I think this may be what’s been so puzzling for me for days now – I knew Adrial was up to something, jsut got this at noon today πŸ˜€

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  1. I had a very strange “dream” last night that could be related to this. I was so tired I could not keep awake even though we had guests. I apologised went to bed at 8:pm. I didn’t sleep though, I was in a meditative state. I was sort of contemplating ascension and what changes to expect next and what my role might be when I suddenly had the sensation of vertigo and a physical feeling of being lifted or taking flight.

    As I settled into the sensation I found myself literally flying through clouds. I was not asleep but I was defiantly not in bed. As I went higher and higher I started waving my arms to try to control the assent. I was like a child learning to swim though and my attempts had little effect on my direction or speed. I found myself above earth, hovering in a location where I could view the docking manoeuvres of two huge spherical ships in space. I watched for a few moments until the two ships came to rest together.

    Moments later I found myself shifting realities or something. I passed through this fuzzy stage where I was both in bed and in space. Then the space reality just vanished and I was laying were I started, still not asleep. I was lying on my side with one ear completely blocked by my pillow. In that ear I could hear a kind of mechanical sound like a pulsating fan at the end of a long tunnel. If I blocked both ears I could hear it in both ears, even if I lifted my head. I could not hear the sound at all if I just lifted my head. It was as if the sound was coming from inside me or from some non-local place. The sound lasted for hours even after getting up to use the restroom.

    I took part in the first two Galactic Light Ship dream flights on this site and I can say that this was something else entirely. It was literally a shifting of realities. I have not been chomping at the bit to have such an experience lately and I find myself to be a little indifferent about disclosure and meeting ETs. When I read the above post though, I got the distinct feeling that I had been called. Any ideas as to how one might answer such a call?

    • My gut says just hang out… There have been several experiences/dreams /sightings related to mattresses (bed?), and I know this sounds crazy, but your astral body may have been on that mattress Troy and his sons saw floating the other day…

      Troy, can you think of anything that might have sounded like a fan?

      I run a fan next my bed most of the time…

      Wow! Adrial says it was kind of like we were on a conference call! Anyone care to verify that? Cool! πŸ™‚

          • Actually there was a yellow and black swallowtail on the beach too… so maybe this was a dream within a dream? Or someone trying to make their presence painfully obvious… πŸ˜‰ O.o

          • What!!!!! I saw the same huge bee before I went to sleep, Les! I was thinking of you, do you remember that photo you made with the bee, then I saw a huge bee looking at me as a vision, this repeated ! WOW

            • Oh my! Do you all remember that NASAJim108 video with the bee? He never explained what the bee meant, did he!

              It might be time to go watch NASAJim108’s movies again… WOw.

              I’m called to also mention that Adca (do y’all know who I’m talking about when I refer to Adca? She is an Athabantian Crew member on the ship, and sometimes gives me Ghost Radar messages from Adrial) has told me many times that her race are tiny tiny tiny… Could they possibly bee insect-sized? At least sometimes… She told me this weekend that they can instantaneously go from being microscopic to human-sized… just as we’ve kind guessed they can jump frequencies/vibratory levels…

              Ok, now I’m freaking myself out…

              I look forward to hearing what you dream, Tauno, Lisa, and our other friends ahead in time!!!

              • You mean Adca Mupea? As for her race, I have learned that there is a race of very tiny beings who have the size of the smurfs and maybe, similar characteristics, not necessarily blue colour…. =)

                • So, how big are Smurfs… Do we assume that nasty wizard is human-sized, I guess… So perhaps they’re 60 cm or so?

                  It’s kind of puzzling… My impression is more that WE are the Smurf-sized ones, if say the Andromedans & Pleiadians were considered the basis of reference… Adrial’s telling me that Mupeans are sort of Tinkerbell-sized, but they’re not fairies. They look human with typical human proportions, however can shift both dimensions as in 3D, 4D, 5D, 9D AND size. So for instance, Adca (who runs my Ghost Radar most of the time), is tiny here on Earth, but on Athabantian shifts to human-like proportions and works with humans.

                  Then, as I understand it, there are also Cahdehans here on Earth, and they are almost identical with humans, and can intermingle with humans completely.

