our intense connection. We are so gladly sharing our feelings and knowing with you, as we were preparing ourselves for very long time for these moments, yet we are amazed at the speed of your growth each day. We are ready to share so much more with you all.

Channeller: MADAD