How’s everyone?

I noticed this site has been inactive for a while, so how is everyone?

I know the pandemic is turning many people’s lives upside down and it’s important to take care of yourselves. The current political scene is also very draining, regardless of your beliefs, I’d think.

I was considering arranging a group astral travel or something of the sort, if any of you would like that.

The great solar flash idea that’s been cropping up a lot lately is interesting, though personally I don’t think it’ll be as climatic as many people hope and will be more of a smooth change, just like 2012 and 2000.

It’s definitely a powerful year with lots of chaotic energy for manifestation.



  1. Hi everyone!
    It’s been a long time since I posted on here and I also noticed there were no new invites for the dreamflights. On the other hand I’ve been busy with my own projects in a related area.
    I’d join a group travel if something was arranged here!

    Here’s a link to my attempt at publicly arranged travels, not dream travel but rather performed in trance:
    It turned out only initially people attended so we moved to Discord after this and have been doing group practice more actively on there with a smaller group.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the read. 😊 I felt it was both pretty comprehensive and informative (and so many references!!!) also quite balanced, leaving the reader to take away whetever they wished/felt helpful. I love this quotation I came across recently:

    “The best teachers are those
    who show you where to look,
    but don’t tell you what to see.”

    – Alexandra K.Trenfor.

    If you are up for some more interesting – and positive – reading let me recommend Kingsley L. Dennis. (

    As you can see, he’s written quite a bit starting in 2012. I’ve linked here to the beginning (page 11). He’s still going and you can subscribe free to get e-mails when he posts. Much of his stuff even back in 2012 was pretty prophetic.

  3. Hi Adamas, the ships are still there, always have been and always will be. 🙂

    I agree that there are some very powerful themes happening! What has helped me is to talk about what’s bugging me with my folks and my friends. They don’t have to agree with me, but what’s helped me is just for them to listen.

    As an introvert I love the opportunity for fewer face-to-face interactions – the more people I have to deal with in a group, the more I feel drained. So this part of it is working pretty good for me!

    Another positive is that for the first time we are trying out distance learning and working from home on a large scale. This has had some positive impacts on the environment, and if people were otherwise told to “stay at home”, I’m not sure if they’d take it seriously! “The planet seems to be so much better off without us” said Josh Gates — indeed it does!

    The mask thing I also think is good – covid or no covid, I think it shows that people are thinking about somebody other than themselves. Here it’s also mandated indoors, other than restaurants, but the general outlook towards it is to do so for the sake of others. It’s the thought that counts, right? And I haven’t had the flu in ages! 🙂

    With regards to the media, and also any information posted on the web, I am taking everything with large helpings of salt these days. It can be divisive, or designed to be that way, and our very words often seem to be used against us. I’ve seen several examples recently. This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate a good read (thanks for that, Ben!). I’m honestly sick of the divisions and fear, and I just wish everyone would get along. Take care of each other and enjoy our differences – all of this could be so much more in a positive direction than it is currently.

    Frankly, I think humanity needs its collective butt kicked!

    I have missed everyone though and happy to see the “check in.” Great idea!

    Take care guys!

  4. Hi, all, I have actually been battling with my chronic illness and now with this covid 19 going on , I fell a bit in a depression. But i am certainly up for it.

    • I understand, I’ve been feeling the depression too. Any ideas for the activity, though? There are a lot of cool ships described on this website, though I’m not sure if you guys still use them or not.

      • Best way to work with the depression:

        Acknowledge its presence but don’t react with new emotion of your own.

        Simply observe it until it dissolves and evaporates on its own.

        Don’t allow “Them” to feed off us. 👌💖😎

    • Doing fine enough I suppose, been through a few identity crises on what to believe spiritually but I think I’ve come to an alright consensus. I think all of our spiritual beliefs are just hypotheticals for the collective unconscious and we have to work to make them real.
      Glad you’re doing well!

  5. Thanks for asking. 💖

    “It’s definitely a powerful year with lots of chaotic energy for manifestation.”

    You can say that again. As far as the scampanic is concerned I take as little heed as I can possibly do. MSM is a propaganda machine designed, among other things, to produce fear, ignorance and anxiety. Sadly it is not doing a bad job. So many folk are “News” addicts. 😒 The virus (if it does exist – which some do not believe) it is not actually that dangerous. Too much attempted and/or actual censorship makes me suspect a rather big and smelly rat. There’s an interesting pdf to download from

    Yes, doing something positive together sounds very good.

    As Atiśa says, “At all times simply rely on a joyful mind.” (Atiśa, 980 – 1054: “Seven Points for Training the Mind and Heart”)

    • I’ll have to take a look at that paper later, it seems interesting.

      Do you have any ideas for the potential astral travel event? Could be something just for fun or even trying to investigate forces messing with earth if you want. I find the idea interesting and have tried to do something similar, though I’m not sure how much it accomplishes.

      • “I’m not sure how much it accomplishes.”

        Remember that our corrent conscious mind is but the tip of the iceberg of ‘our’ wholeness. 😊 Intent is very powerful and it is helpful to be comfortable with apparent ingnorance. 💖

        cf. “Don’t mistake the weather of your mind for the sky of your being.” – Jeff Foster.

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