Changes to Spirit Train Chronicles

Hello, everyone!

From 2015 until this moment, at the end of January 2023, I’ve struggled to stay connected here. I’ve persisted falteringly, refusing to surrender this magical spot to mundane life. Today, I can finally see a path ahead, bringing me peace of mind and focus.

Recent monumental changes in my life gifted me more time to return to the things I love most.

In the wake of personal tragedies – yeah, I’m gonna call ’em that – the water begins to grow calm, and I’m hoping a smooth, familiar and comforting current will pick up soon.

I’ve been posting inconsistently on my personal blog and Facebook and wriggling my way into Instagram, but there are things I want to share in the safety of this space.

To that end, I spent most of the day looking at this site. It began as a housekeeping venture when I learned that a former contributor, um… had lost the privilege to participate here. And I remembered that another of our key members had requested more anonymity, so I went through and updated some user names.

But the biggest decision I made was to tighten the circle, make it safer, and take measures that will “inspire” me to stay engaged (said with a smile).

During the past decade, many folks have boarded and disembarked our Train. I realized that we have a small core group who create posts and pages, but most people engage through comments.

We had over a dozen folks with authoring and editing privileges; I removed a lot of people from that list. A handful are still Contributors, which means they can create posts – but I will approve and publish them (that’s the “forcing me to stay engaged” part). That means I also must improve my email-reading habits!

That reduction allowed me to simplify the tabs at the website’s header. When you go to the site, if you used to have a tab there, please look under either “Athabanthian Crew” or “Contributors.” If you don’t see your page – or if you didn’t have one before but would like one now – please let me know by commenting on this post.

Troy, you special man, you still have full admin privileges. You’ve always been the backbone holding together our core activity – Dreamflights. For so many years, you have provided remarkable continuity, and to you, I bow and say, “thank you.” (And I hope you’ll continue!)

And frankly, if/when I die (not planning on it anytime soon), someone else needs access to the site, right?

I moved pages related to Dreams under the “Dreamflights” tab. I moved some people’s artwork from their personal tab to the “Artwork” tab.

The only content I removed was for legal reasons. ‘Nuff said.

Most posts, pages, and comments are still here.

Next, mea culpa, I deleted some pages/authorship of people I couldn’t recognize or remember. I apologize! As I skimmed today through posts from the last couple of years (from when I was absent), I realized I’d cut off some active folks. Please let me know who you are so I can reinstall you! (Confession: I’m too tired tonight to search for email addresses to send invites.)

The best part of a day like this is feeling refreshed and inspired. And reminded of what a fantastic community we’ve built.

And I’m almost ready to begin “connecting” with less obvious elements of our worlds. More about that soon.

Oh, and I feel urged to update our site’s look. I’m in love with AI-generated art.

With love and light, no matter how cliche that sounds,




      • Hi Leslee,
        I didn’t trash anything in Spirit Train Chronicles, or to say, I don’t remember. Very peculiar that this happened, but you can restore it. Thanks Leslee.

        Love Lisa

  1. Hi Leslee , nicely done. Love the new look, and what do you know, I also revamped my site yesterday. When you have time, have a look. I think this year 2023 (number 7) is going to be an awesome year, it depends on how you look at it. I see I have still access to spirit train chronicles, but as far from posting, haven’t tried yet. But I definitely want to be a slow contributor again. I also edge my way slowly back into creating articles of spiritual nature.
    Wishing everybody a good year ahead and may lots of wishes come into fruition.
    Love Lisa

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