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SaLuSa 17.9.2013

Intensity of current clearing is visible also on your weather now, and as soon as these old energies are released, it will calm down again. Do feel this moment of your own clearing and be thankful for it because as weather calms down also you will calm down, and from the depths of your inside all that you are dreaming of will be laid in front of you, and you will see it with your vision cleared out of illusion that many years covered all that, what you did not dare to look at. Now, being very powerful, even those deeply buried truths will arise to be accepted and released onto the powerful Light. This clearing will leave you purified and cleansed and you will feel as newborn, without any “dark” memories and thoughts and that Dear Ones, will be the moment you have all been waiting for. Only wonderful loving thoughts and visions and feelings will be with you, and that will be the moment of your movement into higher realm. We are eagerly awaiting those that will be among the first ones to welcome them and celebrate their return. Some of you already have visions of what they will be doing after fulfilling their agreement with Mother Earth, and we are looking forward to greet new members of our space travelling community.

We are always with you and sharing your joy upon all the new and loving feelings that you feel, and we are also with you when you feel down, as we wish to inspire and motivate you to do what you have planned for yourself when you incarnated in this life. We cannot answer all your questions the way you would wish because some answers are only for you to find out, as they are part of your own evolution, and your experiences are moving you towards the right answer for you. So do not forget to accept all of them as they come to you, because they were designed by the Divine Master Plan for the most efficient learning/experiencing. We all experience that what we have been created for, and with accepting the true nature of everyone’s experiences including your own will reveal magnificent and before unseen possibilities, that can occur in your lives. So do not doubt for a moment that there was no need for some of your experiences or the choice of them was not right. Everything that is happening is leading you on your chosen path without exceptions.

Look at yourselves now, in less than two of your years, your Light has grown immensely and your world is turning into the peaceful and loving meeting with other worlds of your Galaxy and Universe. Some might be still deep within their own creations of suffering of their own choice, but also for them are wide possibilities open, when they are ready to accept them. Feel these powerful moments, and know that you all helped to manifest them into reality, and remember reality is shifting according to your wishes and choices and will always do so, from now on even more than some of you might expect. Please know that you are becoming the true and powerful creators of your reality and nothing and no one has the power to rule over you, the way you have experienced before. These were the lessons you all needed to learn, and we know that you have learned your lessons very well, and now you can help others with their learning.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feel great joy in sharing my own lessons that I have learned with you all. We all are working together on the same and we are happy that you are accepting us the way we truly are and hence we can share more and more with you. Do see us as your Family, because that is what we are and we are helping you to bring back pure Love and Joy, that you all have experienced before you have entered 3D, into your lives.
Channeller: MADAD