Valiant: The Thunders…The Thunder Drums…The Red Light in the Sky…

*SONG* “I Dreamed A Dream” by Susan Boyle

There was a party…
It feels impossible to write.

The circle of light…
Sitting there with them…as before, like
So many times. Brishan, in his uniform,
Varence beside him…that determined look on
His face…and then Ceres, who was quiet
And fierce looking…this was the most
Uncomfortable meeting by far.

“He has to write this now.” Varence said,
Nodding at me. “Tell them.”

“Why?” Ceres said looking away, then back
To me. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Yes, he does.” Varence insisted, nodding.
“And he has to tell them right now.”

An uncomfortable pause.
Brishan’s friendly face watched me…
Waiting. “You said you would.”

I had to think of a way. I swear I
Felt like it was being pulled out of me.
“Tell them.” Varence’s voice was like
Some magnet making it happen.

This is not fiction. I wish it were.
I will do the best I can.

There was a party in the fall of 1990…
It was around this time of year, early
October. The first frost came early
That year…it was one of those fall
Seasons where everything felt more intense…
Everything. Moods were more unsettled,
There was a lot of tension because of
The news and the situation with the
Gulf War building. It was a dark time.
People were strange, friendly but not…
Like everyone was uncomfortable and
The stress levels were so high it felt as
Though you were walking on egg shells
Everywhere you went.

Words seem to feel like they are being
Pulled from my head.

Maybe the best way to explain this is
To start earlier, earlier that year
That is.

There was a boy, 18, who was readying
To graduate from high school back in
May. It started out normal, your typical
High school graduation excitement I
Suppose. Is that typical?

He had been having a lot of paranormal
Dreams that May…dreaming in foreign
Languages…Well, at first he thought
They were nonsense…
Then he has this dream of this mysterious
Beautiful blond woman who had been
Visiting his dreams throughout his life…
Always appearing before something
Awful happened.

This time she appeared, she was very
Pregnant…very, very pregnant. She told
Him things about some strange future
Involving outer space and travelers.
It was then she had finally told him
For the first time that she was not from
Earth…that she came to visit him to
Ease his mind, that no matter what
Happens that he was going to be alright…
To keep going no matter how terrible
It felt…that one day it would make
Sense. But she was forbidden to say
Too much. Only that when he was older
He would do important things…That she
Had to leave to go home to have her child.
For her people, having a baby was a serious
Event…They devoted years to raising their
Children, to them new life was precious…And
They spent at least the first 30 years of
The child’s life preparing them for…
Their path. Then she said a few other
Things, and explained he would not see
Her again for a long time, that soon
Her replacement would come to…guide him?
Then she was gone.

Strange dream of course, they always
Were. After school he went to see his
Grandmother to tell her about these
Dreams…About the nonsense languages
He dreamt in…He recited phrases. That’s
When she told him, it wasn’t nonsense…
He was dreaming in Russian? But how
Could he, he had never been to Russia
Nor knew its language.
It terrified him because these dreams
Were of the past…Another life…
Where he had died, shot in the chest
At close range by a guard in some prison
Camp…full of political prisoners and
Their families…He was breaking up a
Fight of men bullying his little brother
When the guards came and fired into
The crowd…The bullets hit him in the
Chest…He hit the ground…The people
Were screaming in Russian, “Get the
Surgeon!” His brother hovered over him,
Begging not to be left alone…It was a
Camp of men, they bullied all the younger
Ones…Voices faded…as he lay on the ground
Staring up into the sky…the clouds opened
Up into a blinding light that grew…
And there was singing, beautiful choirs
Singing from the light, until everything
Was a blinding golden-white light…
Then there was no feeling, no memories,
Only the light and singing…
It ended with the strong sense of
Guilt of leaving him behind unprotected.

The bullets didn’t hurt, there was no feeling,
Only pressure, no breath…only feelings…
The bond with this brother…And the pull of
The singing and the light…
There is no tunnel…When Heaven takes you,
Everything becomes a blinding golden-white
Light…Feelings and memories exist…And
The physical becomes a meaningless
Dream. The singing is endless, with
Music…It is the greatest peace to know.

He told this to his grandmother…
He used to rub, massage, her knees and
Feet after school…She was trying to
Influence him to become a physical
Therapist, like she had been…For a
Proper, respectable, money-making future.
This also helped her walk, as she told
Him he had some kind of miraculous
Hands that gave her the ability to
Walk…healing hands.
But she was more consumed by herself
And her health problems…His dreams
Made her nervous…She had always told
Him that he inherited the family ‘gift’
From her mother…Who dreamt and saw
Things before they happened…But it was
A dark gift, evil…He had to pray for God
To make it stop…The Bible teaches us
These things are not meant for us, only
God and His Angels. He had to pray
Constantly to make it stop…or it
Would consume him, drive him crazy
And God would be angry with him…The
Devil touches us this way sometimes to
Play with our minds…to stray from
God…etc.etc.etc…An endless lecture…

A lecture of the biggest bullshit
Ever shoveled on a young mind to scare
Them to death!

After the lecture…she tells him she
And his grandfather are moving to
Florida at the end of May…

What about my graduation?

She had already seen his mother, his
Uncle and sister graduate…These things
Are all the same…Her health was more
Important…She was suffering various
Health issues…Florida is a miraculous
Place you know, people live longer there,
Are healthier, etc…Didn’t he care about
Her health? He was being selfish asking
Her to stay for a graduation that had
No meaning really…seen one seen them
All…He was literally struck numb
And silent…

The things she said…it was as if this
Highly spiritual, religious old world woman
From Europe…had become another
Person…cold, insensitive…And he was
A selfish child for wanting her to
Stay for graduation…The lecture was
Ridiculous…He wasn’t allowed to speak…
Pray to God for guidance…Forget about
A career in art, go to medical school,
All artists are losers…Move to Florida
After graduation…Take care of grandma,
Become a doctor or physical therapist…
Stop being so selfish…

It had begun…

From that moment on, life became full of
These onslaughts of speeches and attacks…
His grandparents moved to Florida
At the end of May…but something
Very disturbing happened…once they
Got there, grandma got to Florida she
Grew very ill with pneumonia…and
Was terribly sick for months. Apparently
The climate change was too much for her.

For weeks this sort of theme continued…
Friends, without warning turned on this
Boy…As graduation approached they
Kept complaining he had this hugely
Successful future ahead of him in art
While they had no idea what to do with
Their lives…Being around him made them
Feel like losers, so they said…They whined
And cried endlessly about graduation…
He kept telling them nothing was
Written in stone, anything was possible…
But they wouldn’t listen…

He told some friends about what his
Grandmother did, said…Most would NOT
Believe him…That was ridiculous…
What grandmother would do that?
Pointless details…

Friends made excuses not to talk…
Not to hang out…The girls cried about
Their pitiful futures…The guys just
Partied and drank…That’s what most
Seniors in high school do at graduation…
It’s actually a very strange time…
Excited that high school is over…
Terrified of the future…That’s why everyone
Wants to party and get drunk…too
Much stress…too hard to think…
Peer pressure…big dreams malformed
By the media…movies, television…rock stars…
Dreams of fame and fortune,
Marrying someone rich…To make all
Your friends jealous…Friends seduce the
Best looking one they can find to parade
Them around like it’s love…They don’t
Know each other at all…
It’s all heavy petting and performance,
And lots and lots of drama…
Then in secret with their friends
They complain how unloved they feel…
Or brag about what great sex they’re
Having…Someone ends up pregnant…
The parties never end, underage
Drinking and drugs…

The heaviest partiers and complainers
Are always the ones who can’t seduce
The ones they want. Devastating problems.
Earth shattering…They always talk
And never listen…What great adults
They become…


This kid, this boy is bombarded with
Endless guilt trips…don’t speak, only
Listen…Are teenagers demons in
Human form? When you think about
Behavior patterns…high school is a lot
Like Hell…Especially if you’re fat in an
Age where fat is a crime…Then you starve
Yourself to death to be thin just to be
Treated like a human being…
He had done that as well…And
Oddly enough no one ever remembered
Him being fat…because he looked
So different…

The Number One Thing you learn in
School is…looks are all that matter…
Thank God adults outgrow this…
And pictures are so unimportant.

The Number Two Rule growing up…
Collect as many good looking friends as
You can…Thank God we outgrow this as
Adults…Can you imagine what the
World would be like if we didn’t? Scary.

But fortunately this formerly fat boy
Was spared this…because everyone completely
Forgot what he was, who he was, or how
They had once treated him after he lost the weight.
Such miraculously convenient memories
People have!

Onward, I will try to abbreviate this as
Best as possible…time is precious.

Graduation day came…
A mutual friend of the boy and his sister
Came to see graduation…since she missed hers,
And his sister’s…

Graduation week was a mess of selfish thrills
And insults…He kept his mouth shut and
Endured…During graduation practice…
A group of his fellow classmates thought it
Would be fun to harmlessly harass, poke, pinch,
Stab, kick, grope and sling insults at him…
It was surreal, as if they were possessed…
It went on and on…The principal was 5 feet
Away but never noticed…No one told them to
Stop because kids will be kids…it was
Harmless fun, right? I mean it was graduation
Day…who cares, anything goes!
Because any other time, it might have
Been considered abusive or an assault.

No big deal. If anything goes…He snapped,
Completely broke…so when they had
Senior lunch (a special event)…He
Walked out…Asked a friend, who had
Just previously asked to wean their
Friendship down because he was a guy,
She was a girl…blah, blah…she only wanted
Female friends…Anyway, he asked her to
Walk out to his car…as he had a
Breakdown, so that she could pass on to
Everyone that he was leaving and not coming

His breakdown terrified her, but she passed
The message on…that was his official last
Day in that hell hole…He drove off…

Absolutely no control, no mind, no feeling,
There were tears and noise…no thinking…
That’s when it came…

There was some supernatural force that
Descended, a powerful presence…a female voice
He never knew…guided the car to his
Sister’s work…where he remained that day…as
The world fell apart…As he broke, his
Family and friends came to the conclusion
He had to go to graduation, that was their
Support…But his sister insisted it was
His choice, not theirs…Endless guilt was
Dumped on him to go…

How? What for? Punish a group of bullies
On graduation day and make a huge scene
Of something awful? No, he kept his mouth
Shut, went home and spent the night in bed
Watching a movie…
While everyone else cried that his graduation
Day had been ruined for THEM.
Oh well…Yes, by not going to his graduation
He ruined it for THEM…He was selfish…
A few people called him a selfish coward…
Anyway, you get the idea.

The guilt trips continued, with lectures…
And that supernatural force grew angry…

He went to no graduation parties, he buried it.
Fast forward. Guilt. Lectures. Speeches.
A cowardly selfish boy.
A few days later his father was
Crippled in this awful home accident…
Both his knee caps were broken off in a fall…

1 week later, while on a late night ride with
His sister and a couple friends…They were in
A major car accident…The car was totaled…
His sister’s friend was driving her car…
Boom Boom Boom…Cops…The hospital…
The friend’s parents basically washed their
Hands of their daughter, said it was her
Mess and dumped her…So his parents took
Her in, sparing her from being homeless.
It was insane, ridiculous, horrible.

It was like some dark force was at work…
Versus a supernatural presence that watched

The guilt trips and lectures ended however,
Transforming into pity parties for the girl
Who crashed the car and the father’s awful
Accidents…Things grew worse and worse.
The mother was forced to become the family
Work force taking on additional jobs to
Support everyone, this wore her raw…

The summer was awful…The boy’s friends
Were typical…wanting to celebrate their
Freedom summer…while his was utter hell.
Conflict. Because he had so selfishly ruined
Graduation for everyone—they all felt guilty
For wanting to have fun…instead they turned
To pity the girlfriend who totaled his sister’s
Car…Monsters were born this way.

Now when so many awful things happen
So close together it’s obvious something is
Wrong…That a dark force is out to break
Your spirit…so you keep going…

The stress levels sky rocketed.
The father came home from the hospital,
Due to a lack of funds…The boy was forced to
Be the family nursemaid for him…

His unstable nature was to say the least
Unpleasant for the family, no one wanted
To care for him…But the cowardly selfish
Boy did it…and the housework, since the
Mother had to work…as did his sister.

The pitiful friend who stayed with them
Spent most of the time in bed crying
Because her family abandoned her…

The boy played nurse to a crippled man
Who needed constant attention…

Endless speeches and lectures were given on
How to cope…Basically, don’t complain, you’re
Not allowed to speak, only listen. Do as you
Are told. Others come first…Somehow in
This chaos hell the victims become lost…
Who is really suffering? Who hurts the most?
Guilt is typically laid upon the one
Who started it all…of course…

If things could just have been a little different…
If people had been kinder…
These things only attract the attention
Of higher forces…both good and bad…

For those paying attention…it becomes
Clear when things like this happen…
That something is watching everything.

Bad things kept happening to those
Around this boy every time he grew upset…
It started every time
Someone continued to hurt him…or give him
Guilt or awful lectures, bad things
Happened to them…Something had to be
Doing it, it was too much too fast. The
Summer was insane.

By the end of the summer, the family was
RAW…tension was indescribable…Everyone
Was suffering in some way, you have to
Know that. But everyone has feelings, hurts,
And has problems. You must always respect
That…You don’t know what someone else
Is going through, what kind of day they are
Having…how they woke up that morning…
Were they sick? Called names? Hit?
How close are they…to the edge…

Weigh all those things and getting through
Just one day…one day at a time is pure

So what happens next…September comes,
And the boy starts college…perfect.
No stress levels there. Freshman year, hurray!

College is not a place for adults…It’s
A place where egos grow…Kids party
And work…And a whole new set of
Rules are carved into your soul by who-
Ever teaches the class…Much like any
New job.

Freshman are terrified enough. Can you
Imagine how a shattered soul feels
Starting college after a summer of hell?
But the college professors were…so
Amazingly different…One is awesome
And fun…while the next is the
Most arrogant piece of garbage you
Have ever met in your life…

The worst advice he ever heard
Was preached to him by his preceptor…
His work was poor from the start…
If you can’t focus on your work, you’re
Wasting their time…They don’t care about
Your personal problems in college…or in
Life, you keep your personal problems to
Yourself and do your work…that’s what
Life is…HA.

For the record…No one does this…It is
Impossible, especially for young people, to
Leave their problems at home…Everyone
Carries their problems with them wherever
They go…That’s why the world is screwed
Up. It’s normal.

The best thing you can do is be kind
As much as you can…hoping that it helps
Someone…that you don’t hurt them, so
They won’t hurt you…so maybe
You break the awful endless chain
Of events of pain or anguish out there…

And it you’re going to break or feel
That you might…Please, don’t listen
To some jerk out there giving you a
Speech or guilt trip…You have to survive…
And I know it’s hard, but you have to be
Kind in this world…or it will kill you…

Now, the details have been set enough…
For the story here…of
The Red Light in the Sky…

This is hard to write…I’m sorry for the
Broken words, they’re pulling it out of my
Head; it is buried deep enough.

September for the freshman boy was brutal…
The summer of hell never seemed to end…
The lectures, the chores, the work, the guilt
Trips…it never ended…Much like high school
And his former fat years…there was no escape…
At home or school there was no escape,
The criticism was just different; more personal
At home and more blind at school…

But you keep your mouth shut, and keep going…

One blessing was he bought himself a batch
Of baby chicks that he ordered from a hatchery
Catalog that summer…He had always wanted
Them, so that was his graduation gift to himself.
Lame yes, I know…but he loved animals…His
Family always had a lot of pets and they had
Given many pets over the years…But by far
Those baby chicks were the best…so small
And helpless and fun to care for. Animals don’t
Judge, and are always the best friends you’ll
Ever have…They were his retreat…to sit outside
At the chicken coop with the little birds to
Watch them peck and scratch and play with
Them…You should try it, it’s very fulfilling…

Anyway…early October came…
A lot of stress had built in the house
With the friend, a Jennifer, that stayed with them…
She had sort of worn out her welcome,
Not of her own doing exactly but mostly
Due to the influence of friends who
Kept encouraging her independence…Instead
Of telling her to respect some house rules
Of living in the house they kept telling
Her to be her own person and write her
Own rules…which was fine if she was living
On her own, but she wasn’t.

I need to point out here, that when you’re young
You tend to have friends for random reasons…
Friends that live close-by, neighbors, friends
You’ve known since grammar school, and
Then friends you really like and connect with…
When you combine a group like this you
Have a menagerie of personalities…both good
And bad…It takes years to figure out
Sometimes how to choose friends…

In this case, there were a lot of spoiled rotten
Little girls whose parents indulged their every
Whim, never taught them right or wrong
Thus creating these little monstrous princesses
Who saw themselves as women of the
World…women who demanded and insisted
Respect, endless rewards and attention
And criticized everything…
They frequently preached women’s rights,
As spoiled girls often do…meaning
They work as little as possible, wear a
Lot of gold…and spend most of their
Time chasing boys and complaining they
Can’t get the cute boys they want.

Not all of them were that bad, but you
Get the idea…

One girl, at 19, inherited her grandmother’s
Small lagoon-front home…and took up her
Independence there…without parents. She held
All the parties at her house, mostly
Drinking…boys, girls…and wild types…you
Know the ones…

The friend Jennifer’s father had decided to
Take his daughter back…and they would
Work out their family problems…so all the kids
Had a sort of farewell party for her…

The party…
For the boy, he had just had the worst
Day of college yet…with his preceptor
Bringing him into her office for her critical
Review of his work…it was poor, what
Was he doing in school, blah blah…
The whole inconsiderate speech of leave
Your personal problems at home, be an adult,
Etc…It was sickening…

That night…a Friday night party, at the
Party girl’s house…The kids were drinking…

There were basically two types of kids
There…The pampered princesses…aka: chubby
Little fancy dressed girls who flirted and
Talked dumb endlessly, talked highly about
Themselves, gossiped, drank…in other words,
The boys ignored them because they were
Bitchy, spoiled and looked like trolls; their words.

And then there were the wild boys…The rebels,
The ones that dressed in leather, always
Partied, ran with the fast crowd, worked at
Either gas stations or labor jobs…talked dirty,
Talked big…were popular with girls…
In other words, they basically wanted to get
Drunk and get laid…

There were a few other types…The college boy,
A few of his friends from school, the Jennifer,
His sister…and of course one of his friends—
One of the prettiest girls all the guys wanted
But never got because all she ever wanted was
Presents and to talk about herself.

It was quite a mix.
At the party the boy kept trying to drink,
But the beer was awful, the alcohol burned…He
Didn’t understand how people drank this stuff…
So he basically spent most of the time off
To the side smoking quietly talking with a
Few of his more reasonable friends…

Just a note…since he had lost the weight
From school he attracted more of the
Better looking friends…It wasn’t a plan,
It just happened. And they were just friends.

A small group of them moved outside to
Talk to get away from drinking just to
Talk…Jennifer was there, Veronica…
The boy…and a couple of the spoiled rotten
Little princesses that boys had awful names for,
We’ll call them Hetti and Liza…

They were wishing Jennifer good luck
For when she left…when someone
Noticed the night sky…It was crisp and
Clear and cold…so beautifully lit up…
But there was something strange. A red light.
A red star? They kept staring at it.

There was something wrong with it, off about it.
They had never seen it before. Someone
Suggested it was a satellite or something, then
It was gone. That was weird.

Then Hetti and Liza started complaining, again
As they often did…why the boys weren’t paying
Any attention to them…The boys ought to
Be grateful to have girls like them you
Know, they had so much to offer, so much
Love and caring and wonderful company,
Blah, blah, etc. etc…

Boys ran from these girls. In fact they
Scared them away.

So one of them, Hetti first, then Liza…who
Was very round and loved to devour entire
Packages of cheese…Cracker Barrel logs, the
Big ones, but that’s not important…They turned
To the boy and started flirting with him badly…

So Hetti asks about his friends, the good looking
Ones…Do they hang out? Could he fix them up?
How did he ever become friends with them? One
In particular was so cute they said…
How in the world did they ever become friends?
They kept marveling at how great looking his
Friends were…and he was so, you know…not…

So then Veronica and Jennifer were horrified
At the offensive nature of the comments…
“How could you say that to him?”

One in particular, Hetti and Liza said, was
Gorgeous… “He must be a wonderful human
Being to be friends with someone like you.”

Everyone froze silent. Jennifer was disgusted,
Veronica was disgusted. “How in the hell could
You say something like that to him? Do you have
Any idea how rude that is?” They said angrily.

The boy just froze. Numb. Something snapped.

The girls argued back and forth…It grew worse
And worse…The egos these two spoiled girls
Had…They couldn’t see their error… “What
A beautiful human being he must have been to be friends
With someone like you…” It just kept going…

Liza and Hetti of course had no idea most guys
Wouldn’t even talk to them because they thought
They were the foulest creatures on Earth. But
These two girls had such monstrous egos…they
Never saw the error in their thinking…In
Fact they argued all night…

That was the moment he snapped, the
Night went on…The girls kept fighting,
The kids kept drinking…
Forever burned into his mind…
“He must be such a wonderful human
Being to be friends with someone like you.”

“He must have such a beautiful soul to
Be friends with you.”

“How did you two ever become friends in
The first place?” Lots of laugher there.

“Oh don’t be jealous now. We’re just being
Honest. Don’t be a baby.”

That was it, done, over. The ropes snapped,
The tide came in and swallowed everything…
And he curled up and died inside. Months of
Hell built up to that…that was enough…
He shut down…and everything became
Robotic…The night faded…and he went
Home…Jennifer left the next day…But it wasn’t
Her…You have to understand it had
Nothing to do with her really…Everyone was
Sad to see her go, it was a strained goodbye…
She had been lost…a bit of hard personality
At times…but they really felt sorry for her…

But it was those kids, those awful spoiled girls…
Months of nothing but tormented emotions
Something had to break…it was inevitable.

And that red light in the sky…
Where did it come from? It had never been
There before…or had it? Suddenly it was there
Every night at the same time.
Time just became something else…like there was dark
Eerie music playing all the time.
Everything became tainted with flashbacks
Of hard memories, memories he had blocked
Or forgotten…The recent months of hell…
The torment at home…The endless verbal abuse…
The whining and complaining of everyone…
Of being forbidden to speak, everything bottled up…

The shadows that moved on their own, jumped into
People’s bodies…That dark presence that loomed
That no one noticed. Everyone was so immersed
In their own worlds…Of constantly being told
He had to grow thicker skin, toughen up…
Be strong, be a man…In small towns, old style
Families…the advice is really brutal.

Plain and simple most people give bad advice, they
Merely repeat words and phrases they were told
By their parents or heard on television or on the
Radio, they never listen, they mimic…and when
It comes to comforting they want to offer it very
Briefly and as easily as possible to others…yet
Want hours of attention when it comes to themselves.
That really needs to STOP.

The red light in the sky was haunting. Every
Night he found himself standing out there late
At night in the freezing cold October nights
Staring at it, like it was talking to him or
Something. And each night it grew worse…
The feelings heavier, the numbness…until it
Didn’t matter…

The red light in the sky…he knew that light.
What they were…It was too much.
So he took one of the half-empty wine bottles
From the refrigerator…a left over from some earlier
Drinking party at his house when his parents
Weren’t home…poured out the wine…and
Smashed it on the bricks outside the porch…
It was like a trance…staring at the red light…

All he ever heard were their voices…The girls
From the party…What a beautiful human being
His friend was to be friends with someone like
Him…How worthless was he? My God.
The endless complaints and lectures of the
Summer…The nightmare of graduation day,
The group of boys who acted like they were
Possessed that just…evilly mauled him…of
His grandmother’s speech of how selfish he was
Of how his graduation meant nothing…Just
Hurry up and finish school, do your chores, be a
A good boy and take care of grandma…His
Father’s accident…No, no you can’t have a
Job this summer, he needs full time care…
We can’t afford a nurse so you stay home and
Take care of him while mom works to support
The family. The constant lectures that everyone
Else was suffering far worse than anyone so
Just don’t feel sorry for yourself will you and
Quit complaining…I know life is hard right now,
But there’s nothing that can be done about it
So just deal with it.

It was too much. That dark force whatever
It was I swear had planned the whole thing…

He remembered the last peaceful memory…
Of that dream he told his grandmother about
In the Russian prison camp…of being shot, of the
Sky opening up full of light and singing…sweet
Beautiful singing…

Holding the stem of the broken wine bottle tight
In his hand he stared at the red light in
The sky…and cried, and without thinking
Slashed fast and hard with the thick
Broken glass at his left arm…fast and
Hard for deep quick gashes…over and over
Until he started shaking…and then he
Switched hands and did the same to the right…
Fast and hard deep cuts, slashes, gashes…
Until his arms were warm and wet then
Stung from the freezing cold air…

It didn’t hurt, it just grew colder and
Colder until he felt dizzy…And the world spun…
And the red light in the sky pulsed…
He felt weak and dropped the wine stem…
Looked down and everything was red…red, red, red…

Dizzy and drifting he wandered aimlessly
Back into the house, everyone was fast asleep…
He went to his room to go to bed…praying
It would be a permanent sleep…
But when he got to his room, he laid
Down on the bed crying…The world spun…He
Drifted off for a little while…
And then…maybe an hour or two later…
He suddenly woke, wide awake, sat up…
He was soaked in blood, half-dried…
The sleeves of his long sleeve shirt were
Shredded and red; it had been previously
Been a pale pin-stripe gray.
But he was wide awake, really wide awake!
Too wide awake. He was confused…okay what
So nervously he pulled up his shirt sleeves…
There was nothing there…NOTHING.
The skin was covered with dried blood, but
The skin was fine, perfectly healthy,
Unmarked…He went to the bathroom
And washed up…but there was nothing there.
The skin was totally fine. Not even the finest,
Tiniest mark of a scratch!
But he remembered what he did…saw
All the blood. So what happened?
Everything was soaked!

Nervous, panicked and shaken he went to
Bed for the strangest night’s sleep ever…
The next morning he awoke…was it a dream?
The memory was very clear, all of it…
He saw his arms in the morning light, felt his wrists…
All good! All clean! All fine!
And there beside the bed was the pile of
Clothes…he examined them…The shirt was
Shredded, the sleeves stained with blood…
So were the pants…
What the hell happened?

He freaked out, grabbed the shirt and pants
And put them in a plastic bag no one could
See through then went and buried them at
The bottom of the garbage can outside…
It couldn’t have happened, it couldn’t have!

All day long there was this bizarre sensation,
Like nothing was right. He said nothing to
Anyone…no one noticed anything, they never did!

And all day long periodically he kept
Wondering did it happen? Then he would go
And check the garbage can…yup, the bag
With the bloody clothes was there!
What happened?

Tortured and confused…everything was twisted
A sinister sensation feeling filled the day,
And the overwhelming guilt of not knowing
What to do. He wanted it OVER. What did he
Do wrong?

So the second night he waited for the red light
To appear in the sky…it did…
But this time he wore a white shirt…
And with some crazed sense of logic,
Lost desperation…He took another wine bottle…
Rolled up his sleeves…stared at the red light
In the sky angrily, then smashed the wine
Bottle on the rocks again like the night
Before to make a finely sharpened jagged
Broken wine stem…sharper than before…
(He had cleaned up the broken glass earlier,
From the night before…no one noticed, no one
Noticed anything.)
So he held the jagged broken wine bottle stem
Shaking hard…from the cold…from the fear…
From the panic, as he stared wildly at the red light.
He was really desperate and angry…
Something was screwing with him bad.
He held the broken glass blade tight, then
Slashed fast and hard at his left wrist…
The gash was powerful and blood
Poured out…

He shook in the cold as he watched it…
Then with absolute horror shook even
Harder as he watched the skin close over
And the bleeding stop. The cut disappeared
He cried and panted and repeated it…
Only to have the same thing happen
Again and again…A gash, a cut, the blood,
And the skin would close…completely
Like it never happened. He stared at the red light.

Terrified panic filled him…So he ran inside
To his room and sat on the bed crying…Then did it
Again…Fast and hard to his wrist…Again
The skin closed…though more slowly inside
This time. He started making random
Cuts, tore right through his jeans…he slit
His ankles…Then crawled in bed to
Go to sleep…Only to awake the next
Morning to bloody clothes and no cuts at all.

What the hell happened?
He cleaned it up…threw away the clothes…
With the others…And became lost,
Confused, terrified, sick, angry…

On the third night…crying out of desperation
Again…He moved this time to take
Razor blades…But something distinctly
Different happened…He was shaking, sweaty,
And nervous, and queasy…passed out, and
Was visited by a shadow…A dark, ominous
Thing that whispered… “What
Are you? What do we have here? Do it
Again…Let’s see what happens…”

But he never did it again…He was
Too terrified of the shadow…And terrified
He hid in the corner for years after
That…Afraid to move, to tell…for 26 years
He held that secret until now…

But the strangest things started happening
After that. That preceptor who lectured
About responsibility and life lessons…kept
Missing classes due to…personal

Those mouthy nasty girls lost their voices,

“Tell me why.” I asked Brishan.

But Brishan only watched me wide-eyed…
Then looked to Ceres and Varence.

“I told you he had to tell you this now.”
Varence only said…Then turned to Ceres…
“Interesting about this supernatural force
That…helped him, isn’t it?”

Ceres stared at him viciously, then
Quickly slapped him hard across the
Face; she really belted him too.

Rana was there…watching with this
Look of rage…As was Vala…I never
Saw them so angry.

