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leslee hare

This is the view from my office window this week.

Why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to plaster a 30-floor tall medieval-knight-type guy with a sword and Bud-Light robes onto an office building 3 blocks from the action is beyond me.

I didn’t know anyone played football with a sword… sure doesn’t sound like a good idea.

I suppose it might hook the video-gamers who don’t go in for Madden…?

Or capture our imaginations, trying to tie football to the crusades…?

In any case, it’s an apt expression of how the city feels to me right now: heavy, dark, maddened.

The buzz of helicopters. The screeches and howls of sirens. The thump of sub-woofers.

Folks just trying to get to work and do their jobs.

And excited Europeans who think this display is worth stopping to take a photo. With the wife in the foreground, smiling.

Welcome to America…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. For me, a good omen. Currently in my reality there is a theme showing itself regarding the timeline of Camelot, and King Arthur with his Sword of Justice & Truth. I am also a tarot reader, and the Ace of Swords is Exactly that. For me this is the universe saying Truth & Justice will and are prevailing – even though it’s being brought in via a beer commercial. Dark to Light. Trust.

    • Thank you soulsong! I really like your take on that. Gonna have to re-watch Arthur Legend of the Sword and enjoy Charlie Hunnam taking down Jude Law once more! Good reminders.

  2. For making sense of the term, Light Bud, I just googled it and finally realized what it’s about after watching the advertisements. Dear Leslee, so resonate with you. Honestly, I’ve been hesitating if leaving such a blunt comment about it in public. Something that I can state without hesitation is this photo itself is a literal art work and a divine clue, though the real knight is not that one which is showed in the show….Something interesting plus, though there are few letters in this picture, “L” occupies 3 of them, as “I” !!!


    morning well wicked early still
    when alarm bell rings

    unglue gummy eyes
    peer through foetid gloom
    grope around to kill it
    sniff up last night’s stale breath
    puke worthy – and you expected?

    quick shower, squirt and spray
    baited hooks set – and dreams
    “I swear (s)he fancies me”
    a hopeful phone trills – eyes gleam
    and stick it in your ear – “hi”

    now on your mark, get set
    and go, raging or else uncomplaining
    by crammed tube or heaving bus
    or through poison-pumping gridlock
    noxious hell whichever option

    a compliant commuter – a clone – a costumed clown
    stuck up the back end of a pantomime horse
    blindly galloping into thunderous oblivion
    holding your snotty nose to the grindstone
    scrounging shekels to fuel your shakey schemes

    yes, here’s the life you were schooled for
    to be laid on the butcher’s chopping block
    to hang ripe for the black reaper’s picking
    next to our attempts to heal our broken hearts
    keeping food on the table is their sharpest weapon

    but pity the overseers in their turn
    the restless scuttling tinker men
    well heeled tepid heartless overlords
    with their eternal fear of the rank and vile
    whose oversensitivity is such a bore

    do they lie in the dark wakeful
    awaiting the day their own alarm bells ring?

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