New Posts With A Lot Of Info

A new message from Teo’Na, along with Adca’s GR comments, and a dream that Teo’Na gave me, are here on Up2the5th;

The message explains a lot about decisions and options we’re facing now, how our Star Families will appear to us, and clarification on the cloaked ships in our atmosphere.

Oh, I’ve also learned that Athabantian is connected with an Inner Earth city name Athabantos! I’m sure we’ll learn more about that!

I’ve also updated the Ghost Radar Glossary again, here, and added pages for the April and May Daily Summaries.

Given some of the new info in the Glossary, the Daily Summaries seem loaded with conversation about what’s going on right now. I hope to get some time to offer “translations”, but please feel free to take a shot at it!

Finally, I’ve posted onto BUTTA some Q&A work Teo’Na, Adrial, Adca and I have been doing with Vlad Kudin about Inner Earth/Agartha, and some very old history of Gaia and the Universe. Those are posted here and here.

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6 comments on “New Posts With A Lot Of Info

  1. ~Just how Many LesleeClones are Out There!…L0L!…Ur Work Ethic Amazes Me,Leslee!…I Love It~

  2. Thank you Leslee, you are sooo appreciated! ((applause)) ♥

    I’m getting very emotional over these Athabantian posts. I just want to break out crying. I’m not sure why, and whether it is in joy or sorrow. It’s just raw emotion. (?) So I’ll have to wait to read all this when I’m not in the office. That would be a hard one to explain… 🙂

    • I sure do hear ya, Troy! I feel a bit drained this morning, it’s no wonder why… It’s like an emotional Kundalini rising… Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. I had the same double eyesight today, a pressure in the head, as it was the case with me on 11.11.11 and some days before this date

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