Heruka’s Message – 3 August 2013

Understanding Healing

(From Leslee: Please see the notes after the message if you’d like an explanation of the context of the message.)

Yes, we can talk about that (body pains)… Let’s talk about Causes: Walking on others.

(In this lifetime?)

No, at least not so much. Previous and parallel. If you can stop yourself from hurting others in parallel dimensions and other timelines, your pain here will lessen. You understand. Yes, please write about it…

All illness comes from disharmony in the body. All disharmony in the body comes from disharmony within the personal continuum.

Is this Heruka? (I thought maybe this was Aneltha, the Sirian telepathic physician.)

Yes. The Sirians are still working on their understanding of Dharma. Even so, Aneltha is a very qualified healer and physician.

You – as humans – have concerns about your physical bodies. Your aches and pains, your brain chemistry, your endurance and health.

A “physician” deals with the physical. That is the focus of their training and intent.

For physicians to also become qualified Healers, they must integrate what they know about the body with what they know about the mind/soul/spirit. This means that they must train in this way.

If those training to help others with healing can manage to begin with a balanced approach from the beginning of their training, both the physical and spiritual lessons may show themselves more clearly in their interdependence, and the lessons may register in the student’s continuum more quickly and deeply.

It’s quite simple really.

Just as one cannot Ascend without understanding the lessons that you (Leslee) know as the Dharma – and others know by other names – one cannot heal or help to heal without understanding both how body and spirit are interrelated and how they also connect through various instances of experience.

Yes, Cloud Atlas provides a very good illustration. And you will find the book to be more subtle, profound, and interwoven (than the movie).

The Matrix (movie) is like an Appetizer. Cloud Atlas is like a First Course. More will be revealed.

So we will keep this brief. Perhaps the vagueness and generality of our WORDS will spark inquisitiveness in those who see the door open to the next step.

If you want your body to stop hurting, you would do well to sit with it and talk with it and be open to learning how to connect directly with your other selves. This is why we yanked this mornings’s dream out of your memory so suddenly. Ask about that. To you and others, all these blips you’re experiencing are hints. They are not the phenomena to focus on. Look for what you see in these glimpses, and get over your fascination with having the glimpses. To all of you: your pasts, presents, and futures await your decisions to move forward lightly, lovingly, joyfully.

(End of message.)

Leslee’s notes: This message came as I was expressing confusion over some body pains I’ve been having. I’ve recently improved my lifestyle significantly, but that hasn’t seemed to convince my feet and legs not to hurt. Over the past six years, I’ve tried a variety of diets and regimens, and simply haven’t been able to figure out what helps or aggravates the pain. This explanation resonates deeply with me…

Now to try to figure out how to make and work with those connections Heruka describes…

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“Who Are You, Truly?” – A Message from the Angels, et al – 3 August 2013, by Tazjima

Note to Reader: I was “visited” the other early morning by quite a crowd; they promised me a message and so here it is… With my humble regards to all, I AM your Sister in the Light, Elizabeth / Tazjima Amariah Kumara.

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The Light Collective:  “Who Are You, Truly?”

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August 3, 2013

“Who are you (or “Hu R U” in text!)?” asked the Caterpillar of Alice in “Through the Looking Glass”. Many of you are now deep into the process of discovering the answer that Alice was seeking.

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I AM Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, also known affectionately as “Raj” by many.

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

We are the Divine Mother and Father.

We are You, part of your Multidimensional nature, which you are now in the process of rediscovering and opening up to the realization that you are greater than you know.

We have joined together to address our brothers and sisters through this scribe as…

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