Finally Brishan asked… “What is
Going on here?”

“Something they’re doing, have done,
Isn’t it? People have to be kind to
One another…because one day they’re
Going to make someone snap…the
Wrong one…and God knows what
They’re going to awaken…” I said.

“Tell them the rules have changed.”
Brishan told me…then watched his
Sisters…Ceres looked as though she
Was ready to explode.

“Go now,” Brishan said kindly, “We’ll
Talk again…another time. Rest. Be well.
But you tell them the rules have changed.”

The End of the Thunders.

PS: This series has ended and Valiant will be taking some necessary time off.
He will be re-posting some of his most poignant messages from the past, in the coming weeks, some with updated news!
We do expect him to come back with more messages….so stay tuned and be ever watchful out there!



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 24SEP2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (24 September 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: The Thunders…The Thunder Drums…Semper Fidelis…

*SONG* “Somewhere Out There” by Linda Rondstadt and James Ingram

The Call came quietly
But expected as always.
And there I was sitting in the chair
In the Circle of Light…
But it was distinctly different this time…

They sensed it, they sense everything.
The turbulence, the crazy intense
Emotional waves filling the air…
Everywhere. So as the hazy vision focused
Into the brilliant spectrum of the Circle’s
Light…The First one I saw was Brishan
Sitting calmly in a chair before me…
He was huge and impressive even sitting down.
But there was no stern disciplined expression
On his face this time…No, this time he
Appeared gentle, friendly. He smiled
And nodded and said, “Hello.”

I greeted him the same, in shock. Then
Noticed Varence and Ceres sitting in
Chairs beside him to my right.

Varence was proud and sat tall in his
Seat, a carefree confident expression
On his face. Typical.

Ceres sat with her legs crossed, smiling…
With a warm, charming delight about her.
She adjusted the thick wave of her sun-
Golden hair over her shoulder and seemed
Calm…yet elegantly ready for a sharp

Brishan leaned slightly forward toward me
And spoke…kindly like a friend, or brother.
“It’s getting very heavy down there, isn’t

He was obviously referring to the mood
Of the people… “You could say that, yes.”
I answered.

“Almost as if…” Brishan chose his words
Carefully, “A bubble has burst…and a
Torrent of emotional baggage was
Erupting from every corner…for no reason,
For every reason…The sensitivity is extreme.”

I laughed. “It feels like a cauldron
Boiling some mysterious mess.”

Brishan met my eyes firmly and spoke
Slowly. “Stay calm. Ignore it as best you
Can…and stay calm. You’ve done what
Was asked…Trust me, we will not forget.”

“What my brother means to say,” Ceres said
With a bit of glee, “is that this part…
Of your writing is nearly done. You have
This and one more to write of the Thunders
And then you will end it…take a rest
Before the next page begins.”

“Next part?” I asked.

“That will be entirely up to you.” Varence

I looked about their faces. “So what is this
Then…Where is the assembly?”

Brishan looked over his shoulder then back
To me… “Oh, they are here watching…
You will see them soon enough. For now,
Due to the nature of things, of this…we,
I, wanted to resolve this differently.”

I was curious. “How?”

“Relax.” Brishan said sitting back. The
Man was like some iconic, heroic living
Statue of muscle in his blue uniform with
His long blond hair to his waist. “Consider
This a friendly conversation, a review of things.”

“Ok.” I said.

“An interview…Between us,” Varence
Smiled, some sarcasm there, “and you.”

“Charming, Varence.” Ceres snapped. “How
Polite of you.”

“Well it is.” He said.

Ceres rolled her eyes. “He will no doubt
Inject plenty of his witty observations.”

“As will you.” He said to her with a sly grin.

“Only if you say something ridiculous.” She
Replied. “Which you will of course.”

Brishan held out his hand for them to be
Quiet. “If I may…” He waited for their
Cooperation before turning back to me. “The
World will continue to grow more unsettled…
Regardless of what the stars say. It is a
Cosmic response to time’s re-alignment. You
Must expect this.”

“Oh Joy.” I replied.

Brishan laughed at my reaction, he seemed
Entertained by me? “Just listen to me…
I would ask of you to continue to be
At your best, no matter what happens.
As has been asked of you…continue…
And I assure you, you will be pleasantly
Surprised. As will those who follow our

“Alright.” I was calm, but nervous.

He sensed this so he proceeded carefully. “There
Is no need to be nervous here, not ever
With us. Believe me?”


“Good.” He said. “Now…My sister, and
Our resident Chief Watchman here of many
Names…Have told me there is a story they
Would like you to tell me.”

“But you do not have to if you do not
Want to.” Ceres told me firmly. “Regardless,
It is alright if you do not.”

“Yes,” Varence responded fast and hard.
“He does…before we can proceed.”

“By your command?” Ceres snapped. “Because
You know best?”

“It is how it must be.” He only said coldly.

“Your tact,” she recoiled, “This mind you
Have with timing and resolution…Do you ever
Consider feelings at all?”

“You have more than enough laid words
Out for him to write that referred to them
Unkindly.” Varence laughed.

“I do not care what THEY think.” Ceres told
Him. “That…is your job.”

“My job?” He snapped back… “You had no
Part at all? Were you absent that I didn’t
See? I clearly heard your mouth, your
Protests often enough.”

“As deserved.” She said.

“If you had been but slightly kinder
Of their nature,” Varence gestured, waving
His hand before them, “Then maybe my
Stories wouldn’t have had to have weighed
So heavily so often.”

“Your stories?” Ceres laughed loud at him.
“You are the bearer of history? You made
The Earth? Are there grand monumental
Statues then of Apollo…of the mighty
Varence among them? Oh wait…that’s
Right…The Great Thinker…”

“That is not how it was to appear.” He said.

Ceres curled her lip, twirled her hair
Between her fingers…watching him. “I can
Only imagine what scheming thoughts you
Turned into their dreams over the years…
What secrets you shared like a light a
Candle of ideas…or striking some bolt of
Lightning upon some metallic conductor
For them to glimpse electricity…Were there
Geniuses of technology…Or a mysterious
Stranger’s guiding whisper; invisible hands
Urging them out of a dark age.”

“Must you criticize everything I do?”
Varence asked her. “Am I that
Offensive to you?”

She slowly turned to meet his eyes. “Are
You gambling for a kind answer? Should
I be polite or tell the truth?”

He frowned…but before he could speak
Brishan interrupted. “The two of you are
As a satire from poet’s story.
Have you ever agreed together?”

“Only on his silence.” She said.

“May I remind you, we have an
Objective here.” Varence said pointing his

“And that is?” She slyly asked.

“To share stories…To encourage their
Thought and free will, freedom.” He
Said fast. “To warn those who would
Listen of the threats…the secrets…the

“Not those talking Spaceballs again!”
She said shaking her head. “How many
Times must you say it…Even monkeys
Would understand those warnings. You
Act as if they blindly accept the concept
Of some mysterious giant travelling space-
Balls would actually dive upon the
Planet to rescue them. As if they are
That desperate to be rescued by anything
From space.”

“They are!” Varence insisted. “You have
Not watched them as I have, Ceres…”

“Oh please, that is ridiculous!” She said.

“Would you listen to me, please?” He said.

“That’s right,” Ceres replied rolling her eyes…
“How many times must we say this?
Giant Talking Genius Spaceballs are
Coming to rescue the great thinkers
Of Earth from their own mess…A
Menagerie of giant balls of imperial wisdom
Shall roll in upon a great table…
And then the great thinkers of Earth will
Take part in some ingenious ball game
I suppose…of striking at
Balls across a table with sticks to roll
Them about for sport…knocking at them
For competition…For what? To see
Who can strike as many ingenious
Balls for prizes…” she laughed. “Can
You imagine…All these wondrous balls
On a table…Spaceballs…Ha! Numbered
No doubt…And the winners then what,
Get rescued?”

Varence bit his curved lip…His expression
Betraying fearful thoughts as he watched
Me…I wanted to laugh so hard… “Your
Mind, Ceres…Balls on a table, sticks?”

“What?” She was irritated…Then studied
His face…then grew even more irritated.
“Don’t say it!”

“Pool!” I laughed.

“What is pool?” Ceres asked.

“It’s this game,” I told her, “Of balls
On a table…You use these sticks to hit the

“You are Joking!” She nearly yelled. “Please
Tell me you arte joking!”

Brishan was immensely entertained, but said nothing.

“Yes, Ceres,” Varence told her. “They
Have a game of sport like that…”

“How marvelously wonderful!” She retorted.
“How many versions of games with balls
Are there on this planet? Is there some
Ball them to everything? Do they
Attempt to look stupid deliberately then?
Do they see no obvious synchronicity?
The endless similarities
Are no clue? Are there apes and
Balls everywhere?”

“Ceres!” Varence scolded.

“So tell me then,” she said, “when and
If we are to go stroll upon the Earth…
What will attack us First…some hideous
Mutant band of flying cannibal monkeys
Or some ethereal floating balls of
Salvation preaching wisdom and promises
Of some game to play? Save me, oh joyful
Band of floating monkeys, the Spaceballs
Have come to condemn the beasts of Earth
And save us with their Ball-wisdom
And Ball-faith! The Spaceballs have
Come to save the world because the
Flying monkeys are too busy trying to
Hit each other with sticks! Maybe
They will hit one of the giant talking
Spaceballs by accident and the universe
Will explode and all life will be lost then!”

Varence held his tongue for as long as
He could. “She could go on for days this
Way, you know.”

Brishan chuckled at his sister, then turned to
Me with an arched brow seriously. “You have
Flying monkeys on your planet? I saw no
Such creatures in our observations?”

“In their theater.” Varence corrected as he
Touched his temple and winced. “She misunderstood.”

“Did you or did you not say they make
Productions of Apes that rule the world?”
She asked.

“It was a mockery!” Varence
Told her. “Fiction. You know this.”

“Still it reflects their obsession with balls
And apes.” Ceres emphasized as she
Swatted at the nuisance of the idea in
The air.

“They are that obsessed with these things?”
Brishan asked very seriously.

“No.” Varence only winced.

“YES.” Ceres immediately corrected. “Ask him
About how many ball themed sports they have.
They have brutal games to fight for the victory
Of balls!”

“They do?” Brishan asked.

“Ceres,” Varence pleaded, “You are straying
From the point.”

“No,” she defended. “I am making the point
Quite clear…Balls and Apes…It is
The main theme of their civilization.”

Varence groaned.
Brishan strained to grab at her words. “Balls…
And Apes?”

“First, they believe the human race is
Actually some evolved descendant of these
Bizarre flying monkey creations,” she told
Her brother, “Then…they preach salvation
From giant talking spaceballs…They
Are dangerous free thinkers. Can you
Imagine what other human worlds would
Say about this? The games alone…”

“I never said anything about flying monkeys,”
Varence snapped, “That was fiction. They
Do not believe they came from flying monkeys.”

“You said they believed in ape origins.” Ceres
Sharply replied. “You clearly told the
Assembly that!”

“Not with wings!” Varence explained.
“Just ordinary monkeys…The flying
Monkeys were make believe…from some
Theatrical tale they know as the Wizard of Oz.”

“Make believe.” Ceres repeated fast.
“Those are the key words. A make
Believe tale of intelligence, of origins, of
Sincerely dim-witted fascinations. And
Wizard? I suppose the wizards carry sticks
Too…Do they wave them about at make
Believe little balls or simply float off in
Them…fanciful colored orbs of magical lights…
No wait…I’m sure they must have grander
Purpose…perhaps to hurtle great balls of
Magnificence down alleyways to strike down
Targets of meaningless assembly for

“Like bowling?” I asked.
Varence’s eyes widened as though he would pop.
“Good Lord, Ceres…”

“Bowling?” She slowly dared to repeat. “Dare I
Inquire on that?”

Varence shook his head at me begging me
Not to tell her…But I had to, this was

“It’s a game,” I carefully told her, “Where
You take this weighted ball, roll it
Down this sectioned alley
To knock down these pins…It’s a sport.”

“Of course it is.” Ceres laughed, then
Shook her head wildly. “Could there
Possibly be any less expected at all.”

“Ceres!” Varence exclaimed.

“Is it really that bad?” Brishan

“It’s ludicrous.” She answered.

Brishan appeared at a loss for words.
“There are a lot of games with balls.” I told
Him… “Big and small for
Pleasure…like bowling, pool and ping pong,
And some with machines…pinball
…just for fun.”

“Seriously?” Ceres was horrified. “There’s more?
Oh the surprises never cease to end!”

“No serious course of words can
Be pursued now.” Varence protested. “Ceres
Has thrown them all to the wind.”

“Come now,” Brishan said with
Reason, “It cannot be that bad.”

“I’m afraid to speak anything at all,” Ceres
Said. “Anything I imagine only becomes
Their loud reality.”

“Did I not tell you how impossible she
Can be to reason with in these discussions?”
Varence said to Brishan. “She has her mind set.”

Brishan frowned. “Perhaps I should lead—“

“Me?” Ceres said crossly. “You are
Blaming me for this absurdity. Do
You not see how ridiculous this all

Brishan held up his hand for their silence.
“Please…We need to find the reason here…”

“Let us just ask for his opinion.” Ceres
Said nodding at me. “Do people as you
Know them…believe the human race came
From apes?”

I was afraid to answer… “We are taught
That in school…”

“Ah ha!” Ceres exclaimed. Varence grimaced.
“And…” Ceres went on, “Are there not
Numerous ball-themes on your world?”

“There are.” How could I say no?

“Are there, or are there not…ape themed
…movies you call them?” Ceres asked.

“There are.” I answered.

She held out her hands wide to gesture
The obvious. “There you have it.”

“What?” Varence arched his brow. “No
Point has been made by this, only your

“Then what point are you trying to make
With all of this Mental Magician?” She
Leaned towards him sarcastically. “That they
Are far beyond the behavior of animals?
No animal delights in the endless sport
Or obsession with balls…And the very
Nature of apes or monkeys…is primal,
Carnal, even war-like…”

“There are those that do raise themselves
Beyond and above animal behavior.” He said.

“Do not use him or the 5 as examples,” she
Said, nodding to me, “We are referring
To the majority and what they covet.”

Brishan nodded. “This is true, with
Regards to the nature of what we know…
We must consider what the chief goal
Of this world is truly…not what they
Talk about…but how they truly live…
Their actions…if help is to be considered
In the future…their actions speak louder
Than words.”

“All worlds exhibit the same basic
Obsession.” Varence directed. “It is how they
Rise above it that determines the true
Evolution of a society.”

She was shocked. “This statement…coming
From you? The adolescent jester of school…
The ever sarcastic, riddle-some brat that
Tormented education with his pranks?”

“I have grown, my Dear.” He told her
Calmly, “Over time…events have shaped
Me…watching…observing with the restrictions
Of not being able to interfere does force one
To process, feel and grow.”

A pause of settled agreement.
“I will accept your answer there.” She

“Finally,” Varence smiled, “we progress
To peaceful dialogue.”

Ceres smiled. “Oh I am sure you will
Disrupt it soon enough. Shall I start

He curled his lip then looked to Brishan. “Maybe
You should address the point here.”

Brishan smiled at the two of them. “You
Two make quite the pair.”

Ceres held her breath. “Oh please.”

“What point is it you wish to make?” I
Asked them then…waiting to write it.
They watched me slowly before continuing…

“There is one final story you need to write
For the Thunders.” Varence said with his
Eyes heavily, but thoughtfully on me.


“You know the one I refer to…” He said
Slowly. “The one I have been wanting
You to write for months.”

“That?” Ceres looked away rolling her eyes.
“You are unbelievable.”

I swallowed. “Oh.”

Brishan watched me. “They say I need to
Hear it?”

“They do?”

“Yes.” He nodded. “That’s why I am here…
That is one of the reasons the assemble
Has come.”

“Oh gee, no pressure there.” I told them.

“You make me curious why you will not
Tell it?” Brishan said.

“He needs to.” Varence said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you do.” Varence said in a tone
I cannot describe.

“They say I need to hear this before
We can further vote on Nibiru.” Brishan

“I don’t see why.”

“There are countless stories still to share,”
Ceres said softly, “Why must he say this

“Because it is how it must be.” Varence
Explained firmly. “It is crucial…if not
Critical to the Thunders, this entire manner
Of out intent here…for those that read
And assume to know…for those that
Rabidly search to find their own answers…
They find their own purpose in reading
Others’ stories…This is how it is done…This
Is how it has always been done…It has
To happen…now.”

“You and your timing.” She sighed.

“He has listened to others long enough.” Varence
Stated. “And quite honestly so have I…
Remember our discussion earlier about those
Who have been silent for too long? The ones
Who need to speak now…because others
Need to speak less and listen more.”

“You are speaking too wisely, Varence.” Ceres
Told him. “You are making me nervous.”

Brishan smiled. “Ah, a breakthrough comes.
I am even more curious now.”

“May I ask a question first?” I asked.

“Of course.” Brishan said.

“What is the importance of the pictures?”
I asked. “About the photos I mean…the
Projects…The artwork…The paintings, and
The drawings? Do you know why the
Artwork has importance…now?”

“I thought you knew.” Brishan said
With regards to the Angel’s gift.

“The significance has changed over time, over
The last sixteen years.” I told him, of
Valiant. “It’s never lost its power. It always
Serves its purpose. I’m talking about…
Ceres’s drawing…that I posted. Was it as
You wished?”

“What does he mean?” Ceres asked. “My drawing?”

Brishan arched his head inquisitively.
“I asked him to share one of his drawings,”
Varence explained, “that he drew …of Ceres…
With his writing…A special drawing.”

“Yes, that and—“ I began…

“You did what?” Ceres snapped.

“One of the drawings he did of you,”
Varence smiled slyly… “One in particular…

“Why is a drawing of me so important?”
Ceres asked.

“To prove a point.” Varence said.

“And that would be?” She was not happy.

“Of how your words could move mountains…
One day.” He answered.

“What does that mean?” Ceres asked. “Just
What is it that you are doing?” She thought
Fast. “Oh you want them to leer at me to
Prove your point?”

Brishan was defensive. “I am curious myself
What your intent is with my sister in this?”

Varence smiled. “Rest your defenses…it is
Not as you think…Well, it is what you
Think…It is NOT just because of how
They are influenced by appearances…
It is because of what he did to the

Brishan and Ceres were confused…They
Looked at him, looked at me… “What
Did he do to the…drawing?” She asked.

Varence laughed, the sneak. “Ask him.”

Ceres looked at me curiously. “What did
You do to it?”

“It’s no ordinary drawing.” I confessed.
“Not like the others…It’s a bit more…
Special…It has something only a few of
My art pieces have.”

Silent confusion…

Varence laughed louder. “You see…
He knew how minds work…one of his
Life lessons…So he enchanted it with
A little gift.”

“Oh?” Brishan wondered.

Ceres seemed intrigued.

“You have to see it,” Varence smiled, “It’s
Quite remarkable really.” He chuckled.
“Tell them.”

“To leer at that drawing would not be
A very good idea at all.” I confessed… “If
Someone looks at it…The wrong way…
Certain repercussions will follow. That’s all
I will say.”

Ceres was intrigued. “What…:”

“From Valiant…Charmed, Enchanted…
Sincere and True…Magic, Music…These
Things it will do, Respect…For if not…
Eyes of the Dark Heart fall upon it…
Of some twisted, lurid fantasy…
The eyes will blind and burn and
Minds will fry…until their own dark side
Destroys them. Sort of like…A sweet
Blessing for the true of heart…Or
Sweet poison for those lacking a heart.”

Ceres smiled, even laughed a little.
“You did this from the light in your
Head for me?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Thank you.” She was utterly flattered.

Brishan too was pleased. “A thoughtful gift…
I see he has learned a few things…”

“Somehow I doubt the influence came from
The Master of Riddles here,” Ceres said,
Nodding at Varence. “His charms are
Usually more cruel and intrusive.”

“Thank you for the considerate words,”
Varence laughed, “But I told you I study
All of his communications…as per our

“And what did they say about this drawing?”
Ceres asked, then thought fast and held her
Words. “Wait, I do not need to know, I
Can imagine.” She eyed Varence wickedly.
“So how did they react to the artwork he
Did of you?”

“I have never posted artwork of Varence.” I told

“Why not?” Brishan frowned.

“All of my artwork of Varence that I did
Over the years disappeared from my portfolio…
Along with some other drawings.”

“Oh…” Ceres sighed with a smile. “Of course…
The Trickster spares himself that

“They cannot know what I look like.”
He said.

“Because of your dream-walking I
Presume.” Brishan replied quickly.

“Yes.” Varence answered.

“Why?” Ceres pursued.

“I am waiting for the right time.” He said.

She rolled her eyes. “Your timing schemes
Are growing more annoying. Or are you
Safe guarding yourself for when the gate

“Gate?” I had to ask.

“Now that the Watchers restrictions have been
Lifted,” Brishan explained, “We will be using
Our…resources to open gateways…Somewhat
Like how we communicate with our contacts
In the counsel.”

“Does this mean passages to Earth?” I
Had to ask…

“More importantly to the Free Worlds of
The Counsel. Very few are aware of us.”
Brishan said… “But there will be…some
Excursions to Earth, that is all that I can
Say. Much has changed now that the
Re-alignment of time has been established.”

“Is that why things here feel especially
Hard right now?” I asked.

“Yes.” Brishan answered. “And that will
Continue, at least until…your month of…
November, and the Leonids.”

“They will be brighter…stronger, more
Important this year.” I said.

“Yes.” Brishan nodded, his eyes and
Expression saying that’s all I should write.
He smiled.

“Are you going to help me then?” I said
To him… “You know what I mean.”

“Yes.” He answered. “But, you have to tell
Me the story first…”

A pause…groans…

“You have to…it is important.” Varence said.

“You keep insisting,” Ceres seemed to growl
At him, “It’s making ME want to slap you.”

“Would YOU rather review his contacts then?”
Varence asked her with wide eyes and a sarcastic

“You KNOW how I feel about THAT.” She

“You need to be more polite with them.”
Varence insisted more firmly. “Especially with
Regards to our future plans.”

“I do not care what they think
About me.” Ceres shook her head and
Crossed her arms.

“Ceres…” Varence replied slowly with a long
Drawn out tone.

“Say it again and I will ask Rana to do it.”
She snapped. “And you are more than
Encouraged to temper her reactions with
THEM. Ha!”

I could hear Rana somewhere in the background
Making comments…The words…I cannot
Write down.

“Oh just write down what she said,” Ceres
Smiled cleverly. “Let them be nervous.”

“NO.” Varence persisted. “Do not write it down…
It appears bad enough already.”

Brishan waved his hand for them to be silent.
“Enough.” He looked at me sharply but kindly.

“Will you tell me the story they have

“About the red light in the sky?”

“Yes.” Brishan nodded. “Will you tell me?”

“It’s just hard, it brings back an
Avalanche of memories.” I told him.

Some silence before he went on. “You are
Worried what they…the eyes and ears out there
Will think? Say?”

I nodded.

“I told you that you push too much.” Ceres
Said to them.

Brishan leaned towards me. “We will be
Here for you.”

“You must not worry about what others
Think.” Varence said. “It holds you back.
And it holds others back who have been
Quiet for too long.”

“That’s easy for you,” I told them, “You
Are all perfect. You look perfect, you’re
All brilliant, confident, polished…”

“We are not perfect.” Brishan laughed.

“We struggle with things too.” Ceres
Confessed tenderly. “We do.”

Varence nodded fast. “Ceres
In particular struggles with terrible verbal
Behavior. Do you see how offensive she is?”

“Must you ruin everything with your bratty
Wit?” She snapped at him.

“Surely some will agree of the offense.”
He laughed.

“Oh terribly wounded little monkeys.” She
Laughed. “Their light bulbs of virtue will burst
So painfully they will forget to scratch
Themselves or chase imaginary balls
Of enlightenment. I am sure they will
Find sticks and stones to play with.”

“Sticks and stones?” Varence teased her.
“That is your wordplay now?”

“Oh go scratch a monkey will you already!”
She snapped at him.

“I don’t scratch monkeys. I
Only whisper in their ears.” He said in
That mocking tone. “Remember?”

Ceres appeared ready to scream. “Then
Tell them a bedtime story of your
Wondrous adventures, of balls and things
Falling from the sky of Man of Many names.”

“Many names?” He frowned at her.

“Oberon?” She teased. “Have you forgotten
I am Titania, the Great Breast Woman!”

“Will you ever forgive that?” He said.
“I told you already that was not my

“Perhaps when the monkeys loose those
Books.” She reacted fast and harsh.

“Fine…” He started to say when…

“Enough.” Brishan held out his hands.
“You embarrass me!” Another silent
Pause as he stared at me. “I think
Your people need to know that their
Perceptions of us…of nine Earth
Visitors, need to be…re-evaluated.”

“They won’t understand, Brishan.”
Ceres laughed wildly.

Brishan scowled at them, then
Calmly went on. “Alright, I will tell
You the story…just not this time,
Honestly I think you’ve entertained them

“Fine then.” Brishan said. “The
Next message and last of the Thunders
Will be the story then…Our time
Together now has been spent…I
Will look forward to it.”


“Just remember, my friend,” Varence
Said… “Things are different now.”

“That’s right.” Ceres added. “Oberon here,
Has decreed it so. We will be here
Watching…waiting…and listening.”

“Rest now and stop writing.” A
Strong unfamiliar voice said.



Star Child: Waking Up an Avatar

It appeared in front of me, a small shining light dancing in a blue sky. I wondered what it was? Almost immediately an answer came into my mind, “I am a starchild, as are you, but you are cloaked.”

I wondered at my thought.

“No need to wonder. It’s me sending thoughts to you. I am Rom.”

“What are you?” I asked.

“I am a starchild; an independent and free intelligence; a mind. I am an unveiled,organized thinking energy being. I am what is at the heart of all self-aware conscious beings: Thinking energy. Do any of those work for you?”

Continue reading

Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 17SEP2016

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (17 September 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: The Thunders…Thunder Drums…The Prophetic Verses…


*SONG* The Diva Mix by Rita Noel from the movie “The Fifth Element”

From the mind’s eye I see.
By the Magic Box of the Lines and Light,
The Angel’s Box, the Chords, choir…
The Choir, the Voices and Language
Of Heaven…The Blinding Light that sees…
Build the Rainbow Bridge
To find and sit within the Circle of Light…

Salvation’s Circle…The comfort of friends
Outside of time, measureless, the In-Between…
The Hidden…to find them there…
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
I found them there…

Will someone help me please, they answered.
They were waiting, always waiting
To be found…
So here we are.

Varence, of the Watchers came first,
And then Ceres…his companion…
And then the others, the sisters,
And many more until it was an assembly
Of all of them…hidden for so long…
Outside of time.

The Watchers…beyond flesh, beyond blood,
Yes, they are real…They look like us,
Can talk like us, they can speak many
Languages…They can go anywhere,
See anywhere…The Watchers…
Higher than the mountains, higher than
The sky…The stars are beneath their feet,
Yet Heaven soars above their heads…
They are beyond mortal perception…

The Circle of Light…
“Say my name and I am here for you,
My friend.” Varence says…arriving, standing
There in a crisp white-clean shirt, dark
Pants…tall, handsome…very human,
But those pearly eyes and large pupils
Of his betray that he is much more.
“You are getting good at this. You’re
Making me proud.” He turns to her as
She arrives. “Isn’t he?”

Glamoursly, flawlessly beautiful, she joins
His side…Her sun gold hair over her shoulder,
The fiery ice blue flame glowing in
Her eyes…She’s smiling. “Did I not tell you?
Did I not tell you countless times? No, you
Searched far and wide and long through
Suffering ancient red-skinned tribes
Before your eyes opened to him.” She
Smiled at me, I really liked that. “I knew
It all along.”

Varence half-laughed, then smiled at me
Too. “She’s right…I confess. But I see
It now and will re-affirm it as many
Times as I have to…” He sighed but
Kept smiling. “So now it comes to this…
Here we are…I told you I would ask
A lot…But I know you can do it. You’ve
Come this far…”

Ceres lowered her brow with a
Bewitching smile. “Just let it flow
Freely now…And if anyone challenges,
Doubts or questions you…Ignore them.”

“Yes,” Varence intensely agreed. “True
Enough. Let it flow…Spare no time…
I’m talking to Valiant now.”

Vala then appeared…humming…ready for
Anything… “And now it’s time for the Hour
Glass.” She held it high to show how
High the sands move in all directions… “This is
How it is, must be, will be, shall
Be…the sands of time…
All things are measured this way…
The Fates know this, decree it so…
It cannot be broken or changed…
Those arrogant enough to puppet time
Play no strings with pawns, though
They think they do…they surely do…
The truth is as it has always been,
What will be, will be”

“Now,” Vala hummed her guiding siren’s
Song…no witch nor seer nor sorcerer
Of mortal Earth bound flesh could match her…
“Now,” she hummed, “write these verses…
That they begged for…They asked and
Wanted to know it…so here it is…
And let them carry on however they wish
About it…Fools will argue with vexed
Doubt, the mocking minds of skeptics…
They’re everywhere you know…

“The skeptics exist on every level,
On every world and dimension…
They are not evil, nor minstrels
Of sarcastic advocates…They serve their
Purpose…to raise doubts in those without
Faith…That is their way…
For the Intuit, for those with faith
In mind heart and soul; no skeptic can
Sway them…or slay them,
They will at best delay them—the chosen.
For the rest…who search and never
Know…The skeptic will always keep
Them from finding the lighted path…

“Oh yes, they will all cry… ‘But I want
To know, I want to find my way in this
Dark journeyed road of life! So tell me!
Tell you? Guide your eyes and mind
Without learning? Hand you the prize
Without taking the test? What a
Worthless reward it would be then…
And what a spoiled rotten brat would
They become…Tell you without learning?
Ha! Then close the book of life and
Know this…You have all you deserve
To know…So go play another game then
And lay down your arms to be but
A pawn of those that would learn.

