1. Wow, Ben – just a couple of days ago I was “paying attention / listening” and what I received, is that even though it may seem like hell, it is something that needs to be experienced. I was given the comparison of the Germany of today, and the Germany of 80/90 years ago. I am often thinking of what life was like for them back then – all of them. Lives playing themselves out and experiencing those things in different ways.

    It’s one example, and we are now dealing with different things, but I feel it’s unusual for a population to have to deal with so many different things all at once. Perhaps it’s like the idea that when you have many smaller earthquakes, it avoids the big one.

    • In my experience anything that keeps going faster and faster either breaks or explodes. We can combat this by simplifying our lives and input, spending plenty of time each day in stillness. and silence. 💖

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