Dreamscapes 30 and 31 August 2013

I am Arachanaï

Dream 30 August 2013

Before I went to sleep, I asked to be shown Vesu, also shown to Leslee.

I had a very inspired dream and I think I saw and visited Vesu, but I am not sure. I was again compelled to make a visual of what I have seen, experienced in my dream in combination with my intuition and artistic skills.

Picture made by me

I remember a mix of explosions after this beautiful dream vision and I was chased by someone.

The dream changes and I am standing on a vast barren landscape and there is a church. But the church blows up and we are running, but some people didn’t run fast enough and they were engulfed by flames. Then I was inside my house and someone was saying of going to a black witch church , that this would be more exciting. I told him…

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Opening to Spirit – A Message from White Cloud, 31 Aug 2013, via Tazjima

Blue Dragon Journal


White Cloud: Opening to Spirit with Personal Thoughts from Eliza

In the year 2013, I experienced an interesting encounter with the spirits or souls of departed Wallowa Band Nez Perce or Niimupu (The People) as expressed in their own language. As I had been camping several days in the beloved land of Wallowa, it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but not consciously looked for. When I got out of my car, after being tickled by a sudden inward nudge, I climbed up the side of the humped grassy moraine, thinking that I would take some photos of the mountains. Chief Joseph Mountain loomed up just to the south, Mt. Howard to the southeast, and Mt. Ruth to the southwest. The tilted flatlands of the Wallowa Valley extended to the west, north, and east. Beyond were the golden prairie of the Zumwalt and the deeply carved canyons of the Imnaha and Snake River…

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