SaLuSa 20.8.2013

We are aware of your feelings and great expectations of the future that lies ahead. The time has come for you to step into self power and make it all happen. Focus on knowing that you became much more powerful with the immense Love and Light you have accepted into your beings and feel if you are ready for another great leap forward. Do ask yourself this question, as it might give you more information than you expect. Do it when you have enough quiet time and when not tired and you will know what you need to work on if the answer would be no. Those of you who are ready will feel such a bliss in knowing that they are prepared that it will move them even closer to the realm of constant peacefulness of mind and know that this is the entering gate into the long awaited higher consciousness level with all these wonderful desired possibilities that are coming into manifestation. Always trust your inner self and accept what your Higher Self is telling you and you will realize that your reality is changing, it might be very sudden realization or it might come in series of wonderful revelations that will show you who you truly are. Welcome it and embrace these own truths and join the Oneness of all and share those blissful feelings wherever you go.

Remember that you have been chosen for these experiences and the more you accept this truth, that you are able to do all you have planned for this current incarnation, the more easier for you will be to fulfill all the needed goals before reaching the ultimate goal for this period in your life and that is completing of ascension. This process is indescribable with words and when you fully immerse into Oneness of All you will be flowing with such ease, that it will surprise you and you will be amazed by the speed that all will start to move. This surprise will not be shocking for you, as it will not happen when you are not ready, because you can go forward only when you are completely sure of what you want and give it enough energy . There will be no confusion of how this will manifest as many of you already know that it will happen the best way for all involved. If you simply let the Universe fulfill your desire in the most beautiful way possible for All, one of your greatest worries will be gone and will not need to return again. Therefore focus on what you want and it shall come to you in the right moment with all the beauty that you are wishing for.

Life is about joy and happiness and with your requested clearing being done and complete, you will enter this realm with your own personal knowledge which you are now sharing and will gladly share with all others, because this is the point of your experiences, to share and learn all the possibilities that your soul wish to experience. Always trust that you are powerful Beings of Light and feel that you are connected to the Source of All That Is and you can ask for help if needed, you can find inspiration, you can get information if you require it for your further development and this way you are able to use the most powerful Love and Light that is surrounding you and making your inner voice more stronger and louder than ever before. Listen to it and let it be your beacon in your journey back home.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we love you all. We are helping your connection to the Source and we are so joyous that still more of you can feel it and enjoy your journey, that is leading you to your true home and happiness. Do let yourselves immerse in these wonderful feelings and pure bliss will flow endlessly into you and will open yourselves for more. You are all blessed.

Channeller: MADAD

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