Coming Into Balance – Personal Thoughts by Elizabeth, 1 Sept 2013

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Eliza: Coming into Balance

On my recent trip, I found it interesting to observe how unbalanced most humans still are, at least in the United States. I was staying in a large state park, filled with motorhomes, tent trailers and large pick-ups. To me it’s almost a joke the way people express themselves or attempt to impress others by displaying their belongings to the world. “Look at me; I’m successful – see my big shiny truck, my huge motorhome…”

Hmmm. Not impressed. Material objects are simply tools to use and create comfort in our lives, not something to flaunt in the face of others or to hide behind out of a sense of insecurity. And interestingly enough, materialism is primary a misalignment of the masculine function of creating structure so that the feminine energy might be free to create.

Another thing I noticed was that as a single female, camping…

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