Dream: Shadows in the Market

I was with a friend in a market where the lighting was kind of dark, it was an area with a canvas roof, and stalls in it… we were talking about people changing names, but it was kind of like when a kid puts their hands over their eyes and says they’re hiding…

We picked up some vegetables at one of the farmer stalls. It was kind of tense because we weren’t sure if there were bad guys around the market.

What are “bad guys” and why do they matter?

Maybe they’re just something I made up as a part of my own introverted anxiety… a Paleolithic fear of being feasted on by Jaguars…


One comment

  1. Maybe… the market is the world, and the name changing entities in the shadows are ancient?
    We know them by what they do and what traces they leave, but their name is different in each age.

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