Leslee Hare – Athabantian Update – 2 July 2012


Hi, Everyone! Leslee here, with some updates…

I need to try to keep this brief, and hope I can post more tonight! For now, here are some nut-and-bolts news for the Athabantian Crew…

I just sent out a batch of WordPress invitations, so there are 23 of you out there who have pending invitations to participate here on STC (if you and I have emailed personally, you ARE in the Crew of Athabantian!

These invitations are for this site, Spirit Train Chronicles – not the Ships. The Ship invitations are separate from the Spirit Train Chronicles site invitations.

If you were expecting and invitation and have not yet received one, please comment here, on this post – it was most like an oversight.

Another possibility might be that we chatted via comments on posts or pages, but I don’t have your email address in my inbox. If you think that might have happened, please email me, Leslee, at

If you and I have NOT emailed personally (that is, you have not sent an email to me – Leslee – at, but you do wish to participate as a Crew Member of Athabantian, then please do send me an email now, and we will figure things out.

We have 59 Member/Invitees to the site at this point… I have many more emails than that in my inbox, so I’m sure I’ve missed a few of you! Please do not hesitate to speak up and ask questions, okay?

Here on STC, you can find the dream accounts on the Astral Travels page (see top menu), and there are separate pages for each month.

Site members are welcome to create pages and posts! Please make your best guess at where to place the pages, and if things need to be reorganized at some point, we’re open to that, so please make suggestions!

Adrial has given me a list of questions to use to create a POLL, and I’m still trying to find the time to do this. The main purpose of this poll will be to find out how everyone is navigating the site, what is confusing, is there anything we don’t have here yet that you would like to see, etc…

We also know that some simple WordPress instructions will be helpful, so we’re working on that, too!

To help with this part of the process, please use the comments section of this post [guide] to ask questions or make suggestions. Just so you know, I always rely upon Adrial first, but we also discuss things as a group, and try not to be too  autocratic… (smile).

For those of you who are new here on the site, there is an informal group of “old-timers” (haha, no offense intended to anyone, I think I out-age the rest of you I’m about to mention…!): Troy/Dreamwalker/DW, Tauno, Babajij/JohnPaul, John A, Konstantinos/KP, and Lisa/Wolfke74, and of course myself … Any of us are happy to help you with questions and WP issues as best we can.

The best news is, we cover 10 time zones (and keep some strange hours), so chances are that one of us will be online when you are!

Okay, I think that covers the most burning questions… Please comment!

Now on a more fun note:

From what little I’ve had time to read, it sounds like many of us had some really wonderful (if exhausting!) expereiences Saturday night! Far more than I was hoping for, I’ll admit!

I am still typing up my dream, and since Saturday I keep remembering little bits and pieces… I hope to post that tonight, but I’d like to share for now that my dream synchs with many of yours, and my goodness, we were busy! As I’ve typed, I realized it’s sort of like we were doing some funky kind of Galactic Speed-Dating, as we went to meetings, greeted old friends, and celebrated our reunion!

Okay, I must go for now, but I look forward to what lies ahead for us!

With much love, sending lots of light, and in Union,


7 comments on “Leslee Hare – Athabantian Update – 2 July 2012

  1. Leslee, you are awesome! I like the “speed dating” reference. Wonderful to see SO MUCh growth, I love it and I love you! I love you all!

  2. Thank You Leslee for inviting me to Athabantian! 🙂 With so much I wrote in the last mail, I forgot to thank that! lol =P
    I also salute all the Lightworkers around! you, we, are wonderful beings changing the world as I write this very words.


  3. Hi Leslee,
    just to let you know, I did have email contact with you but have not received an invite yet 🙂
    Love & Light,

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