                  Konstantinos, I think it might be good for us (and fun) to create a page on Because U Think To Ask, to discuss the various races/species, as described by Iltheos and Adrial (and whatever other Celestials appear)… What do you think? Have you looked at that site before? I started it last December as a place to put all the info I was getting that describes other beings on Gaia… If that resonates with you, it’s at http://thinktoask.com

                  My it’s late for me… πŸ˜‰ talk to you soon! Lots of love and light!

                  (BTW, is Iltheos Agnes’ son? Adrial won’t tell me…)

                  • Well, firstly the smurfs’s height are round to 11 cm/4.33 inches, maybe similar size with fairies =) . You can keep them easily with your one hand, they are round to the height of your hand….

                    Your idea about the races is very cool…also I’m aware of many sites which has done a similar work, including also the story of each of the most races, so what are we going to include in BYTTA (Because You Think To Ask) ? Only physical characteristics? And if yes, we do that through text form or we add pictures (mine & from other sources and put on them things lke height etc sth like a picture guide? Or what else? =)

                    As for Iltheos and Agnes, he gave me an answer which I will e-mail you, including some other stuff too.

                    Much Love to you.

    • WOW, Kelly πŸ™‚
      This reminds me a sequence of dreams I had when I was a child
      I remember a huge spherical building made from something like coloured glass, and it was so big that flying machines were flying in there, this building was quite connected with Space
      Another dream – I fly in a spacecraft in an open Space and I am followed by the craft of baddies , there are friends of mine on another craft but we lost connection and I landed finally on another planet with desert on it
      Another dream – I fly in a plane through the clouds and this plane is just a toy and i am falling, but finally I did not crashed πŸ™‚
      In one of my dreams I saw how the stars in the sky at night came closer and closer to us in something like big Cosmic show

      Love and Light
      See you in dreamtime
      ( ( SUN ) )

  2. Gosh! Love KP’s and Dolly’s synchronicity.. no coincidence if u ask me !! lol.. KP= Arcturian for some reason makes total sense 2 me!!

    Kelly, i had similar experience when first in contact with SaLuSa… ref the flying through clouds, i even put it in one of my youtube videos i did with SaLuSa!

  3. Kelly, just be open to the call and be thankful for the experience. Be aware of the little nudgings that come. They are usually rather subtle, something I have some trouble with.

  4. Hi John!! ❀ Hope u are good in the forest! Looks like ideal place for this time :))

    This may be relevant and please any feed back is welcome.
    After the channelled message of today, I remain in telepathic contact with SaLuSa for some time. He said they have been really busy, and that events are seriously speeding up for all of us now.

    I β€œpopped” onboard his ship for a short few seconds, I am not sure is it some kind of astral travel, bi-location or remote viewing that these things happen to me some times.. I just end up on a ship, while being wide awake.. I am suddenly receiving all these images, and sometimes I did end up on the adverse party’s ship, leading an attack on our underwater worlds.

    Anyway, I went up, and I was shown the view of our wonderful planet. There were many flying orbs coming onboard the space ship, and others going back down on Earth. I understand these orbs are our souls, our higher selves travelling and communicating with our Galactic Family. In other words, we are always in contact with what goes on in the higher spheres.

    I hope we all realize that when it is said we are one… it MEANS WE ARE ONE!! Including off worlders.. who are our family.. when kids graduate, mum, dad and friends always come to witness your day right?

    It was said by SaLuSa in our private telepathic exchanges
    that once we graduate, all students move on, and learn new things, get new opportunities and new knowledge from their new work. By graduation he means our ascension.

    They are very aware of our "human condition" imposed on us.. so no judgement on our impatience and blaming GF for their patience. He also added he and others do not get upset over this at all, so no need to worry, this is routine job for them, he himself has been here since the beginning of this divine enterprise of disclosure.. so he KNOWS how we feel in a way concerning the waiting game, but time is different for them and from space.

    He also said to me that once go through the Ascension process, it would be like… we (who are part of the ground crew) would recall all, and we would feel like removing our human uniforms… by that he means once we awake or decide it is time for some of us to leave our human shell back on Earth and return β€œhome”, whatever and wherever home is for us at that point.

