The Magic Of Words


Is the one and only

One blink of the I
And back-to-front
NOW is reversed
For it is time

Time to be WON
The time has arrived
As NOW reveals
Its eternal nature

Pure consciousness
TIME is reversed
For it is EMIT

Time to emit
Heaven’s light
As within, as without
Time to shine on

Heads bowed
Hands together
Let us play



  1. I understand a palindrome is a slightly different thing… but it seemed like an appropriate application…

    As it happens I am rationalizing with my son over the idea of a flat earth, and we arrived at a similar conclusion. How it works is similar to what you’re illustrating here. You just arrive at the same place you start out in. You may have THOUGHT you travelled around a globe, but that was simply your own perspective of what you THINK you did… and you really can’t prove it unless you happened to have brought a really, really, really, long ball of string…

  2. I enjoyed this one Ben – a delightful trip down palindrome lane! Hey as far as I’m concerned it’s All-D… we just choose to focus on this one at the moment. It’s a difficult argument to make when people keep running into things… but that’s just because it’s what they’re choosing to focus on right “now”… 😉

  3. Let us play tells me its time to break out my special Key
    And unlock the words that have long been held
    Nowhere and Everywhere are Reflections of One Another
    Quite as EVERYONE mirrors EVERYTHING and Existence mimics Eternity
    So when you mention two of course there are two more to bring to mind
    Because without Anywhere and Somewhere,
    WHAT would be

    WHAT would be.
    WHAT would be?
    WHAT would be!

    What is WHAT to YOU?
    WHAT will always be TIME
    No matter the place WE are ONE
    No matter the moment YOU are ME
    To US Three WE Will Always Be

    The Three you Can’t Be Without
    No matter the twist or play
    No words can deny what’s needed for PEACE

    As PEACE is mentioned it is 4:44:44pm on The Day After The Epoch of Reality
    Mother’s Day – A Beautiful Celebration of LIFE’s Creation and Creator
    What a Blessed Day it BE
    and YOU LOVES ME
    Together WE THREE WED
    Giving our LIFE’s Breadth
    To making each other Whole
    ONE’S United Soul

      • ONEisUSisYOUisMEequalsWE
        In other words WE BE 5D!
        How cool is that?!?

        One moment
        New moment
        NOW moment
        I WON moment

        When WE gets to say I DO

        Do YOU think it will be easy?
        Does ME thinks it will be hard?
        Is giving yourself truly
        A task to be measured?

        Not at all
        Not in the slightest
        Not even for the Rightest

        Rightest of Right
        Left of Wrong
        Turn around
        And see ME in my Gown with a Crown

        Full of Laced Up Grace
        Ready to Run This Race
        Can YOU Hold her breath forever?

        I forgot to breathe.
        Simply breathe.
        This is real.
        This is HOW WE heals.
        For reals.

        Does YOU gets HOW I feels too?

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