“Because if you want it all so easily
You’re in for a rude awakening.
The learning never stops. The tests
Never stop…There is always a higher
Path to follow, a higher peak to reach…

“The only bliss you will ever know
Is that contentment which defeats unrest…
When one finally says I’ve had
Enough and can rest with comfort
Without boredom.

“Boredom is the devil in disguise…
The recklessness waiting to play
And find trouble…and it certainly
Will find you…

“This is how you know who you are,
What you are…By the path that
You follow and your interests…

“Some know it from the day they
Are born, and recite it in verses and
Daydreams their whole lives…
Lost to time, by troubled trials of youth
And temptation…few ever surpass
That melodrama…It’s a tantrum they
Play their entire lives…
The child guided by their peers…
Over and over through decades,
Endless years of the child…A wanton
Youth in search of petty pleasures…
Sex, drugs and rock and roll…
That is why adults are so envious
Of children, and children endlessly
Attempt to be adults…They are one
In the same…A sixteen year old
Forever…A senior citizen teenager…
Singing the same song their whole
Life…Never really learning, they just
Pretend to.

“Tell me! Tell me what I want to know!
Ask a thousand questions…A thousand
Different answers…each gets the same
Reply…one worthy of the one asking…
What are you? Where are you going?
You decided this morning who you want
To be. Happy now?

“Ah,” Vala hummed, “Now Valiant…
With whom I speak…The wise will
And the impatient will grow
Increasingly frustrated…You’re playing
Games with me…Of course I will tell
You, share with you some things…
Scattered here and there…Timely…But
We must get you thinking first…

“Stop wasting time! My time is too
Precious…Well then, pause, take your
Time and come back later…The thing
About reading is…You can do that, pause,
Any time you like. Or read it over and
Over again…Especially those words with
Magic…They sure get trapped inside
Your head, don’t they?

“Some have it, some don’t…The best are
Leaders and share it openly in the front…
The worst copy it, mimic it…stamp it
As their own by collecting it from others
And claiming it as their own…
It’s always theirs when they’ve collected it
From someone else, didn’t you know?
That’s why they never move forward.
But then, that’s who they are, that’s
How they serve their purpose…
So there you have it, for some, that’s
Who they are. Sound familiar?

“This is building up to something of
Course.” Vala hummed. “The powers of
The mind are vast…Thought patterns
Play a key role in rising above it
All…” She paused, swept her
Honey colored hair over her shoulders,
Her eyes beaming, then smiled. “Now
Valiant, my student…share with them
The verses that will resound through

The fire in the Flood of things will
Cry out from across the lands, and that
Sea will only grow…wider more
By rain and storm reflecting troubled
Emotions in those lands…
A deluge of sorrow for the sad…
An endless wave of calamities
For the chaos it finds there…
The waters of intuition will flow
To wash the troubles away until
They see the Earth doesn’t want

The Elements are Free now…
And the planet will use them in
Full force at every whim.

Fire and Ice, the seasons’ favorite
Weapons…The heat of
Summer to brew the moods to
Come…The heat to boil, bake or fry…
To push the limits for the test…

In the End times, of the Darkest Hour,
The First tests will fall upon
The Most precious…Those in love…
Love and friendships will find the
Greatest tests…Both blessings and true
Colors will be revealed…it will be liberating…
It will be heart warming…
And it will be a nightmare…
But they won’t see it happen until it’s
Long past done…Of who did what and
When…Ego will drive the eyes first…
And only later will they see
What was done and by then it
Will be long too late…

Unfortunately that will be a necessity
To set things right in motion…
In order to restore what should have
Been there…You can’t have the right
Ones in your life if the wrong ones are
Blocking out the sun…
The meaning will be vast…As will be the
Lessons learned…

Always remember, the worst ones will
Brag about it, seek the last word…
Let them have it…Don’t waste time
Or give them the ears for it…
Because they will only keep doing it
Over and over again…
As they always have…
Walk away, listen to the radio…
Songs answer riddles…
Then breathe freedom.

It will hurt, it will bring pain,
Of course it will…losing something,
Someone you care for is the most
Awful pain to learn…
But it’s even worse when the wrong one
Has consumed your life…they hold you back…
You know this, you feel it…
Deny it, lie…it won’t go away…
But the first light of freedom is
That which stings the most…
The love lost and given in hope…

But the greatest healing reward is finding
The right one that belongs there…
How will you know them?
The answer is simple…They listen,
With more than ears, the heart…
And equally important you listen as well…
It’s not about you…one…
It’s about 2,3,4…there are many more…
That which builds a circle.
A circle of friends is stronger than
A pair…remember that…

Yet still, in troubled times…know this,
The wrong circle, the wrong group
Is powerless to the ideal pair…

Gather a group of wanderers, and you
Have a blinded, chattering mess…
But gather a group of enlightened
Ones…and then you have a formidable
Faithful loyal army…
Servants of course are banned from
This inclusion…

Furthermore…an assembly of highest order,
Even though shaded by standing apart
Outside of time still overcome the odds…
As those did found in a circle of light…
Their song still sings…to guide others
To their own circles.

Again hear the words that aid
Outside of time…no free answers,
But we can help…

The Thunders…bring the sounds of drums…
Thunder Drums…Smoke signals…
Warnings and whispers of where
To look…what to watch for…

Yes, the bubble burst…the button
Was PUSHED…Patterns that have long
Been repeating are breaking, watch those.
Where the patterns were trapped the
Most are where the most valuable
Turning points should have been…

Break the endless cycles and the
Wisdom opens eyes…revelations…

The worse patterns have long been held
By the people, trapped by duty instead
Of led by faith…They always cling
To those that can see on their own…
Praying the sight finds them too…
This rarely happens…that’s why
Crowds are so dangerous…

That’s why the beast has long lurked
Within the crowd…so easy to control
A group of blind followers…
Fear brings this further, and then
Soon you have a mauling pack of

The wisest ones have ALWAYS avoided
The blind pack of beasts that cry
For answers…because their hunger is
Ravenous…they consume without giving…
And praise without thinking…
The most suffered victims were prey
Of rabid crowds…remember that.

Perhaps that’s why so many seek solace
Silently to offer different words unheard
By the crowd…Better that no one knows
They don’t agree…Yet still the Fates won’t
Forgive them…They walked with the crowd…
And shall be judged with the crowd.

Why are so many of these words on
Behavior? Isn’t that what troubles
Most of all?

So many want to belong…They will
Do anything, say anything to belong
To something…Everyone wants to belong
To a crowd…Sad really…Then they’re
Always so eager to point out it was
The other person who did the wrong first…
While they suffered first more than any
Other…You want to be part of a crowd
Then you’re all judged the same way…

A Pack of Wolves,
A Pride of Lions…The greatest hunters…
Yet one mighty Bear could scatter
Them…The strength of Ten Bears…
A Mother’s Love, Blind rage through
Dark Wrath and Unconditional Love…
A Mother Bear could tear a Pack
Apart…would the wounds teach lessons
Then? Only if the strongest survived…
And the whiners were lost in battle.
That is the force of nature…
So now here we are again
To ramble some riddled future…

Nothing ever comes when you’re prepared
For it…Disasters?

When the comet comes…amidst a rain
Of meteor showers…The warnings will
Be in strikes of fireballs…
Run, nowhere to hide…
Because its aims are merciless…
The smart ones will see the clues
Here…avoid the crowds…That will
Be your only saving grace.

For when the Earth is angry…
Mother nature is always kind…
And warns the animals by land and sea…
Why is that?
Always watch the animals in dark times…
They will tell you a lot.

The birds with their keen sight above…
Know where to go…
The rabbits and small creatures of
‘The ground will know where to run…
Even man’s best friend is the better judge…
Of people…and nature…

Cats walk a different path as they
Share the ethereal eyes of The Spirited
Lion Men…The Ancients knew this…
That’s why they worshipped them.

Dogs will cry and wail…much like humans do.
And yet they endure the awful abuse…
How suitable for his four legged
Best friend…To suffer like men do…
Just think of how mankind treats
Each other…strange mirrors animals are!

There is much to see, much to bear…

For in the days of darkness, these days
Of unrest and endless questions…
The Quest to find the path, to survive
The changes is relentless…

All things seem to shout and warn
Prepare prepare…The world sucks!
It has to change…
The hour glass that measures the rise
Of this civilization has nearly reached
Its critical end.
So what then? Everyone will say
Nothing happened in the year 2000…
Yet something happened in 2001…
Nothing happened in 2012…though it
Should have…
The world was due for massive change…
Yet puppet masters changed some strings,
Chanced new schemes to reset the game
Their way…
It seemed to work…
But the critical error was…The simple fact,

You cannot change destiny, only if it all
Delay it.
That’s why this post of clues is so
Rambling and riddling…
Put more simply is this…to find the
Correct answers you must think by
Assembling scattered verses of thought…

But if you wish to find the answers
That you desire…The ones that you want…
It’s simple…The Ego will tell you that
You are special. Hark, you saved the
World by waking up this morning…
All hail the desired answer, we would
All be lost without you…
You suffered, made always the
Best choices…and therefore deserve
The crown of the universe. How’s that?
Unfortunately, your crown is on loan
To the devil…when he won the bet
That said he could make everyone believe
That he or his minions do not exist…
Has the point finally been made?

Now onward…for the sake of others,
Those of more humble searching
Who do not have to declare every whimsical
Thoughts as profound revelations…
For those truly looking…now this
Part is for you…

The greatest strength is in humbled unity…
From many voices that listen each
Respected to each other…
The nasty ones always insist on talking
Over others…then when they’re out of
Breath they listen…That’s why I was
Always afraid to talk…

I once knew a man who insisted that
The entire manner of each day was
Determined how he awoke each morning…
Do you know his name?
He frequently submits letters to the
Newspaper to share his wisdom…
Did you get the memo? Ah, probably because
No one reads them…He hasn’t changed…

I once knew a girl who fell in love and
Found her soul mate every other week…
Few respected her opinions…
That’s possibly because she forgot
The definition of devotion…
She did find a man to marry…
At least…as she says…until
She finds the right man who will
Treat her as she deserves…
Then she will leave him for the better one.
Ah, true love in the modern world!
To love with all their heart today
Until someone better comes along
Tomorrow…I always failed to agree
With her…Because I had a heart of stone.
How would you judge her outlook on love?

I’ve had many friends who found it
Too much in responsibility to have a dog…
They didn’t want to clean up a mess…
So they had children instead…
They work too hard…
Ah, the future generations…What gems!

I’ve known several married men who
Secretly cheat on their wives…
They have a special deal with God they say…
Did you get that memo?
It’s filed under apologies with every
Affair…they couldn’t control themselves…
50 times a year for 30 years…
Their priest has a wonderful forgiveness
Plan…confess and you are forgiven
My son…The priest received the
Memo from the most high…
While he was on vacation himself
In Mexico…with a prostitute he hired
To accompany him…
Hey, don’t judge, priests need vacations too!
Do you have any idea how hard it is
To preach to a congregation every week
About faith in this day and age!
He has a really good retirement plan…

I apologize for the strayed words…
It’s 2016…It’s hard to remember how
Far we’ve come in this world…

The best people always know where
To look when the time comes…
When they’re ready…
And for ages now…the most brilliant
People I’ve ever met ask the fewest

The ones I worried most for have
Always been those that gave first
And never asked…The ones who devoted
All their time and money to charities…
Animal shelters, children’s hospitals,
The homeless…They were too tired at
The end of the day to read the papers,
Watch the news…or complain…
They were never prejudiced, never lectured
And were never bored. That’s why I always
Gave them what I had until I had
Nothing left.

We learn a lot, most everything
From who we meet on life’s journey…

Sometimes it all seems planned by a
Higher power…There are no accidents…
When we pay attention…
Now for the main purpose…

Yes, the comet will come…
But Big Brother knows this already.

The Forces of the Earth will go crazy
As it comes…
The Forces of Nature will go wild
As foreseen in dreams as told before…

First the weather, and people’s
The cyclones, the hurricanes,
The Thunders, thunderstorms…the forces of
Wind…WIND…The element of change…
The winds of change…

Every which way…every day…wind

That’s why the snows are coming…
Touching lands it has never touched before…
The wind to move the air…
To Breathe…Magic is in the Air,
As they say…Heaven is in the air…
Fire and water, Life, the Earth
Cannot exist without air…
The wind from the corners…Four,
Shall move the wheel faster and
Faster…until blinding speed, no one
Can keep up…WIND…the element ONE

Two the Earth, the element of…
Shakes the ground…the crust…
Giving it the quakes that have
Long since been rumors…in typical
Places of course…The East and
West…Where it shakes the Mother
Earth is unhappy…and she will
Take it back…pay attention to the
Animals now…

That is why the animals know
The Earth…Horses dance upon
The ground …they feel it.
Earth…Two…the element of…
On 22 the Eve of Change…
Big things happen.

Now…One…Two…Three, Fire
The element of…
Fires of Feeling…the passion of…
So strong the Fuel is it commands
The Sun, the Heart…within the
Ground…The planet’s core…and
Yellowstone…watch those animals now.
Fire, Yellow…the color of Gold…
The purest source of power, and
The Earth’s blood…
To match the sea it shall raise
New land in the heart of the ocean,
While in the same…like in the days
Of old…before the comet erases a city
By it’s master Vulcan, a city
Which should have never existed…
Reclaimed…gone for good…
Fire. Three…the element of
The passion that moves…
Too much overwhelms the senses…
Will never trust the ones
That the animals don’t like…
Watch those animals now…

Fury in beasts…and men is quite the
Same…Revolution, Rebellion…
Lands set free only to be lost
In chaos…

But one of the oldest, strongest
Lands of familiar tongue will grow
Only stronger…
All those British accents in the
While at the same time the Yellow
In the East shall fade and nearly
Shrink away as prophecy once said
It would…

The Empire that controls the Gold…
The Earth will take back, shake and
Swallow…until its thirst I quenched…
Thirst…like that of water,
Blue planet…water world…
Water…Four, the element of…

The Waters of Intuition…
The waters flow and flood to warn
Get out…where the sea will come
Watch those animals now…

Even by the stars, by night and
Under darkness it feels it’s
Strongest pull, and force of motion…
The Force of Seven Seas…
By the Moon to command the
Great Wave when the comet comes…

Hands in the Water feel it…
Take back the land of coastal seas
And spread open new…the Old
Miss Sea…
It will happen, not now, but then…
Water…Knowing…the Force, the Power
One, Two, Three, Four…
Water, the element of…

These forces together but command
The Fifth…The Fifth element…
Man…woman…the human animal…

Heart and Soul, Flesh and Blood…

The Power that corrupted Earth…
Shall Heal the Earth…
By purest Hearts, the Hand of God,
Five Fingers, the Fifth Element…
The Fire…
A little child shall lead them…
One chosen shall warn them…
Perhaps with these words
Right here…

The Fifth Element…The Higher Man…
The Higher Human…to restore
The land…by Hand of God…
The Fifth Element…

Old Wishcraft…Long Lost dreams
And wishes at last come true
For the Truest Hearts…

While the Dark Hearts grumble
In defeat away unheard protest…

Overseers and Masters, you shaped
Your own defeat…I told you…
You cannot defeat the Fifth Element…
You never could.

True Hearts make a wish…
While the rest, just give up and
Go back to sleep…

The Fifth Element rises…
And Trumpets call its coming.
Sweet Dreams.

My artwork: Oracle (above)

Ancient Prophecies I (below)



Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 10SEP2016

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (10 September 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: The Thunders…The Watchers…Night Visions, Visitors…

*SONG* “Country Roads” by John Denver

The Dark of Night, by the stars
And the early morning hours…
The In-Between Time…
Of dreams, where senses guide and Feel
And Thinking seems like the hardest thing to do…
That’s when it happens.
The dreams come, the unexplainable is the law.
Everyone is asleep, and you Feel apart
From the world.

That’s when it happens…vivid, Fast…REAL…
Brief yet powerful…yet it feels like forever
A Trance-like state, the visions…
Staring up and into, through a round
Window globe…Whispers, Voices…
The silhouettes of the Tree branches outside,
The Trees were talking.
The Trees were scared,
Moving back and Forth, bodies, trunks,
Branches in motion
Then the trees were snapping, breaking,
Cracking, splitting, Falling down EVERYWHERE…
Wide-scale devastation…
The Earth, the ground was rumbling…
The Thunders of the ground below
And in the Sky Above.
Nature is Talking to you…
The Thunders…but not by storm alone
But by some unseen Force in the Dark…
THE FLOOD…rushing heavy water
From the left, the East, where the Sun will rise…
Endless streaming Water…
But it’s not happening now?

And something else…Vague, Elusive…
The Voices whispering again and again,
Faster and Faster…Chanting…hidden?
Of a meeting…in a Temple…
They’re trying to do it again.
The Secret Important Timing…
Beware…Dare to challenge the Dreamer,
The Unspoken Chosen…awaken
To the warnings, sights and sounds,
They will hear the call near and far
And know what to do, what, when, why
And how to gather…
The Earth is talking to them, through
Its electromagnetic field…resounding
To restore its broken care and surface
Garden…The Sleepers will awaken
And Know what to do…

There will be more secret meetings…
If you have to ask me, then you don’t know,
Aren’t supposed to, and I won’t tell…
The selections have been made…

Twinkle Twinkle little stars…all the Christmas
Lights are on…That’s your only clue.

The Wheel will spin, the WHEEL in and of
England will roar by sound in motion
Up from the ground, from The Core…
To Reach For the Stars…
The Sleepers will waken in an instant…
Still troubled by confusion…
They have no idea who they are,
What they are. They are tomorrow.
And everyone else will remain asleep…
Or lost by delusions for deliberate distraction…

The wrong ones will rattle and cry in
The wrong direction to misguide the
Numbers away from those chosen to
Walk a lighted path, the Passengers of Light
For the gathering…The Rainbow Tribe…
Hark, to be summoned to their places…
You can’t stop it, you never could.

So now you see things do serve their
Purpose…The Forked Road…Some will
Guide while others will misguide…That
Was their purpose all along…Too many
Questions always fail the test…It’s the
Uncertainty and doubt that ask questions…
Those that don’t hesitate just know…
They always know…
And don’t Try to ride their Tails or follow
Their tracks…For those that risk that
Crime…The Angel of Death waits…
There’s been enough of that
Grand standing, mimicking and pretending…
No charm or Talisman will sway
The Judge…For the ones who don’t
Belong on the Lighted Path…
The punishment is death.

The pen becomes the sword now,
Cast upon the paper the Circle of Light…
The Rainbow Bridge…

In the chair, the mind to the eyes and ears.
Immediately in front of me, the tall one,
Oh my God he is tall and magnificent looking!
Brishan, with his broad built shoulders and
Long pale blond hair to his waist. In his blue
Uniform…standing so closely, with his
Beautiful sister, Ceres, in her red dress…
Talking fast…

His voice is deep and powerful, this man
Is awesome! “I told you what must be
Done.” He tells her. “This was discussed.”
Ceres has her arms crossed, her eyes
Away from him in protest. “I don’t like this,
Brishan, I told you.” Her flashing eyes,
Her golden sun-blond hair is aglow in
The circle’s light. Wow! “You risk too much.
And here I thought, Varence, save thief
Apollo was daring enough. Were you two in
Previous debate…or plotting together?”

“I spent no time, no words with him.” Brishan
Said, he towered over her! “What do you expect
To be done? Measure them individually…
Or by whole? They all act alike, talk alike,
Behave alike…spare but a few that brave
A challenged road. It is how it must be.
We cannot, will not, risk the time to reshape
Those that cannot even accommodate SIMPLE lessons.”

“I am not arguing that, I agree with you.”
Ceres told him. “I am concerned for
Them, that is all. Because of those which
Weigh them down already.”

“Nothing will harm them.” He told her kindly. “They
Are meant to do what they must.
If others interfere…Then, depending
On the matter, we will respond…fast.”

Ceres looked very worried, then turned
To see me sitting in the chair
By surprise. “He is here, he’s sitting
There.” She smiled then her entire manner
Changed to become warm and sincere.
“Hello, how long have you been
Sitting there?”

“Not long.” I said.

“Please bear with us,” Ceres explained. “We
Need to move ahead quickly now…
Talk about the Night VISITORS.”

“Night Visitors?” I asked.

Brishan stood so close to me now, he had
Never been so close, he was not seated at
The platform this time. “Things are moving
Now…Time has found its re-alignment…
The work of the Dark Ones and
Their ceremonial offerings has been undone…
Time will now move as it should.”

“There will be much confusion.” Ceres
Said to him, to me. “Things will escalate.”

Brishan turned to acknowledge new
Movement…Varence and Damara and Kierista
Now joined them in front of me. “How did
Things go?” Brishan asked them.

“Interestingly well.” Varence nodded.
They had clearly been discussing much
Since last time.

“We need to know how much they know
About us.” Brishan said.

“Nothing has changed.” Varence smiled, looking
To Damara.

“I noted various activity, abductions in the past.”
Damara told her brother. “Their activity was
Precisely as we have observed…if not
More diabolic to witness it with my own
Eyes…The races in orbit have been
The same for thousands of years…some
Are particularly…loathsome.”

“Of course.” Ceres smirked. “Did I not tell you.”

“Enough.” Brishan said, wincing, much was on
His mind. “Now tell me what they know…
Now that time is moving correctly, there
Are no margin for errors for the window.”

Varence stepped up to me, reaching out his
Hand, his two fingers ready to touch my

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“It is alright.” Brishan insisted. “I promise
The reason will become clear.”

Ceres rolled her eyes, her arms still crossed.
“You really expect so much…be kind!”

Varence stared at me intently, his face,
His expression was like a stone statue…
His pearly eyes and larger pupils of his
Irises penetrating…There were no games
This time; this was seriously different.
“And now I speak more clearly—“

“Now he speaks more clearly,” Ceres laughed,
“They will marvel at that. Even they
Will laugh at THAT.”

He curved his lip, a sarcastic grin to
Her words. “I have said many times…No
More questions…For them…I instructed
You to not answer their questions. They,
You know who I mean, ask you endless

“Yes.” I answered.

“And do you answer?” He asked.

“You know everything I say!” I told him, them.
“You know everything they say!”

“And I laugh every time.” Ceres teased,
Looking about them. “Amazing, they ask
What does Varence say or think? As if he
Hasn’t said enough! He could recite
The answers plainly over and over and
Still they would ask…What does he
Mean? Ridiculous!”

Brishan blinked with frustration. “Please…”

Varence held his two fingers of his right
Hand inches from my temple. “This time
I say it clear.” He shook his head once.
“Now you will see why I say no questions,
To stay off the computer as much as
Possible…Avoid the blogs…Let them
Talk and discuss things as they wish…”

“Blog?” Brishan repeated. “What is that?”

“It sounds like some sort of mess?”
Damara questioned.

Ceres laughed. “Oh the words they use!”

“It is one of their communication
Tools.” Varence explained to them. “A
Means of expression…on their computers.”

“The monkey abacus?” Ceres said.

They laughed in unison. “Ah.” Brishan

“Now let them discuss things freely,”
Varence said firmly. “Let it go. Offer
No explanations. Now I’m not saying
They are bad, I am NOT saying
That at all.”

“The perils of your nonsense.” Ceres snapped.
“You command the riddle, and he…” She
Pointed hard and fast to me. “Pays for it.”

“Please continue.” Brishan insisted.

Varence touched my temple. “Write it
Please, Bill…Tell me…What have you
Dreamed of…remember…”

The words seemed Foggy, Confused,
But they came.

What do I dream about? Snow?
It’s August…and through it all…
Breakfast, lunch, dinner…
I see…snow, snow, snow again…

Backward he marches into my past…
I’m in bed asleep…awake only for the
Dream by mind’s eye…
There’s a knock at the door…
Then suddenly I rise as if it’s completely
Normal…Activity in the house is completely
Normal, typical…I go to the door,
And it’s my friend from high school…
The one who joined the Navy, then went
On to work for the Department of Defense.

She’s beaming, all smiles. “Surprise, it’s
Me! I came for a surprise visit!”

But I’m suspicious anyway, “What
Are you doing here?” I asked her. My
Dreaming mind doesn’t believe her,
Can’t believe her.

We make small talk, she’s extremely
Talkative, funny, too funny, too sweet.
Something isn’t right.

She comes inside, says some polite Hellos
To everyone…Then begs me to go outside
For a cigarette, “Oh,” she tells me, “I
Love our porch talks, I miss them.” We
Used to laugh and sit and talk for
Hours nonstop…But something isn’t right.

She’s flashing. One minute, it’s her
Then the next it’s someone else standing there…
Smiling and happy Dawn one minute,
Then for a second it’s someone else…
She keeps flashing this way!

“Come on let’s go outside on the porch and talk,”
She says, smiling, “I need a cigarette so bad.”

I say okay, watching her carefully…
She is flashing, flickering like a television
Screen changing channels. She has no
Idea I notice this…
Outside we go onto the porch…
She’s beaming, talking, chattering
Nonsense, all small talk to seem funny.

But I am so struck with confusion, this
Flashing…It’s like she isn’t real.

We sit on the porch in two separate
Chairs, a table between us, smoking
Casually. She’s laughing and talking
Nonstop…This was her way. I basically
Only had the chance to nod to her
Conversations… “Yeah, ah huh, okay, wow,
That’s nice. Cool!” Etc…etc…
Most of my friends talk at me this way,
For years all I ever got to do was listen…

(Rule #1, I’ve learned when people, friends
Talk at you nonstop and only give you the
Chance to nod, give brief responses…
They aren’t talking with you, they’re talking
At you…talking to hear themselves talk…
Share their ‘knowledge’ without being
Asked…For the record good conversation
Is always 50/50…Save yourself a lot
Of grief and wasted time and ignore
Unwanted advice.)

So Dawn is talking nonstop, I’m listening
And watching her flash…The more she
Speaks the worse the flashing becomes.
“So,” she says with an overdone smile.
“Tell me how you are…Tell me about
Your dreams. What are you dreaming

I just keep watching her flash, it’s so
Obvious, it’s funny. “You never ask me
That so fast.” I tell her.

“Sure I do.” She says flashing…between
Her and some other woman; one drastically
Different looking, sandy colored hair and
A stocky build. “I LOVE hearing about
Your dreams.”

“Okay.” I laugh, watching her flash.
It’s clear now who I am with is NOT
Dawn…Some holographic projection? My
Mind knows it’s a dream. But it makes
No sense…Why would someone do that
To me in a dream…Disguise themselves
As someone else? “You never talk this
Way. The Dawn I know never gives me
The chance to talk. She talks about
Herself FIRST…then if I’m lucky, or
She grows tired…Then she asks me
About me.”

“What?” This person asks. “No, I don’t.
I love talking to you.” By now…the
Flashing has stopped and who I see now
Is very clearly someone else…some strange
Woman, completely unaware I can see
Right through her. “Come on, talk to me.
Tell me what’s up with you. Tell me
About your dreams.”

I can’t help but laugh. It’s ridiculous!
“You want to hear about my dreams?
Without talking about yourself first
For a couple of hours? You obviously
Don’t know, Dawn…And you obviously
Don’t know I can see you…I can
See what you really look like…You’ve
Been flashing like some old television
Set. I know you aren’t her.” I laugh.

She tried to laugh it off. “Don’t be

I grew tired of this, looked her square
In the eye. “I can see you, okay.
I can see you. Who are you? Why
Do you want to know about my dreams?”

The woman made this defeated grimace,
Looked away then back at me more
Aggravated. There was this buzzing sound,
Then an awful stabbing pain in my
Head and I woke up.
She obviously ended the whole game…
It felt as though it was manipulated
By some machine because I swear I
Could hear buttons being pushed, like
Typing on a keyboard.

Varence withdrew his fingers from my
Temple as they stood closely watching me.
“You told her nothing then?”

“No, of course not.” I answered. “I
Never tell anyone anything in dreams…
And scarcely reveal information otherwise
Unless instructed. You know the questions I
Have been asked.”

Varence laughed. “I have observed that
Conversations with him are rarely
As they should be.”

“So this woman was an agent seeking
Information?” Brishan asked.

“Yes.” Varence answered.

“When was this?” Brishan asked.

“At least five years ago.” I told them…
“These things have been happening
For years…At least 16 years.”

“Did they make further attempts?”
Brishan asked.

“No,” I said calmly. “With her that
Was the last time…She and I had a
Falling out…Then once we stopped talking,
She soon retired from government
Work…then became sick…then became
Obsessed with cosmetic things.”

Brishan looked puzzled. “Cosmetic things?”

Varence smiled and laughed. “Yes, they do
Obsess over such things.”

“What is the point?” Brishan said.

“That they have been trying to acquire
Information through dreams for years now.
And they refuse to yield this way at all.”

