Starseed DNA reading: Arcturus

I am Arachanaï

Wikmedia commons: creative commons license

I continue on this journey to unearth my starseed lineage in this starseed DNA reading from The Grove Apothica. This is the second part of the Starseed DNA reading. My replies on this reading will be in cursive.

Where else your Soul has been
The following Star Nations are not necessarily in order as to when you incarnated with them.These are the order as to the importance to this lifetime and the mission and traits that they embody for you. I hope they can shed some light on who you are today and how you can work closer to why you are on Earth.

Another Soul Group to come through in your lineage is :

Arcturians are from the Boötes Constellation. The name Boötes comes from Greek and means “bear guardian”. This Star Nation is said to be the oldest and most advanced…

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  1. Hi Christine,

    Re Arachanai, the term means ‘spider’… I would be concerned about the statement ‘I Am Arachanai’!


    • Hi Christine,
      I know what it means, it is just how you view it. You can either view it positively or negatively. ‘The spider is a fascinating spirit animal that is often misunderstood. Although they are commonly associated with darkness and death, spiders can also represent new beginnings and life cycles. In many cultures, spiders are seen as protectors and symbols of good luck’

      Sending you love and light,

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