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Hi Ark, I know you well regardless of the name you go by! I wanted to respond to your post but couldn’t think of the words, and time flew by (as it does these days) and the post was then locked down. This timeout was set awhile ago to prevent spam. We can adjust it to allow for new timelines as needed.

What you said is pretty much where I’m at – and maybe we all are. I see what preceded as a fact-finding process, and I am still kind of amazed that all that happened. It was a series of confirmations for me – things I thought I understood, but could easily be led astray from those understandings by one blog post or another. I can say that I have clarity that I didn’t before, and I can certainly see the holes in the world’s religions, and the cons and empty promises of this “dark” world that we chose to briefly inhabit. And will likely inhabit again, at some point.

It’s fine to not be excited or interested about these things, just as appreciating a mountain view might be pretty cool at the time, but after that, it’s a mountain.

The so what / what now factor is there because we peeled away a part of our idea of what the universe was, and got boring old dirt as an answer. This to me is pretty exciting in its own way because that is probably the right answer. The exciting answer can be the one that’s been fabricated to line someone’s pockets with “money”, or some weird darkened path as darkness for the sake of darkness. Or perhaps a distraction from something else going on. The exciting is now boring, and the boring is now exciting… or something like that…

There are some things that are now coming to pass that we were waiting for, for quite some time. Movements of the world’s mafias is not part of that, but I see the US Navy admission as one example – others might disagree. “Soon” has become “now” in many ways, though perhaps not always in the way we might have expected. We are used to the idea of being more than we thought, and okay with the idea that people assume they have more limitations that they really do. It’s the human experience we came for, anyways. As paying customers, we should be able to experience the movie the way we want to experience it. I don’t think it ruins the experience to know how that movie was made.

The other side of the question is – what does excite you these days? How’s it going? Do you think these last couple of years were the “apocalypse” needed to get things moving in a different direction? Or is it back to same old, same old, and that’s it?

I for one am embracing boring as a change of pace!



  1. From previous conversations, we’ve always been everything – always have existed in all dimensions- but chose to have a limited “3D” experience. In a similar way your small room might represent the limited experience you’re having now, even though there’s so much more to it than that.

    It’s like saying we’re not astronauts when in fact we are because space is all around us.

    This limited experience protects us from the boredom of infinity! That’s a cynical way of putting it but I suspect that’s a core part of why I’m reluctant to explore any further. There don’t seem to be much in the way of opportunities to use it towards philanthropic pursuits, other than to creep out born-again Christians by telling them the absolute truth and letting the hair stand up on the back of their neck. 😀 😀 😀

    And let it be known that I will be using this at EVERY opportunity. 😉

  2. Too many things have actually happened for me to retell them here in any comprehensive manner. Much of it is beyond what anyone with an ordinary mindset would at all consider. But as you said, anything becomes everyday when you get past the treshold, and still I feel like there should be more to it. I set a goal and it looks distant and rich, then I slowly get there, while feeling it’s impossible to do. After fulfilling it, it turns out being rather flat, and lacking in depth. I see this happen again and again. My perception of “depth” was from a lack of reference and experience.

    I had a dream once where I was walking in a city and it was snowing mashed potatoes. Somehow this was a symbol of abundance, no one had to go hungry. I entered a building and heard people talking, the smell of distant tobacco smoke at what seemed to be an evening party of the more civilized kind. Yet I was in the hallway and not on the inside where this supposed gathering took place. I climbed the stairs to my door and went inside, and the apartment was just one small room. Still people who saw me enter the building thought of me as an important person of the city elite. I could feel their eyes following me in the streets, filled with the attitudes and feelings associated with that kind of position.

    This is what I am experiencing in a way. Being on the inside and drawing attention, yet having very little more than them. The biggest difference is in who has the clouded vision.

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