Activate the gate of remembrance within you

I am Arachanaï

On Thursday the 29th I got a partial message through, but because I was so busy that I haven’t been able to write it down into it’s fullest potential. As I was driving that day to work I got again a strong connection with Blaze and that it was time to convey a message again. This message actually got triggered by a picture a dear sister Tauno sent to me of a crop circle. I looked at the picture and felt something unlocking in my inner being.

at Cooks Plantation , nr Beckhampton , Wiltshire

Crop Circle at Cooks Plantation , nr Beckhampton , Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 23rd August

Source picture:

As I am now connecting with my higher self Arachanai to write the message down that they want me to write on that day, but due circumstances it will be written now.

Message: It has been in relation with the ship Blaze that acts…

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One comment on “Activate the gate of remembrance within you

  1. Hi, Lisa, I also saw this sign on a Gate, it is really a gate to our inner world
    We can change our outer world by changing the world within
    Our Heart is the Key for Fulfilling our Dreams
    We CAN! Each one of us
    I will share a link with you, it tells many things
    There are many different possibilities, we can choose what possibility to be our reality and use the Sphere of All Possibilities to make our Dream Come True
    Have a Nice Time
    ( ( SUN ) )

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