Dreamwalkerdiaries: Hunger and Energetic Harvest

Road to Farmfields by Walter Curlee

This was a not-meditating meditation, I had a conversation / observation, where I could feel parts of the old paradigm were being left behind. Things that used to entertain no longer entertain – I’m finding most movies to not only be boring but horrifying. Violence for the sake of violence, fear for the sake of fear, etc. I suppose this is the dog days of summer…

I started to pick up a conversation confirming this is part of the shift, for me… I have a hunger for all things 5D, that can’t be satisfied at this time. The seeds have been planted, seedlings have sprouted… One must wait for the harvest. Is this what is meant by the harvest? Yes, to satisfy one’s own hunger, when the harvest is ripe, we reap what we sow. This particular harvest has no season for it exists out of time, and so one may enjoy several harvests, as the “great harvest” exists out of time, simply seen as a collection of smaller harvests culminating in a great thanksgiving. Reflect on the pioneers and how they struggled for survival, how every day was an effort to put food on the table, and how there was much limitation… Where now in your time, in less than a lifetime, that struggle is far less, but still a concern for many. So too the energetic technology will improve to where the struggle for a satisfying dose of the higher dimensions will require much less energy expense, more gain, and an easier harvest. Many hands make light work.

How about dark energy, is that harvested as well? This is an abundance of the seeds you currently experience, planted via the media, in a mass-produced fashion. Yet those who benefit from this particular harvest are finding their own hunger. Microwave dinners of the same meal every day can only feed a soul for so long. They know in their hearts, there must be better, yet find it difficult to let go of what they know, the safety of what they know. Even when they are starving. It’s enough… Yet it isn’t. There is more… Yet what will they think of me. I can’t possibly… And of course, the work is HARD. Better to let someone else do the heavy lifting… And so it goes, while others might sometimes enjoy the harvest of the energetic seeds they have sown, tended, weeded if necessary. Sometimes it’s wise to pick the low-hanging fruit. And don’t forget to look around at the field once in awhile, and enjoy the view.