leslee’s dreamflight 23 december 2018

It’s been years since I’ve tried to join the Spirit Train Chronicles DreamFlights, and when I first woke I couldn’t recall anything. Went back to sleep, and here’s the result: dream 23 december 2018

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  1. I find it so in synchronicity , I had a similar dream on the same night. You have a look at it and say what you think?
    The dream has the title: Rocket course correction. My partner and I were almost at the bottom of a space shuttle rocket that was just blasted into space. We are in a very confined space climbing up a red ladder. My partner is in front of me as we are climbing up. Our mission was to go to the cockpit and correct the course of the rocket. We land on the bridge of the rocket, it is a really big space. There are people going about there daily routine, and suddenly I feel like I don’t belong there, or that we are not allowed there.But no one is taking notice of us. Until the feeling passes, we try to be invisible. But suddenly something is going wrong and we jump into action to correct the course.

    As I was just cruising the internet about space rockets I came by this article..and my heart stopped. I want to ask what you think about this synchronicity?

    Article about the space rocket is below:

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