“This is what you have been watching?”
Brishan asked.

“This among many more.” Varence explained.

“How many of these…night visitors have
You recorded?” Brishan asked.

“Several different kinds.” Varence attested.
“Some have seen me. Others have not.”

“The more extreme ones.” Ceres said.
“I presume?”

Brishan nodded.

Varence held up his hand, that small device
Of his pointing to the air behind them…
“Here look at this.” A view screen
Suddenly appeared depicting some blurry
Scene…then it was a visual scene of
The yard outside my house’s front porch…
Of a dark night…The night of the dream
I had just described…I had been talking
With my friend as discussed… “Observe…”
He nodded as the visual panned around…

They watched as the view suddenly
Captured, revealed some sort of…being
Standing there in the yard watching
Me talk with my friend…

“What is that?” Brishan asked.

Damara was intrigued. “Some sort of
Reptilian hybrid-being. I do not recognize
That race at all.”

The creature-being was impossible
To describe…it had feline features, yet no
Hair…long wide-pointed ears like a lynx…
Reptilian eyes, smooth grayish skin. And
It wore a black uniform, form-fitting, with
Some kind of insignia on the chest and
Arm…A red circle with a triangle inside…
The creature held some kind of computer
Tablet and seemed to be typing-recording
Everything it saw.

“That thing!” I exclaimed. “I’ve seen it
Before! In many of my dreams…Doing
That, typing on that device…as it watched me.
I’ve seen it many times, for years…
And that tablet, I saw it using it
For years, using it before iPads ever came
Out on the market! What is it?”

“You’ve seen it watching you in dreams?”
Brishan asked.

“Yes!” I answered… “At least since…the 1990’s.”

Damara struggled to identify the
Species… “I know it from no records I’ve
Seen…Amalgamation perhaps…”

Varence pointed to it. “These things
Appear in many of the subjects’ dreams…
Recording everything. They are usually

“Yes.” I agreed. “But then I always hear
It make some noise…the typing…then I
See it, it sees me…And the dreams quickly
Ends. Usually with a headache.”

“And you say they watch others?” Brishan
Asked Varence.

He nodded. “On many occasions.” Varence
Thought fast. “But primarily they
Follow those with precognitive dreams,
Recording everything.”

“Was it pretending to be Dawn then?” I
Asked. “Was that what it was doing?”

“No.” Varence said, his eyes wide
As he expressed the importance to his
Companions standing around. “This
Particular dream was a multi-layered
Event…There were multiple invasive
Forces at work…The masquerading woman
Was an agent from a secret faction,
From a telecommunications facility that
Monitors key subjects for their…bosses.
The creature was there unbeknownst to others.
I believe these beings…to be…”
He hesitated to make the deduction.

Ceres then spoke out. “From Nibiru.”
All eyes fell upon her heavily. “The non-
Distinct race…The fused features of different
Races…Those are all features of Nibiru

“That would be an appropriate assumption.”
Damara said. “It would explain the

“What for?” I asked. “Why are these
Things ALWAYS stuck to my dreams?
Everyone else I know has normal
Nonsense type dreams…or at least
Symbolic dreams. Mine are always
Technicolor nightmares!”

“They never interfere?” Brishan questioned.

“No, they are strictly there to observe and
Collect data.” Varence explained. “Much
Like the Watchers do.”

“So then these are the equivalent of Nibiru’s
Version of the Watchers?” Damara asked.

“Yes, I believe so.” Varence nodded.

“And the night visitors,” Brishan wondered,
“Have there been others?”

“We, or rather I,” Varence told them,
“Have seen the small grayish beings.”

“What are the grays exactly?” I
Asked. “I know many people talk
About them, especially with abduction

“They’re disgusting is what they are.”
Ceres told them.

“Ceres!” Varence groaned.

“Well they are!” She insisted. “They have
Little, if any emotions. They perform the
Most diabolic of tasks…tests…experiments
On both humans and animals.”

“I did observe them on our recent mission.”
Damara said. “They are rather…fast.”

“But what are they?” I asked.

“Basically, they are a drone-like race.”
Varence explained. “They were an inter-
Dimensional race from a past humanoid
Star system…conquered by the reptilians…
Now they serve as drones…Field workers
And researchers performing what they
Do best, scientific work collecting and
Analyzing data for their overseers. They
Have made many false claims with the
Earth’s factions and various world powers…
Claiming to be from a far off star
System…at risk of extinction…Well, that
Much is true…They were conquered…but by
Far they are a servant race for the
Reptilians. They, with their vast cerebral
Abilities, are primarily responsible for
The metahuman project on Earth.”

“And they conduct various genetic and hybridizing
Research,” Damara added, “If I am not
Mistaken…These…grays, appear on many
Slave worlds…managing the wide-scale
Experiments before the more prominent
Scientists are brought in to study key

I was growing irritated. “If it’s not one, it’s
Another! I can’t tell you how many of
These…visitors…have invaded my dreams. So
Many over the years! It’s sick.”

“However,” Varence lowered his brow at
Everyone with heavy eyes. “The invasive
Visits did slow down dramatically with
Him once 2012 came. It was if they…

“Ah.” Brishan said.

“Knew what?” I asked.

A pause…A silence as they all shared
A view of things…

“Knew the project was near its ending,”
Varence finally said. “That the subjects
They were most interested in…were
Manifesting what they had been waiting
For, for years.”

He stepped more closely to me, that
Intense expression on his face. “Your
Governments make promises to the
People that they never keep, right?”

“Well, yeah.” I said.

“Well, these…Night visitors, as we
Call them…make promises to
Earth’s world powers and factions
That they never keep…Everyone is fooling
And distracting everyone else. It’s
Rather funny really.”

“Oh sure for you it is.” I said.

“If the blindfold ever came off,”
Ceres laughed, “Every one of them
Would look ridiculous…to their superiors
And to their…alleged alliances.”

“There truly are so many stories out
There that the truth is buried so deep
It would take a master,” Varence laughed,
“Or an outside observer to find the
Buried truth.”

“So what is the point to all of this then?”
I asked. “To make everyone feel stupid?”

“No, not all.” Varence insisted. “If anything
Our goal here, our mission is to reveal
To your people of what is going on…
Of the complexity of the secrets…But more
Importantly to reach out to each other,
Not with accusations and fighting…but
For unity and support…”

He pointed to the view screen as it held
A frozen image of the creature that
Had been spying on me for years.
“The people, especially the victims
Of these experiments should find
Unity in seeking each other out…
They’ve only persecuted because they
Don’t want the truth out.”

“But will this testimonial make a difference?”
Brishan speculated. “From the things I
Have observed it’s clear to us the majority
Do not want to open their eyes…
They have been warned of the greatest
Invisible threats and yet they continually
Repeat them each day.”

“They really have no idea what
Sees they sew…” Ceres agreed. “Did
You tell them about the future? You
Told him everything else…Tell him, tell
Them Varence…”

“I was hoping more would see it by now.”
He said. “But honestly, few have. Yet,
At the least…the messages have reached
The right ones and still do. And it must
Continue until we can achieve
Uniting the right people…so that they
Especially can make the FIRST
Contact…That has always been our
Goal, and will be.”

Brishan turned to me with this very
Solemn expression…He was clearly
Brilliant, massively built and tall and
Impressive…and yet so humbly wise,
And with so much authority. “I would
Like to speak with you separately
Right now.” He dismissed everyone else
So that he and I were alone in
The circle.

I was a bit nervous but intrigued.

“Tell me,” he said very calmly and
Kindly. “You and I have not spoken
Alone yet…And now we should.”


“The change in you has been rather
Intense over the last year in your
Time…” He said respectfully…
“As these meetings, these messages
We share with you reach the end of their
Appointed time…How do you feel?”


“Tell me.” He said. “Talk to me…
Just tell me what’s in your mind.”

“Are you just asking because of
The light that was put in my head
Or do you want to really know?”

“I’m curious to know…for both
Reasons.” Brishan said. “But mostly
Because in getting to meet you each
Time…I have to know more.”

“Everyone says that to me.” I told him.
“It’s never enough for some people.
Everything I says is dissected and
Analyzed…A thousand questions…
And yet some friends of mine have
Absolutely no idea I can even write.
It’s frustrating.”

“I can imagine.” He said kindly. “So don’t
Talk to them.”

“It’s not that easy. I can’t just
Turn it off.”

“So tell me.” He said. “Let it go. Open
The box, right now…And just let it out.
Talk to me…”

“It scares me…The box. I’m
Terrified one day I’m going to
Wake up and I won’t be me anymore.
It keeps changing me. It’s been
Changing me for 16 years…
First it was the paintings…
With every drawing, every pencil or
Charcoal line…every dancing motion
And swirling moving line, it’s me…
I’m in the paper or canvas.

“The flame goes out, then comes back…
I thought the paintings and
Artwork were the most powerful
That it could be…but now
After writing like this…
The written word, it’s just another
Version of a painting or drawing,
It’s artwork too…It is thunder
And lightning in another form.

“If you want a message from Valiant
For you, the assembly then here it is…
The Earth alone won’t tremble…
The ground will shake here,
So will worlds everywhere…
Every living thing will feel it…

“And it’s building more than ever now…
Morning, noon, night, day…
It’s in the stars…The sun and moon.

“The rocks are talking,
Fire on the mountain…
Words will move mountains…
The pen is a sword of some light
In my head, and I’m hearing…
Crystals talk…The southwest, beneath
The ground has been listening to
The surface for years and it does
Not like what it feels there…
The ground can’t wait to shake
The world to shut it up…
And it’s already proven it can
And will.

“Fire and ice will burn it out…
Chill it out, and freeze it.
I keep dreaming of snow…
And with it I feel like as the
Worst of the world crumbles,
The best will rise to the top…

“What they’re doing right now
Is a direct reflection of what they are
And will be…Some will find
The answers they have always
Wanted…While others will just
Keep analyzing and pondering

“The good news is that yes
There are those that have been
Put in place to trigger events…
A Comet, an EMT pulse…
Will change life as we know it…
And when the computers
And cell phones fry, people
Will then be forced to see themselves
For what they are, and that
Will drive them insane.

“That was always the plan…
The Dark Ones planned it
But the Light will utilize it…

“It’s already happening…
Computers…searches, scanning,
Groups…The Social Network…
The Internet and Cell phone
Phenomena is a Revelation…
Literally, Biblical…
Computers have never had more
Power than they do now…just wait.”

“So then what comes next?”
Brishan smiled.

“The Best will get better. The
Worst will get even worse…And
The Surprise will get even bigger.
The most obvious answers are
Right there…They always have been.”



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 3SEP2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (3 September 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean, Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: The Thunders…The Watchers Files…Warnings…Abductions…

*SONG* “Show Me Heaven” by Maria McKee

The Circle of Light…
A call sounded, the feeling of urgency being
Pulled in…into the chair, to listen, watch, write.

“You are being summoned, told to listen now,”
A strange New voice seemed to command, a male
Voice that I did not recognize…stern and cold, blunt.
Then I saw him, he was tall, chiseled, strongly built
With wavy blond hair just above his shoulders and a
Fierceness about him. He stood front and center
Before the chair in his pale blue uniform…at the
Center of the circle of light before the assembly…
Before Brishan, the great Lion Man BR’Riel and the
Aquatic humanoid; who seemed absolutely innocent looking
By comparison. “You will listen, and you will write
Down these words with no hesitation by command.”
He said, his eyes firmly on me. “I am Malik,
7th son of the Royal House…I will be standing
Forth to represent the voices of Watchers of other
Worlds…There will be no jest to my words, I am
Not here for friendly words.”

Ceres was beside me, she met his eyes squarely
And fearlessly. “Measure your pace more passively,
Malik, he is not your toy.” A calmer manner
Settled on the arena as Ceres seemed to tone it
Down by confronting him. “This is Malik, our brother,
Bill,” she explained to me, her eyes never leaving
His. “He is Vala’s brother, they share the same
Mother…and as you can see…he has a way
About him.”

“Oh Forgive me, sister, if my ways are not as
Sweet and tender as yours,” Malik said, “But
I do have a voice here. Too much time has
Been wasted, too much at stake. As for the
Matters at hand they must be addressed more
Seriously with concern to time. As this does
Involve many worlds.”

“Where is Varence?” I dared to whisper to her.

“He and Kierista,” Ceres told me carefully,
“Had urgent matters to address…in time.” Her
Eyes seemed to convey her meaning secretly…
Varence and Kierista were going back in time
To visit me earlier in my life…

“He does not need to know that now.” Malik

Ceres was clearly not happy with him. “Do
NOT correct me, brother.”

“The matters at hand, Malik.” Brishan said
With a loud more imposing voice. “Do NOT
Issue orders at him, is that clear? Time is
Sensitive. Remain on course. Speak plainly.”

“Several matters have been addressed so far.”
Malik said firmly as he walked up to me
More closely, but Ceres’s fiery stare held him
To a safe distance. “This will be more direct.”

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked,
Whispered to Ceres.

“No, of course not.” She said. “It’s just his way
Of behaving.”

“Do not ask questions unless you are directed.”
Malik said. “It wastes time.”

“Control your voice, Malik.” Ceres told him
Angrily. “Or this will change fast. I am sure
Rana would not mind assuming your place.”

Immediately Rana appeared, walking strongly
Into the light up to her brother. “Oh Malik
Always did so indulge in his speeches.” She was
As formidable as I remembered, her eyes were sharp
And piercing; her eyelashes could have been blades.
But she looked as beautiful as she did fierce
As she confronted Malik without hesitation. “Is
There a further tone you would wish to take
Or would you rather ask questions from
The flat space of the floor?”

“Things need to be said NOW.” Malik
Said without retreat. “Or are you to wager
More time for Earth’s consideration?”

“Are you asking or TELLING…ME?” Rana
Nearly growled at him through her teeth.

He pointed at me. “Ah I see, this is your pet
Now too? Soft words for the sensitive pet.
As if he is not familiar enough with what
Must be done.”

“Has nothing changed between you?” Brishan
Yelled. “This is not a sibling debate of reasons.
Control yourselves.”

Rana was wide-eyed, she looked as though
She wanted to claw Malik’s eyes out. “You
Speak to me like that again and we will
Require a new representative for the other
Watchers! Pet? Pet?”

“You will not embarrass our house like this.”
Brishan commanded. “Sit down NOW. Both of you.”

Rana, Malik and Brishan squared off
Briefly with glaring eyes. “Do it.” Brishan
Ordered. “SIT DOWN. GO.” He waited, as
They conceded to his commands. Then the
Circle was empty…leaving Brishan to
Carry on. “I apologize.” He said more
Kindly to me. “This was not our intent.
As you can see…we do share similar
Weaknesses with attitudes, Bill. But perhaps
That is a fair demonstration for you and
Your people as well. You were summoned
Rather fast. Are you alright? May we continue?”

“I’m fine, yes.” I wanted to laugh a little, I
Think I did. “Please continue.”

Brishan smiled widely, sensing that I was
Amused by what happened. “Still, for us, that
Was embarrassing. But hopefully others will
Laugh also. Thank you for understanding.” He
Kept smiling. “Now if I may, I will continue
With the address.”

Ceres smiled. I smiled. Suddenly the entire mood
Changed, and for the first time Brishan
Didn’t appear as imposing as before, and
Instead more…human I would say.

“Oh make no mistake, I am imposing.”
He laughed to my writing. “I am the tallest
One in the family left, that gives me fair
Threatening advantage.” He grinned. He was
Actually being friendly!

There was a subtle laughter from the
Assembly I could not see past the light.

“I’m sorry but you never laughed before.” I said.

“You never gave me the chance.” He smiled.
“I laugh often. I find your climate report
Transmissions very funny.”

“Climate reports?” I asked.

“The weather.” Ceres corrected.

“You mean the Weather Channel?” I laughed.

“Yes.” Brishan said. “Isn’t that one of
Your entertainment programs?”

“No, it is supposed to be the news.” I told him.
“Weather Forecasts.”

“Really?” He smiled with surprise. “On purpose
Or by accident?”

I laughed, not sure what to say. “You laugh at it?”

“You must remember our point of view of time.”
Ceres explained.

“From where we sit,” Brishan said smiling. “We
See the patterns flow…We see it happening…
Yet they say it like it’s some surprise, your
Weather. It is no surprise. You see we do not
Engage in such things. We feel the weather,
The rhythm of nature…Such things are
Monitored when a planet is in a state of
Duress…then the weather is volatile. When a
World is in harmony with nature…It is not so…

“Wow. Ok.” I said.

“So now, if we may.” Brishan said very politely,
And kindly. “For the assembly, as well as the
Eyes and ears there…” He pointed to the notebook.
“There are a few things we should like to discuss
With this message before moving on to heavier

“Sure.” I said.

“We are primarily interested in your groups’
Encounters and interactions at this point.” He nodded.
“So we would like to discuss warnings and
Abductions…Psychic and precognitive powers were
Intensely studied in abductees…” He said carefully.
“Abductions, abductees…That is the correct
Terms for those taken without consent, yes?”

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Alright then.” Brishan said. “I would like to
Inquire with you on your last meeting with your
Group…It was monitored when there was only 12 left.
Varence had this recorded as the meeting
At the Firehouse. Could you explain?”

“The Firehouse?” I said…thinking back…
“Yes I remember.”

“Please,” Brishan directed, his mind engaging
The memory for it to flow for them all to hear.
“Please explain…”

“The Firehouse,” I said, “It was the night of
July 23rd, 2011…according to my dream journal.
These dreams were still very foggy but I do
Remember the vital details. I did write this one down
Because it felt important…

“That night I went to sleep, nothing unusual…I
Hadn’t dreamt about the group in months, but I
Remember by that time, the numbers had shrunk
A lot…from the great crowd, to the previous smaller
Crowd…But this time there was only about 12.

“The meetings were always in the dark, a big
Dark room it felt like, and a circle of light. But
This time was different…It looked like
An empty or abandoned Firehouse, at night.
At the end of the garage-like room there
Was a raised platform, with those foldable
Steel chairs set up on it…There were 2 rows
Of these chairs…6 or 7 in the front, and 6
Or 7 in the back…
Everything felt pre-arranged somehow, like this
Was for a specific purpose. I have no idea how
Or why…but this is what happened.

“We sat in the steel chairs, I was in the back row
Too afraid to talk as usual. There was Kathy, on
My left…me, then the big black guy that looked
Like a football player, Joe…to my right, then Julie,
Jacob…then last Jason…We were the back row,
And youngest left. In the front row, I didn’t know
The names of the men and women but I remembered
Their faces…Most of them had gray hair. One woman
Stood front, facing us…assuming the role as
Leader, as usual. She was the very religious woman
I had seen before that always talked loudly,
Forcefully…She had a very proper, disciplined
Way about her, she was in a very old fashioned
Night gown, had shoulder length flat straight
Modestly cut blond hair.

She stood facing everyone there that was left,
Who had shown up…And spoke like a preacher.
“We are the chosen ones. We must remember
That as we come together each time, that we are
Doing God’s work…” She said standing tall,
Clasping her hands together like a prayer. “We
Are the only ones left. We must accept that…”

“Why are we here?’ Joe asked, talking loudly,
He barely seemed to fit in the chair with his
Massive frame, in his red T-shirt and boxers.
“And why am I always dreaming of this
Crazy white mother giving speeches. It feels like
Some Jehovah’s Witness is at the door!”

“Quiet,” I whispered to him, “She’ll hear you.”

“Why are you always so afraid to talk?” Joe asked
Calmly, but loudly; he was never afraid to
Be heard. “Who cares what she says…And
What is this place, it looks like a Firehouse. But
Where are the trucks?”

“Can you please be quiet just once so we
Can get this over with and get back to sleep.”
Julie, the beautiful Hollywood-looking blond
Replied fast; she also was never afraid to speak.

Kathy whispered to me, “This is the
Strangest dream yet. A Firehouse? These
Chairs, what’s it for?”

The bible lady cleared her throat, and like
Some angry teacher said, “Could everyone
Please pay attention? We are obviously
Here for some higher purpose. Now we must
Maintain good behavior.”

“Who does she think she is?” Joe bellowed.

“Please, sir…” the older preacher lady said,
Her eyes lock on us in the back row. “Can
We all agree to get along?”

“Get along?” Joe laughed loud. “Is she nuts?”

Just then there was a commotion, and
People began filling the Firehouse. They
Seemed angry, impatient.
“Ah, and we begin.” She said to the people.

This felt so, strange…The crowd, the
People filling the room, the light.
This had never happened before!
It was a mixed crowd, mostly blacks,
Some Latino, with a few other minority types
As well. This was no accident.
The crowd was led by an elderly black man
In his late 60’s…He looked like he had
Been very badly beaten. His
Face looked like it had been badly burned, with
His left eye very red and swollen as
Well from whatever burned him…He led
The people up to the platform urgently.
“You people have to listen to us.” He said,
Even his voice sounded in pain.

Everyone gasped…The twelve of us, especially my
Back row were in horrified shock. Joe was especially mad.
The blond preacher lady held her noble
Self-righteous pose and took the lead
To speak; of course. “How can we help you?”
She asked remaining calm.

I don’t know what this was, but it felt
Awful! The sight was gruesome…That elderly
Black man had been beaten and abused
Beyond reason…He
Spoke fast, with many surrounding him,
Helping him stand to talk…While the
Preacher lady tried to remain calm and

“There are things coming.” The old man said,
“Bad things, very bad things. Worse things
Than you know. These things have been
Building for years and you people have to do
Something about them! There will be racial crimes,
More than before…riots, protests, civil unrest…
Revolutions, all over the world. No one can
Shut that up or hide it.”

“Sir,” the preacher woman tried to say…
“I don’t know if we can or do have
The power to do anything.”

“You do. You have to! You must!” He struggled
To say as the crowd around him supported him,
Spitting protests.

I could not understand for the life of me
What was going on. “What is this?” I whispered
To Kathy, Joe, those around me. “I don’t
Understand what is happening. This is like no
Dream before. Why are they asking us? Why are
We on this…stage-thing? Why are we in a

“The Firehouse must have some meaning.” Kathy
Whispered. “And look at him, he looks burned…
Maybe something happened here or will?”

“I don’t like this crap.” Joe groaned. “What
The hell is going on? And why is that bible
Bitch always speaking like that? She doesn’t
Speak for me.”

The elderly maimed black man kept
Arguing with the blond woman in front…
He kept urging her, for everyone on the
Platform to listen, begging for someone to do
Something. “Look at me,” he said, “Do you
Think I want this life, do you think I
Asked for this? What about my wife, my
Children? And all these people…The world
Is falling apart!”

“Sir,” the bible lady said too calmly as
Everyone on the platform struggled with confusion.
“I realize you are upset, but you have to
Understand we are struggling to figure what it
Is we are supposed to do here.”

“Well, struggle faster!” He shouted through
A gagging cough. “People are dying, will die.
We were told you were the ones to ask!”

“You were?” The woman asked, stunned.
“You were told this?”

“What is he talking about?” I whispered,
Afraid to speak. “Why would someone
Tell him that? How would they know
About this? What is this?”

“It feels awful whatever it is.” Kathy whispered.
“Desperate. I don’t understand why he
Would ask us…it’s like someone knows
Something that we don’t? Was this planned?”

“How could it be if it hasn’t happened yet?”
I whispered. “The Firehouse, is it important?”

“Maybe it has to do with some disaster that
Will happen?” Kathy whispered. “Look at him,
He’s so badly burned. Many of them are. Or
Beaten up?”

“He said race riots, revolution.” I whispered.
“That’s major stuff, no small thing.”

Joe grew increasingly angry. “Whatever this
Is, it sucks. We have no choice in being here.
And worse no say…not with that bible bitch
Talking for us all the time. Who put her
In charge?”

“Maybe you should tell her about the angel,”
Kathy whispered to me. “It must mean
Something, it has to.”

“No way!” I whispered hard. “With how she is?
Her attitude? They’ll call me some freak,
Think I’m like Moses or something. I don’t
Want to be some…voice like that. People get weird
About religion, the whole savior thing. That scares
Me to death, the fever…”

The preacher lady kept arguing with the
Elderly man…He and the crowd were demanding
Action, and she only begged for patience…things
Grew more heated.

“This is freaking me out!” I whispered. “What
Is building?”

“Whatever it is, I know one thing.” Joe said
Angrily. “I am fed up with hearing that
Bible lady talk for me. Every time we
Get sucked into this dream she’s talking
And I’m sick of it. She never asks anyone
Anything, she only lectures…”

“Why, because she’s a woman?” Julie spat
From the other side of Joe. “I hate being
Here too. I just can’t wait for this dream to
Be over. This is like a nightmare.”

“So say something, Barbie.” Joe groaned at her.
“You’re a girl, you’re fed up…You chew her out.
I open my mouth and I’m always the big
Bad black guy.”

“No one said that about you.” I told him;
I liked him…But he was right we never got
To talk unless we were standing to the side alone.

“Well bible lady over there seems to think she’s
The boss.” Joe pointed at her angrily. “Quoting
Scriptures all the time…Revelations all the time.
What is this, a dream or is it church?”

“Religious nuts are always like that.” Julie
Moaned, shaking her head, wishing for it to
Be over. “Everything is some symbolic
Meaning from the bible. All they do is quote
The bible, they can’t even think for themselves
Without it.”

“The bible is like 10,000 years old,” Joe groaned,
“I don’t see what it has to do with now…
The end of days…The year 2000 came and
Nothing happened…So why this?”

“The bible is not that old, you ape.” Julie
Told him. “Don’t you know anything?”

I turned to Kathy nervous, and whispered to her,
“But something did happen to me…New Year’s Eve
1999…The Angel.” It freaked me out. “That
Can’t be this, can it? It can’t have anything
To do with this, it can’t!”

“But maybe we are supposed to discuss it
Though?” Kathy whispered.

“I don’t want that responsibility. No way.”
I whispered, nervous.

Joe tapped me on the arm to relax. He seemed
To sympathize…We always did agree none of us
Wanted any big deal made of this… “All I know
Is I am getting sick of listening to that bitch
Talk for me.”

“Don’t say anything.” Julie protested with a
Hard whisper. “Just let her talk so this can
End and we can wake up. This is awful.
What are we supposed to do about this, it makes
No sense at all. How could we?”

As the bible lady continually tried to calm
Down the group of arguing men and women,
Especially the painfully disfigured elderly black
Man…Joe finally lost it…

“Hey you, Little House,” he shouted at her, “Why
Don’t you shut the hell up and let someone
Else talk. I’m sick of hearing you talk!”

The woman sharply turned to him. “Excuse
Me? But I believe we discussed this—“

“Excuse you, Miss Prairie Town? What were
You born with a bible in your Mama’s lap
Or somethin’?” Joe shouted, pointing his finger.
“The man is talkin’ there and you’re not
Listening. You never listen. You only talk and
Talk and spit words at us, lecturing at us
Like you’re the sister of Jesus. Why don’t you
Shut up and let someone else speak?”

I bit my lip to fight to laugh.
Julie grabbed her jaw and winced. “I cannot
Believe you said that. Why couldn’t you just let
Her talk?”

The woman turned all her frustration on Joe,
“Oh I suppose you would like to lead the
Group in a sermon of your wisdom, young

“Young man?!” Joe shouted in rage. “Listen I
Ain’t no little boy Miss Heartland Mama, I may
Not recite the bible like some looped recording
Or something. But I swear I can tell you
One thing is Faith is one thing you ain’t got.”

“And how would you know this?” The woman
Asked him defensively. “Would you care
To enlighten us here?”

“Don’t talk to me like some kid!” Joe grew angrier.

“Why did you have to antagonize her?” Julie asked,
Holding her cheek as if in pain. “You couldn’t
Just let her talk?”

“I am doing the best that I can.”
The woman shouted. “I suppose you could
Do better?”

“The man is in pain,” Joe insisted, “He is
Not asking for some recital from the bible!”

“Clueless.” Julie whispered under her breath. “God,
I cannot wait for this to be over!”

“Maybe if you and your little friends
There paid attention more, and spoke less,
You would understand my point instead of
Making juvenile wise cracks over something
You do not understand.”

“Whoa, Little House of Horrors,” Joe
Was ready to leap out of his chair he was
So mad now. “Listen, I’m
No little lost boy for you to talk down to,
I am in my thirties!”

“And where has it got you?” The woman
Snapped. “You and your little friends don’t
Have the answers! You can barely
Dress yourselves properly…” She said referring
To Julie’s nightie.

“What?!” Julie immediately shouted. “You
Had better not be referring to me, you
Mother F—“

“Go mean Barbie, go get her!” Joe cheered
Her on sarcastically.

Julie jumped to her feet to face the woman.
“What did you say to me, what was that?”

“Oh dear,” the woman returned with a bitter
Tone, “Don’t upset yourself, I realize it’s hard
To think and dress yourself properly, especially
When we are confronting more serious issues here.”

Everyone’s eyes were popping, although the black
Man asking the questions before still struggled
He somehow seemed amused along with the

Julie, I had never remembered her so furious,
Stood violently strong to face the woman. “I
Am so sick of people judging me…You stupid
Preaching cow! Just because you tie yourself
With some self righteous mythical golden
Chain to a religion like a hypocrite…Making
Excuses to judge others through your religious
Beliefs to hide your insecurities…Miss let
Me fill my face with donuts for breakfast,
And coffee, cake and ice cream every day…
Fattening yourself up because you can’t
Control your mouth or appetite, hiding
All your problems in food then judging
Others before you judge yourself…you can’t
Control or judge yourself…because you’re

“How dare you!” The woman shouted as it
Seemed to turn into a cat fight. “Why don’t
You dress and behave more like an adult
Before you open your mouth!”