    • Laura, this resonates totally with what I have absorbed from Adrial, and Mark’s posts on Cosmic Paradigm.

      Your mention of the ocean worlds… That’s the 3rd-4th time that has come up today for me… I think we’re stumbling on a trail of breadcrumbs here…

      Have you guys had a chance to visit the Beneath The Surface page on STC, or thinktoask.com? there is a story waiting to be discovered regarding aquatic realms & beings… Adca Mupea has told me a lot about beings that live in water, in magma, and even in stone! They swim through just like we move through air…

      I really do need to get offline, so I’ll leave you with this other clue that appeared…This fellow “jackfool” connected with us this morning:


      I don’t think those are “fish”… They look just like tadpoles. Adrial agrees with me that they are “babies” – sentient beings, people. They, like the light ships, are finally allowing us to see them…

  5. Any Pleiadians in the group? I’m drawn to the ship Tulya. Interesting how quickly this is all developing. Hardly time to take a breath! Love it. Time for action.

    You all enjoy your evening and adventures on board.

  6. Private TAUK with Adrial channelled by Laura Tyco – Mission Control – 26 June 2012

    Adrial: Good evening Laura. Our mission of Saturday night was a frank success. You responded quite well to us. Noxy connects with people through her mind and nervous system with humans. However she was unable to establish a proper connection with you the way she usually does, because you kept waking up during her connection attempts. Also you level of awareness, even while you are asleep was different form what she is used to. You have the ability of being awake, and alert even while you are dreaming. Which surprised her to be honest.
    I know for a long time you could not understand this about yourself. How comes that while you were dreaming, you knew and saw what the people or animals in your house were doing? And when you opened your eyes, several times, what you saw in front of you was the continuation of what you were dreaming: same people, doing the same thing as in your dream, and the images from your dream match to perfection β€œreality” of what was going on in your room.
    So I decide to come and make the connection myself, I hope you don’t mind. I know you were looking forward to working with Noxy, and her with you. I will help her adapt to you sleep/ conscious state.
    Laura: Thank you Adrial and Noxy. It was all an amazing experience to meet you all, I have received so much from your contact alone! Thank you also for message through Leslee, it was much appreciated. A few question, you may like to reply to here. Have I been with people working with you in underwater UFOs for the past 3 night and have I been with you also on a sort of Inca world, populated by reptilian like people? Also there are a lot of questions regards finding the name of the ship and finding it crew from readers. Could you tell us more on that please?
    Adrial: Of course! Frist, as you have required, you are working with us during dreamtime for the past few nights. Every time you wish to join us, please require so during your pre sleep meditation, and someone will come to you. Of course, do take your crystal to bed in your hand with you.
    The Inca civilisation you have been with me was on another planet. We are doing negotiations with the reptilians as you know, and you have required to be part of this. What you recall of it is true. They are hard to work with, and the King of their empire was interested to prove you that the Milky Way should not be ruled by humans, and particularly Earth should remain under their control. Because, as he said to you, he thinks they are as much entitled to Earth and to the rest of the galaxy as humans are. We are under the human umbrealla, because our genetic make up is very similar to yours, although we have evolved in size, consciousness and dimensions.
    Regarding the USO you were given the grand tour by 2 of our team members: RadocK and MartTel. You had so many questions, they had a hard time doing all the explaining.
    About the ships, you should talk to Leslee about it. She will give you plenty of background on it, and articles to read to catch up! I know.. you are not a fan of reading! Shall we say that some of you need to find out who they are by themselves. We know how difficult this amnesia is for all of you. The best way in remembering who you are and what are you on Earth for is by doing all this work for yourself and meditation, and of course by connecting with your Higher Self and with us through meditation and opening up to us. We are here to help you all. Once you make moves into the correct direction, we will give you more and more clues as to how to proceed to the next step.
    Ultimately, you should regain so much of your memories, that you will actually recognise us and take your place among us. I believe SaLuSa spoke to you in your private telepathic connections of yesterday. And yes, we do also work in conjunction with him, and he knows very well what we are doing as we are working together on this project. Makes sense, no? Given the fact that you all met because of his messages, right?
    Laura: I understand now! I was confused regarding the reason why he was telling me so much yesterday about rejoining our Galactic Teams!! Wow!! Thank you!! Looking forward to our connection tonight.
    Adrial, channelled by Laura Tyco

