dreamflight 15 october 2022

My first attempt at reviving the habit of Saturday night “dreamflights.”
Please let me know if you went on a dreamflight – thanks!

leslee hare

image generation by MidJourney AI on behalf of Leslee Hare 18 oct 2022

So, last Saturday night as I fell asleep I made the request to meet with friends during dream time, hopefully aboard a “galactic lightship.” (I imagine that when one appears to my waking eyes I’ll feel better about choosing a label for these phenomena.) When I awoke on Sunday morning I had forgotten about it, but by early afternoon I suddenly recalled – although it’s a hazy recollection – the dream I’ll share below.

I was riding my bicycle through a neighborhood. I was anxious to get somewhere on time and kept having difficulty moving forward. When I stopped my bicycle in frustration (and because people were grumbling and shuffling to get around me) I discovered both tires were flat. I remember muttering a string of profanities under my breath but have no idea how I arrived…

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  1. Hi Leslee, and everyone
    It has been a while that I have been on Spirit Train Chronicles. This is my spirit dream journey to meet up all of you. Hanging with the usual gang. 😉

    Here is my dream:
    My left arm is hanging on a ledge. On my right hand sits a small pastel purple butterfly (Dreaming of the purple butterfly is seen as a sign of metamorphosis).

    Further along the ledge, the ledge transforms into a fence. Maybe a few steps away, is a lady leaning on the fence. She has a big orange butterfly (Seeing an Orange Butterfly may be a call to stay positive, reconnect with joy, and follow your inner bliss and excitement to positively transform your life experience) sitting on her hand.

    If I look closer, it seems the butterfly is a fairy in disguise. It winks to my small butterfly. When I look at my butterfly, I see it is also a fairy. The butterfly starts to climb to my left arm and where the little legs touch my skin, it freezes white spots. It goes slow, and I had the feeling it was saying to the big butterfly, I am coming. Then it reaches my hand and sits and relaxes. End of dream.

    That was my dream to meet up with you all. Have a great week.

    • So great to see you back……..my beloved sisters……I’m shading tears while reading these msgs from you two. Much synchronicity…..as always. There are obviously msgs to me via you then. That statement〝I am coming〞sounds exactly like a beautiful ringing………. The picture selected by Leslee looks just like a SOUND SIGNAL……Have nice weekend DREAMFLIGHTS as the next Saturday is coming!!!!

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