“Oh you’ve had more than enough time to speak!”
Julie yelled with an unstoppable rage. “That’s
All you’ve ever done is judge and talk and
Lecture. You have no answers of your own. You’re
No leader. All you do is repeat quotes from the
Bible. And you call that spiritual? You’ve
Learned nothing from that book but how
To condemn others!”

The woman’s jaw fell open in silent shock…

But Julie was so fast to attack she left her
No opportunity to give some petty defense. “You??
You miserable lecturing overzealous cow!
You’re judging me on how I look? You don’t
Know me. You know nothing about my life,
NOTHING. And I owe you or no one no
Explanation for how I dress when I go to bed.
I take care of myself because I learned
Long ago that all people do is judge others
By how they look…and tear them apart about the
Same, if they dare to shatter any ego they
Create in a mirror. Oh she must be stupid,
That blond, she must be a slut, look at how
She dresses. What a stuck up idiot. You’re
The idiot! All people do is use others, try
To manipulate them to get their way, that’s
What I’ve learned. Some smooth talking fat
Pig always thinks he will connive his way
Into my life thinking I’m so dumb…I know
The game, I’ve heard all the lines you cow.”
She pointed to the crowd, to the elderly
Black man who had been trying to talk.
“You have no answers for him? Why, because
You can’t find a quote in the bible to guide
Him with? Stop using the bible as some
Tool or weapon. Think for yourself. Anyone who
Constantly quotes others nonstop cannot
Think in their own words! Tell him
Something yourself from what you see, you
Can’t, can you? Can you?”

The woman couldn’t speak.

“Well, let me tell you something Miss Prim
And Proper Fake Virtues…These racial issues
Constantly on the news. Why is it always about
Men? Oh sure they put some pretty girl
Newscaster to report the stories…horror stories
About violence…About MEN fighting…MEN
Beating up other men…hate crimes, racial
Violence…I am so sick of always seeing
The MEN’S issues all over the news! White
Police beating up black men…Black men
Rioting or spewing complaints about it…The
Women talk and no one listens…They are the ones
Shouting out the heart stories…The women
Aren’t the ones making the headlines with
Violence, are they? Oh sure there are some,
But by far it’s a man’s violent playground
Out there!”

Joe had to swallow at her words, everyone
Was stunned at her point.

Then Julie went on angrily, “These hate
Crimes are disgusting! They’re also nonsense!
All the media does is hype them up…
And it’s always the men doing it, losing it…
Making speeches and excuses…While the
Mothers, sisters and wives are crying picking
Up the pieces! And these gay hate crimes…
I don’t see any lesbians on the news?
No, why? Because it’s so easy to get these
Men all worked up until they fight, preach,
Scream or cry…Gay hate crimes? They’re
Really men hate crimes, aren’t they?
Because they’re so easily worked up! Such
A perfect distraction! Then everyone
Is crying and carrying on…protest, memorials,
Fund raisers…Because all the little boys
Can’t get along.

“And let me tell you something else, you bible
Witch. I have many friends of all creeds and
Colors, all religions…It’s always the men making
The lectures like they know everything…
Looking for some sweet pretty girl to charm,
Some benign, naïve, seemingly innocent
Youth to win over. Women aren’t stupid. But
They sure do let the men talk too much. I
Only follow along because I say let them
Make fools of themselves, they can’t shut up
Or stop talking about how brilliant they are.
But they don’t win me over. Only the weak
Women let men take care of them, use them
Because they’re too lazy to get off their ass
And take care of themselves…They hide behind
A man sp they can preach behind him…
No one takes care of me. And I don’t allow
Men in my life to use me.

“You want to give this poor man some advice?
Tell him to stop giving in to this ridiculous
Frat-boy bullying…These problems are nothing
New at all! They’ve always been there. The
Little boys are always fighting and I am so
Sick of it. He is a victim of society, of the
Media’s hype and manipulation and obsession
With violence and prejudice. They don’t want it
To go away, so they keep fixating on it. And
It’s never going to stop until we stop allowing
The abusers to control everything. Stop the
Bullies from having power. Take the power
Away from those men obsessed with it
And let the right ones have it…”

There was a sense of final silence as
Everyone took in Julie’s words. She had a
Good point, several actually.

“And who would the right people be?” The
Woman dared to ask her.

Julie stood strong, unbreakable. She smiled
Sarcastically. “The ones too afraid to take
It, because they’re the only ones thoughtful
Enough to respect it…both men and women.
Not the ego driven maniacs obsessed with
Standing in front of the room…The
Ones standing quietly in the back have
Been trapped there for too long. It’s time
For the big mouths to shut up!”

Apart…back again to the Circle of Light…

“Was there any resolve to that confrontation?”
Brishan asked.

“If it was more than a dream, I don’t know.”
I answered. “But I can tell you I learned
A lot from Julie…She was, is, pretty and
Smart…And when she speaks there is a sense
Of thunder about her.”

“Was she right about the violence, and the
Men leading it?” He asked.

“I would have to say yes.” I answered. “There
Are many issues the news depicts that gets
The public upset…men and women both have
Issues…but men lead with the violence…”

Malik stepped into the circle once again.
“That’s a very interesting story but we are
Delaying important talks.” He said as I
Noticed he was holding a thin bundle of papers.

“And those would be?” Brishan asked.

Malik held his notes up. “The matters of
The Watchers Observations…involving abductions
And experiments.”

“I do believe these are all related.” Brishan said.

Rana then stepped forward to Malik’s side…
This was seeming more like a heated debate
All around! “Have you not paid attention to
Anything he just said? This is all relevant
To the experiments and abductions.”

Malik made some face…some grim, confused
Expression. “And how is that?”

Rana pointed to the notebook. “The Firehouse…
The meeting they were summoned to…
The warnings…race riots…revolution…
Civil unrest…It was a premonition. They,
The overseers on their planet use their
Premonitions to manipulate the population.”

“But this hostility continues…” Malik
Insisted. “They aren’t using their premonitions
To fix anything.”

“Exactly.” Rana said. “Can’t you see it? They
Are using their premonitions to make things
Worse! It’s a game to them, not a solution.
They see how the public reacts and utilize it
To make it continue, utilizing weaknesses
And vulnerabilities to incite further violence.”

“But I am talking about physical cases.”
Malik said, waving the papers. “Generational
Abductions…experiments on a physical level.”

“And his Firehouse story is the result of that.”
Rana explained. “On his world that is.”

“The matter of abductions varies greatly.”
Brishan added.

“But that is regarding all worlds.” Rana
Insisted. “Are you judging all worlds or this ONE?”

“What are you suggesting?” Brishan asked.

“I want to address the physical threat of
These abductions…on the whole.” Malik

“That is not the issue here.” Brishan said.

Rana grabbed the papers from Malik and
Reviewed them. He allowed this, curious
To her intentions…as everyone was. She
Studied them quickly and decisively.
“Alright…” she said… “Yes, there is
Much to cover here.”

“I said this!” Malik insisted.

“The point is what to express here
Right now.” Brishan told her.

“The Firehouse story was important,” Rana
Said, “Due to current conditions of their
Society. Prejudices are massively destructive…
And a tool of manipulation in their culture.
But there are also other aspects of
The Abductions…

“For generations on this planet bloodlines
Have been cultivated…Many of them, for
Varying purposes…
The group the Watchers selected on
Earth were taken from many groups…
Samples, if you will of all forms.”

“And the research was for?” Brishan asked.

Rana looked the papers over briefly again.
“Like we have learned…the metahuman
Project…to push the human form to its
Limits…of what it is capable of becoming
On this Earth…some sort of super-human…

“Some groups were studied for precognitive abilities…
Others, telekinetic abilities…physical regenerative
Powers…While others were more sinister…
Involving breeding, hybridizing and testing the
Limits of endurance and pain…
How much suffering could they take before they die?

“How far could they take the brain’s
Lucid and delusional tendencies to its limits…
In other words, brainwashing and control…
How to control the brain, thought patterns,
Interests, obsessions, behavior…fantasies…

“Control aspects…subterfuge…reward and
Indulgent mechanisms…such as with the
Senses, sex, food, material pleasures…

“Every group was measured differently. Some
Were tested on many levels…in various,
Often diabolical ways. Fear seems to be the
Key factor of control, but then, all the bullies
Know this. The overseers of the abductions
Would know it well. Thus, making most
Subjects afraid to discuss their experiences.
They would be humiliated and embarrassed.

“At least 10 percent of the population
On this planet has been studied this way.
The Watchers selected 144 from key

Brishan studied Rana’s face. “You
Seemed concerned?”

Rana hesitated as she looked at Malik
Quietly before answering. “The 144
Selected were from…some of the most
Intense experiments…I do not believe
They fully understood what level they were
Subjected to.”

“Meaning?” Brishan asked.

“They had the greatest risk,” Rana
Answered, “And the greatest potential.
That’s why they were selected.”

“And eliminated once they discovered
The Watchers were monitoring these
Abductions.” Malik added.

“Please clarify.” Brishan said.

Rana spoke carefully avoiding my eyes.
“This was, and is…the culmination of
Years of their program…Meaning
Whatever the plans for the project
Of Earth has been…This generation
On the planet now…contains the
Vital components of release…The
Final formula…The end result…

“Scattered amid these groups
On the planet…awaiting activation
Are the end result of the Metahuman
Project…Both its doomsday…and ours…

“That’s why the Five we have are
So critical…Both to save and stop
The others.”

Ceres tapped my arm, “You need to
Rest now.”




Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 27AUG2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (27 August 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
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Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 20AUG2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (20 August 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean, Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

The Thunders…The Watcher’s Classified Files…Ghosts…

*SONG* I’m with You by Avril Lavigne

The Circle of Light…
In the chair again. ‘I thought this part
Was over?’ I wondered, but before a thought
Could grip my mind…it began…

Before me, at the farthest reaches of the light
I could see the platforms, the faces of Brishan
And BR’Riel and the aquatic humanoid, fixated
Upon me…Stone-faced, their eyes intense and
So heavy…What was this?

Then Varence appeared, he strolled from the
Shadows to the very center of the circle of light
As if it were the simplest of things to do
Then he stopped and stared at me with that
Smile of his; it was unnerving. He folded his
Arms over his chest then nodded to Ceres.
Again, there she was sitting to my right…
Beautiful, elegant…yet somehow magically
Indestructible. She smiled at me plainly.
“Do not worry, just write as you
Normally do…everything will be fine.”

Those were luminous words! “Do not worry?”
I asked. This didn’t sound good at all.

Brishan nodded to Varence. “Ask him.”

“Ask me what?”

Varence’s expression was restless,

“And?” I asked.

“I told you in the weeks ahead,” Varence
Explained, “That your writings were going
To take their toll…That they would be
The hardest you have had to do so far.”

“Yeah.” I said, with a tone that insisted
He explain everything without more delays.

“There is something we need you to do.”
He said carefully.

“Yeah?” I moaned…

“We need to review some of the subjects
Experiences from the mission.” He finally
Said. “From your mind.”

“You keep referring to them as subjects,” I
Said as coldly as I could. “They were not that
To me.”

“The assembly needs this.” Ceres reluctantly agreed.
“And they need to hear it from your point of view,
Not Varence’s wordy, mechanical, riddle some

“Thank you.” He sneered.

“Is this your way of punishing me again?”
I asked. “Why?”

“There are details paramount to the current—“

“Just stop tip-toeing around it.” I said.
“You’re going to do it anyway, so don’t
Play it as some kind request.”

Brishan broke the discord with his
Serious tone. “I apologize but we requested
This…Now please if you would…”

Varence locked eyes with mine and
It began…

September 10th 2001…

There was no choice…
Kathy…She was twenty four, still living at home
With her folks…still waiting for her life to take
On some magical path, for the dreams that resounded
Through her thoughts, days and nights to manifest
Into some kind of real form…

She had gotten up as usual, dressed to go to work
At Friendly’s…Her parents had already left for work…
The morning was heavy and grey…typical…
But the haunting feelings from the night before
Were especially strong…Something disturbing was
In the air, it made her feel sick and anxious.
She fought everything that morning, her routine,
Everything was off. But she couldn’t put her finger
On it.

Somehow through a blind, numbly driven sense of
What to do she went through the motions, got
Dressed, scarfed down a raw Pop-tart for breakfast,
Grabbed her purse and keys and headed for her
Car in the garage. The old blue compact Chevy
Sedan never appeared more ominous…She got in
The car, put the keys in the ignition and froze.

Life twisted and turned by some hazy vision…
The morning was not the morning, nothing was real.
Then suddenly smoke began rising from the hood
Of the car filling the garage…More and more
Of the thick vaporous puffs began to fill
The garage. What was happening?
She hadn’t turned the ignition yet? Smoke?
But the smells, the sounds…everywhere.
She was in the garage but wasn’t.
Smoke and more smoke. What was happening?
The sights and sounds, from something beyond.
She heard screams, explosions…The sense of
Intense panic. She could swear she saw people
Racing around the car through the smoke in
The garage. What was happening?
She closed her eyes and could only hear screams,
Rumbling…but it wasn’t thunder…

The smoke, it was everywhere now. She couldn’t
See. Her heart raced, she was terrified…
What on Earth was happening?
Had she lost her mind? Nothing like this had
Ever happened before.
She kept seeing people race by, the most frightened
Looks on their faces. She pinched her eyes shut
And prayed…What was this? Make it stop.

The roaring grew, the rumbling like thunder…
The thunders…but not from the sky, it was as
Though it came from everywhere, everything
Seemed to shake…Then it felt like the whole
Garage was about to collapse right on
Top of her car. In a frenzy of fear she managed
To pull herself together…jump out of the car
And bolt out of the garage…She raced to
The house, the back porch step thinking she had
To call for help, 911, her parents, someone…Then froze.
There was silence…morning sounds…birds, the

She turned back to look at the garage. There was her
Car, the driver’s side door wide open. But the garage
Was completely normal? Where was the smoke?
The people? She blinked like crazy, her heart
Racing…What happened? What happened?
Had she lost her mind?

Her mind raced, thoughts spinning, spitting out
Words and phrases as she scowled at the scene.
Was it a dream? Had she lost her mind? Why
Had that happened? Something was going on. Something
Was very wrong. She imagined it? Was it imagination
Or something else? It made no sense! No sense at
All! The car was fine. The garage was fine. There
Were no people running around.

She took a step towards the garage, then another
And another, then froze and took a deep breath.
Think now! Why? What was going on? It
Had to mean something. Was it a vision, some
Kind of premonition? She had never had such
An experience before…so intense, vivid, real.

Then as if struck by a magical wall, the
Wind blew through her and she heard them…
The whispers of many voices on the wind calling
Her name… “Kathy, Kathy, Kathy…Wake up.
They’re talking to you.” But who?

Emotions pitched and frothed inside her, calling
Out to her senses, her sight and feelings. Feel it,
Don’t think, doubt or wonder, just feel it. Listen,
Don’t speak, feel.
And she did by her spirit’s command, gave in to
The feelings and not logical thinking to gain the
Path to understand what it was.

Time to stop the nonsense, to break—if only for
A little while the daily programming of what was,
To see what will be.
That’s how it comes, through shocked senses
Massively before it happens for real…The shock
And the pain are the triggers for the psychic
Eyes of the mind…Some know this, others
Pretend or mimic…But for those with the
Curse to feel it, it is absolutely terrifying.

The higher forces speak and the spirit feels it,
There’s no denying it. The more you fight it the
Worse it gets. Without notice, by the whim of
How fate seems it so you are drawn in and cannot
Get out.
To explain it to anyone, why then they call you
Crazy…But when the manifestation occurs and
The proof becomes reality…you scare those around
You to death!

She knew something was wrong and it scared her.
It scared her so bad, she couldn’t go to work.
She couldn’t call anyone to explain, they would
Think she was completely nuts!
But something was coming, something was about
To happen…and soon, very soon.

Her mind became crazed. “Knock, knock” would
He write one day… “Knock, knock, tick tock…”
Who are you, what are you? This voice in my
Mind telling me things…” She hovered,
Swaying back and forth in the mind holding her
Arms…She was freezing and it wasn’t even cold!

Kathy turned away from the garage and
Walked down the driveway in a daze. She was
Freaked out! And the words in her head just
Rumbled nonsense. “Knock, knock…tick tock…
Who am I? What is this? Who are you? Voices,
Eyes, ears and minds are listening to me
Somehow, some way…on a piece of paper! On
A computer screen! But not now, then…
Then…When? The future?” My God she
Felt totally crazy.

She reached the end of her driveway and
Turned…left or was it right? Down the
Sidewalk…walking, walking blind…Her eyes
Studying the neighborhood houses. Everything
Looked so completely normal. The few people
That were home, the cars in the driveway, the
Cars drove by. No one acted strange,
No one sensed anything unusual.
Still the voices filled her head as the wind
Blew and the trees rose above her like
Silent sentinels of time…immune to
Human rites of passage. “Knock, knock,
Tick tock…The Bell Tolls…The Thunders…
The Voices of the Stars…The Watchers…
Someone could hear everything she was
Thinking! People were reading her thoughts!”
She felt betrayed, a pawn to some big
Scheme, a character on a giant board game?

“They hear me! Someone is writing this all
Down and reading it, they think I’m nuts!”

She kept walking and walking. Where?
Who cares? She was crazy, right? Does
It matter? “Someone is writing this all down
And I look completely nuts! I’m walking
Down the street, I see the cars, my neighbors.
Look there’s Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones is home
Today…again…Probably spending the whole
Afternoon on his computer again looking at
Porn…HA! Write that down whoever you are.
Mr. Jones is looking at porn all day…And he
Thinks no one knows…He’s out of work,
Supposed to be job hunting but no he’s
Looking at porn…Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones how’s
That porn hunt working out for you for
Work, sir? Oh my God they will think I’ve
Lost my mind! Who is writing this down?”

Kathy kept walking and walking, trying not
To think. “Whose reading my mind? Are
They watching me too? I’m wearing my Friendly’s
Uniform for work, is that hot for you? Yeah,
I’m losing it.”

She kept walking and walking, just holding
Her arms. Until finally she came across the
Small park by the pond at the end of
Her street. “Perfect! Swing sets! I’ll just
Go sit there and swing and swing and talk
To you, whoever you are…I ate a Pop-tart
For breakfast this morning. Are you excited?
What is so fascinating about me that you
Have to write down what I’m thinking? I’m
No one special. I’m hallucinating. My garage
Just filled up with imaginary smoke. It’s
September 10, 2001…Does that mean
Anything special to you?”

Kathy walked over to the swing sets in the
Park and grabbed a comfortable seat and
Started to swing. “Did you write that
Down too? Yes, I’m 24 years old and I’m
In the park on a swing set…swinging…so
What? Knock, knock, tick tock…What
The hell is that, a board game? What does
It mean?”

She kept swinging and swinging and talking
To herself. Her senses lost to the ether…to
Time…dancing to the command of… “I know
You, I know you…Those dreams. I hear
You now. But it’s not you, not now…You’re
In another time? Can you talk to me? Can
You hear me? Will we ever meet? I’ve been
Waiting to meet you, talk to you. Why are
You writing this down? Whose reading it,
It feels like a lot of people? Why? What
Does it mean? Please tell me.”

She just kept swinging…watching the ducks
And geese and swans on the lake…The pigeons
That flew by… “You like the birds…Birdman.
What is important about September 10th
2001? Why won’t you tell me?”

“All those people reading…the eyes and ears…
The doughnut guy…All those coffees…computer
Screens…print outs…The girl making notes. You,
Reading this over dinner? Other countries? MY
God, why are so many people reading this? Who
Are you? Tell me!”

The hours just kept passing by as if by only
A few minutes…more rambling.
“How’s that tuna sandwich? Ice cream again?
What is it, hot there or something?”

She just kept swinging. “I can’t feel myself there.
I’m not where you are…What time is it? What’s
The date? Talk to me.”

Then morning became afternoon, and soon afternoon
Became evening. She had spent the whole day swinging
In the park! Only stopped a couple of times to
Use the public restroom and grab a generous
Drink at the fountain. “My God, you wrote
That down too, didn’t you? Yes, I had to
Use the bathroom. I’m sorry.”

The swings…She just kept swinging…fighting
To think words so they would not be written
Down. Then…suddenly Sean, her long time
High school boyfriend was there…walking up
To her…Pale and concerned looking.

“Kathy?” He asked carefully…walking up to her
Still in his mechanic’s uniform. “Everyone is
Looking for you…is everything OK?”

She slowed down to stop swinging. “Sean?”

He came up to her. “What are you doing here
In the park? Are you alright?”

She started to cry. “No, Sean…I’m not alright.
Something is coming and I have no idea what
It is or what to do.”

Time split…back again to the Circle of Light.

“What was that?” I asked.

Varence stood calm and well composed. “Kathy,
One of the subjects.” He winced, re-collected his words.
“I mean, one of your group…You have her memories.”

Suddenly the notebook seemed like something more,
A tool, a telecommunications device with pen
And paper. I could not think, only write. “What?”

Brishan, at the forefront of the blinding lit circle
Tapped his finger on his desk. He looked displeased.
“What is the meaning of this?” He then pointed
To me, but his eyes were fixed intensely on Varence. “What
Purpose are you addressing?”

Varence only smiled, very self assured. “An event
Significant among them. A date very commonly
Known to them as September 11th.”

Brishan turned to the aquatic humanoid as a
Raucous of overlapping voices filled the arena, voices
I could not see past the circle of light. Brishan
Stared wide around acknowledging the discord.
“What is the meaning of this?”

“I am demonstrating the subjects’ precognitive
Abilities to events, significant events.” Varence
Explained. “One beyond our own which we study.”

“And this event,” Brishan replied with a raised
Brow, “This date of September 11th
Would be?”

Varence turned to me, appearing now more and
More as a lawyer. “Prior to this date, four days
Before…You were painting…that painting was, do
You recall?”

“Smoke signals.” I told him. “I painted it in
Black and white. I remember because I had
Never painted in black and white before…I don’t
Know why…I just did it…There was a figure
Making a big X…amid clouds of smoke. I
Remember it scared me. I had no idea what it
Meant…I had to do it. I don’t know why.”

Varence turned to Brishan. “Precisely.
No idea. They acted upon their internal senses.
Kathy experienced precognitive hallucinations…
Bill received through his painting…the message…
And Jennifer, the other visionary…sensed the
Event in visions and messages…which overloaded
Her senses causing her undoing.”

“What??” I asked…but they ignored me.

“Interesting.” Brishan said. “What was this event?”

“Hidden factions within their world’s powers
Were planning somewhat of a coup.” Varence
Explained. “Rogue agents with incriminating
Data were about to expose secret plans to the
World…unaware of their government’s knowledge…
It was about to be a disclosure…but die hard
Watchful forces intercepted this with a terroristic
Disguised attack on key buildings to thwart this,
Thus triggering world wide panic. Many officials
Had no idea of this, nor did the citizens…and
It became a wide-scale event of fear…mind-controlled
Groups are used this way to control the population…
Through terroristic attacks prevent
Unwanted disclosure and prevent revolts
Among secret factions.”

“They were going to disclose agendas of
Non-human contact?” Brishan asked.

“Yes.” Varence answered.

“So what happened?” Brishan asked.

“The public was terrified by the tragic events,
The destruction and deaths.” Varence explained.
“No information was disclosed. Rebel factions
Were subdued…And the current system continued
With fearful compliance. Only echoes of
Conspiracies leaked out…and those were easily

“So what was the purpose of the subjects’
Precognitive experiences?” Brishan asked.

“That 2001 was not the turning point as per
Instructed…And became a warning of intimidation.”
Varence explained. “Lives were lost. Many
Agents, of non-terrestrial forces from the
Alliance, involved in the disclosure as well as
Subjects of ours were lost in these events…”

“So the mission was re-evaluated?” Brishan asked.

“It had to be.” Varence said.

“What is he talking about?” I had to ask Ceres.

She only nodded once firmly, kindly. “Just listen
And write, you will see.”

“How many were lost?” Brishan asked pointing
To me.

“Approximately…half.” Varence answered. “Many
Sensed the loss…and soon there after took
Their own lives…resuming the trauma study of
Their own…secret factions’ experiments on these
Individuals…the trigger effect.”

“But this one was observed more closely.” Brishan
Said referring to me.

“Yes, from the start.” Varence answered.
“Though not until the angelic being visited
Him and imparted his gift was the experiment
Seen as successful.”

“Did they make contact with the Angel?” Brishan
Asked, referring to the secret factions.

“No.” Varence assured him. “They did not.
They could not; and still cannot. However
Observation continues.”

Brishan was skeptical. “Are you so sure?”

“Allow me to show you.” Varence went on…
Then turned to me, his eyes intense…his
Pupils like psychic weapons prying open my mind.
“View screen commence view.” A giant
Television-theater-like screen appeared…
His words seemed like the conductor
Silently in my head as memories
Unfolded on the screen…from my point of view…

As if the screen were my eyes…

Remember, unlock the door…reveal…see it,
Show them…beyond words and telling, feel it.

The date…The Timing, by night…from the
Depths of sleep…TAKEN…Transported…
I’m walking down a hallway, white, cold…
No signs, no comforting decorations, just
A white hall, bright lights…I was being led
By a team, soldiers in black fatigues,
Lifeless-like with no expression. Were they
Human at all? Robotic-like in movements,
Strong built men…black, white…walking beside
Me a safe distance away. They were under
Strict orders, not to touch me, never touch me.
Just bring him here. That is all.

The date, the time…It was hard to think…
I felt drugged, but it wasn’t drugs…Some
Device they had blurred, disrupted free
Thought. A truth serum device?
They led me to a room…
Trying to think! The light in my head rendered their
Technology useless! HA!

They sat me down at a table…
I looked up. Across the room was another
Table…Everything felt
Fake, false—their alliance was a lie!

Then a tall, big, broad built black man
Came in…These were not the so-called men in black…
These were soldiers of the secret factions…

As I sat there, they began covering
The table with photos, still faces…pictures
Taken no doubt of the group I
Was in.

Shaken, confused, struggling for breath
I kept trying to sense details of
What was going on!
Then the questions started by the black man in charge.
“Do you recognize them?” He asked sharply.
“Do any of these people
Mean anything to you? Look at them, tell me!”
On and on the unending, merciless
Questions came without end. “Do I
Know them? Who are they? How do I
Know them?” They wouldn’t
Believe me, no matter what.

But I couldn’t answer them, not one
Thing about the people, or what they
Were looking for. HA! The light would
Not let me and I couldn’t fight it.

They were getting angrier, frustrated.
Sitting there staring at me…giving me these dirty looks.
As if that made a difference.

I have no idea how long this lasted, I was in a
Fog…But they kept staring at me…as I
Studied the pictures. Honestly, there were so
Many faces of numb-looking people I couldn’t
Recognize them…Maybe they had been photographed
Under duress, half asleep, I couldn’t tell…
None looked familiar, yet they all did…
I just kept staring at the pictures, and the
Men in black fatigues stared at me. It went nowhere.

And then things took a very different tone…

Asleep, awake…I couldn’t tell, but it was clearly
An interrogation…Me staring at these pictures…
The men waiting, staring…a stand off…

There was some kind of whispering among them…
Then a door on the opposite side of the room to the
Left opened and in walked 3…reptilian humanoids
In robes…No hair, their heads looked almost like
A dull cone shape, greenish-black scaly skin…red
Snake eyes. They were all the same height, around
6 feet tall. They were expressionless, their faces were
Like that of some monster movie, sort of human
But clearly not…Far too detailed looking to be
Make-up, and all three were identical…I had the
Strong sense by their forms that they were
Female. They immediately locked eyes with me,
To intimidate me I suppose…The soldiers were
NOT shocked by them at all, but would not
Look at them; out of respect or fear, unsure.

Then one of the reptilians spoke, a raspy, almost
Hissing voice… “Leave us,” she said to the men in
Black…It was CLEAR then they were female,
I could feel it…3 female reptilians, what?

The soldiers seemed to bow their heads, look
Away and left me alone with the 3 reptilians.
I was stunned, but somehow not afraid at
All…The drugged state I was in had no
Effect on me talking and they knew it…
Oh well. I just watched as the 3 of them
Seated themselves at the table across from
Me…and stared me down intensely.

Moments passed. I could hardly believe my
Eyes, they were sitting there out in the open.
No disguises, as if it were completely normal
Staring at me, studying me. And I in turn
Was studying them.

I didn’t care what they thought or sensed
Or whatever, if anything the longer they
Watched me the sharper my senses felt, and
The more awake I became and they knew it.

Finally, the one in the center put their hands
On the table and tilted her head at me,
Her chin slightly raised. “You are not

No kidding! “Should I?” I asked.

She pointed at the pictures, as if her presence, their
Presence should affect me? “Do you recognize
Any of these people…at all?”

I just stared at her, if anything felt annoyed.

“Speak!” She ordered. The three of them seemed
To act like a team staring me down. “You
Know them?”

“Do I?” I asked.

“You know who they are.” She said, her voice
Was awful, like nothing I can describe. A talking

“I have no idea what you are talking about.
I don’t know these people.”

