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Would you like us now to move on to your description about the mother ship in which as you let me know in our first telepathic conversations, you have a place to stay? I’ve already received through your stable guidance, its image, its name and a synoptic, through thought impressions, description of its parts and the role of each one of them. I’ve also to mention that during the design of the ship from my part, I noticed out from my window, the ship’s cloud manifestation, mainly what seemed to be its front part.

You needed a confirmation.

Thank you for this. I instantly took a photo of this of course (-_-).

Mothership THORIA

Thoria cloud manifestation

That was the purpose. Now let us proceed with the description of the parts of the ship that goes by the name Thoria. The first time that you confronted it in the waves of your thoughts, its appearance gave you the impression of an oil lamp. Well, I am telling you that as with the oil lamp, so with Thoria’s role, Light is the offer that comes out from the front prominence, in order to enlighten the places were dark is thick and blinds the seekers and confuses even more those who are in need of guidance.

Furthermore, from where do you think the creators of the oil lamp inspired its form? I am not referring only to Thoria and never anyone said, neither should someone put into limits, the forms and shapes of the ships by thinking that their only form is that of one of your bells. There are so many purposes and plans that are served and through them, myriads of life forms are self-fulfilled and consequently, the situations themselves vary on such a decree, that it is no possible for the forms to remain uninfluenced. And with that, let us begin the description of the levels of Thoria.

Level 1

This ‘peak’ could be considered as a kind of antenna through which, while it

radiates the White Light, are received guidance or a series of orders from  Spirit

representators that exist in very high vibration octaves and sometimes what is

received, derives directly from the Source Itself.

 Level 2

There resides the Golden Energy, an astral light of extreme focus, a few vibrational impressions below the White Light. The Golden Energy functions as a kind of filter in order for the ship and those that reside in it, to be able to stand the highest vibrational impressions of beings like Elohim or Archangels or of the Source of Everything, though this separation in reality does not have any reason to exist but only in the limited potentiality of words. Of course we are also visited from the so-called Ascended Masters.

Level 3

There exists my personal space. It has a wonderful view that can be expanded even beyond the room limits, without giving the impression that the walls have been transformed in any way. There is a small mechanism that externalizes holographic broadcasts and also, there is a space, simple and charming, for a little rest when it is necessary. Through level 2, I am the first that receives guidance or orders about the accomplishment of a plan and then, through telepathy transmission,   the rest of  the crew becomes aware of the information that was received. There are also some times  though that I have to keep initially what I receive as a secret, when I am being told to do so, till the right time comes for the others to know too.

Level 4

There exist in a circular arrangement the apartments of the members that belong to the crew of Thoria. The number of the members is 531,725 though there are times that this number can be altered. On this case, especially when it is about increase of the members’ number, more rooms can be manifested without a problem. And I also add, that each room can adjust and materialize in its interior the conditions of the planet of each member. Furthermore, there is an alternative option where a device connects the member’s astral body with the hologram transmitter, and thus, when the member focus his/her thought to his/her home, then he/she is able to visit his/her home planet. The space of each room is not narrow at all since the room’s walls can be adjusted in many kind of transformations and changes.

Level 5

On this level, there is the hall of theoretical and practical training simulation and also, updates are given about the missions, possible plans and the development of plans that are already in manifestation.

Level 6

This is the room where the councils take place between me and visitors from other starships or planes of higher vibrational octaves.

Level 7 and 7a

‘Level’ 7 is essentially a giant crystal in which the Emerald Energy is hosted. We use this energy mainly for therapeutic energy transformation, when we are given the order to do so. Level 7a is the space where the crew gets active and also, there exists all the mechanical-organic equipment of the ship. Almost at the center of the 7a you can detect a circle on the floor. This ‘circle’ is basically a teleportation system through which when it is considered necessary, crew members or me are able to go over instantly, with our physical bodies, where we wish by just ‘embodying’ our thought, that includes our destination, to the system that energizes the whole process after the reception of our ethereal  imprint from its part.

Level 8

Room of entertainment, relaxation, rejuvenation and therapy. Powerful holographic impressions, formed by condensed molecules of high vibrational astral light, give very tangible outcomes of elements such as the realistic manifestation of a forest, library with texts that reflect Spirit’s Wisdom, from different civilizations, as same goes for the art and music that we host, which comes directly from the center of the Source. You could say that we have a broad collection of things from different fields, of different civilizations, including yours as well. This collection carries the attributes of Divine Love and Harmonized Thought…Elements of Divine Inspiration of high vibrations and nothing less…And truth be told, anything less, regarding, its vibration, cannot exist in a ship or a place or among beings of the Light.

Level 9

Space of gathering of 235,000 ships that are able to host a crew in their interior. They are used in different missions.

Level 10

Space of gathering of 117,500 small scout ships, controlled by distance, the work of which is only the reception of data in the form of pictures. Then, these data are sent automatically and instantly to the central screens of the halls where the crew of each starship gets active. Consequently, these ships are smaller in size, half in number, from the number of the bigger ones in the level 9 in Thoria’s case, and they do not contain available space for a crew.

Level 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16

To the curved features 11 and 16 flow respectively the Violet and Cyan Rays the source of which, starts, again respectively, from the crystal ‘bubbles’ 13 and 14. These ‘bubbles’ are of a subtle, but very resistant, condensation. The very small features 12 and 15 are supplementary injectors through which the two rays flow in order to cover the back part of the ship, as well.

The Violet Ray is a form of therapy, a cure if you may, of transmuting enormity and the Cyan Ray functions as a kind of very effective protective shield. Both of them, combined, form an impenetrable protective and therapeutic field which gives to the ship attributes like make it invisible to other frequencies, to move between the dimensions or to be protected from different kinds of attacks . Through this way, we are protected completely even when we go through gates of very high energy, when of course we are given the permission for that.

When the Violet and Cyan Rays are combined with the Emerald Energy, is only for the energetic transformation of stars like the sun of your solar system. Sometimes the power of the 3 energies is such, that the formation of explosions, of a big diameter, on the surface of your sun, is inevitable. Sometimes we go through your sun to transform, with ‘small doses’, its core. The purpose of these energy transformations is the cure and the smooth adjustment of the energy level of your sun to the new vibrational octaves. These vibrations are more sensible to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

To the respected vibrational frequency, indeed, your sun functions as a kind of gate in order for us to move from the one point of the Space to another. But if we wish a ‘teleportation’ where we can have more the control of our destination, we combine all the energies of Thoria (Violet, Cyan, Emerald, Gold and White). The outcome from this process is the instant exact teleportation of the whole mother ship to another point of the space and we can use this process, in Thoria’s case, to even transport ourselves to a parallel universe too.

The care and inspection of stars like your sun is one of the many duties that the intergalactic fleets take over alternately, a situation similar to your ‘guards’. Thoria and all the beings that are in her, including myself too, are of this group of ships that are responsible for the vibrational transformation of the sun of your solar system. Only on specific occasions, when bigger, than it is expected, disruptions take place on the sun’s surface, is considered as appropriate the energetic contribution of the mother ships, otherwise even the smaller ships with crew are enough.

Continued in Part 3

As received by Konstantinos.

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