Dreamscapes 30 and 31 August 2013

I am Arachanaï

Dream 30 August 2013

Before I went to sleep, I asked to be shown Vesu, also shown to Leslee.

I had a very inspired dream and I think I saw and visited Vesu, but I am not sure. I was again compelled to make a visual of what I have seen, experienced in my dream in combination with my intuition and artistic skills.

Picture made by me

I remember a mix of explosions after this beautiful dream vision and I was chased by someone.

The dream changes and I am standing on a vast barren landscape and there is a church. But the church blows up and we are running, but some people didn’t run fast enough and they were engulfed by flames. Then I was inside my house and someone was saying of going to a black witch church , that this would be more exciting. I told him…

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