“You do know these people.” She insisted.

“I’ve never seen them before.” I was lying
Of course, I recognized a few…though they
Looked half asleep and drugged.

The reptilian woman looked at her companions
Then at me. “Why won’t you answer our

“What are you asking me for?” I said. “Don’t
You know?”

“You will answer.” She said.

“I will?” I was sarcastic, feeling wide awake.
“Your drug stuff is not working.”

Oh she grew mad, the one emotion they did
Express. “Who are they to you?”

“People in pictures.” I said. I pointed to one
Picture. “I recognize that one…I went to
High school with her. She works for the Department
Of Defense. You know that.”

I swear she hissed. “And the others?”

“People you abducted off the street?” I asked

“Who are they?” She asked again, those
Red eyes were horrible!

“I don’t know.” I said. “What do you want
Me to say?”

She looked at her companions…Moments passed.
Silence. They gave me these icy looks, but somehow
It just bounced right off of me. I have no idea
Where I found the nerve, I should have been
Scared out of my mind but I wasn’t…It was
Like something inside me took over I could not

She nodded to the wall behind me…Then a
Soldier walked in…He was white in black fatigues,
Well built, buzz hair cut…No expression to his face.

She nodded at him…He withdrew his side
Arm and pointed the gun at my head and
Cocked it. “Now,” he said, “You know I can’t
Shoot you…but…I can shoot those you
Love, that you care about…while you…watch.
Don’t tell me there isn’t someone you care
About. Now tell me the information I require.
Do not play games with me.”

I felt the worst blind rage ever. I hated
Them. I hated this. But I had no voice to
Give them!

“Now tell me who are these people.” The
Reptilian woman asked, ordered again.

I met her eyes ferociously. I have no idea
How I did this without shaking. But I was mad.
I did not feel like myself at all. “I told you
That I only recognize my friend from high
School…right there.” I pointed. “I cannot
Tell you more. I couldn’t if I tried.”

Suddenly her red-slit eyes seemed to light up.
At last she understood…Their interrogation
Wasn’t working…couldn’t work because
I had no control to give…They had no
Control…Whatever was in my head put
There by the Angel would not allow it, no
Matter how I felt.

She nodded, then gestured for the soldier
To put his gun down and leave the room.
She seemed impressed, as did her companions.
They watched me in unison, every gesture
And blink they seemed to share…They
Were communicating somehow but I could not
Hear them.

Finally, she broke the silence. “There are
Only half of them there.”

“What?” I asked.

“In the pictures.” She said. “Of your people.
There are only half of them there.”

I thought for a second. “My friend from high school
Was never there!” I insisted.

“How do you know this?” She asked,
Intrigued. “How can you be sure?”

“I never saw her there.” I told them.

“She was in your group.” The reptilian woman
Said, almost pleased that they were finally
Getting something. “She was from the beginning.”

“Well, I never saw here THERE.” I was able
To say. “If she was in the group, I can
Tell you they never picked her. She never
Went…Or at least I can say, they are not
Interested in her.”

The reptilians looked intrigued. “How do you
Know this?”

“I just know.” I said. “She…was NOT…there.”

“What do they want with you?” She asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Has anything changed?” The reptilian asked.

I was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Since September 11th…” She spoke very
Carefully and slowly. “Since the deaths…
There were many more of you…” She
Watched me.

It felt as though a wall had hit me. I was
Completely blind to it before…I believed it a
Dream…all of it…Yet somehow, somewhere
Deep inside it was more…But NOW…suddenly
Her words woke something inside me…Flashes
Filled my mind…The dreams, the group…

Wild images raced through my mind…Children
In cages…injections. Groups of people in their
Pajamas half asleep standing in crowds…
Many groups…soldiers…auditoriums…A dark
Room a circle of light…a separate group…
Familiar faces all ages…and then the deaths…
Suicides…The red light in the sky at night…
I stared at my wrists…

“We know.” She said.

I could only stare back at her numb.

“You look surprised.” She was wickedly
Happy. “Yes we know your secrets…Their

“You know…about the Angel?”

“Yes.” She said like a hiss. “What did he put

“I don’t know.” I said honestly; at least for
The moment.

A long drawn out pause…She seemed delighted?
Was evil and joy all they knew? She watched
Me close. “What does Jennifer’s death effect
Have on our time line?”

I swear my heart stopped beating. “What?”

“Jennifer’s death,” she said slowly. “How
Does it effect our timeline?”

“Jennifer?” My mind raced…The dreams
Weren’t dreams anymore! I started to panic.
“Jennifer…is real? The Jennifer from my

She, the three of them watched me with
Surprise…confused. The entire moment turned.

“She’s real?” I shouted, I wanted to hit
The table. “She was?” I corrected…
Consenting to the fact of what she said…
“She’s dead?”

They would not answer.

“It’s all real, all of it?” I was desperate.

They only stared blankly, coldly…

“That book was based on dreams!” I told
Them. “Just dreams.” The entire world felt
Like it was made of glass and was shattering.

“How does it effect our timeline?” She asked
Me again

My insides were frozen. My mind wide awake.
Thoughts, feelings, senses collided like an
Internal war… “It isn’t good. That’s
All I can say.”

“Everything can be fixed.” She said coldly.

“You can’t FIX this.” I told her angrily.

She seemed to tense, breathe hard, then
The three of them got up and left the room,
Leaving me alone…And my entire world
Changed at that moment.

Then I was blinking. Once again sitting
In the circle of light…Brishan watching me,
Varence staring at me…and Ceres.

“This isn’t happening.” I could only
Say, write down…

Varence watched me carefully, his head half
Down… “You said that last time too.”

Brishan…The great Lion Man BR’Riel, the
Aquatic humanoid…all eyes beyond perception
Felt like a ton of weight on me… “I can’t
Feel anything.”

“You said that last time too.” Varence repeated.

Ceres grew increasingly aggravated as she
Watched them. “You know what’s going
To happen now.” She told them sternly.

“She died, she really died?” I asked them.

No one said anything.

“You keep asking me to do this,” I told
Them… “All these people…subjects? Kathy,
Bobby, that guy…Robert in Rio…Marco, Lily…
Jennifer…she killed herself.”

Varence stood straight but calm and kind.
“When she was 30…Not long after
September 11th…She lost all hope of her
Dreams…many did…It was a tidal wave
Of loss after that. No one intended for it
To progress that far…”

“But you didn’t stop it either.” I told them.

“We couldn’t.” Varence said. “You hadn’t
Opened the box yet…The bridge had not
Been made…And they were on to our
Contact with you and the others
In your group…so they began…killing
You off.”

My mind exploded.

“I told you in the weeks ahead I would
Ask you things I never have before.”
Varence said. “That it would be difficult.”

No comment…

Brishan looked to Ceres with heavy eyes…
Then to me… “The words you write are
Weighted now…This is, awful information
To process…For us all…But I want you
To know…And tell them in your writing,
To those that will listen…The timeline
Has begun to repair itself…some will not like
It…as the world will shake in ways it
Should have long ago…New doors will open
As a result. The loss you have experienced…
Please, I do not intent this to sound
Unkind or too harsh…but there will be
Compensation…particularly for those who
Walked this road with you…

“The world will change…Those clinging to
The old ways will suffer the most misfortune.
Embrace the present…Open the door to
Tomorrow with hope…Stop making those
Choices that bring pain…The good will come.
It will.”

Ceres stood. “I think that is enough
For now…”

Brishan nodded. “You all have my instructions…
If anyone should interfere in this process…
You know what to do…”

Varence nodded kindly. “Stop writing



Skin Cancer Awakens.

Listening through the noise is key to understanding now.

No Love Lost in Translation.


Painful aching Hips and a sore lower back  that did not seem to be getting better meant i needed a trip to the doctor. Since my trip by ambulance on the 27 April along with an over night stay, was i hoped my last visit to hospital for a long time, No ! it appears life has decided i need to take control of  more aspects of my life and my health. X-rays to be taken when i get the appointment to see what is happening  there.

I made a list of things to ask about as the cost of medical care is high when you have an income that wont stretch very far at all. On the side of my face next to my eye is what i thought was a blind spot that would not go away even after it had bleed last week so i asked the doctor what…

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Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 13AUG2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (13 August 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean, Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: The Thunders…The Watchers…Classified Files…The Gift of Magic…

*SONG* “Here Comes the Rain Again” by the Eurythmics

The Rainbow Bridge…The Circle of Light…

The Siren’s Song…The Calling…

“He moves he breathes he feels
Compelled but to obey. The box opens
The calling comes, drawn by her voice.
None can resist the power,
Especially when the 9 are together.

“Voices, ancient voices deemed it so…
Foreseen, foretold…Forthcoming, by waiting
Cries of suffering that cried out for help.
Will someone help me please?
Tortured souls that cried out the same plea
For thousands of years…
Through eras and generations these cries
Always seemed to go unanswered…
Was anyone listening? Didn’t Heaven hear?

“But then who’s to say that one voice
Mattered more than any other?
Because so many begged, me first…me me me…
Instead of we. More than one, more than all…
Who first, man or beast? Animals
And plants cry too…
Of course someone was listening, everyone
Was listening. It was just a matter of time
And circumstance. And finding the right
Way to handle it.”

Hazy vision cleared beneath the circle of light…
She stood there front and center before the chair.
Vala, with her honey colored hair framing her
Beautiful face and bewitching eyes like a hood.
Her tall elegant curvy slender shape
In that simple pink dress…She wore simple
Things like they were mystical charms…
That was her way. She had the Gift of Magic.
Varence stood smiling behind her, Ceres
Sat to my right…The setting was like the
Last time…An arena of light centered
Before the platforms of seats and desks…full
Of an assembly beyond description.

“His words grow increasingly charming,” Vala
Hummed as she held the spotlight. “And to
Think from so far away…it seemed so…
Simple. From afar things always appear
That way. Upon closer inspection, that’s
Where the details are revealed…Then it
Becomes so much more…interesting…
Or ridiculously absurd…Take my measured words
And be flattered, my friend…You always held
My interest…even from far away.” She turned
Ever so slowly to glare at Varence. “But for
Some it took longer to reach that decided
Conclusion…And to think he was nearer all
Along…and yet for him it took so very long
To see it. Men!”

“Vala,” Ceres said with a firm tone and bewitching
Flashing eyes herself. “There’s no time for small talk.
However tempting it may be. Please,
Proceed properly.”

Vala nodded, “Of course.” Who was she to argue,
There was still much to do. She seemed
To blink once and in an instant re-compose
Herself. “They are listening of course.” She
Said for me, staring at the notebook. “The
Eyes and ears waiting for the next

“Hear me, we each abide this process in
Our own way. So I will be blunt and
Speak what I will…Take my words or
Leave them, either way once they find their
Way to the mind…haunting, they will never
Leave them.

“With this part, I address the
Sciences of the mind…The obscured
Manners in which they have come to understand
Them…And the true nature of Magic.

“All the worlds know this, these things. They merely
Call them by different names. But they
Are still the same…Powers, magic. And
They all seek them out…

“In 2056, the Earth will finally make
Greater discoveries with the powers of
The mind…Once they dismiss these
Notions of creating artificial intelligence…
It is their downfall you know, and
Will teach harshest lessons.
Then and only then will the blessed eras
Of lasting peace and harmony bear fruit…”

“2056?” I asked without thinking, forgetting
I should not question or interrupt…

Vala immediately hummed in response…
“Ah, of course…the troubled wayward
Sense of mortal concern time…” She
Turned in a circle, eyeing all…addressing
The assembly and all curious eyes and
Ears of the notebook…
Time is the immediate concern. When?
How? Where? Why?

“The Demands are so particular…”
Her hum and manner became more
Dramatic; though her cares were different.
“Troubled time…times.” She hummed…
Then resumed to stare intensely upon
The paper and words written down…

“Enough dates have been shared, lest
The Dark Ones listening dare to break
Them. Spill a secret and they challenge
The fates to reshape it their way…

“As we have said again and again…
So many questions…Offered answers
Go completely unnoticed…yet they are
There…2056…The date that changes
The mind…

“The Ascended Master offered the most
Precious gift…write it down…by mind
Through arm to hand, fingers down on paper.
THAT is how the answers come.
The more you practice the more you learn…
As with all things…labors of the hands
Through the mind. In art, in science…
In science…it is always written or drawn

“Magic knows this…Is magic in the
Mechanics of a keyboard machine? Or
Born of the mind? Impatience and
Uncertainty grabs for clues at cards
And devices…Where is your intuition? Do
You dream through a machine box? Are
All solutions found through artificial means,
Or is it a mind that by chance stumbles
On the solution through random
A spark, a flash, a trumpet or bell…
Then suddenly the knowledge is
There. Wisdom knows no timer, nor
Do valuable lessons learned.

“Oh what is she riddling with, her words
Are wasting my time!” Vala laughed…
“Such ignorance of impatience will
Whine and complain…comments without end.
The wisest always listen carefully, they
Do not need to leap about with
Rambled opinions. We know who listens
Best…Those with too many questions
Always fail the test.

“Why am I speaking in turn now?
I’m answering everything in between
The lines…
Dare the devil’s scheme to break the course
Again, to intervene in selfish behalf…
Then I speak to shatter them…

“Those of dark and infested minds
Be blind…blind to the words and deaf
To the sounds…so they cannot see it
Coming…” She hummed louder and
Sweeter… “Bind, blind them to break
Them…So they cannot see and never
Will the truth revealed that comes
To shake and break them…
Awaken shimmering, shining, dancing,
Never-ending lines and light…sing
Your songs in silent motion…
The bewitching haze of true magic…
With unstoppable cascading rhythm sound
A silent song…Those dancing lines…
And all at once they come alive…
Choirs of angels set forth by their
Master conductor…The lines and light
To resound the opening of the box…
And all the trumpets sound to call this…
To make it happen…The wheel…
Ring of Stone…Ring of the Ancient
Makers…set into Ancient ground
Guided by the stars…to call to the stars…
Cry out…Ancestors…Come…
Shatter times troubled veil…To set it
Free…Raise the Four Winds and
Highest Seas…Know this…There is
No safe place to be…not when truth
Is set free…”

Vala twirled her hand elegantly, with
Some mesmerizing sparkle to her golden
Eyes… “Round and round the wheel
Now freely turns, moves, spins…
The clock unlocked…Hear the bells
And whistles and drums in ears…
Hear the sound of freedom…

“From the far and four corners
Of Earth…Time once again finds its
Freedom song…
What’s this…a contraption has
Foiled freedom’s course for so long…
SHATTER those devices that bound it…
SHATTER those minds that lied to it…
SHATTER the schemes to hold it back…
The bubble burst…
And now the songs of nature
Once again rise like kings and queens…

“The elements claim their royal crowns…
Ruling signs…Magic is in the AIR…
Intuition in the waters…
Waters that flow freely…
The fires in the feelings, passion, faith…
Move…make it move…
And AIR rules them all…
To heal the Earth…so that she
Can nurture once again…
Let the wicked that held her back
Now face unending troubled tasks…
Will they hide or abide the wheels
Of freedom…
What is that with this I say?
The old ways are said and done…
The New Age shall rise now…

“Oppose the natural Forces set Free now
And explode…Claimed by chastising
Fires of Feeling…
Earth, Air, Fire, Water…
The signs will Feel it…And by
That I speak of your Zodiac signs.”

Vala seemed to strut about the Floor
Enchanting the assembly with her
Walk and siren’s song…She held
Out her hand pointing a Firm Finger
Down… “They Felt it already…No
Denying it…They upon the Earth
Obsessed with dark ceremonies…
Rituals engaged with blood offerings…
NOT magic, but entreaties to spirits
To entice them to do their bidding…
So with this I say…and
By aid of silent voices of minds
That read it…SHATTER ALL
Dark ceremony entreaties…
They have no power anymore…
And they will never see it coming.
But mark my words they will
Feel it…And let them feel it
Where they crave it most…
Fall to Failure with their desires…
And reverse the course of where
Fortune falls…Right the Wrongs…
Let the children sing songs…
As a new age breaks to begin…

“True, this will bring chaos…And the
Journey will be long…but it is the only
Way to set it right. And it will
Be righted…As seen foremost
By the Ruling Sign of AIR…
And the winds that blow…
Arctic wind make ICE, shun heat…
So that all the seasons feel it…
Cool and calm…and with the
Breath of every cooling breeze
And icy wind let wishes of lost
Heart songs find life again…
Bring lost hope to life again…
And let peace and harmony sing
Songs to nature to soothe the aches
That have troubled there…

“Things will get better, they will improve…
But the cleansing must come FIRST…
There are still so many pests out
There hiding…lurking in dark
Corners to hunt the innocence…”

Another sparkle fell upon her
Flashing bewitching eyes… “Let nature
Find her strength again…and return
Proper respect to beasts of burden…
To restore the wild…let the animals
Bear witness to wrongs to right them…
Let them show their rights to justice
Too…For if no one wishes to acknowledge
Their equality here as well let them
Find their judgment by tooth and claw.
Let the animals have their time once
Again…And let those that love them
Be blessed…May miracles guide and
Gentle the harsh test to come to spare
The animals from further loss…
And let those that aid them find
Peace too. For gentle is the hand that
Cares for the animals…And both will
Need the help now too.

“Move Wheel, Move, Spin…
Make it so…onward and onward…
There is so much to say, so much to do…”

“Could she say more?” Varence stepped up.
“I think my head is spinning more
Than ever…Her words…I feel dizzy.”

“Wait.” Vala hummed and smiled. “The
More time passes…The stronger the
Words will become. For the Wheels
Of Earth have been still for too
Long…There is much spinning for them
To do…They must catch up after all.”

“And you are sure your words
Will do this?” Varence asked.

Vala smiled. “Remember who you are
Talking to.”

“Should you now mention my sister Vala’s
Reputation?” Ceres smiled to add. “As the

“Only of Dark Things.” Vala corrected.

“There are many that believe that
Magic does not exist at all.” Varence added.

Vala turned to face him fast. “What is magic?
To them,” she said pointing to the notebook,
“For their ears, eyes and minds…magic
Is but a term…They do not fully appreciate
These things yet…Once they did, in different
Terms, beliefs…faiths…The concept of
Magic translates in many ways and
Minds on different worlds…Magic is
A science of the mind…The way it works
Is but for only Masters to know. Some
Are born with it, some not…Even
The cold logic of science has its definition
For it…Powers of the mind…The psychic.”

“And how many grace themselves with this
Titled gift?” Varence asked…as a lawyer
Might, for the assembly’s address…

“Many claim it true,” Vala hummed, “But
Few demonstrate it.” She smiled and
Again her flashing fixated eyes to the
Notebook. “For you, your world…The
Eyes and minds that read this…I
Believe so many quest for this rare…gift?
Something that will unlock the secret
Door of their inner mind to bless them
With such fantastic gifts?”

Silence…Were they waiting for me to answer?
“Yes…Many look for this.”

She stared into my eyes…though I kept
Writing, how she did this, I cannot say.

“For twenty years,” Vala went on, “Since
The first gathering of the 144 to the
Orientation of the Great Hall…All that
You bore witness to, became experience
For us to see…We know how many
Quest…and how so few truly achieve it.”

“Prophecy and supernatural sciences
Are a taboo in their culture.” Varence
Attested. “This is their society’s way
Of maintaining control…crippling the
Strength of Free will with paranoia and
Self doubt…so that such independent
Powers bare little fruit.”

“The only way to achieve inner power is
To conquer the programming of the slave
Mind.” Vala said. “If these people want
To understand how to achieve their inner
Power…lesson number one…They must
Break the programming of the slave mind.
No gifts will grow to those glued to
False devices…such as artificial intelligence.
Intuition will always be maimed this way.
I believe you call them computers?”

A further pause. I was being asked.
“Yes,” I said, “That is what they call them.”

“So tell me,” Vala asked, “From all you know,
Were taught…The greatest Masters of
Psychic Powers throughout history…Did
They use computers?”

“I have to say, no…To my knowledge…
None did.”

Varence leaned towards me. “That is why I
Have always told you stay off the computer
As much as possible.”

“It is a good start.” Vala agreed. “But
No blessed guarantee. At least the minds are

“So what then are you proposing?” Varence
Asked her as he crossed his arms over
His chest and held one hand up to hold his
Chin. “That you open these rare doors
Of their minds to invoke the next steps
To the future?”

“It is part of the planned equation.” Vala
Went on… “But then you know how this
Part works…For some it is too late…For those,
Their minds will fry…gripped by delusions
To misguide them…or rather, to guide them
Out of the way so that those on the proper
Path can open up their eyes and see.”

“Let’s try this,” Vala hummed, smiling…
“The lines and light, as we have studied,
As they and many more will study…
Have the power to unlock the hidden
Powers of the mind…True?” She asked
Them all before continuing… “But first
The lines must be activated…” She
“How are they activated…It’s simple…
By True Hearts…Not want of Desire, by
Simple True Hearts, the essence of
Power of the most sincerest Feelings…
You can unlock any door if you only
Have the right key…True Love, the love
Of a soul mate, two soul mates coming together
Always awaken the MOST potent of Magical
Powers…Which also attracts the Dark
Forces to try and stop it…But remain
True of Heart…And the Heart wins…
Fall to self pity and doubt, to shaken
Reasoning of the self proclaimed martyr
Of suffering…and they lose every time…

“You must never whine to unlock a power
Door, for that will only invoke trickery…
Ask a thousand questions…and you
Will get a thousand different…complicating
Answers…True intuition is very simple…
Know it, feel it, breathe it, see it…
Don’t hesitate. If they do not understand
This…They never will…

“The Darkness infests many of this world,
And so many grandly embrace it, even
Without knowing. You’ll know this by
The simple sign…If they do not feel
It immediately…They will not keep
Coming back. But if they speak the truth,
Others will sense it, and return again
And again.

“I am offering a valuable free lesson here…
For those paying attention we’ve offered
So many clues already,
First and foremost…always remember
This…Mind, body, spirit…
There must be a balance…gluttony
Is the greatest deceiver here…
Prophets faired to fast…
Magical warriors forged strong bodies…
Healers always nursed gardens
And the animals…If you want to
Heal your body…Always work to
Heal others too, including animals…
This is how the best healing comes,
Outside of a regeneration chamber of
Harmonic sound and light…
But helping others always aids
In helping others…And always do
This kindly, soft words work wonders.
For wisdom and advice to the future…
I have never known a healer
Or anyone with gifts…that didn’t
Have a garden or have a generous
Collection of pets…

“This of course reveals the obvious…
Those with dark souls or tendencies
Toward the Dark Arts, always shun
Gardening and keep very few if any
Pets…They surround themselves with
Icons and talismans, fancying their
Egos to entreat power…

“Betrayed and unveiled how are you
Dark Ones…The masks come off…
Quiver, quake, shutter, shake, deny it,
Lie about it…The truth is out…
Hide in sleep your so-called troubles
Away, then stay there…for if you dare
Open mouth with words to argue…only
More troubles will find you there…But
Rest anyway knowing…you had your
Chance…You chose your part to play…
But if nature is talking to you…
If animals are finding their way
Into your hearts and souls and
Minds, if the plants and trees are
Talking to you…Embrace it,
Embrace them. THAT is your chance
To find your path…Allow them to
Teach you what you need to know…
THAT is how to aid in connecting
To your inner power…

“Remember basic truths never lie…
So avoid the trouble by avoiding
The complainers…The loudest ones
Always suffer the same fate…
They die.”

“Somehow I wonder if any of this will
Fall on wise ears.” Varence chimed in
Smiling…that sly mile of his!

“What would you otherwise have me
Say?” Vala laughed herself. “Call out
For some token to bestow magical gifts…
To grant them power, undeserved,
Un-earned? Nothing comes freely,
And you cannot grant something
That isn’t there…” She turned to
Me, some riddle to her manner… “It
Was either there all along, and then
Awakened…or never there at all. FACT.”

“You obviously had good reason in having
A voice here to address the assembly.”
Varence replied nobly. But somehow I
Wonder…The purpose you have here…have
You said all there was to say?”

Vala smiled. “Of course not.” She hummed
Again. “The mysteries of the present are
Limitless…But you, they, all must understand…
Mysteries remain in secret…because they
Are not always meant to be answered by

“So now I offer this…
In the Dark Hours such as these…
There are times of tests…not by one, but all…
To test character first by virtue…
Who will make the right choice or
Selfish one…FIRST…
A selfless act wins the prize over a
Selfish one…To try and obtain power
By buying it or stealing it…Fails the
Test…But that is common knowledge…

“Sacred arts, True Magic…must always
Be given as a gift freely…That is power.

“Second, there is no quick course to wisdom.
That takes years, no scholar is born or
Taught in a handful of moons…That takes

“This world is full of those chasing dreams,
Both sincere and false…Which is why the
Spheres offer immediate solutions…Impatience
Always wants the fastest answer because they
Feel they have earned it…Scowls will abound
At these words…
They do not want help or advice or change,
They want immediate solutions to problems
They partake in…and they want
Praise for it…Save, save, save me…
Take the problems away…so that they
Can what, then celebrate…with further
Reckless habits to have the same problems
Build again…

“Which is why the Fate is sealed…The
Current system is destined to collapse…
There is no other way.
As said before…That is how the higher
Powers understand life…to rise and fall
And rise again…until finally it is done right.

“The mental sciences of the mind offer
Only a magical assist as we do here…

“Again, they will scowl and think this and
That…nonsense? Words have power…in the
Right fashion, the right commencement
And address…In the riddles, songs answer
Riddles…seek them out.”

“You are condemning their future then?”
Varence asked. “After all we have
Said…with respect to Damara’s suggestions…
They have rights.”

“Of course they do.” Vala agreed. “But
There is no Freedom here. The Darkness
Hides among them, and in plain sight.

“Fine then, should I offer fairer
Chance for them to find a way? Then
I grant them this…one simple spell
To aid their way…Courage of the Heart.
It’s that simple.

“Stop being afraid of what others
Think, be they parent, friend, foe or
Stranger…They cannot see the
Secrets or strengths of the heart, for
If they could…no one would ever
Argue…Courage of the Heart is precious
And rare…Crystals offer aid when it’s
There…Otherwise may they all fall and
Tumble. How’s that?”

“So it is that simple?” Varence asked
Nearly laughing. “You are suggesting
They follow the courage of their heart
To change things? That is the end?”

“As we have all already agreed,” Vala
Answered. “The chosen were already
Chosen…Their gifts are there, they need
Only to awake to command them.

“The only true chore or job to be done
Here now is challenge the Darkness
Itself; that is the true slave master
Here, the Beast that beckons all, that
Chains life to a course it suffers and

“The only true job to be done is to
Cast the Evil out…or trap it.”
Vala turned with a flash to her eyes,
An arched brow and sly smile.
“Blind and Break the Evil Eye
Wherever it slides and coils…Blind
The Predator, the Stalking Beast that
Hunts the Innocence…
Twitch, Twirl, Spin and Tumble
Find no steady balance, instead
Trip and fall like clumsy fools…
To never find footing…Blind the Dark
Kind’s eyes with light, steal their
Voices and let them find deaf ears
To fall on…So that no one falls for
Their tricks…
Bind the Dark to enchanted
Bottles, eyes burnt and boldly blinded
By the dancing lines and light…
And put the Jinn back in their bottles.
I know where evil lies…and disguises.
Forces of Earth, Air, Wind and Fire
Chase it away…May the elements
Reign in power over Darkness, Nature
To conquer it…to be Free…

“For where the land is cruel and
Poisoned…Nature will wage its wars…
Until the Darkness is cast out…For
A thousand years at least, so that
Troubled souls can then find peace.
These are the signs and prophecies
Of this Dark Hour…

“Swirling Storms over Dark lands
To cast out the Beast…

“Shake the harshest lands that serve
Evil…until the living flee there so
That nature can reclaim it…

“And for the Souls of Earth?
The living that Fight the Sword
Of Truth…Evil lurks in the
Untamed crowd, find safer peace
In nature…These battles will only
Worsen until they consume them
Body and soul…Those of good sense will
Know where to be…

“But over all, By and By, Nature will
Reign in power now…and grow and
Grow until it quiets the rage in the land.
The winds will bring icy ages to
Put out the heated tempers…
And surprisingly the animals will
Rise in places they never did before
To teach the future its lessons…

“Until the Great Fireball comes that
Will by forsaken end finally cleanse
The last bit of torment out…

“The chosen will survive this by
These words past instruction…The
Mortal instruments…write it down,
The hands simple work are the best

“The challenges will never end for
As long as spirits remain restless
And do not commit to contentment…
Reprise boredom for peace and
Appreciate it. Simple life lessons, that’s
Where it has always been.”

Varence turned about the circle, to
The platforms…where Brishan sat.
“You all have voted then already? You
Made it that simple?”

Brishan lowered his brows… “What did
You expect? Rewards for confusion?
As if right and wrong are not known
To them?”

BR’Riel then spoke out loud, his
Voice carrying like thunder throughout
The whole arena… “Nature has
Suffered most, and so shall be awarded
The power as judge.”

“And for those guided here for comfort?”
Varence asked.

“The innocent and wise have nothing
To fear.” Brishan answered. “If they
Have paid attention, listened and
Learned…They will know what to do.
They will…absolutely find their answers
And their peace.” He laughed. “You
Did not expect a ship to come to
Save those random voices did you?”

