My Spiritual Journey: Current guides

I started my series of my personal journey, more are coming. You can find them all on my blog.

I am Arachanaï

For a few weeks, I have been considering how to launch a series about the spiritual journey I undertook while living in South Africa. And, if I think back, it all started with me attending a Mind, Body, and Soul Fayre in Johannesburg. It’s where I met the sweetest lady, Ingrid Fischer. She had many fascinating stories to tell about her life. The following information about her was discovered on the internet.

Ingrid Fischer – experienced Psychic Artist / Spirit Guide Drawings

Psychic Art is a Profession that entails an experienced Psychic Artist to be able to connect with their Psychic Art Guide and to Channel/Produce a Portrait of your Personal Spirit Guide/Angel or Loved One – who is “In Spirit”, as well as to bring through a Personal Message for YOU!!

Psychic Art is a part of Mediumship that is considered to be a Psychical Phenomena.

The Spirit Guide/Angel…

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