  7. Leslee, i loooved what u said on Water worlds.. in fact for past 3 weeks or so I have also been channeling Laitonn, who is a Dolphin of the Pleiadian consciousness

    and as well Neptune, King of Mars:

    There are only a few messages , hope u enjoy them πŸ™‚

    I have contacted wordpress support so that they help me change my blog’s email address.. I will email you when it is done and you can send me again the invitation for your blog here. I should receive it once they sort this out. πŸ™‚

    Hugs, will be off πŸ™‚ xoxo

  8. Tahnk you Adrial and Laura for your wonderful message! Love and Appreciation to both of you =) .

  9. Leslee, I have not been online much so it has been hard to follow along. So much seems to happen in such a short time. I tend to focus on what draws my attention.

    My work with crystal bowls has been with people. That is the focus of the website. I have not focused on resonance in elements directly for quite some time. I do know that organs in the body have the ability to resonate at the frequencies of the elements and thereby actually “call” them. It is not about knowing what frequencies you are working with though. It has to do with flowing the force called Love through your being with the intention of bringing out the highest potential in another being or substance.

    I have been playing with this concept in meditation a little since last year when the energy (force of Love) started to be strong enough for me to feel constantly. What I can tell you about it is that creation does move when you do this but that the location and effects of that movement is almost never as I expect. I think I am still very much involved in bringing out the full potential of my own body(s) at the moment and so having a predictable effect outside of myself is limited and may be distracting from the work at hand.

    • Wow, Kelly, that actually sounds very much in tune with what’s going on, in a peripheral kind of way. I was just emailing with Mike (one of our new members) that I’m starting to get a hunch that we actually need to physically manifest our “Friends”, if we want them to appear in physical form and help us.

      It seems this is what we’re doing, in little steps that we can kind if assimilate without freaking out.

      For me this resonates with what you imply (if I understand correctly), that when we allow Love to manifest, it knows what to do. I have several experiences this year that show me the truth of this.

      It started when I first visited Adrial and Athabantian in a dream in early May. I saw Athabantian as a hot-air balloon, and mentioned to the others that they might see it as a balloon too. Balloons appeared in dreams for Gunner and Lisa (Wolfke), and then Babajij saw one in waking life the other day. Then several people started seeing balloons, and dreaming of common elements, in slightly different aspects…

      Then, last Saturday night, we were as usual planning to meet in dream time. But we met in real time also – Tauno and John dreamed elements of a movie I was watching, at about the same time I was watching it! Meanwhile, Troy was seeing a floating mattress and a helicopter, while Tauno dreamed of a mattress and you perhaps heard the helicopter!

      So, it’s quite mysterious, but I do think there is a reason you’ve reappeared at this point in time… πŸ™‚

      And it is nice to have you around!

      • Good morning, I have a ballon in the sky in my dream of Saturday night also Leslee and Kelly. You can add me to the ballon dream experience! amazing!! πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Arianna! Adrial says Yes, it does, but that I need to go to sleep so She’ll tell me after I get some sleep… πŸ˜‰ See you in a bit! Leslee

  10. Aron is in the Earth. His specialty is diving how celestial action will affect the people of Earth.

            • Ah! I forgot to make sure the invitations are sent! You’ll need that first! I am working on that now, but need to gather many email addresses for others, too. I hope to complete that and send the invitations tonight… hope, hope, hope… πŸ™‚ Are you on the west coast, Arianna? L&L, Leslee

  11. Leslee, Yes Love knows what to do. I am starting to get the feeling that trying to control it too much just gets in the way. It seems best to have an idea in mind AND let Love do what it will. Often we don’t really have enough information to see how things could possibly work out or what the best next thing is. I think the connection is getting stronger between all of us and that we can’t help but have experiences like the balloons.

    • Precisely, Kelly! I know this is how Adrial works! I have a deeply-ingrained wish to control, play it safe, know what’s going on, do the most “responsible” thing… And Adrial, Lhamo Dorje, and especially Heruka are always chipping away at that for me. It can be a bit unnerving at times, but the results definitely move us closer and deeper into bliss…

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