The aquatic ambassador spoke, his
Reverberating inaudible whistling-
Chirping speech was deafening.

Ceres leaned to me for the translation.
“He is saying, those that have been
Watched and protected will continue
To be of course.”

Brishan rose his hand to command
Attention. “We have agreed on one
Thing…If, and only if they do
Impress us with their will to change…
We will make a surprise appearance
Of delegates…In the mean time…the
Mission converts to the job of miracles…
Let us see what our candidates are
Capable of, how and if they can transform
The world…or else…an Ice Age will
Consume the planet after a series of…
Natural disasters…Then the future we
Have been shown can take seed, shape
And begin to grow.”

“So what is to become of the
Former Watchers then? Ceres and I?”
Varence asked.

“You will continue serving as guide and
Counsel…appropriately.” Brishan ordered.
“Until the time comes…for you to bring
The chosen to us.”

“To you?” Varence asked.

“Yes.” Brishan answered. “You do remember
Of course, the visit the Ancient Tribe of
The Danu made with the tribes of
Earth’s past? The treaties made…at
The stone circle? And the region of
The caves in that arid place?”

“The Treaty?” Varence paused as he
Tried to recall those details.

“The gathering of the rainbow tribe.”
Brishan said, almost sighing. “When,
Traditionally…they do finally gather
The correct individuals…They will
Then by given the details of the
Ancestral Home, the coordinates…And
They can call to those that came
Thousands of years ago to return
For assistance…counsel, and so forth.”

“Contact with their star brothers
And sisters.” Varence said to his words.

“Yes,” Brishan said plainly. “I believe
That’s what these people call it…First
Contact. The correct assembly of
A rainbow tribe can summon contact
With their star brothers and sisters…
But only at certain times, and certain
Places of course.”

“Certain times?” Varence questioned.

“Yes,” Brishan explained, growing tired
Of doing so. “When the stars align, as
They did before…In the late season
Of what they call autumn…When the
Stars align with the vortexes…
It’s the only way for their—the powers
Of the correct rainbow tribe—to reach
Through the alignment to the stars…
During the Leonids.”

“The Leonids?” Varence asked, looking at me.

“Yes, I believe that’s what they call them.
Every year…when they occur, that is
The traditional time.”

“And these locations would be?” Varence

Brishan grew impatient. “If you do not
Know that by now…you never will. You
Know how I feel about too many questions.”
He pointed with a nod to me. “Ask him,
He knows.”

“I do?” I asked, confused.

Varence smiled. “Ah, of course.”

“In the mean time our chief objective
Remains with that of neutralizing
Nibiru.” Brishan waved. “Now please,
If you would conclude your address
So that we may vote on other matters.”

Varence only smiled mysteriously. “I
Believe enough has been said…And I
See I have more work to do…And
Some interesting things to think about.”

Ceres tapped me on the shoulder. “You
Can stop writing…For now.”

My artwork: Witchcraft

Valiant: The Thunders… The Watchers… Classified Files

image*SONG* “Carry On Dancing” by Savage Garden

The Circle of Light…

Ceres was there immediately in the chair
Beside me, ready and waiting; this was new.

She spoke softly, was calm and composed.
“Listen carefully. Write everything you hear
And see, do not stray from course.
Be objective, temper opinions…but write what
You must, this is important. If you have any
Questions just ask me…I will offer all that
I can…but for now…just write it down.”

There was a hum, a heaviness to the air…
Then the light expanded to encompass a
Broad floor and a tier of raised platform-like
Desks, much like that of a court room where
A judge might sit. Only this light was
Shed on a portion which was directly in
Front of me.

Varence stood in the center of the floor
Between me and the platforms, in his
Clean white shirt…a sophisticated, proud,
Determined look on his face…He smiled at me.

Highlighted on the platforms ahead was a
Crowd, but I could only see three figures
One, front and center, was the tall blond
Brishan in his pale blue uniform. The eldest
Brother of the sisters. He was obviously the
Chief, judge, speaker to be addressed?

To the left was the great black Lion Man
BR’Riel I have mentioned before. He looked
Enormous compared to all, but somehow
Sat beside Brishan comfortably. Another judge?

To the right…Hard to write and see, to think.
A humanoid figure. Large head, fairly
Bald with a simple ring of what looked like
Hair around the top; like a friar. Eyes
Were large, more to the side of the head,
Blue-ish. Hard to think. Their presence,
Stare was intense!

Ceres leaned towards me. “Listen. That
One, stop there. Do not go into much
Detail, try to avoid direct eye contact. You
Cannot handle their mind. Just write.
They are a noble race. They are here
As moderators, reviewing non-human life

“I have seen them before,” I told her, “on the
Ship, the big one, a few years ago…When
That Asian woman warned us of the
Pulse and following days. They tried to
Scan my mind for the light, to see the
Angel. It hurts so bad to look at them.
When they speak…it’s like this awful,
Intense buzzing, screeching sound that
Grows stronger and stronger the more I
See them. The way they communicate,
It’s not with words, I can’t explain it…
I understand but not in words…They
Make my ears bleed.”

“They are an aquatic race,” Ceres said,
“Do not bother with a name, just call
Them the Aquatics. The atmosphere of
Their planet is very dense with moisture,
A water world if you will. They communicate
With something more akin to sonar-like
Telepathy. Highly intelligent, multilevel
Psychic abilities that can transcend dimensions.
They can hear marine life from across
Space, as well as all animal life and human
Life forms…as well as those in other dimensions.
Do not stare at them. Do NOT draw them
Or they will be linked to your mind and it
Could rupture your ear drums and temporal
Lobes. They can cause a great deal of
Physical damage, but they do NOT mean to.
They are a very kind race, very gracious…
You’ve said enough…Brishan, BR’Riel…
The Aquatic ambassador…That’s enough.”

Varence, aware of all said and written,
Watched me close. He became very serious.
“And now it is time for the address.

“For the sake of our friend here, the eyes
And ears of the readers…I will speak in
Simple reference to their understanding
Of time…
For the sake of the assembly here, I will
Begin this as an address to all.

“We speak in this language they can
Understand as processed by our subject
Here and his vocabulary…but it will be
Translated appropriately for whom it may

“It is irrelevant how they decide to interpret
This on Earth…Fact, fake, fiction, imagination?
If anything it is to our advantage to
Leave it entirely up to the reader…a mystery.
If it seems confusing, then our point is
Made immediately and they can simply
Stop reading right now. Intrigued? Then
Onward we go…

“Eons ago a massive project was undertaken
In the hopes of righting a terrible wrong…
A project that involved the deliverance of
Freedom to the universe from a Dark Empire…
But at the same time proved to be fantastically
Ground breaking understanding of life…Of
Ours and all existence and a profound
Glimpse into the higher powers and forces that
Are…creation…The, our, creator…Heaven.
This project, and its agents, became known
As the Watchers.

“We have watched worlds in the hopes of
Firmly grabbing at the chance to change
Things…improve things.
Our advantage is that we have been
Graced to exist outside of time…Details
Classified…This endows us with a far
More immeasurable appreciation of time…”

A brief pause.

“Approximately 4 months ago…that project
Was decidedly ended…voted upon and by
The assembly here…as the fate of all worlds
Was seemingly building to climax.

“The Paradigm of Nine Worlds was our
Prospect of the greatest potential…and thus
So it remains.
144 subjects were selected from 9
Slave worlds based upon their interest to
The Empire.

“My position was that of Earth…The
Seventh Circle…Some will see the relevance
Here. For others, again, stop reading.

“144 subjects of Earth were selected…born
Between 1930 and 1980…of those, 139 have
Been…lost. 5 remain…As foreseen by the
Star Elder and Seer for counsel. This
Has been a grievous loss, but necessary…in
Order to save countless others.

“We are now forced to conclude this undertaking…
By the 5 that remain, their purpose, mission
And future here…We now hold this hearing.”

Varence gestured to me. “This, is our
Messenger…our contact…or rather 1 of 5…
In order to move ahead, I have requested
To release some of our classified files…
Shortly one of the sisters of the Royal
House will be joining me…Damara…
To attest to the current welfare of the
Planet, it’s human, animal and plant life…

“I will be reviewing select data to expose
Some of our observations…Why?
Because it’s time to change the rules…
The rest will soon become clear.”

“Presently and within recent months we have
Been sharing stories with our contact in
Order to awaken and inspire any and all
Who would listen…
Some oppose and ridicule this of course…
As expected…resistance always follows
Any voice with a message…
However wisdom always has a respectful ear.
And now…for my presentation to you
Chancellor of the Assembly…

“On the matters of questions regarding
Earth…as a prospect or threat…
I am merely testifying that it is and has
So far been a slave world…manipulated…
Still changing…growing…that hope does

“That sterilization should not be considered…
But instead allow the Earth…to resume its
Natural course of change…without time
So instead we may focus on the original
And most obvious goal…to neutralize the Empire.

“The Earth is a Micro Aspect of Space…One
Planet among thousands in our universe.

“They, for the most part still question the
Existence of life on other planets…
Considering themselves, by manipulated educational
Data, to be the sole source of life in space…”

Groans…chuckles…and odd inaudible
Sounds from a hidden audience resounded.

The Aquatic humanoid made some…buzzing,
Whistling vocalization to attest to this…Then

Ceres leaned to me. “He is supporting Varence’s
Words,” she whispered, referring to the Aquatic
Humanoid, “He said the voices of the sea,
Earth’s oceans have long sang to the stars of
Slow, selfish of mind land dwellers that
Roam the world with little respect to any
Intelligence other than their own.”

Varence turned to face Brishan. “We all
Know where this region of space lies…The
Territorial claims of the Empire are vast. The
Sirian-Draconian alliance grabs at any
Star system with resource potential.”

“Physical and non-physical.” Brishan agreed
With a powerful deep voice; his tone was like
Thunder, wow.

“Yes,” Varence went on, “They have
Alliances with inter-dimensional races as
Well…Of course…

“For now, however, are aiming to point out
The state of affairs of the physical Earth
In its 3rd dimensional state…

“Now I have presented our recorded
Knowledge of the foundation of Earth
To our contact…
Slave ships of the human race taken
By the Empire crossed paths upon a
Virgin garden world of Earth and…by
Initial clashing of single sexed vessels…
Adam and Eve ships…were forced to
Co-exist, and thus colonize Earth with a
Temporarily freed human race…as well as
With the last remaining Lion Men…

“They built a world…new life…seeded with
Both new and traditional plant and
Animal species…Following the extinction of
The Empire’s classic, colossal reptilian
Fossil fuel making life forms…

“They built cities, admirable, though not
Extraordinary…such as Atlantis, Attan…
Lemuria, Mu, Arcadia, etc, etc…
Then built monumental transmission
Structures on Earth and the planet Mars
As well…to reach out, call out to the stars
For their long lost human ancestors to find

“This attracted the Empire’s attention…They
Sent their great star of death, Nibiru…
A war briefly broke out…The planet
Fell into chaos…

“But the inhabitants of Early Earth had
Forged something Miraculous, by the hands of
Their own Spiritual Ancient Masters…
13 Crystal Skulls, to mirror the forces of
Nature, time and creation…

“This presented unprecedented complications…
Unknown of course to the Empire, as these
Crystal Skulls were programmed to protect
And preserve the planet, as well as its
Inhabitants.” Varence smiled at me.

I was intrigued, looked to Ceres, but she
Only nodded for me to continue writing.

“What occurred?” Varence went on. “Yes, the
Empire conquered the planet…but…some
Of the inhabitants managed to flee into space…
Where they eventually settled upon a world
On the Edges of a region of stars known as
The Pleiades…This knowledge was secretly kept.

“The Crystal Skulls hurled the Earth into an Ice
Age after a massive series of devastating events
That literally cleansed the surface of the

“Some survivors fled into a secret existence in
The Hollows of the planet…While the surface
Survivors were albeit eradicated to one sole
Family group…They were experimented on…
Genetically spliced with various DNA samples
Of other conquered races…And programmed
With the intense desire to breed and fill the
Planet with a new species of metahuman.

“The new metahuman was designed to be
Intensely emotional, intensely aggressive…
Intensely hormonal…There was nothing modest
About this new creation at all.”

It was clear Ceres fought to hold some personal
Comment silent…She said nothing though.

“New plant and animal species arose and
Spread as well…from an ark carrying these
Survivors…It was a joke at first.” Varence explained.
“Amidst an array of rich ecosystems…
The Empire wanted to see how far they could
Push this new metahuman to develop…
In the far-fetched hopes of creating a
New being that could one day transcend
Dimensions and spread their tyranny
To the higher dimensions…” His manner
Became cold. He lowered his eyes at me.
“It was arrogant and destined to fail.
It always has been and will be
Impossible to invade Heaven.”

This was all processed by the skulls of
Course…Forged by their masters, it was
Imprinted upon them to then use any and
All strategies of the Empire to shape
Its own defeat…To encourage bloodlines…
The development of family lines to use
As future weapons against these ruthless
Soul-less invaders. And it’s worked too.”

A brief pause. Varence strolled about
The floor with hands crossed behind his

“Now,” he said with a playful tone. “Let
Me present this concept to the assembly…

“Build a race of metahumans…Control them
Through bullying…and various intimidating
Organized religions…then what do you have?
A mess. Land masses full of segregated
Groups, clans, races, families…powers…
Countries…All seeking to survive and at
The same time best one another…This
Leads to conflict, which leads to war…
Which leads to an endless quest for
Power to dominate.

“Populations clash, cross and grow…
Building a world laden with a complex
History…But still constantly manipulated
Through bullying and organized religion.

“Morality and virtue become taxed
Beyond reason…In a primal state, it’s
Barbarism…The sheer simplicity of
Human nature becomes lost. To witness
This is…maddening. As a Watcher it is

“Then lo and behold…vexed by troubled
Eyes and mind what appears? A princess
Comes to Earth…As a noble fellow
Watcher…And in an instant everything
Changes. By miracle of nature, this
Legendary princess brings with her beauty
And magic, the spirit of a voice to
Change things…with two simple little
Bear cubs…Unlike ever before in all of
History, her influence is so strong she
Influences the sheer limitless force of
Nature…with a Mother’s love…

“You all know the story…of the day
Ceres came to Earth…
She dared to change things…She did not
Hesitate…She knew what was right and
Wrong, no one told her…and she knew what
Rules to break to do this.”

The Great BR’Riel grinned at this as he sat there
Watching her, his prized pupil…and then to me?

Then I noticed Brishan was watching me. He
Smiled at me. I turned to Ceres. “What is
Going on?”

“Just listen, watch…write.” She whispered…
Suddenly I felt like a Watcher.

“Move along, Apollo.” Brishan said
Strongly. “The present…”

Varence nodded. It felt as though this
Was a court somehow… “Ah yes…the present.
But that is my point…Yes, many will
Listen, watch, read, whatever…What is
The point here?

“For ages a new world grows, new civilization,
Through a menagerie of Empires, each
Echoing the great Dark Parent that
Tortures Space…

“An intervention comes from star visitors…
Pilgrims passing by visit the Earth and
Impart a…starseed gift…to change things…

“Time marches on…As a new metahuman
Evolves…Again, for ages, thousands of years
Life is an epic struggle on Earth…
Technology is limited by bullying, slavery,
And the simple science of the Wheel.

“The Wheel…pushed, pulled by carriage
And beasts of burden…For thousands
Of years life passes this way…Until but
Only about 150 years ago…suddenly,
Technology explodes with machines. And
With technology, so does greed and
Power grow…

“The battle for Dominance becomes more
Wicked…Again, echoing the Dark Parent
Empire…Move ahead to what the Earth
Calls the Twentieth Century…and the
Wars become horrific!

“Science becomes the key measure for power…
So what happens? What happens
So suddenly as this technology
Transforms the world?

“The concept of life on other planets
Becomes more than myth and stories told
By old empires…Because as the Earthlings
Face more gruesome wars suddenly
There are these…accidents.

“In the Southwest of North America
A space vessel accidentally crashes…
Engrossing the local government and
Scientists with the feverish thirst to
Understand and dissect it…mimic it…

“While at the same time around the world
Other strange space visitors begin to
Appear…abduct subjects…There are
More crash accidents…more encounters…
Until all the world powers are
Independently questing to best each other
By imprisoning this extra-terrestrial power,
Their knowledge…their science…to
Improve their own…”

Varence throws back his head laughing.
“Accidents. The world powers form secret
Science groups to investigate and master
These…accidents…While at the same time
Denying they happened, or that the
Science exists at all.

“Oh the web they weave within this…Each
Power, each country marvelously making
Each their own unique…discovery?

“Why there is even a mysterious visitor to
A world power…A stranger at the Pentagon
To urge guidance…warn of dangers…
To advise…”

Varence shook his head. “Accidents. Now,
For the assembly…for the eyes and ears
Of those to find this address on paper in
Their minds…let me just ask…

“Advanced races…from the Stars…visit a
Primitive planet. Accidentally crash? And
The survivors are taken, imprisoned, their
Sciences studied, copied…And you honestly
Believe an advanced race would allow this?
For their people and far superior science
To be played with by a world of a
More primitive existence?
That they would secretly forge deals
Separately with world powers…That
Would play against one another?
They are fools of Earth if they believe
Any of these things were accidents…

Plotted…yes…Planned to every detail,
To which World Power to appear and
When…yes. Abductions to involve fear…yes.

“Let me put it plainly. If space visitors
Of any respectable intent were to
Appear…and such accidents did occur
They would not ever agree or consent
To secretive deals.

“Those of Higher Esteem from other worlds
Would never make contracts that would
Harm innocents…FACT.

“The Watchers’ subjects and their mission
Never intended to loose lives. Those were
Taken. We were merely studying those
That were already being experimented on.

The Alien Agenda, as they refer to it
On Earth is such a vast complicated
Scenario that it is ridiculous.

“Governments involved with extraterrestrials?
Preposterous. Why? First of all…These
Alleged space visitors that accidentally
Crashed were already around long before
The present civilization.

“Aliens do not exist…because they have
Been around a lot longer than modern
Earth humans. FACT.
They were the creators of the Mythic
Fall described in Earthly religions…
That consumed the ancient world and
Transformed it to what it is today.

“Lies. Lies. Lies and more lies…All told to
Protect the greatest secret of all…That
Earth was not the first, nor the last…
That the governments have no control in
These matters…They are but pawns played
On a stage…

“Why not one of the world powers nor
Its secretive elusive groups that deal
In alleged alien sciences have any
Clue in what they are dealing with.

“Some suspect this, true, that there is a
Far greater scheme at work…but so
Far none have made the alliances to
Find better…

“So again I speak plainly for the
Great thinkers…Every race so far
Encountered, every race they have struck
Deals with are all pawns of the Empire.

From the Watchers files…
My observation…
Shoot a monitoring ship down, have it
Crash…introduce the alien element to
The local population…watch and let
Them fumble around with it like children
With a toy…Will they get scared? Will
They be kind? Or will they plot
Selfish gains?

“If you question my words or what
I remotely suggest…Then ask yourselves
These questions…

“How far has science come on Earth
In the last 150 years?
Has life become better with it?

“Weapons of War…Atomic power…
Lifestyle with technology…Are people
Any healthier now than they were
150 years ago? Are you so sure?

“And to those secretly working with
Your alleged alien contacts…Their
Technology is magnificently superior…
Do you honestly believe they cannot
Save the planet?
Ships that come from the depths
Of space…cannot save a planet?
They make deals that ultimately
Corrupt and further segregate World
Powers? They would offer tidbits
Of knowledge and watch a world
Of elitists thrive and remote
World countries plunder with
Suffering and die? What respectable
Space traveler would interfere like
That with those wide-scale

“You either watch and don’t interfere
At all…or you fully involve yourself
The best way you can…with absolutely
The LEAST amount of suffering
Involved…like say 144 subjects
Instead of millions.

“The Good Forces work together this
Way. They do not inflict pain or fear.
If they visit, they visit kindly. If they
Take, they give back with beneficial

“What is my point? The alleged
Extra-terrestrial forces working secretly
With world powers are not to your
Benefit. They never have been. They
Were not by accident. They did
Not occur suddenly. They did not
Allow their people to be taken,
Enslaved, held prisoner. It was
Well planned. And they fell for it
Like a child for a new toy.

“Are there Good Allied Forces in
The Universe? Yes, of course.
But they are not, nor have they
Ever…worked with your self-glorifying
World powers.”

Varence stepped carefully closer to
The notebook…to me… “Now before I
Pass this address of the assembly
To Damara…let me state this quite
Clearly…see it however you wish.

“Both the Good and Dark Allied Forces
Are aware of Divine Intervention…
They seek it out for very different
Reasons…But one thing is clear, one
Thing is very true…both respect it
And are afraid of it…Because it
Does not come lightly or without
Warranted cause…It takes something
Truly Powerful or Tragic to gain
The attention of the Higher Powers.
So remember that…” He pointed to
Me… “My friend, listen…if it,
Something bothers you…tell them
To back off because believe me a lot
Of people are listening…Not just
Earth. That’s why the Ascended Master
Gave the instruction…Take your
Time. Ignore anyone who says it
Can’t be done…And if they cross a
Line…Tell them…” He nodded to Ceres.

She turned to me. “Believe me, they
Will regret it. And there will be no
Second chances.”

“We,” Varence gestured around to the
Assembly, “are making something
Happen here…Like it or not.”

He turned and walked very casually
Closer to Brishan… “And now,
I would like to turn the address
To Damara…who will speak on
Behalf of the Welfare and Health
Of the current state of the Planet

Damara emerged into the circle of light
Very elegantly, her long wavy golden hair,
Flowing purple dress…she was a vision…
But did appear a bit distressed. “I have
No idea where…to begin?”

Varence laughed. “Why not with the
Notion that many still even question on
Earth whether or not life in the Universe
Exists out in the countless number
Of stars…” He gestured ridiculously. “Countless
Number of stars…other intelligent life? Why
Only on Earth of course.”

Brishan scowled. “Seriousness please.” He
Nodded to his more gracious sister. “Damara…”

She took a long deep breath. It was
Clear her tone would be different than
Varence…though what she would say…
You could sense would be shocking.
“May I have a 3 dimensional
Model of the planet for the assembly
To view?”

Immediately a large glowing orb of light
Appeared then transformed into a
Recreation of Earth; it was about 4 feet
Off the ground and 8 feet high.

Damara kindly pointed. “This is the
Planet of discussion, Earth. As you can
See it appears much like any other
Habitable planet…Oceans, continents,
Cloud formations…”

She walked slowly around the model,
Her eyes moving from its image to the
Assembly beyond view of the light. “I
Will take some wordy course to reference
Issues here…I would prefer to be direct.

“This planet is in chaos…

“All life, in order to exist in healthy manner
Must positively balance all aspects of
The essentials of life…Time, Light, Sound…
All are insanely out of balance on
Many levels…

“The atmosphere is deteriorating as a
Result of pollution and instability
In the planet’s core…The natives have
Been manipulating geological instability
With harsh sonic technology…which is
Causing more harm then good. It’s
Delaying the inevitable at best.”

“And that is?” Brishan asked.

“The planet is attempting to reset itself,”
Damara answered, “Due to all the toxic
Elements and poisonous influences that
Are harming it…A shift of the poles
To encourage re-alignment…Thus cleansing
The surface of toxins…

“All planets that sustain life have an
Essence this way…A life force, one that
Becomes a vessel to carry and produce
Life…Various crystalline elements act
As nerve and intelligence pathways…with
Metals acting as conductors of
Energy to nourish this…much like
Blood in a more fleshly body…All of these
Are suffering intense damage, from years
Of abuse. As well as from the draining
Of resources excessively for various misuse.

“This has gone on for some time, but more
Rapidly and intensely in the last 150 of
Their years…Which is why it is in a state
Of collapse…The cascade effect is absurd.

“But more directly, we are here to address
The life forms, the inhabitants distress?
The humans of Earth.”

“First,” Brishan asked on behalf of all,
“We must ask the question…with
Consideration to the history…The experiments…
Are they human?”

Damara paused, looked among the space
Beyond the light… “With regards to their
History…and all genetic engineering
And manipulation involved? The metahuman
Project? I would have to say…yes,
They are human.”

There was a rumbling of inaudible
Comments from the invisible crowd beyond
The lit circle.

Brishan looked at his sister seriously.
“We must be absolutely certain of
This conclusion before proceeding, you
Do understand?”

Damara looked kindly at me. “Yes, I
Understand. And yes…they are human.
A new breed of human, but still…
They are human…not some monstrous
Creation for diabolic purpose…They merely
Suffer from the slave mind existence. Properly
Re-directed…that could easily be changed
And they would then become much like
Any other human race…Freedom does
Grace itself with gifts we know. So
The assembly must be clear…These are
Human beings on Earth.

“And they deserve the rights and liberties
Of ANY life form, regardless if they were
Anything less than human. I would like
That to be stated clearly.

“I am aware of the history…How their
Ancients cried out to the stars for their
Lost ancestors to come…only to have the
Empire swarm upon them and render
Them enslaved, humiliated degenerates…

“If the Empire had never come, if there
Had been no cataclysm, no Fall…
Whether or not they are human would
Never have come into question.

“I was asked to study the problems here…
So bluntly I state them…

“They are corrupted by power…
Materialism…They are obsessive, needy,
Afraid…These are typical
Of an enslaved world, even some
Non-enslaved worlds…

“But they, at least there ARE some, that
Are passionate, selfless, loyal, spiritual
And highly creative…and their intelligence
Is adaptable…Those are all promising

“BY far the most disturbing and
Destructive qualities are their prejudices,
Sarcasm and need to attack or bully
One another. The need to dominate is
Present everywhere in the universe. The
Ego is without end, even free worlds
Suffer from that.

“There are some aspects which are disturbing,
But not unnatural, to their pitfalls…such as
Their lack of self control…particularly
In their diets and sexual indulgences…

“In our surveys we have found at least
15 percent of the population is openly
Homosexual…Furthermore, an additional
15 percent is severely in denial of their
Homosexual nature…thus creating
Havoc and various social and physical
Problems in their culture…from
Anything as simple as prejudice to
Outrageous acts of bullying, violence
And war.

“At least another 30 percent are very
Clearly bi-sexual…living extreme lives…
These are often the most promiscuous…
Their behavior is highly responsible for
Tyranny…Greed…Reckless indulgence,
Bearing fruit to disease, anarchy in
Social affairs…They literally want it all
And make offensive endless excuses to
Have what they want. This is primarily
Seen…very frequently in ruling type
Officials…And they are very secretive,
Even vicious about it.

“The remaining 40 percent fall under
The heterosexual lifestyle…which can
Literally manifest any destructive or
Beneficial quality…

“The reason why I break this topic is
Due to their culture’s obsession with
Sex…it’s everywhere…in every aspect
Of their daily life…and greatly if not
Completely influences their decision
Making. You cannot go anywhere
On this planet without encountering its
Trials, tests and tribulations…And if
You find this offensive…Do NOT go to Earth.

“Socially…the planet is a psychological
Mess…Due to traumas, prejudices, verbal
And physical abuse…Insecurities…I could
Go on and on…

“With regards to the state of health…
By far the plant and animal life
Suffers indiscriminately the greatest.
No question. These are viewed as sources
Of fuel, resources…or just plain sport.

“There is a belief that ruling powers
Have poisoned the population…That is NOT
The case…
Some of their more recent scientific
Experiments and more recent technologies
Have caused additional damage, true…
But by far, clearly by far…
The culprits of disease are more
Simple and sinister as well…

“First, you must consider their genetic
Disposition…It has been tampered with…
The recklessness, the indulgences…the
Lack of self control…all weaknesses
To their suffering…

“And you cannot deny, you absolutely
Must consider how they absorb their
Nutrients from where it comes…
Their farming practices have
Completely poisoned them…

“Plants and animals have been manipulated
And cultivated to such a degree they
Are not natural, but in fact beastly
Mutations with unimaginable…limitless
Consequences…And they absorb these
Nutrients, it only further antagonizes
Health issues…Obesity is outrageous…
Plants with excessive, even toxic levels
Of vitamin and mineral qualities…
Animals with mutated unstable DNA
Matrixes…Absorbed by an evolving
Metahuman race…
It is a radical, offensive formula
For health crisis…

“And then you include the obvious
Insane levels of sound discord, which
We all know destabilize any physical
Body’s essence, weakening it to disease…
Then what you have is one giant
Nightmare of endless health calamities…
Diseases and viruses thrive here…

“And then…there is the presence of
Extra-terrestrial diseases…no
Doubt introduced into the population
To study its effects…

“The metahumans, at least some, demonstrate
Marvelous healing abilities…but they
Are taxed to extremes!

“And this is all mirrored in the
Environment…It’s everywhere.”

A pause…Reflection…

The Aquatic delegate made some
Inaudible statement.

Ceres whispered to me the translation.
“He is asking then…the people cry
Out for help…What is there to do? How?”

I was amazed the vocalization/telepathic
Communication didn’t bother her.
“How can you or anyone tolerate that?”

“Time and experience,” she said, “You
Adjust. It even amplifies one’s own
Abilities over time…However some, like
Varence, must block it out or they will
Suffer ruptured ear drums or brain
Damage as I told you before.”

“The Question then comes to point here.”
Brishan said to Damara. “For all the
Debates held…what is at stake…can
The planet be fixed? Can it be healed?”

Damara studied the image of Earth.
“Can it be fixed? Yes. However…
They are extremely set in their ways…
From all observations…if the damages
Are repaired right now…within
100 Earth years…They will be back,
Or more likely even worse once
Again. Should we intervene…Who
Will listen becomes the question…”

Brishan thought for a moment…
“Apollo…you wish to say something?”

Varence stepped humbly up to Damara’s side.
“There are further issues to discuss
Here…We are only opening the
Surface here for discussion…to share
With our friend here…”

I avoided all eyes and just kept writing.

“Since the secrets of this world are
So limitless…and wide,” he answered,
“I would like to suggest Vala issue
Her own personal statement for the
Assembly…I am sure you will find
That SHE has some very interesting
Things to share…”

“Very well then.” Brishan nodded to me…
Sending his mind’s words… “Pause…
You need to rest…and we will conclude
This next time. Thank you for your time.”

my artwork: Wheel


Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 6AUG2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (6 August 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean, Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Thoughts Manifest

These days we meet many people via media sites that touch a part of our hearts,  our lives . We may not have connected in the physical but we have connected with a deeper understanding.  Some even at  soul level.  These are the ones of our past the friends that pop by for a reason, a season, a life time. All are valued all are loved.

No Love Lost in Translation.

images (5)

I have been reading a lot lately about thoughts that manifest within moments, days which once took months years.

Angel numbers repeating  which make one stop and take note of what is happening at that precise time and space. Time no longer stable,  it is racing as if it is running for some finishing line we cannot see. I am sure yesterday  was the last day of the school holidays yet here we are a week into the new school term what happened to the days in between.

Today i was out making sure i had everything photocopied ready to place into an envelope that holds an application for a job i applied for on Tuesday, as well as filling in forms and getting photocopy’s of  my daughter’s  proof of ID, address for the 2017 high school year.

It appears we live outside the zone for this school. I need to see if her father…

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Valiant: The Thunders…Letters from the Future…

*SONG* “Magic” by Olivia Newton John

He stood there holding a piece of paper
In his hand…a solemn look on his face…
Varence was hesitant to speak…he turned to
Ceres, who was never short for words…

“Well,” she said impatiently folding her arms
Across her chest, “Are you going to begin or

Varence studied my face…The strangest expression…

That piece of paper… “What is that?” I asked
Him as I waited to write down…whatever it
Was he had to say. At this point, I have no
Idea what I’m writing. Only later after it
Is typed and posted online do I get the
Chance to process the written words…

“This,” he nodded to the paper in his hands,
“Is a letter…addressed to you…from a
Girl…in the Future.”

I froze. “What? From who? From where?

Ceres simply smiled at him. “I told you…”

Varence smirked at her words, then focused
On me, the notebook. “Now, I am going to
Read this…and you write it for them to
Read, understand?”

“How did you get that?” I asked him, but
Before I could ask more he interrupted me.

“Just write down the words I read aloud…

Ceres laughed. “The mystery man of time…
Now, he says…please.”

“Just write it down…Please.” He repeated.

I nodded, asking questions was pointless.

He held the paper carefully and spoke VERY
Kindly as if to mimic the tone of the one
Who wrote it…
“Dear Valiant,
I have studied and read all of your messages
For years, many of me and my friends have.
I realize you will never get to read this, but
It is the only way I thought I could reach
You…just as you wrote down your messages
With pen on paper, that is what I am doing
Now. Somehow it feels right.

I am 25 years old, I live with my parents and
Two older brothers in…”
Varence omits the name, I can tell by the
Look in his eyes; typical…
“I think it is close to where you grew up…
To where you wrote down your messages.
Maybe that will give us a connection…
So that I can find you, or even talk to your
Friends from the stars that talked to you…”
Varence paused to look at Ceres, she did not
Seem amused…Then he continued.
“My friends and I talk about you a lot…
I realize that is probably not important, many
Do…Maybe this is only some silly girl’s dream,
Writing to her diary, Dear Valiant…but to me
It’s better than writing simply, Dear Diary,
Or some other name…
Sometimes I feel like I know you, or am
Supposed to…or did once. I don’t know.
There is so little about the past that survived
The old age…only bits and pieces here and
There from houses that survived the Earth
Changes, the asteroid or the pulse…
There are so many theories about the past,
It is a wonder the world ever recovered.
It must have been a hard time to live
With so much hatred and violence. Why
Were people so angry all the time?
We learned in school that people had
So many beliefs that they couldn’t get along.
Is that why?
This is the beginning of my diary, Valiant.
I should really introduce myself. I’m Ann,
My parents named me after the great, famous
Actress of your age, Annette Funicello.
People, my friends, tell me I look like her…
I don’t know. But my parents enjoyed
Her movies. You were so lucky to live
In a time with so much variety and music.
It is not like that now. People talk, dream,
Theorize. It’s very boring.
I have two cats, Jojo and Romeo…
I think they’re smarter. I believe what
You wrote about cat’s eyes…I know they
Can see things that people can’t.
Am I making any sense? I
Do ramble when I write.”
He put the paper down, which informed
Me he was done, at least with the piece of the letter.

Ceres met his eyes with frustration.
“And the point of that was?”

He gestured to the notebook. “For them to
Draw a few conclusions.”

“From what?” Ceres asked boldly. “The great
Thinkers of Earth? Really Varence, you
Should have simply tossed
Them a few balls.”

I laughed.
Varence folded the piece of paper and tucked
It away in his pocket. “I wanted them to
Hear it.”

Ceres eyed him heavily. “The manner of
Faith that you give…is far too generous.”

“But how did you get that?” I asked.
“What was the date? So little survived?”

Varence just stood there tall and
Mysteriously elusive; was he ever not?
“The point is NOT those details…but
That THEY survived, that no matter
What comes…They will survive.”

“How kind of you to state
It that way.” Ceres groaned. “May we

“Of course,” he said, constantly smiling
Now. “But I do have other letters that I

“Stole.” Ceres corrected. “Letters that you

He frowned, ignoring her words. “And now, you
Said you wanted to continue?”

“By all the graces,” Ceres rolled her eyes. “Finally.
Must you always complicate things so?”

“Ceres,” he seemed to whine; “You said this
Was your mission…I just thought I would
Add a…little interest of my own.”

She scowled at him. “Of course you would. Should
I be surprised any less?” She shook her head and
Focused on me. “Regardless…the point…is that
We need to finish this with a brief trip…
To the future…”

“3126…” I replied. “Last time you said 3126?
But how?”

“Of course that is but this part’s conclusion…
The next step, the conclusion of what
You are writing as the Thunders,” he said
Very seriously, “will be…a bit harder
Than anything so far on you.”

“What?” I asked…They had never mentioned
That before!

“Wonderful, Varence!” Ceres exclaimed. “Do
You wish to add anymore irritation?”

He only smiled…smiled with wide eyes. I
Could have spit.

She turned to me. “I need you, Bill, to focus.
Listen to me, my words carefully…to guide
You…This next part is far more simpler
Than you think…”


“Remember your dreams,” she said
Calmly, in a warm melodious tone, “Where
They’ve taken you…What you’ve seen…
What you’ve felt…Focus on your feelings.”


“Let it come…” She said, as a strange
Sensation took over my head… “Look at us
Now, we’re here with you…The three of us…
Now see us standing outside in your yard…
Don’t think, just see it…The house, the
Pine and oak trees…The daily chores you
Had…the routine…We’re with you, take us
With you…The chores…to the backyard…
The chicken house…”

“The chicken house?” I repeated.

Her eyes were low and serious…sparkling…
Focused…intense yet soothing, commanding…

“10 years ago…You saw it…felt it, lived it…
Take us there…”

“A typical night asleep…as usual you’re
Dreaming of your daily chores…very typical,
Very normal…and then it comes…The
Mind storm, that without warning swarms
Within you…The box opens…The light
Commands and calls what must be…”

I’m standing in the pen…for the animals…
The birds…The chickens, the turkeys, ducks,
Geese, the pigeons…
But Ceres is there, Varence is there…
That part is new…
The wooden pens, the houses, the fence…
The trees…The wind blows…harder and harder…
The trees sway…but the sense of things,
The chores are gone…silence…The animals
Are gone…It’s the wind, the wind blows…
Gusts…Nothing is moving but the trees
And wind…And time…Time is speeding up…
I’m standing with them and the wind…
But it’s like I’m in some kind of bubble.
The wind blows harder…The trees begin
To snap…torn from the ground…They disappear…
Panic…Time keeps moving…faster and faster…
I remember now…
The landscape changes…The trees are gone,
The house is gone, the neighborhood is gone…
An immense tide washes things away
Then recedes…The powerful wave returns
To blasting wind…As far as I can see
Emptiness…just sand…not fertile ground,
But something like an endless sandy
Beach, but with no dunes or water in sight.
And snow…
“Where did everything go?” I asked them.

“Keep moving.” Ceres said calmly, that tone of hers,
“Keep going…”

It just goes on and on…The sandscape, the wind…
The sand blasting wind…And snow…
The sky above racing by with clouds,
White thunderheads; blue sky, gray sky, snow…
Overcast…night, the stars, night day night day
Over and over…racing forever…and snow…
That panicky feeling…I’m not here
I’m not anywhere…It’s all gone. All of it…
My mind, something inside my head pushes
Forward…You have to see this now, have to see
Have to know. Tell me tell the light.
Show me things, show everyone…
A thousand years from now the woman
Told me once…a thousand years…

No trees for a thousand years? Only sand?
Where did everyone go? What happened?
Tell me! The snow…

Endless blasting wind and rolling skies…
Night-day night day…The stars…
Guiding me…Guided by a light no will to
Command…The light wills it, and the eyes
And senses obey…Tell me…what I need
To know…now…
Then it slows down…In the distance of the snow,
Sandy sea…commotion, activity…by land and
Sky…I watch as this colossal structure
Rises…Blocky…Towers rise…Stretching
The distance…there is no more emptiness…
Only these towers…A city rises! A city built!
Huge, it aims for the sky…rows of towers…
Woven into with and by swirls of metal.
What is that? Like no city I have ever seen!
Unlike any movie! It’s gray and cold
Looking but bustling with life…activity…
There are many people there!
Then the city is complete and by night
Flashes of day and night…The lights of the city
Flicker off and on…Activity…a city so
Alive with life…I have to see more…

Pressing forward, by will the senses see…
And then I’m there, standing there so
Close to it…A rocky sandy landscape
Surrounding this great city…closer and closer
Moving with them, Ceres and Varence…
To the edges of the city where vehicles I
Cannot quite understand? They move
On the ground like cars…then rise like
Small passenger planes to the sky…
Moving closer…Are they cars?
Some kind of miniature passenger shuttles?
Go on, go forward. I have to see…
This place, this city?
Then we’re standing in the street…between
The buildings…no one sees us…
I look up, Ceres and Varence are
Noting everything I see and feel…
This is a journey for them…
I look up…between the buildings the
Most amazing view! The blue sky…
Trees among the buildings…some kind
Of thick metal braces connect the towers…
There are platforms above…supported…
I have to see…
Instantly I’m there…There’s so much activity!
A massive building…
Everywhere people…racing. So alive!
We’re standing there watching…near one
Of the platforms…it’s huge? But how?
Suspended by some fantastic construction
I see it now…like some park
Held in the sky between the buildings…How?!
Trees in this park in the sky?
I could see the people…handsome…
We move along…I take them there…

We go to the nearest buildings.
We’re there. It’s there! The future…
But this building you can’t imagine…
Up high to the building we go. Above everything…
The passersby, street-side, sky-side,
The new, it’s like a department store!
Like walking through the city streets, stores,
Businesses, large glass windows…
People keep passing by, do they see me?
I can’t tell…
But Ceres and Varence watch everything…
They’re studying my reactions…

I stop in front of what seems like a giant store…
A huge glass window…Inside, the whole
Display is of white, only white, all white
Sneakers? No brand names, just simple plain
Sneakers? I notice now everyone is wearing
Them…like some fad, from the past…
And many people, the children, all of them
Are wearing the same blue jeans…
Boring blue jeans…a style of our today,
Their past. What the heck?
No labels, just simple blue jeans and
White sneakers…Brand names mean nothing
To them…Nike, Champion, K-Swiss,
Lee jeans, Levis, etc…
These people, it’s the fad, to wear some
Style from the past…How? Why?

Varence just smiles. “It’s very interesting,
Don’t you think?”

But I can’t understand, “Why is everyone
Wearing this stuff? This huge city, of the
Future…and they are all wearing blue jeans
And sneakers? I had to just laugh.
I mean, it’s ridiculous.”

Ceres nodded to the right…The huge wide
Open…it’s hard to describe, it looks like
A small park…shrubs, trees, even grass…
But it’s suspended high in the air between
The buildings…maybe twenty stories high or
More? No higher…Maybe 40 stories…
How could it support the weight?

I walk over to the entrance…There is railing,
Old style park benches…and at the very
Front of the entrance…a huge…memorial
Plaque…I stand beside them and start
To read it…my eyes are popping…
What is says…It can’t be, it doesn’t
Make sense…A memorial park…it has
My name on it…I keep looking at Ceres
And Varence, then the people and children…
We walk inside a little…
There is what looks like…a petting zoo?
They have chickens…goats…pigeons…
There’s a plaque about the chickens…
Describing the chickens as my favorite breed?
But they don’t look like any chickens
I remember…fluffy and gray, pale gray…

What the heck is this?
Varence just nods and laughs…
“Why is that for me?” I ask…

What does he do…He pulls out another
Folded piece of paper from his pocket, opens it
And starts to read it…

“In the days following the great unrest…”
Varence says in the strangest voice, some
Attempt at imitating an aristocratic
British accent, “Mankind has forged itself
A new beginning once again…Following in
The footsteps of our ancestors we move ahead
To build a better future learning from our
Forefathers past mistakes…”

Ceres groans, rolls her eyes, “What are you
Doing?” She snaps at him.

“I’m reading this letter.” He says…

“Please stop. You sound ridiculous!” She
Winces as though his voice burns her ears, then
Grabs the paper from his hands and
Reviews it…

“I wanted to read that to him.” Varence
Insisted, holding out his hand for her to
Return it.

“I think not!” She snapped…She starts reading
It very fast out loud, “Nonsense. Nonsense…
More gibberish…Oh this is quite funny…
Written by a scholar?” She says, her eyebrows
Arching humorously. “A professor wrote this?
How typical…too wordy…blah blah…Ah!
Here’s something… ‘With regards to the
Matter of time and destiny…The rudimentary
Understanding of the future is that we
As individuals shape our own lives by the
Choices we make…If we continue to assume
The fate of our future lies within the realms
Of stories told long ago, then our fates are
But imprisoned by the words written then…
And we are doomed to repeat the mistakes
Written in the past if we cannot stand for
Ourselves and make wiser decisions to shape
Our future…Professor of Historical Sciences, Arthur Hill,
The Academy of New York…3122…” She
Slams down the paper… “There was that
So difficult?”

“I cannot believe you just recited that closing
Part.” Varence said regarding the credited author
And date of the letter…

“March 22nd, 3122?” Ceres laughed, then tore the
Paper to pieces and smiled.

Varence’s jaw dropped. “That was his speech!
I had to return that!”

Ceres further shredded the letter to bits and
Tossed them. “I am sure the world will be
Grateful to miss it. Let him write another.”

“Ceres!” Varence snapped. “Would you please
STOP judging and executing actions on our
Behalf…I had good reason…”

“Oh I am sure you did.” She scowled at
Him. “As did I.”

As I stood with them in this…place…
Some recollection of a dream I had…
This place…I studied everything…

They read my mind…again.
“It is not made up,” Varence told me flat.
“You really did visit there…You were taken

“Why?” I asked. “What for? I don’t
Understand these letters…This place…That
Memorial plaque…For me? What for?
The Dear Valiant letter…Annette Funicello?
That was not my time! It makes no sense!”

“No,” Varence said with a calm face, “It
Makes perfect sense.”

Ceres, very calmly nodded in agreement. “I
Am amazed to say this…but it does.” She
Then nodded to the building behind us on
The far side…for me to look… “Look at that, go.”

I walked over, they followed.
On the side of the building was…This giant
Architectural schematic…of the entire city…
It was carved, etched…relief lettering…
I studied it…not really understanding why…
But it was a fantastic designed city…
It said it was…impervious to earthquakes…
To weather…even tsunamis? 2599…a date?
Designed or constructed?

“Study it carefully.” Varence said with a
Mysterious tone…

I kept studying the towers…the layout…
The arches and braces…the platforms…
The swirling lines of these that
Interlocked the buildings…fortifying them…

“Now he sees it!” Varence exclaimed.

“The lines,” I said, “Like in my paintings?”

“Precisely.” He grinned. “Exactly.”

“You’re telling me, that I influenced this?
It’s construction?” I asked. “How?”

Ceres touched my shoulder, then made a gentle
Gesture waving her hand around us. “Look…look
Around you…Tell me what you see…Do you see it?
Don’t think…Feel…Sense it…What do you see,
What do you notice?”

I scanned everything…confused. OK, it was a
Brilliantly designed city, like nothing I had
Ever seen or thought of…I definitely
Never drew it, I’m terrible at drawing
These things, objects…cars, planes, buildings,
Inanimate objects…They bore me to death…
“I can’t draw a city?”

“See beyond that.” She said.

I thought hard…OK OK…Feel it…Senses…
What was different than the cities I knew?
This really sucked!

They chuckled at my frustration. “Just relax,”
Varence said… “It will come to you…”

Ceres smiled. “You’re good at reading signs.”

Signs! The signs…There were lights…Lit signs…
Nothing was digital! I looked at the people…
No one held any devices at all…No scary
Cell phone obsessed, IPad obsessed persons
Walking blindly about glued to some device.
“I see no computer devices of any kind!”

“Exactly!” Varence said.

“A future with no computers? No
Cell phones or anything like that?” I asked.
“How is that possible?”

“The first letter I read you,” Varence said,
“A simple girl…25 years old…living at
Home contently…with her parents and two
Older brothers…innocently…no complaints…
Indulging in writing a soft, delicate diary
Type letter…actually it was from her diary…”

“That was some big piece of paper!” I said.

He gestured with open arms. “This…was,
Is her time…This is where I took it
From her…3126.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“People write letters in 3126?” I asked.

Ceres smiled… “Lots of people write letters…
And not all the people you see here
Are from…Earth.”

“What?” I nearly screamed. “What?!”

Varence then took the calm cool lead…
Smiling…It was almost annoying if I
Wasn’t so shocked… “Now listen to me,”
He said, pointing to the notebook…I was
Writing and seeing all this? “Write this
Down…Tell them…Now I am speaking
To you…and to them…My words to
Their eyes and ears…They want my
Contact, this is…” He waved, Ceres waved,
Then he continued… “We share these
Stories with you for good reason. You write
Them down…Now listen, listen carefully…
Think…Think about what I am telling
You…Any fool can doubt and ridicule words,
Especially when they do not want to hear it.
So this time I am telling you, not asking…

“You live in a digital world…Made so
Convenient…by computers…indulgent
Entertainment and communication…
Oh the masses so embrace new
Technology! Children play wargames
On computers…Insanity! Numbly
The masses are addicted to this
Digital convenience…

“Remember our discussions of the Empire
And the slave mind?
Simple, primal…Work, eat, sleep…
Indulge, self-satisfaction…

“What did you do yesterday? The day before?
The day before that? How far does your
Memory go? How involved, dependent is
Your life on the digital machine?

“Now I speak plainly…No riddles…No
Games…For years your world has surrendered
It’s dependence to the digital scheme…
The plot…
Converting all your recorded knowledge
To machines…Your entire history…
Letter writing? Is nearly gone…
Do you understand what I am saying now?
HA! Because if you do…Think…

“Because when the disaster comes…
In a future not too far from the present
You know…Every computer, cell phone,
All of your digital data…
Your entire history…will be erased…

“Confused and dependent, craziness will
Descend…Where upon another calamity
Shall consume the world plunging it
Into an age of darkness…”

I was horrified. “But isn’t your technology

“We are not dependent on it.” Ceres insisted.
“Everything is always rendered physically
Also. And mental abilities are primary…
We do not learn with computers. We
Learn by experience. That is how it is
Done…by all advanced races.”

“Digitally dependent races always fail.”
Varence said. “Always.”

“It is another plot of the Empire to weaken
A world for dependence, enslavement.”
Ceres said. “To make them lazy with
Digital dependence. All they do is sit there…
Push a button…Search scheme plot play
Indulge…Foolishly thinking they master
It all so well…And then they take it
Away from them…”

“And the world crumbles so fast…”
Varence laughed… “So fast, hard and
Easily that it is ridiculous.”

Ceres then became a bit cryptic… “Long
Ago the conquerors came…in great
Cubes…Then pyramid type ships…and
Now…spheres…ball-like vessels…”

“The digital age is upon you, my friend.”
Varence said. “And with it…the descent…
The fail you cannot fight alone…That
Is why I have been telling you for
Years…get off the computer…spend less
Time on it…Those dependent on it will
Succumb to the insanity…It’s already
Happening…it’s already begun…”

Ceres agreed. “And they will argue this
To no end…Not me, not I…”

Varence leaned into me. “That is what
The wise Ascended Master was trying to tell you…
Write it down…That is how it comes…
Through the mind…From the mind…
Down the arm, the hands, the fingers, the pen
Onto the paper…Write it down…”

Ceres nodded to me as they stood together
For the first time in solidarity talking,
Agreeing together… “Do you see?”

Varence arched his brow. “Some know
This very well already. It has been taught
To them through careful instruction by
Their own…personal…counsel.” He waved
With a smile to the notebook. “Hello Mary Ann,
Hello Jillian…” He winked. “Keep writing
Now…Write it down…They know this
Now…they understand…”

“Oh you just had to say that.” Ceres rolled
Her eyes. “Shock them why don’t you.”

“By parts played in steadfast motion,” Varence
Mysteriously went on… “The words imparted
To weave a story their minds, your mind,
Cannot grasp…but must write down…
Must…Why? Because that is how we
Work…The Watchers, the Star Visitors…
The Ambassadors of Other Worlds…” He
Turned to Ceres to validation. “The Good ones
That is…”

“Correct.” Ceres agreed.

“To share these stories that inspire.” He
Laughed. “Oh but some will say and
Argue…How creative, how made up. They
Are not made up. They are true…

“But they must be told carefully…
Very carefully…And only certain minds
Can grasp this…And they must then
Be printed…Shared with the world…
Published as you would call it…put them
In books…Share them with as many
People as you can…Stories, stories that
Teach…that you learn…that you
Can feel…and remember.”

“I’m doing what you told me, I’m putting,
Having the Bell Tolls published into
A book though.” I said. “What else can I
Do? They’re just stories…”

“They’re more than just stories.” Ceres said
Seriously… “Why do you think this brash,
Irritating age old boy ripped open your
Hidden memories to write them down?”

“To embarrass me.” I groaned. “To get
On my nerves!”

Ceres laughed loudly. “I love the way he thinks!”

Varence curled his lip and winced uncomfortably.
“I apologize…But it was necessary…
And you will probably…hate me for this,
But there is more that I will need you
To share…and write down soon as well.”

“How much more?” I was getting angry.


“How much?!” I asked…OK, yelled.

Now Ceres was scowling. “Yes Varence. How
Much more?”

“You did as I requested,” he said very, very
Cautiously. “You told…your…little secret…
To someone…carefully selected…Just enough?”

“You know I did!”

“I will need you to find a few more to share
It with.” He said slowly.

“Is this a game to you or something?” I snapped.
“If what you said is true and someone
Did…eavesdrop on that confession…then
They know…They will hunt me down!”

Ceres signed as though it were nothing. “Oh no
Need to worry about that…Rana and Vala
Eavesdrop on all your conversations and such…
If someone threatening gets in the way they
Will crush them or toss them across a
Continent safely away…Unless one of them
Is seriously aggravated…in which case
One or the other will mangle their brains
With delusions…or shred their minds and
Anyone involved…”

Varence laughed. “True…No one makes
Vala angry or Rana…You know what
Happened to that doctor.”

“When Vala wants something to happen,”
Ceres said. “It happens…If only you knew
Of the assaults she has already intercepted.
Ha! Those…Those were quite amusing.”

“And there is no magic on Earth that
Exists to rival hers.” Varence attested.

“Do I have any choice at all?” I asked,
It sure felt certain they had it all
Played out so well.

“It feels like some twisted version of
The Wizard of Oz!” I said.

“What’s that?” Ceres asked.

“It’s a movie.” Varence told her. “Remember,
Their rendition of theater?”

“Those ape movies?” Ceres asked.

“No, no,” Varence explained. “This
Is different. There are thousands of different
Kinds…Although I do believe this one he
Is referring to has…Flying monkeys.”

“Flying monkeys?” Ceres exclaimed.

“Yes.” He said.

“Monkeys that fly?” She asked with
A peculiar wide-eyed expression…
“Balls and monkeys are a popular theme
With them, aren’t they?”

He groaned.

“Do the Flying monkeys play with Balls too?”
She asked. “Do they utter prophetic words
Of wisdom? Do the balls sprout wings
And people chase them with flying sticks?
Uttering some winsome magical words as
Well…or do they simply just bellow
Unto some gigantic ape and stomp
About in wanton carnage terrorizing
Cities in beastly nonsense?”

A moment of profound silence…when
Ceres spat our words…Boy, did she
Toss them out with amazement.

Varence couldn’t even find a word to respond.

“Do not even look at me that way!” Ceres
Shook her head. “Do not say it!”

“Alright.” Varence said wide-eyed. “I will
Not say it…Bill?”

I had to. “There are movies like that too.”

Her mouth fell open, eyes popping. “But of
Course they do!”

I wanted to laugh so hard.

“What’s next,” she said with disgust, “Do
They have movies where they chase each
Other around with axes, knives, weapons
Of death for terror or pleasure?”

Varence held out his hands flat. “We
Need to stop the direction this is going now…”

“Oh my Heavens!” She shouted. “They do,
Don’t they?! Like those awful blood
Sucking leeching movies! No wonder this
Planet fell apart…Look what entertains them!”

Varence held the silence for a generous
While as Ceres breathed hard…waiting for
Her to calm down…Then he withdrew
Another piece of paper and opened it…
“Now…Let me just read this…”

“Not another letter!” Ceres said. “Not
That again!”

“Please.” Varence replied calmly…His
Insisting meaning… “Let me…Please.”

“Oh alright.” She agreed. “Read it.”

He looked at me very calmly…waiting for
Me to listen…as he hoped… “Dear Valiant,
You don’t know me…Maybe you never
Will. I’ve read your books…over and over…
And not just because there’s nothing
Else to do in these long winters…I’m sitting
By the window watching it snow…June 1st…
And it’s still snowing. Will spring or summer
Ever come? I read in an ancient almanac
That it was nearly summer in Maryland by
June 1st, is that true? Snow, snow, snow.
At least I have my books…And when I
Have paper I write things down…like
You said…It does help. It does. I still wish
I knew you, or had the chance. I know
It’s crazy for a 31 year old guy to say
That but friends are hard to come by
These days. All I have are my favorite
Things. My dog Moxt. My books…And this
Magazine with an article about you. Before
You disappeared. That picture…The faded
Print of the article. The last picture of
Valiant, seen with these two mysterious
Companions…A beautiful blond woman…And
A tall, dark handsome stranger…Ceres and
Varence? Were they real? If you can hear
Me through this, my writing…Valiant, Ceres,
Varence…Could you talk to me please? Could
You please help me? Signed…George.”

“Oh my God!” I said.

Just then…a tall, familiar, beautiful dark
Haired woman appeared through the crowd…
It was Ceres’s sister…Venus. She came
Closer and the entire setting of the
City faded away…The next thing I
Knew I was sitting in the captain’s
Chair in the circle of light.

“Sorry to interrupt.” Venus smiled. “But
It was time. He has to finish now.”

“It’s done then?” Ceres asked.

“Yes.” Venus answered. “Vala has selected
And set the specimen to seed…1970…Hollis
Was born again…An Adam
Again walks the Earth.”

“The time bubble should be collapsing then.”
Ceres said.

“It is.” Venus told her. “It’s begun. You
Should let him rest now.”

“One last thing before you go this time…”
Varence smiled at me…his eyes even
Appeared to smile… “I would like
To offer you…them…one little thing…
Take it as you wish…Perhaps it
Means nothing…and yet maybe…it does.”

“Just say it Varence!” Ceres was about to
Scream at him.

His eyes beamed, looked upwards and all
Around…That smile of his… “There was
Once a great kKng…of great wealth…
That ruled a land before a terrible
Calamity came…during a time of great
Unrest…This King built a Great Castle…
A Dynasty for his Queen…A Queen so fair,
She won the hearts and was beloved by
Many people…of many lands…Her name…
Was Melania…That’s what history said…
Take that as you wish…Sleep well…”

PS: my artwork: Ceres and Venus

Footnote: The great King Markan, Ceres Father…had 7 wives, who were also sisters.
This King fathered 25 children: 9 girls, 16 boys. One of whom was Ceres.
One of the 7 sisters was named Melania! And no, she was not Ceres Mother.
The Seven Sisters, aka: The Pleiades, which can be located in the night sky in the shoulder of Taurus, the Bull, which is to the right of Orion, the Hunter.
Taurus’ astrological date is from 4/20 to 5/20 I believe.
You can fill in the rest….
Lida, Valiant’s Mom